byBeth Wordsworth©

I heard the shower turn on as I lazily rolled over from my stomach to my back, and I thought about it. I'm not at all sure you'd be ok with me playing with myself while you shower. On one hand, it's a normal morning. On the other, after a night like last night, the instruction to ask before playing is still keeping its hold. After a few minutes of debating I give in.

Reaching down under the hem of my pajamas, I'm already wet, thinking about the 'what if I get caught'. One finger moves down to see if I'm as wet as I feel, and then I slowly start rubbing my clit. I'm thinking of you, of how you forced me down on your cock and slapped me when you caught me playing with myself unasked. I'm thinking about how turned on I was, how big your cock was in my mouth, I'm imagining doing that again. I'm rubbing faster now, I don't know how long you'll shower, and I'm so close it's hard to continue, my clit is really sensitive and I'm just about at the breaking point of a truly good orgasm when you whisper in my ear "Don't you dare get off slut, you're in enough trouble already."

You throw off the covers, exposing me to the cold room, and say "Naked, now." I know you mean it, and you mean quick, so I scramble ungracefully out of my clothes, lying back on your bed when I'm done. I'm still close, and I'm trembling just a little from the lack of warmth from the blankets when you lay down next to me and start talking.

"So my little slut decided she couldn't wait did she? Well go on, finish." I'm hesitant, embarrassed. I don't usually do this with you watching, and you're so close to me. "Go on," you say, "get started." So I reach down, and feel myself again, and I'm wetter than before. I start to rub my clit again, and I'm not getting off as quickly as before, but I can feel it start to build. My body is moving, and I'm whimpering as I get closer. "Come on slut, do it." you say. I'm right on the edge, and that's when you pull my hand away and say "No, that's not quite good enough."

I'm almost crying I want it so bad. You put my hand down on my hip, just out of reach of my pussy, and start to slowly stroke my sides. "If you want to get off, you're going to have to convince me it's important. If it's important enough that you can't wait for me to get out of the shower, it's pretty important isn't it?" Your hand slides down to between my legs, and I spread them, whimpering hope for release. SLAP! You slap your hand hitting my clit with your fingertips, and it almost sends me. "Is it?" you ask, "Or is it -SLAP- that you really are -SLAP- that much of a -SLAP-...say it. Tell me what you are." I'm so close there's only a second of hesitation.

"I'm..I'm a slut...I'm your slut...please PLEASE let me cum, please..please let your slut cum," It's a rush of breathy whimpers that are almost sobs.

But it's not good enough. "How exactly are you going to do that?" you ask. I can't say it. I can't say exactly how. In my mind I panic...there's no way I can say that. I think you must be looking at my face, waiting for a response, so I snake my hand back to my pussy. At first you don't notice, but I've never been good at not being vocal. A moan escapes my lips and you catch my hand. "How exactly?" you ask. I lose control, the desire is so strong, I'm fighting to put my hand down just to touch my clit once, and your strong hand is stopping me no matter what I do. You laugh, "You really are a slut, do you want it so bad? All you have to do is speak."

There are tears on my face from the frustration of it all, my hand is locked in yours, and you're calmly gazing at me, listening. "I..I want to..." I stop, unable to go on, and try my luck at struggling one more time. You're impossibly stronger than me, and that's what breaks me this time. "I need to rub my clit, Sir, please PLEASE let your slut cum, I need to get off please.." Words fail me and soon I'm all out begging.

"You're so close," you say. "First, tell me, did you mean to get caught?" "No.." I say, -SLAP-, shoots of pain and pleasure radiate from my clit. "Be honest." You warn, "Getting caught is half the fun." I manage to stammer a yes, and you let go my hand. Not even waiting, my finger immediately assaults my clit, bringing me right up to the edge, and then I feel your hand replacing mine, with the electric feeling of someone else's hand on my pussy, it's all I need to melt into a trembling orgasm that leaves me dizzy and shaking.

"Now," you say, "It's my turn."

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