Nikolai looked to the cat as if they were meeting consensually, his smile bordering on intimate.

"Such a rough thing..." The vampire commented, "But ease your mind...I do not want your fellow felines. You are to be...reprimanded for trespassing...as Miklos is being reprimanded for playing at being in charge." He rubbed his thumb over Ashani's lower lip,"I could make you tell me, Ashani..." He breathed the name, “I can read your thoughts, cat...But...I have no need...do I? You are going to be obedient and take your punishment, aren't you?"

Ashani looked down, already knowing he was defeated, "Yes. I am." He did have some comfort in that the bastard who cut him was getting some sort of punishment. Ashani secretly wished it was very similar to the dismemberment he seemed to enjoy.

Nikolai laughed, a buoyant hissing laugh that made shivers rush over the tiger. "He is being taught the way of the penitent, rest assured." Nikolai stepped around the weretiger and murmured, “Go to your knees."

Obeying quickly, Ashani figured the first order would be the easiest and best not fought against. He dropped gracefully to the floor, barely causing a sound as his knees met the thick carpeting of the floor. The smell in this room was much cleaner, somewhat comforting. Ashani was thankful for that small blessing; his senses didn't like being bombarded with mold and rot.

Nikolai ran one hand over Ashani's nape, feeling the soft tremor the tiger tried to hide. "Oh...that is a tender spot, hmm? Interesting..."Nikolai lightly scratched there, tracing small circles over the erogenous zone. Every cat was prone to that spot, and a Beta was no exception, Nikolai watched the fine hairs rise on Ashani's neck and the vampire laughed a mesmerizing dark sound. He bent his head, drawing his tongue over that spot before moving back.

"Put your hands to the floor, cat...yesss...just like that...lay your cheek to the rug..."

Ashani swallowed hard and complied, placing his face over the soft almost velvet feel of the floor. He closed his eyes, only feeling more vulnerable in this position. He blinked them open trying to use the surroundings this time to distract him instead of his own thoughts. He didn't want to think of pleasure while being tortured.

Nikolai made a considering sound and Ashani felt something stiff and thin trace his buttocks and exposed thighs, "Ah no, my devil-cat...You will not escape me...in fact...You will see this through to the very last and never cease to feel it in your flesh...ever after..." Nikolai moved to stand in front of Ashani a leather crop in his hand. He traced the whippet end over Ashani's lips, "Get it wet, Ashani."

The weretiger shivered, opening his lips just wide enough to let his tongue out. He licked over the leather strap, getting it moist thoroughly. He found he had a surprising streak not to disappoint this Master vampire. His face colored as he flushed with embarrassment, closing his eyes yet again. He felt his beast curling within him, purring against his flesh.

Nikolai drew the crop back and slapped it softly to the tiger's lips, “Good, Ashani..." He stroked the leather down the cat's spine and remarked, “It feels rather like a tongue...until it truly licks you..." Nikolai slapped the crop sharply over Ashani's flanks, but before the tiger drew a breath, welts formed over his back and ass. "Thank me, cat."

Ashani bit into the inside of his cheek before replying breathlessly, "Thank you." The sting of the welts over his skin gave his skin shivers again, causing his flesh to erupt in goosebumps. His body was finely tuned to every sensation.

Nikolai knelt beside the cat and ran his hands over Ashani's sides, nails rousing trembles and purrs depending on the pressure applied. Nikolai smiled, running his fingertips over Ashani's face, “I think for you...a collar...a choke collar, Ashani...bid me place it to you...beg for it..."

Ashani swallowed dryly, choke collars were extremely painful from what he'd seen, which was not much really. This world of submissives and dominants was not what was accepted in the cat's eyes. Ashani spoke softly, "Please... “ He paused, not having been forced into submission since his old pack long gone, "Please collar me... let me wear it."

Nikolai ran the tip of the crop between the cheeks of the tiger's clenched ass, rubbing as he softly responded,"My cat is proud...that is good...it makes drinking your submission all the sweeter..." Nikolai flowed to his feet, walking soundlessly over to his wardrobe, withdrawing a chain with rings on either end, it glittered in the light, “It is not silver," Nikolai said casually, "I know that wounds wolves...as well as my line...so I tend not to keep it. This is steel..." He turned to Ashani, "Crawl over, Ashani...on your belly...I want to see that fine cock of yours fucking my carpet as you come to me."

