Caught. I'd known it couldn't last forever but thought I'd have a few more months, just a few more.

I sat opposite my boss in his office, staring at the floor and trying not to cry.

"There is a way out of this, you know."

I looked up at him.

"I could punish you myself."

My mind spun. What in the world could he mean? Slowly, the possibilities arranged themselves.

I stood up, went to undo my blouse.

"No, not here," he said. "Go now. I will contact you."

Friday morning, a package came for me. A sexy schoolgirl outfit: white lacy knickers, white crop top, pleated tartan skirt, heeled pixie boots. There was a note: 'Saturday, 10 am, the fountain in the park. Wear your hair up.'

I shuddered. There was still time, I could call and tell him to forget it, just report me. Looking at the clothes, though, I was a little turned on by the idea of wearing them, of what he may have in mind. Still time tomorrow to back out, not turn up, scream blue murder if he suggested something I couldn't face.

As I dressed the next morning, my mind wandered again over what was in store for me, picturing myself getting fucked in these clothes – back against a tree with my legs spread wide, bending over a wall with my knickers round my ankles. I sighed as I noticed my nipples showing through my top, my pussy responding to my thoughts. Maybe I was going to enjoy this more than I wanted to admit. Pulling my hair into a high ponytail, I set out for the park.

It was, thank heaven, a deliciously warm day; considering the tininess of what I was wearing. The occasional person wandered through the park, but with most of humanity sleeping off Friday night, it was fairly quiet. As I approached the fountain, a wave of terror overcame me. What if I was never seen again? What if he used me today and then reported me anyway? What if he didn't turn up at all but had 'sold' me to someone else? My mind ran wild with fear.

I felt I might be sick, and barely noticed my boss approaching. Reassured by his smile and approving look at my outfit, I took a deep breath and made up my mind to get into character and do as I was told.

Let him punish me. However he wanted.

"Sit here," he said. "I have something I need to do. When I wave at you, pull up your top and show me your tits."

Bad girl. Deserves to be punished. I thought to myself. Forget everything else.

Sitting at the edge of the fountain, I watched him speak to various men. The first few walked away, but then he got talking to two guys. They looked over as he gestured toward me, then he waved. My heart was in my mouth as I peeled up the top, but I was determined to give them more than just a nervous flash. I even managed to smile and wave back.

My pussy twitched in anticipation as he headed back over.

"I told them you're my sex slave and you love sucking cock. I told them I'm letting you suck off two guys as a special treat, but they can only come over your tits, not in your mouth. Go into the bushes with them, if they try to get more than a blow-job, or if they come in your mouth, scream."

My pussy begging to be touched by now, I walked over to the two guys and said, "My master says I get to suck both your dicks." They nodded, and we disappeared into the trees surrounding the park.

Kneeling down in a secluded spot, I lift up my top again, ready to have my tits spunked over. Wearing so little in public, the breeze caressing my breasts and thighs, turns me on so much that I can't resist giving my pussy a quick stroke through the white panties before reaching out to undo the jeans of one of the guys standing in front of me. I start with long licks up his shaft, licking all round the head of his cock before taking him into my mouth. Then, using my hands on him, I turn to the other, who is stroking his cock as I start to lick and suck him. Wishing I had a hand free to play with my now aching cunt, I stay fairly still as one of the guys fucks my mouth, pulling out to unload over my boobs. The other shoots soon after, covering my tits in a second shower of cum. I sit down, rubbing their cum into my breasts and gently stroking my pussy as they leave.

"Clean-up, time for lunch," my new master tells me, throwing a towel at me. We have a pleasant lunch outside a café, almost as if nothing had happened.

"I don't have any money with me," he grins as we finish our meal, "so you'll be paying for everything today."

My heart sinks. I had almost forgotten my punishment.

"Tell the waiter he'll have to accept your services as payment. Same rules as before."

Deep breath. What am I gonna say?

Looking over at him, he is looking back as I lick my lips, 'accidently' letting my skirt ride up my thigh as I get up. "I'm ready to pay you," I purr, dropping my gaze to his crotch.

He doesn't get it. I lean over the counter giving him a view down my top and whisper, "I don't have any money. Pay it for me and I'll suck your dick."

He gets it now and looks over to the table, then back at me.

"Don't worry about him," I say, heading round the counter, "where can we go?"

He leads me to a storeroom, asks me to bend over a freezer in there.

"So long as you're just looking," I tell him. "You don't get to fuck me, you don't get to cum in my mouth, understand?"

"Can I watch you touch yourself?" he asks.

Sounds perfect to me. Bending over and spreading my legs to give him a better view, I reach underneath and stroke myself, first through my knickers, but soon pull them aside, letting him watch as I rub my clit and finger myself.

I don't get to go too far though, as he gently pushes me down onto my knees.

"Suck Me."

