tagNonHumanCatherine's New Love

Catherine's New Love


It's Saturday night and my usual night for going out to the local bar that mainly draws the cowboy crowd. I mean really, who would think of a female vampire hanging out at a country western bar.

Well tonight, tonight I'm looking to change things. For the past month I've been feeling a need for something different, completely opposite of the want to be cowboys that I usually play with. So for the last four Saturday nights I've been finding myself cruising by a new club on the other not so friendly side of town. Their is something pulling me to that place, so very strong that it's almost the first thought to fill my mind upon waking each night.

I'm dressing carefully for this night. From the people I've seen lined up to get in, this place calls for more than tight jeans and a clinging t-shirt. So with the help of my long time female servant Jessica, who's job it is to make sure her mistress looks her best, I get dressed for the evening.

Without asking Jessica always seems to know just what I need to wear. She has chosen for me tonight a short backless dress, the color of a moonless night, which is deeply cut in the front to go along with thigh high stockings and heels to complete the outfit.

It's times like this that I wish I could cast a reflection. To be able to see what other's see when they first meet me. I know from just looking down that the dress clings to my curves and that the deep cut of the dress barely contains my breasts. But I long to see the whole image, the way my long dark hair would frame my face and the spark of danger that would gleam in my dark sapphire eyes. I sigh and think to myself that this is just one small sacrifice out of many that I've had to make due to being immortal.

The night has turned chilly and even though heat and cold don't effect me I have to pretend for the rest of the world that it does. So I let Jessica wrap my cape around my shoulders and step out the door. While waiting on the front steps for my driver to pull around I long to be able to take a deep breath and feel the chill of cool air fill my lungs. It's been well over three centuries since I've felt that chill. I sigh and give myself a mental shake to get me out of this weird mood I'm in before starting down the steps to the car.

Jim my ever faithful servant, smiles as I step to the rear door of the limo he has open for me.

"How are you my sweet?" I ask him as I caress his cheek with my hand.

"Just wonderful Lady Catherine." He says in his smoky deep voice, which was the thing that drew me to him, the first night we met.

Jim gently takes my hand and helps me into the car, making sure I'm comfortable before closing me into the almost complete darkness of the interior. Then with smoothness learned from years of experience he pulls away from the house.

I look out the window, watching the countryside change from green lawns and tree lined streets to the ever-expanding urban sprawl. The closer to downtown we get the more my excitement seems to grow. Feeling my teeth with my tongue I find the excitement has started my canines to lengthen.

"Well I can see that I'm going to have to be careful tonight." I say out loud. So in thinking that it may ease my excitement I lean my head back against the seat and close my eyes, letting the music filling the car try and sooth me.

In what seems like only seconds Jim pulls up at the curb just across the street from the club, even from this distance when he opens my door I can already hear the heavy beat of music coming from the place. He assists me from the car onto the sidewalk and I rise up to my full height, turning to look across the street.

"Looks like a full house as usual don't it Jim?" "Yes it does Lady Catherine." He answers. "Be careful while I'm gone. I'll call you when I'm ready to leave."

I turn and slowly walk up the sidewalk, opening my senses and checking for other vampires in the area. I smile when my search turns up empty, meaning that I have no competition to worry about. I cross the street and walk pass the long line of people who are waiting to get in. I can feel their emotions as I walk by, some are upset over the long wait, some wonder who the hell I am to walk to the front of the line and other's laugh, thinking that I won't be able to get in.

I stop at the rope hanging across the entrance and draw the doorman's attention. As he walks over I lock my eyes with his, using my mind to bend his will, commanding him to let me in without asking me any questions. And just like that I've worked my way into Club Raven.

The first thing that hits me when the doorman escorts me inside is the sound. The driving beat is loud enough to cause pain to my sensitive hearing before I can adjust to the sound. The dance mix thumps heavily in my chest and vibrates through out my body as I work my way down the corridor, passing only a few people before I enter the main room of the club.

I can't believe how many people are packed inside as I looked around the smoky room. From the looks of things both levels of the club appear to be standing room only. The huge dance floor was sunk down in the very middle of the first floor and filled to bursting with dancers. The bar was along the left side of the room while booths lined the three remaining walls and bar stools with high rise tables filled the spaces in between. The strobe and colored lights dance wildly about causing everyone to appear as if moving in slow motion. I carefully work my way through the lower level, looking into each face I pass, searching for that special one who will fill my needs this night.