Ashani felt himself blushing even deeper, but obeyed immediately. He lowered his belly to the floor, feeling the softness against his entire front side. Using only his upper body strength, he pulled himself along the carpet with his clawed fingers. Not tearing the rug, he felt as if he were swimming over the carpet, his arms trembling with the exertion of his muscles. He moved until his face came almost in contact with the vampire’s bare feet, his skin hot in contrast to the cold of the undead.

Nikolai used his foot to tilt the cat's face up to his, "Onto your knees..." As Ashani obeyed, the vampire draped the collar loosely and then attached a matching leash. "There... now we can better understand one another, Ashani..." Nikolai pulled harshly until Ashani under stood to rise to his feet. Nikolai loosened his hold and said softly. "When you belong to me... even your breath is at my mercy, cat..." Nikolai leaned close, licking a path over the tiger's lips before delving his tongue into Ashani's mouth. His free hand gripped the cat's tied back hair, pulling hard as he took what he wanted.

Ashani felt the prickling of the collar around his neck, assaulting his pleasure spot as the vampire kissed him roughly. Ashani felt himself rising at the attention, sucking on the vampire's tongue. He heard himself purring before he realized he was, his eyes gone a dark amber color. He had never felt like he belonged to anyone. Even in his pride of cats, he belonged in the service of the cats, not to the whims of any one being. He couldn't hide his excitement and was upset with himself for enjoying this treatment. It was not befitting for a dominant.

Nikolai's chuckle brushed over the cat's mouth, "You fret so... You have no choice, Ashani... you are not dominant here... I could crush you... I can break you... I will have you... and there is nothing you can do about it..." Nikolai murmured, "Open your mouth for me." When the tiger obeyed, the vampire lapped at his mouth as if taking in a rare dessert. Nikolai pulled Ashani to the clawed foot of the massive bed and wrapped the leash around the post. Nikolai leisurely shrugged off his robe, draping it over the bed before he sat down. He reached for the cat, drawing Ashani between his thighs. Nikolai bent to lick and nuzzle at the cat's throat, avoiding his ears.

The beast in Ashani growled, low and pleased. He instinctively rubbed his face against the vampire, moving against him to seek his approval. Nikolai crooned softly, "Lay your brow to my leg, Ashani... and pray I don't punish you for being so bold..." Ashani obeyed and Nikolai licked over his nape, suckling that skin over his teeth without breaking it, drawing out a shudder from the cat. Ashani dared to look and saw the rigid evidence that the vampire was not immune to this sublime torture. Nikolai was long and thick, obviously aroused as he played with the cat. Nikolai bit into Ashani's neck, right at the base, sinking deep and drawing as his orgasmic gift swept through the blood-kiss.

Ashani felt his entire body grow stiff, fighting himself not to rub against the vampire again. His body wanted to move, find more pleasures. He gasped, almost choking as he felt the gift of the vampire's kiss pass over him. His shaft bouncing against his own belly, seeking any surface to touch. Nikolai drew back, his eyes swirling with crimson and onyx. He wiped the back of one hand to his lips, feeling the kick of shifter blood hit his senses. He wanted to tear into the tiger and mount him, instead, he forced himself to lay back, and regain his composure. After a few minutes of his eyes being closed, the vampire burned a purr, slowly sitting up once more. He looked at the tiger and whispered, "Lift your hands to me."

Ashani raised his hands in front of the vampire, keeping his face pressed against Nikolai's thigh. The metal of the manacles clanked loudly as Ashani waited for his next order. His body desperately wanted release, at the same time thoroughly enjoying the dominance of the beautiful vampire.

Nikolai produced a key and unlocked the manacles, each in turn, letting them clunk to the carpet. He placed the key on the coverlet before pushing Ashani's hands down. Nikolai watched surprise light the tiger's eyes as he drew the cat's face up from his leg. The vampire was not giving much away as he kissed the tiger once more, mauling his mouth with fangs and his tongue. Nikolai heard the ragged note to his voice as he said, "You are hard, cat."

Ashani licked his lips, answering, "Yes." He was afraid to speak without permission.

Nikolai bade him stand with a soft tug on the leash. The tiger rose and Nikolai let his silk pants rub over Ashani's shaft in the passing. Nikolai looked up at him and bit gently into Ashani's belly, drawing another gasp. Ashani's shaft jerked at the sensation and the vampire smiled, "Why? Why are you hard?"

Ashani's eyes widened, unsure of what Nikolai expected him to say. His eyes darted around as if he would find the answer somewhere around the room, "Because... I... am aroused. I enjoy your punishment."