I get pretty close to cumming as I carry on playing with myself while I hungrily suck on his dick. Again, he asks if I can bend over, wants to cum all over my arse. I oblige and after a few minutes of wanking, he shoots his load over me.

"Now, where can we find a bunch of men to fuck you?" my master asks.

We don't need to look far. A new shop is being built at the end of the road.

"Wait here," he tells me, as we stand outside the building site.

When he comes back he leads me to a cabin. We go inside, and he clears a counter, motions for me to sit on it. "I hope you're ready," is all he says before leaving.

Sitting on the counter top with my legs spread, wondering what will happen next, I slip my hands up my top to play with my nipples.

As the first man enters, I drop my hands to my sides, and he takes over, stroking my breasts and squeezing my nipples. He stops to undo his fly, so his hardening cock can rub against my thigh.

"Want me to screw you?" he says.

I wrap my legs around him, pull him towards me, say in his ear, "I can't wait any longer, I want your cock."

He pulls back, looks at me.

"Show Me."

Pulling my knickers aside, I start rubbing my clit, then gently sliding a finger along my pussy. "I've been aching for a serious fuck since I put these panties on. I've been a dirty slut all morning and I need to feel your hard cock sliding up my cunt." Still rubbing my clit, I start to tease my hole with the tips of my fingers. "Do Me."

My body stiffens as he slides inside me, my cunt clamping down on his hardness. He sucks and bites my nipples as he rams into me. I can take no more, and cum noisily as he slows his thrusts, teasing my G-spot so I cum again. "Great pussy," he breathes, "turn around, I want to cum up it from behind." I jump down and he enters me again from behind, only taking a few short thrusts before he cums in me.

As he leaves, two more men come in. Still bent over, cum rolling down my thighs, they stand either side of me, stroking my body, taking their clothes off. Soon there is a hard dick to suck either side of me and I am aching to be fucked again.

"Who's first?" I ask, arching my back.

One of the guys starts sliding his dick against my cunt as I use my mouth on the other. The man behind me grabs hold of my hair suddenly and plunges into me, calling me a dirty bitch and grabbing hold of my tits.

I feel another orgasm building as I'm getting fucked hard again, and have to pull away from the cock I'm sucking while I cum. The guy behind me cums as I push back onto him, then pulls out, leaving my fanny open and waiting for the next guy, who is just as good a screw as the first.

And so the afternoon goes. They enter in ones and twos, have me, and leave.

Finally, my master appears in the doorway.

"Get Dressed."

We take a taxi.

"Sit in the front, remember you're paying."

It doesn't take much to give the taxi driver the idea that he's getting paid in sex. During the journey, I frequently adjust my clothing, giving him little flashes of my tits and pussy. It is easy to lean over and blow him when we arrive, and I follow my master into the house he goes into.

As I go in the door, my master grabs my wrist, pushes me toward a table.

"Bend over, lift your skirt and pull those knickers down."

I squeal as three strokes of a whip crash across me.

"Didn't think you wouldn't be getting a good thrashing, did you?"

Three more strokes. I whimper.

"I know you just loved getting all that cock today." "Didn't you?"

Three more.

"Didn't You?"


"Filthy... Little... Slut..." A crack with the whip came with each word.

"Tell Me"

I can't think for the pain. But I must say something. I know he'll whip me harder if I don't. "I..."

Too slow. A lash of the whip.

"I loved getting all those hard cocks up me. I loved it so much I had to play with myself most of today"

Another lash. I am almost crying.

"Did you cum?"

"Some of them fucked me so good I couldn't stop cumming."

The whip fell across me again.

"Do you want more?"

I didn't know what he meant. I held my breath. Three more strokes.

"Do you want to get fucked some more, slut?"

Will he whip me more if I tell him I still want it? Or will he stop and fuck me?

"Yes," I tell him.

One more lash. Then he drops the whip and reaches up to squeeze my nipples, hard. I hear him undoing his flies, feel him laying his rock hard cock between my ass cheeks.

"Beg For It."

Still confused from the pain, I only manage a quiet, "screw me."

He pushes against me, reaching up to squeeze my nipples again.

"Beg For It."

"I'm a filthy little slut and I need your cock in me. You feel so hard against me, I just know I'll cum as you slide it up me. I need to be fucked hard again, you can have me any way you want, as many times as you want, I just need you to fill me."

He had a firm hold of my hips as he stuck his hard cock right up my arse.

As I get over the shock, I realise that I am actually more turned on than I have been all day, the whipping and arse fucking taking me to a new level, my clit begging to be touched.

My hand wanders down to touch myself, but he grabs it before I can.

I understand. This is my punishment.

A long slow arse fuck while my pussy aches for cock. I could cum so easily if I could touch my clit, but he won't let me.

He withdraws.

"You may kneel and thank me."

As his hot spunk fills my mouth, I know I'm his slave forever.

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