The van was waiting in the underground garage. Two female figures manoeuvred a third woman with long blonde hair swiftly onwards through the deserted parking lot. Both had a tight grip of the blonde woman's arms, guiding her forward quickly through the open space. The passive woman made no attempt to resist. After opening the rear doors of the vehicle, the woman was pressed inside.

The interior was dimly lit but it was possible to make out what lay inside. Two black padded seats, one positioned against each side-wall and staggered to allow maximum access, faced the middle of the van. The seat furthest from the rear door was already occupied by a raven haired, dark-complected woman. She sat quite still, apparently uncaring about these new arrivals. The seated woman's left shirt sleeve was pulled up and a medical drip protruded from her arm. Headphones, thick and black, covered her ears completely, while a pair of mirrored goggles hid her eyes.

One of the guidewomen pressed the pliant blonde into the empty chair. Sitting calmly on the padded seat, the docile figure then allowed the two women to secure the straps around her arms, legs and chest without demur. After that, she made no protest as her sleeve was pulled up also, followed shortly thereafter by a sudden sharp sting as the needle punctured her flesh. But even this sudden pain didn't cause the inert woman to react. She maintained her calm composure. Like her companion, goggles and headphones were immediately fitted over her eyes and ears.

Submerged in the cacophony of sound and light that immediately entranced her passive mind, the blonde woman didn't even register movement as the vehicle set off on its journey.

Within moments it was just another anonymous white van lost in rush hour traffic.

* * *

She was expected. The guards on the outer doors opened them without demur. Normally she would have paused to admire their sinewy, hard bodies barely concealed beneath the sleek glistening black latex bikinis and gleaming boots, but not today. She had been summoned.

vonda entered the Throne Room.

Flickering flames from the large open fire in the centre of the floor lit the interior of the large room revealing the recessed niches dotted in the walls. Within each niche, shaped like a sentry box cut out of the stone wall, a guard stood at attention, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. The impassive, blank eyes of the guardwomen bored into the new arrival, searching for any sign of danger. Forever vigilant, the Queen's praetorians were fanatical devotees ready to die, or kill, to protect their charge. vonda had made quite sure of that.

vonda pressed her knees to the cold stone flagstones and waited.

Beyond the blazing fire, a chaise-longue covered in plush pillows was occupied by a woman in a green silk robe with long flaming red hair. She lay back, reclining with a glass of wine in her hand, watching the scene before her with obvious amusement. Sprawled in front of the couch, on the cushions and rugs strewn across the floor below, two women were lost in the throes of passion, busily licking and sucking each other's newly shaven and pierced pussies. vonda immediately recognised the two playthings as the latest additions to Her harem. Considerable effort had gone into procuring this matched pair of identical twins and into disappearing them both from the outside world. With some relish, vonda recalled the heady mixture of fear and defiant anger they had both had exhibited before she'd set to work on them. But, like everything in her Queen's world, they were soon bent and twisted into whatever She desired, just as vonda had been.

Her own conventional career in neuroscience had been cut short once vonda had been sucked into her Queen's orbit. An inescapable combination of excitement, curiosity, arousal, power and raw desire had sealed vonda's fate and drawn her like a moth to the flame. vonda's Queen had promised her fulfillment, a lifetime of happiness and unlimited resources to pursue her unorthodox activities. She had not been disappointed.

The two slurping sisters continued unabated, their hands teasing each other's breasts as the passion built ever upwards.

"Good little toys," soothed their Queen from the chair, "slowly. Take your time my slaves and entertain me."

The two writhing women mewled in pleasure, tongues buried deep within one another's dripping cunts as they shuddered in suppressed agony as they continued their performance in order to amuse their Queen.

"Ah vonda," She smiled brightly, "such pretty little things aren't they?"

vonda's entire body quivered as she felt the heat build within her.

Maintaining her composure, vonda crawled forward, past the slobbering whores, and eagerly pressed her lips to the perfectly formed foot of her Goddess. The touch of the warm skin, sent electricity through her body as her own pussy began to flow with desire, leaking out from beneath the black latex lab-coat that was the only garment she wore. A small puddle had already formed on the floor beneath her.

