tagBDSMCaught By A Strict Lady

Caught By A Strict Lady


Acting persons:

Sandra Blackmore (53); Po Ling (18)

Po Ling was on an exchange programme of her school in Hong Kong and had the chance to spend a whole year in Bristol. She was a shy, young girl of 18. She was only 1,65 m in height and her body was all quite tender and slim. Her breasts were firm and round like small plates. They were not very big, but perfectly fitted to her body. The colour of her skin was a typical Asian exotic darker and it was very soft. Her face was pretty, young and soft and tender looking, with full red lips, a beautiful nose and the typical shaped-shaped, exotic looking dark, brown eyes. She wore her dark, almost black hair down to her chin.

She was in England now for almost two month but had due to her shyness not really found any real friends. She lived in a small flat on her own. One of her favourite places when there was rainy weather – and in Bristol the weather was rainy very often – was the biggest department store of the city.

She was hanging around there on this day, too and tried some perfumes. There was one she really liked, but it was very expensive. Out of a strange mood she decided to steal it. She had never stolen anything before and she wasn’t really considering what she was doing. She just looked around and put it into her handbag. She wanted to leave then, but suddenly a hand grabbed her at her shoulder. “Hello, little Lady!”, a male voice said in a harsh tone. “Might I take a look into your bag?!” The young Asian girl blushed and changed colour from red to white and back. Her hands were shivering when opened her bag. “O.K. I bring you to the owner. Mrs. Blackmore will decide what will happen to you!”

She had tears in her eyes, when the man had finally brought her some stairs up to an office. He knocked at the door and was called in. He opened the door to a huge office, equipped very expensive. Behind a big desk sat a woman. In compare to the tender body of the Asian girl she seemed to be built quite broad. The woman rose and walked across the room, nearing her. She guessed the woman to be around 50 (she was 53). The woman was dressed in an obviously expensive business dress, a blouse and skirt combination. Her face was obviously taken care off. She had some small wrinkles of course, but all in all she was still of a mature, feminine beauty. But there was something special in her look, she looked very severe and strict. Her brownish hair reached down to her shoulders normally but she wore in a knot at the back of her head now and that hairstyle added to her harsh expression. Beneath her blouse showed a pair of quite big breasts. Her figure was plump but she was not fat at all, more voluptuous but well trained. It seemed to fit all quite well. Now that she was standing, Po Ling saw that the woman was ten to fifteen centimetres higher than she. All in all a big, impressive but beautiful strong woman stood in front of her.

“What’s the reason?”, the woman asked. She had a strong voice, used to command. “She stole our best perfume,” Mrs. Blackmore, the man answered. “O.K. Thank you. I will take care of it. You can go.”

Po Ling was really afraid. Some tears were rolling down her beautiful face. The woman walked around her, not saying anything. Just examined her. “So, you are a little stealer!” she finally stated. She stood behind the girl that did not dare to turn around. “No, Ma´m. I don´t know . It was the first time and I promise I will never do it again.” She said sobbing in a low voice. “I did not ask you to talk rubbish! Did I?” She was loud now. “So once again – and you only ask to my questions!” “Did you steal the perfume?” “Yes, but…” “No, but. So you are a criminal and I have to give you to the police.” “Who are you? Where do you live?” “I’m Po Ling and I’m an exchange schoolgirl from Hong Kong. Please don’t tell the police. I will be fired from school and sent back home. Please don’t!” The girl broke out in tears. It would be a drama if she was sent home, caught stealing. The worst thing of all that could happen. Sandra Blackmore smiled behind the girls back, unseen by her. “I will do anything, if you don’t call the police. I will pay for everything.” The girl cried. The woman did not answer immediately. After a short while she finally said. “Maybe there is a chance. But to get that chance you first have to write down a confession. Take seat at my desk and write down that you stole that perfume and sign it.”