Nikolai rose swiftly and saw the tiger's eyes as he let Ashani's cock thrum between their bodies, touching the cool flat plane of Nikolai's stomach. Nikolai ran his nails lightly over Ashani's ass, looking into the Beta-tiger's face as if reading his every thought. He wasn't, but it was good of the tiger to be so cautious. "You may kneel," Nikolai murmured.

Ashani nodded and lowered to his knees before the vampire, Nikolai's silk pants barely an inch from his face. His breath ran hot over the fabric, Ashani's vision catching each slight movement of the silk. He wasn't sure if he answered correctly or not yet. It certainly didn't seem like torture, but he was still afraid nonetheless. Nikolai stroked the cat's cheek, "Do you want to please me?"

Ashani realized the truth of his answer as he quickly responded, "Yes."

Nikolai looked into Ashani's eyes as he unlaced the tie at his waist, letting the silk fall away. The material slithered down his hips revealing his jutting erection. Nikolai wrapped one hand around his cock, pumping himself until he hissed, eyes slits of red. He lightly slapped his shaft over Ashani's face, before running a clear trail down one dark cheek. Nikolai looked almost drugged, looking down at Ashani before his lightly accented voice rasped, "Suck."

Ashani took the tip of the vampire's cock into his lips, tasting his pre-cum over his tongue. He purred against him, sucking him further into his mouth. Ashani found himself moving over the shaft, slicking its length easily, rocking his face back and forth. He sucked eagerly, taking the vampire deep into his throat as his lips touched against the base of Nikolai's cock. The only thought in his mind was pleasing the vampire.

Nikolai moaned, letting himself enjoy the novelty of Ashani's sandpaper tongue. He watched the cat sucking at him and felt the hard tight knot of lust tighten further yet. He snarled, a hand in the tiger's hair, and pulled away from his nursing mouth. "Very nearly, sweetcat... very nearly you made me spend... and I do not wish that..." Nikolai drew Ashani onto the bed, placing the cat on all fours. He spread Ashani's knees until the tiger felt his inner thigh muscles twinge. Nikolai licked over Ashani's back as he remarked, "Every time I see you... Ashani... I will be thinking of you this way... spread... hard... and at my feet..." Nikolai bit into Ashani's cheeks and then ran his pointed tongue over the tiger's tight star. Nikolai licked lower, sucking and wetting Ashani's balls until they glinted with moisture. Nikolai cupped the impressive orbs in his palm, "So full... I can feel them aching..."

Ashani moaned softly feeling the attentions to his most vulnerable places. He knew he would be seeing Nikolai more often, once Sylvan returned. The thought frightened him, not knowing how he would react. His instincts told him he would always do what this vampire told him, no matter the place or time.

Nikolai did not waste time moving to mantle the cat with his body, letting his cock throb between those dark lifted cheeks. "Sweet Ashani... so many riotous thoughts, you must learn to... focus.... Right now, cat... you are a cock... a mouth and a tight hole for me... That is all you need worry about being..." Nikolai gently pried apart his captive. He felt the tiger tense and dotted soft kisses over Ashani's shoulder-blades, murmuring in a tongue that the tiger did not know. Nikolai moved into him, a degree of stealth to his entry. The vampire's hand slid around Ashani, stroking, but his touch so light as to be non-existent, an enflaming tease.

Ashani wanted to move against his hand, but remained still, waiting to be told what to do next. He also feared that any movement might force Nikolai's cock even deeper within him, something Ashani had never allowed. His dominance had always kept any males from taking him this way. He was afraid to move in either direction, causing his legs to begin a slight tremble at the tension of being still.

Nikolai breezed his lips over Ashani's neck, finding that spot again, securing his fangs into it, drinking like a fixed junkie as the vein gave over so willingly. Nikolai felt the virginal resistance that met his seeking prick as he pushed harder. He gripped Ashani's hips as he finished sliding into his depths. Nikolai felt the spasms running over the tiger and he stayed still, letting Ashani feel him throb and pulse inside of him. Ashani found it hard to take a breath, his chest tight as the rest of his body. He felt as if he'd been pulled taut as a string. His beast was pushing against the back of his eyes, his body shuddering over and over at the pleasure and the pain. A sound was emitting from his throat uncontrolled, his claws clenching the sheet below him. Ashani wanted to beg him, knew he would over and over again.