"My Queen, i live to please you," vonda recited in trembling devotion.

"You please me very much, vonda." her Queen retorted. Her sharp brown eyes lit up with delight as vonda's eyes rolled backwards in barely suppressed bliss.

"So you have some news for me?," She inquired.

"Yes my Queen," vonda stuttered slighty as she fought to retain her composure. "Mistress Cassandra has taken our bait. The model agency was, as suspected, a front for her recruitment activities. The subject Rachel Griffin registered with the agency last week and received an appointment for earlier this afternoon. It is assumed that she was subdued at this point by slaves of Mistress Cassandra, probably using the fast-acting will suppressant we have encountered previously. We then tracked the subject being transported in a van for several hours before it arrived, as expected, in Mistress Cassandra's main residence. According to our monitoring, the subject has entered the compound and has been located in an underground level for a number of hours, where she is presumably undergoing some kind of enslavement procedure."

"Hmm, so now we just have to wait," her Queen mused. "But this is good news vonda. The plan proceeds as we had hoped. Every moment that passes hastens the downfall of that so-called Mistress."

"Yes my Queen," vonda retorted as calmly as possible.

Turning those sharp, deep eyes towards her kneeling servant once more, the Queen inquired in a voice that left no doubt as to the consequences of failure. "You are certain of your methods vonda?"

"My Queen, i am certain of success. The techniques used on the subject, Rachel Griffin, are of a type that i have developed specifically for this task. The subject's mind is completely unconscious and unaware of the treatment we have given her. Of the two weeks she spent in my laboratory, the subject knows nothing. That time has effectively been erased from her consciousness. Based on the knowledge gleaned from the capture and examination of the two slaves captured from Mistress Cassandra, it is extremely unlikely that the subject will be investigated in a manner that will reveal her prior treatment. Mistress Cassandra's techniques are much less advanced than mine."

A wry smile twisted her questioner's gorgeous lips. "What's this vonda? Professional pride?"

"My Queen, i have no pride. All i am belongs to you," vonda groveled hastily. "i merely meant to state that Mistress Cassandra's abilities are far inferior to Yours, My Queen."

The perfect pearly white teeth glittered in delight. "Very good, vonda. I never doubted you for an instant."

"My Queen, i exist to obey only you," vonda fawned again.

"And the implanted devices? Will they work?"

"Their discovery is unlikely my Queen. The network of implants have been deeply embedded within the subject's cranium. By manufacturing them from an advanced organic-composite material, they should remain undetected by standard examination methods. As the implant is a passive receiver, it does not emit an electronic footprint which might reveal its presence, until activated. So far, whatever shielding or precautions Mistress Cassandra has taken to secure her facility have failed to stop our test transmissions reaching the implanted units."

"Excellent vonda. I am relying on you," the redheaded Queen announced before turning to look to one side.

"Prime unit, attend me."

From one of the recessed niches on the left wall, a female figure emerged, and strode forward until she too stood before the couch. vonda felt the raw, primal devotion emanate from every pore of the dark haired, muscleslave's body as the latex clad guard knelt alongside her, before leaning in to kiss her Queen's feet.

"My Queen, this slave awaits Your command," the guardswoman averred, absolute worship dripping from every word.

"Prepare my troops for the operation against Mistress Cassandra as planned. I want them to be ready when the time comes."

"My Queen, Your slaves live to obey and please You," the warrior proclaimed aloud.

Kneeling side by side, the two very aroused minions stared up at their deity, basking in her radiance. To one side, the two sisterslaves continued their lewd performance unabated.

"Good slaves, Your Queen is very pleased," She purred.

A wicked gleam glittered in her eye as She suddenly commanded them. "All of you, cum! Cum! CUM SLAVES! Cum for ME!"

Four agonised screams echoed through the chamber as the slavewomen dissolved into sheer bliss.

* * *

There was a vague memory of lights, flashing and flickering in front of her eyes. Then there was the hazy recollection of voices, whispering and calling to her as she slept.

But now all was silent.