As of yet no one has drawn my undivided attention so I work my way upstairs to the second floor. Up here the crowd is a little thinner but still packed. After making a complete circle around I find an opening along the crowded railing and look down.

The dance floor is still bursting at the seams, as the whole crowd appears to surge as one to the pounding rhythm of the music. My gaze shifts over the group having to dance so tightly together, lovers and strangers, all moving as one, creating waves of movement.

And that's where I found him, right in the middle of that surging sea of bodies, surrounded on all sides by beautiful women. Each woman is trying to capture his attention in hopes of being the one to be his lover tonight. I watch him turning among that circle of beauty and squeeze my thighs together trying to control the throbbing between my legs as he holds each woman's eyes with his, appearing to reassure each one that his attention was never lacking.

Quickly I move down to the lower level, taking my cape off and laying it over an empty barstool. Standing at the top step leading down to the dance floor I find him once again in the crowd. I start moving toward him and the crowd seems to part for me, enabling me to capture each of the women's attention around him. I bend their will easily, forcing them to move away from him. When the last one has gone I step into his line of sight.

I can't get over how attractive he is. His shoulder length hair is as black and shiny as an onyx stone. His eyes so pale a blue you would think they were silver. And his face, his face is a work of art that only an angel could have created, using a mix of soft angles and planes highlighted by a trim beard and mustache.

When our eyes meet I stare into his deeply and even though my lips never move he can plainly hear my voice over top of the music, commanding him to come to me. With him moving toward me my eyes take in the flexing muscles that are covered by a skintight shirt that matches the color his eyes. I feel my teeth start to ache when I glance at that chest tampering down to a trim waist. The music covers my groan when I look down at his well muscled thighs incased in leather pants, which hug his crotch so tightly, showcasing what looks to be a most impressive package.

He finally comes to stop just inches away from being pressed chest to thigh with me. My nostrils flare with the spicy scent of his sweat and cologne as we begin to move slowly together at first, moving only to the fire that is beginning to build inside us, flaring hotter each time we brush against one another.

At last our bodies entwine on the dance floor. The heat surges through me pooling between my legs at the erotic contact of his chest moving against my breasts making my nipples stiffen to the point of pain. His hands move to my hips pulling me closer, wedging his thigh even tighter between my legs. The music's throbs, blending with the beat of our desire, causing us to grind into one another. I know with out a doubt he can feel the heat of my sex on his leather-covered thigh.

Inside me right now my hunger is battling with myself control and my hunger is winning. The feel of my teeth aching and growing is pushing me toward the darkest edge of that hunger, the craving for that darkness pushing me to my limits, testing and teasing me to see just how far I can go before that last thread of control breaks.

I place my shaking hands over top his on my hips and slide them upwards along his arms, over both shoulders before my fingers weave their way through his silky black hair. I lean in bringing our lips close together only to pull back right before they would touch, teasing him with a kiss we both hunger for. I watch his tongue lick his lips and feel the need in my gut clench tighter. After several more times of teasing him this way I finally brush my lips against his. Twice more I only brush my mouth over his before sliding my tongue out to lick his lips.

God he tasted so good.

My fingers tighten in his hair, pulling his head to a better position. Then I kiss him hard and deep; working my tongue into the hot recesses of his mouth and use my tongue to duel with his.

Before I realize it I bite his lower lip drawing a bit of blood. I feel him jerk when my teeth nipped him and almost lose control right there when the animal in me sensed the fear spike in him. I growl deep in my throat when the taste of his blood hits my tongue. Just a small drop of his blood was enough for his life force to shock my system into almost taking him on the dance floor. Shaking with the last few ounces of control I have, I lick his wounded lip before pulling away.

My voice fills his mind. "Come with me."

I take his hand leading him to the barstool were I left my cape. Without asking he picks it up and spreads it over my shoulders before offering me his arm. Weaving through the crowd I can't help but feel wicked as the women watch me stroll by with this man, everyone of them wishing they was in my place so they could experience a night of passion with him.