Nikolai ran one clawtip down Ashani's spine, tracing each rise of bone, circling the vertebrae as if he had all the time in the world. He felt the tiger beginning to move against him, and the vampire smiled faintly before he whispered, “As you wish, nightshade-mine..." With that, he began long unhurried thrusts, moving the tiger's body over the bed with each pressurized push of his hips. Nikolai shivered, feeling the tightness that gripped him, his hand reflexively punished Ashani's cock. Nikolai smiled at the tiger's moan and murmured, “You are not to cum without permission..."

Ashani gritted his teeth together, shutting his eyes in pain. He had feared that order already, trying to keep control of himself. All his mind could wrap around was each touch the vampire gave him, each thrust. He felt the vampire deep inside of him, touching him in places he never knew could feel so good. And he couldn't react to it... he couldn't move.

"You will be so eager, cat...when you go from here...You will want to reassert yourself...I fear for the first submissive you meet..." Nikolai's laugh was blood-soaked velvet, "Fuck him hard, Ashani...and know you do it for me..."

At that, Nikolai let his own orgasm rip through him, he pumped into the tiger as if possessed, spilling deep and hot. Nikolai rested his face to the curve of Ashani's back, letting the tiger's strength support him, before he pulled out slowly. Nikolai watched his seed leak from Ashani's attacked orifice and bent to catch some of it with his tongue. "That was good, cat..."

Ashani shivered against the vampire's touch, still hard, his erection a deep purple almost black. He kept his position and did not move, his entire body shuddering wanting release.

Nikolai rose, adjusting his pants and moving over to an inlaid cabinet to withdraw a small flask. He sipped from it and Ashani could smell blood...and the rich scent of brandy. "You look so pretty, cat...How do you feel? Be honest."

Ashani blinked trying to get his voice to come to him, "In pain."

Nikolai toasted him and took another drink. "Ah...my poor cat...should I whip you some more? Might that help?" He moved back to the bed, letting some of the stinging brandied-blood run over Ashani's pink swollen roseate. "Perhaps take you for a walk? Like this...to the Blushing Glass...let them take turns using that newly found heaven?"

Ashani felt his stomach tighten in fear of being taken in public, anywhere. He knew that he was being teased, his tiger scented a lie. His tiger brushed against his mind, soothing him down. "I do as you tell me."

"Really...sweet tiger? That is good...very good. I do so result to violence when crossed..." Nikolai rubbed his knuckles to the bloated, turgid shaft rising angrily between Ashani's legs. He seemed thoughtful, almost meditative of how hard the cat was. Nikolai made a pleased sound, “You may go into a kneeling position once more..."

Ashani drew his body up until he was sitting over his calves, his cock jutting out in front of him.

Nikolai sat scant inches from him and gestured with the flask, “Touch yourself..."

Ashani used one hand to grasp the base of his cock, holding somewhat tightly to keep himself from spending.

"Faster..." Nikolai murmured, “I want to hear it, cat..."

The weretiger began moving his hand up and down his length, almost whimpering as he felt the extreme sensitivity. He kept the pace, his breath coming in very ragged gasps, face drawn taut.

"Mmm...Make it pleasurable cat...do not squeeze so tight...you would tell an inexperienced lover how to touch you, no? And so it shall be...you know the way...You know how to bring yourself..." Nikolai let some of the blood-brandy drip over Ashani's pumping fist, "Show me..."

Ashani swallowed hard and began a slow rhythm, smoothing his fist over his shaft as he drew it away from his body. He pulled at the tip of his cock until it swelled beneath his touch. Drawing back down he slid the blood-brandy over his length, painting it a deep black-red. He bit his lip as he continued the motion, slowly up and quicker down, until his cock was glistening over the tip with his pre-cum.

Nikolai grabbed suddenly at Ashani's collar and pulled him bodily to him. One of his strong pale hands pressed the tiger's chest until Ashani's shoulders touched the bed, his knees remaining on the mattress. Nikolai moved his mouth over the semen and blood-brandied length of the tiger, voraciously sucking at him as if trying to pull his cum forcibly from his swollen balls.

Ashani bit into the sheet, his hands clenched in tight fists as he felt the deft tongue of the vampire playing over him. His shaft jerked within Nikolai's mouth and he felt the vampire's fangs skim over his erection. Ashani groaned loudly into the pillow, wanting to pull back from the vampire or thrust deeper into his throat and spill his seed. He wanted to scream. To cum.

Nikolai felt the rain of Ashani's precum lacing his tongue and slid the tiger into his throat as one long finger delved into Ashani's ass, rubbing that gland wickedly as he milked the tiger. Nikolai's eyes were a drowned red as he looked up to Ashani, and the vampire's voice whispered in his mind, "Cummmmm...."

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