Slowly, she sat up to find herself in a long windowless room lined with a row of what looked like hospital beds, one of which she was lying on. In the adjacent bed another woman reclined, half covered by the white blanket. She was very pretty, the still groggy woman thought, running her eyes over the curvaceous body, pausing only to lick her lips as she savoured the woman's bare, heavy breasts.

"Hello," the woman greeted her with a broad smile, "I wondered how long it would take for you to wake up." There was a slight trace of an accent in her voice that sounded as if French was her first tongue. Or perhaps she's Canadian, came the stray thought into the woman's mind. But she knew somehow that it didn't really matter. Her natural curiosity was surprisingly absent. Perhaps that should bother her, however right now she felt no inclination whatsoever to question anything.

"Uh, hi," she responded unsteadily, still distracted by the display of delicious flesh before her. "Who are you?" she inquired of her companion.

The French woman shook her head and laughed, "I do not remember! I was hoping that you would tell me."

Suddenly she became aware of her own nakedness beneath the thin sheet as her unsteady mind trawled through her memories for an answer. The hungry eyes of her companion ravished her body, causing her to tingle beneath the sheets.

"Me neither," she shook her head in frustration, "I can't remember anything."

"That is ok," the French-sounding woman replied cheerily.

She nodded, and returned the smile. It didn't matter. "Hey, you have great breasts," the woman with no name continued. "Wanna fuck?"

The French-accented woman's eyes danced with delight. "Oh yes!"

* * *

Naked bodies entwined, the two nameless women lay on the bed, lost in the satisfying afterglow of their lovemaking. Spent but happy, the pair lay in each other's arms and were content to think of nothing and gently caress each other.

A shadow fell over them as a person stood over them. The two women blinked weakly as they took in the figure before them. She was in her twenties, tall and dressed in a very skimpy white nurses uniform, whose skirt barely covered her naked crotch and did little to conceal her shapely bra-less breasts.

"Get up," the nurse told them.

Untwining themselves, the two lovers got to their feet and waited. The nurse looked at them for a moment and said nothing.

"Who are you?" the nurse questioned her French lover.

She shook her head in reply. "I do not know."

The nurse now turned to her and repeated the question: "Who are you?"

"I don't know either," she responded.

The nurse didn't react to this information. She simply stared ahead. "Listen and understand: you are the property of Mistress Cassandra. You must obey and serve Mistress Cassandra."

It was as if a cartoon light bulb had suddenly lit up inside her head. Information pored forth, filling the blanks that she had been content to ignore until now.

"I am the property of Mistress Cassandra," she announced in unison with her lover. It was true. She was property. The blonde woman who couldn't remember her name knew that with a certainly that brooked no challenge.

"I must serve and obey Mistress Cassandra," the two women continued, reciting the words that were burned into their minds.

"Good," the nurse announced calmly.

"You are a slave of Mistress Cassandra. Mistress Cassandra is your Mistress. Slaves obey their Mistress."

Again, the two voices sounded as one as they proclaimed the only truth that mattered, now and forever: "I am a slave of Mistress Cassandra. Mistress Cassandra is my Mistress. Slaves obey their Mistress."

The thought of her Mistress caused the blonde woman to moisten heavily just like a good slave should. The new slave was content, happy to bask in a comforting glow now that she knew who she was and what her only purpose was.

The nurse produced two bands of red leather and held them out to the two new slaves. They each took one of the narrow strips and looked at it: embossed into the leather in white was the word SLUT. A trickle of dew dribbled down the new slave's leg.

"You will serve and pleasure our Mistress as her sluts," the nurse announced. Turning to her fellow French slave, the nurse informed her matter of factly; "you are slut 87. You are a slave of Mistress Cassandra"

"I am slut 87," her lover agreed happily. "I am a slave of Mistress Cassandra."

Satisfied, the nurse now looked directly at her. "You are slut 88. You are a slave of Mistress Cassandra."

Joy bloomed in her mind as she utterly accepted who she truly was. ""I am slut 88," the newly born slave proudly announced. "I am a slave of Mistress Cassandra."

"Slut 87, slut 88, fasten the slavecollars around your necks."

Moments later, the two newly collared slutslaves followed their nurse out of the room and into their new lives.