Sending out my call Jim pulls the car up to the curb. I watch him smile when my toy for the night climbs inside. I give Jim a wink. "Take us home Jim."

Once the car pulls away from the curb I move to my knees in front of my toy, sliding my hands along his leather covered thighs before cupping his crotch.

"Tell me your name." I say to him.

"Allen." He moans as my hands feel him harden. I sit back on my heels looking up into his eyes. "Take your cock out Allen."

I watch his hands working the button and zipper open on his pants. My tongue slides over my teeth inside my mouth. I moan when he pulls his still hardening cock out into the open.

"Stroke your cock Allen." I command him, feeling my pussy soak my panties as he takes hold of his cock and begins to stroke from base to tip before me. With him sitting on the edge of the seat I move between his spread open legs. Bending my head over I open my mouth and let some of my saliva drip onto the tip of his cock, moaning as he uses it to pump even faster.

Knowing I shouldn't do it since my canines are part way unsheathed I can't resist the need to suck his cock. So I remove his hand from around his shaft and replace it with my own, holding it steady as I bend down rubbing my lips across the tip. I feel his cock throb in my hand when my tongue swirls over the head. Then I carefully slide his cock between my lips and over my tongue hearing him moan deep in his chest.

Now that I have him in my mouth I know I won't stop till I make him cum. So I send a silent message to Jim to keep driving, never missing a stroke with my greedy mouth on Allen's cock.

It's been so long since I've had a cock that tasted this good, thinking to myself as my mouth slides up and down the entire length of his cock and taking him into my throat.

My excitement skyrockets when I feel his hands move into my hair, his fingers comb through before settling on my head. My clit starts throbbing hard when his hands tighten on my head, holding it still when he starts to pump his cock between my lips.

I work my hands underneath his ass, grabbing and pulling him even harder into my mouth. The sounds coming from my lips as they slip and slide along his shaft seem to echo inside the rear of the car turning me on even more.

His cock begins to swell inside my mouth and his hands hold my head down closer to the base. His hips begin pumping faster and harder as he fucks his cock deep into my throat. My nails dig in and tear through the seat of his pants just as he rams in deep one last time, burying his cock fully into my mouth when the first jet of cum burst from him.

"Feed me Allen." My voice moans inside his mind as he continues to empty his cum filled balls into my mouth.

With his cock still twitching in my mouth, I take one last deep suckle, pulling the last drops of his hot seed onto my tongue and a deep-seated groan from his throat. His hands finally let go of my head and his cock slips from my lips. I put his cock back inside his pants then pull his mouth to mine for one more slow deep kiss letting him taste himself on my tongue. I move to the seat beside him, pulling him over till his head lies in my lap. I Brush my fingers through his hair, softly command him to sleep, smiling when I feel his breathing even out. Still savoring the taste of Allen's cum in my mouth I lean my head back against the seat and send out one more message. "You can take us home now Jim."

I look down at Allen's face and whisper. "I know you're going to taste so hot and sweet once I get to take you my own special way Allen. And if you're lucky enough I just might let you live to remember.

At last we arrive back at my home out in the countryside. The gates slowly pull back after Jim enters the correct code and then he drives up the long sweeping drive toward my home hidden among the trees. With a quick command I have Allen awake and alert. Jim opens my door and assists me from the car with Allen following close behind.

"Welcome to my home." I say taking hold of his hand and leading him up the steeps of my colonial style mansion. Before we reach the top step Jessica has the front door already open and waiting for us. I let him walk in first watching his reaction to the many antiques and collectibles that I've amassed through the years. As Jessica takes my cape from my shoulders she informs me that everything is ready. I walk over to Allen and take his hand and begin to lead him up the curving staircase.

I open the door to the bedroom lit with what appears to be hundreds of candles on every surface and in the fireplace. I close the door quietly behind me as the soft strains of my favorite music catch my ear. Watching him walk across the room toward the fireplace my gut tightens at the way the flickering flames cast light upon his skin and make his pale eyes appear to glow from within.

"Dance with me." I whisper in his mind as I cross the room slowly.

When we meet I slide my hands over his chest stopping for a moment to feel the steady beating of his heart before moving up to his shoulders and stepping closer. His hands go to my hips as we start to move, every step causing us to brush against each other, making my nipples brush over his hard chest and ache for more.