* * *

The slut entered the appropriate room. This task had been assigned to her earlier during her daily programming. The control room was round, filled with computer equipment. A large curved desk was located in the centre of the room and two women sat behind it. Neither of the women, intent upon their tasks, looked away from the flickering screens as the slut entered the chamber.

Slut 88 smiled inwardly as she strutted her way towards the desk. She loved her Mistress. She loved being a slut. The past three weeks since her transformation into a slave had been one long haze of orgasm. It was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

In her mind, the slut's programming told her that she was here to reward these two slaves. Mistress was so kind. She liked to keep her hard working slaves happy and content, and slut 88 loved her for it.

Slut 88 approached the woman sitting on her right; a tall, flat-chested slave, dressed in a plain white skinny tee and denim shorts paired with white calf length boots. The slave was neither attractive nor unattractive, slut 88 thought. An unremarkable, rather average looking woman who would have been destined to marry an average looking guy, work in an average job and have a couple of average kids in the average world outside. But now thanks to the kindness of Mistress, she had become beautiful. She was a slave and all slaves were beautiful before their Mistress. Mere physical appearance meant nothing in Mistress Cassandra's realm. They were all equally important; every slave had a particular role and function to perform. Obviously, these two had been chosen for their technical skills rather than physical attributes, unlike slut 88, but that was how they served Mistress best.

Kneeling between the tall slave's legs, the slut reached up to unbutton the woman's shorts. Without taking her eyes off the monitors, the slave eased herself up in the chair slightly to allow the slut to slide the denim garment down, baring a smooth, freshly cropped pussy. At no time did the slave's concentration wander from the screens she was watching. The steady, rhythmic clicking on the keyboard on the desk above the slut's head continued as before.

Slut 88 looked at her task for a moment and rejoiced at the thought of yet another glorious slavepussy to pleasure. Then she eased her head in between the woman's already splayed legs and let her tongue begin its well-practiced work. There was a slight break in the steady keystrokes for a moment as the slave's mind registered the pleasure starting to build between her legs. But other than that, the woman kept concentrating on her assigned task, just as slut 88 concentrated on hers.

* * *

vonda looked up from the screen on which the new algorithms she was writing were displayed as the door to the control room opened. Three praetorians approached her. One was Prime Unit dressed in her uniform, while the two others were clad in inky black wetsuits. Framed by the open faced hoods they wore, two blank, emotionless faces stared vacantly ahead. The two guardslaves wide expressionless eyes registered absolutely no flicker of emotion.

"These two have been chosen for the mission," Prime Unit announced.

vonda nodded in agreement. These two were the strongest swimmers and were best suited to undertake this particular phase of the operation. Once they had formulated the plan, vonda had immediately begun searching out for the blind spots and weaknesses in Mistress Cassandra's lair. Mistress Cassandra was no fool; she had done a very good job on securing her compound. Good enough to foil many a well thought out incursion. However, vonda was prepared. Mistress Cassandra's facility had one tiny chink in its armor. A small river ran beneath it from which the facility drew quite a lot of its water supply used to cool the machinery within. The river was studded with motion detectors and sensors designed to prevent any unauthorised access. Those sensors, thanks to vonda's elaborate countermeasures, could be thwarted easily enough. The only real sticking point was the access hatch, which could only be opened from the inside.

vonda's gaze lingered over the stiff ebony slave on the right; a promising young swimmer with a possible Olympic career ahead of her. Her Queen had been quite smitten by the sight of her in tight lycra while attending an intervarsity event the previous year and had immediately arranged for the young student's disappearance. vonda remembered the girl's arrival vividly. The acquisition team had been delayed and the sedatives had almost worn off by the time vonda had finally managed to get her hands on her. The black girl had put up quite a fight before they had managed, with some difficulty, to strap her down into the programming module, as she had continued spewing bile at all and sundry.

It was all terribly arousing.

vonda had made sure that she got to oversee her conversion personally. She had delighted in laying layer after layer of conditioning into the girl's mind and watching the earlier resistance slowly fade away as the former athlete sank deeper and deeper into inescapable bondage to her Queen. It was all so deliciously orgasmic.

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