"Kiss me." I tell him as I move my hands to the back of his neck and comb my fingers through his hair.

I watch him lean down bringing his lips closer to mine. I try to control my need for his kiss, but it is just so great that it takes over and my hands tighten in his hair pulling his mouth those last agonizing inches. Holding his head in position I kiss him hard causing his lips to part and allowing me to slip my tongue inside, hearing him moan when my tongue pushes between his lips and plunges deep into the warm wet interior of his mouth as it opens wider. My hands tear his shirt open from the neck down, pushing the shredded material off his shoulders while I thrust my tongue into his mouth.

My voice growls inside his head. "You're mine."

Sliding my hands down over his chest I moan into his mouth when my fingers come in contact with a light coating of hair that I find goes down over his well muscled stomach and stops when I reach the waistband of his pants. I follow that treasure path back up scratching his chest lightly with my nails before teasing his small nipples into hard pebbles.

With great reluctance I tear my mouth away from his addicting lips to trail kisses along his beard lined jaw. Once my lips come to his ear I start to gently suck on the lobe and feel his arms circle around my waist and pull me fully against him. His hands slide down over my naked back to squeeze my ass through my dress, tugging me tight against the evidence of his arousal. He seems to be made just for me as his hard bulge hits at the juncture of my thighs causing me to moan out loud as he rubs me over it.

My hand slides behind to his nape, my fingers slide into the hair at the back of his head as I move my tongue down along the side of his neck, feeling his blood flowing through his veins beneath it. The way he is rubbing me over his growing cock is causing me to lose control as my hand at the back of his head starts to tug it to the side. My mouth opens over the throbbing pulse under my tongue and I suck the skin into my mouth, struggling not to bite down. As I suckle his skin with my mouth I hear his moan and feel it rumble through his body almost causing me to bite him. Somehow I find the strength to let his skin slip from my mouth unharmed, quickly stepping back from him and away from temptation. I stand a few paces away from him and lust over the way the warm candlelight makes his chest looking even more inviting then what it already is. Licking my lips but not daring to go closer I softly tell him. "Remove the rest of your clothes Allen."

I watch with clenched fist as he slips each shoe off before starting work on his pants. I feel the tremors moving through my body as his long fingers open that one lone button at the top of his leather pants. Then I suck in a harsh breath as the sound of the zipper magnifies in my head. My tongue slides out to lick my lips as the soft supple leather begins to slide over his hips, moaning hard as his cock springs free from its confines to slap up against his stomach. To try and control myself I concentrate on stepping out of my shoes as he pushes his pants down over his well-muscled thighs and calves. After he steps out of them and removes his socks he stands back up to full height and I feel my pussy throb and the muscles clench tight inside.

"Now undress me Allen." I give the command to him that sends that fantastic body of his in motion as he comes to me.

He circles around behind me stroking the tips of his fingers up my naked back to the simple hook holding my dress together, making my nipples push out hard against the silk from his touch. After unhooking the dress he holds it in place with one hand and circles back around to stand in front of me. With my arms at my side he begins to gently tug the dress down over my breasts, exposing both of them at the same time, causing me to moan once again as the material drags over my aching nipples. I watch his eyes grow hungry as he looks upon my breasts and lets the ends of my dress dangle in front of me. He takes my breasts into his hands and teases the nipples with his thumbs making them grow even tighter with need. I feel the heat surge between my legs when he lowers his mouth and begins to lick around each nipple. I look down at him to find his eyes watching my reactions, then he opens his mouth, wrapping his lips around my nipple and sucking hard. I cry out sharply as the heat flares from the tip of my nipple all the way down to my clit because of that scrumptious mouth of his. He finally pulls away from my nipple to leave a line of wet open mouth kisses on my belly before going to his knees to ease the dress over my hips and down my long legs. He gently lifts one foot then the other to remove the dress from around my ankles before looking up at me. Then placing one foot on his well-muscled thigh, he slides his hands slowly up my stocking covered leg. I clench my hands into fist once again as I watch his big hands, so close to my pussy, start to roll my stocking down only to repeat the same actions with the other stocking clad leg.

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