The 18year old girl just heard that there was a chance and was quickly at her desk. She wrote down her confession, signed it and handed it to the tall and strong lady. “O.K. So far. Now listen, Po Ling: I make you only one offer. You can either accept it or you will go to the police with your confession. You have to be punished of course for your crime. Do you agree?” Po Ling nodded, still crying a bit. “Good girl. So if you want to avoid the police, I will have to take over the punishment. You will be my prisoner, my slave for the next two weeks. You will be my personal room servant and will have to take care about myself only. You can go any time during these two weeks you want, but if you go, you go to the police. You have to make me happy and satisfied all two weeks, I want you to be the best servant imaginable and if you are able to make me satisfied there will be no talk to the police at all. Of course there will also be some punishment for your stealing. Do you agree to that?”

The young girl had listened carefully to her words. There was a big relief in her that she had a chance and she was more than willing to take this chance. She would be the best servant, if she could avoid police and being sent home. “Yes, Ma´m. I agree. I will do everything and I promise to be a good servant and I will accept the punishment. But I have to go to school…” “That’s no problem. You will go to school, you will learn in the afternoon and when I come home in the evening and on the weekends you will be there for me. Some more rules: In the afternoon you will learn hard, I want you to have good grades. You will also do some training and trim your body. You will take a shower or bath at least three times a day, in the morning when you leave for school, in the late afternoon before I come home and before we go to bed. You will use the perfume you stole. It’s good and at home you will wear nothing but what I tell you. You will show me your obedience in kneeling. And you will call me Mistress!” The 18year old girl nodded yes.

Mrs. Blackmore then sent her to fetch her things from her flat and ordered her to be at her flat at seven. Po Ling was still very excited when going to her flat, but she was really glad, that she had gotten that chance. She took a shower and used the perfume before she went to the address the lady had given her.

Sandra Blackmore lived in a huge, beautiful house. An old housekeeping lady that cooked and cleaned for Sandra let in the Asian girl. She led her to a closed door and left, after she had said: “The lady has prepared some cloth for you there!”

Po Ling opened the door. Behind it was a sleeping room. On a bed lay only one single peace of cloth, with a note on it. “Put on this, slave – only this. Your Mistress is waiting for you in the opposite room!”

The young Hong Kong – girl swallowed. It was kind of a dress – but only kind of. It was a fishnet dress of white fabric. It would not cover a lot. She thought for it, for a short while; but what was her choice. Never would she want to be handed over to the police. So she reluctantly started to undress and stripped out of her cloth, till she was naked and then she put the fishnet dress over her head. It was short, too. It ended very shortly beneath her bum. There was a mirror in the room. She took a look. She had to admit to herself that it looked sexy, erotic in a very special way. She was not completely naked but one could get a very good idea of her breasts and nipples, her arse and her pubes. She did not like it to be that uncovered but on the other hand found it a bit arousing.

Now it was time for the last step. She had to go to the lady.

The 18year old girl knocked softly on the door of the opposite room.

“Come in!” she heard the ladies voice. Po Ling was nervous, but she had studied her role and wanted to play it perfectly. She definitely did not want to risk anything. She opened the door and stepped into the room, closing the door behind her.

The lady was sitting on a big sofa. She was dressed in black underwear only; black stockings fixed with black straps to a black corsage that was transparent enough to show some of her big breasts and black panties. Po Ling blushed as she saw the mature lady half naked.

“Excuse me; Ma`m…ah Mistress! I didn’t want….” “Come here. I want to see my new slave! And you have to receive your punishment for today!”

The girl followed the command of her new Mistress. She was unsure what to do und unsure about her own outfit. Never had she been half naked before anybody else, since her childhood. She tried to cover her tits and crotch with her hands.

“What are you doing! Hands away! I want to see you completely!” She dared no resistance. Never had she stood so bare of cloth before another person before that was watching her body intensely. She felt vulnerable; but there was another feeling too. A feeling she was not sure about yet.

The mature woman rose. Her impressive body was now close to the tender Asian girl. She walked around her and then her hands touched her through the fish-net fabric, touched her cheeks, her hips and very short slight touches to her breasts and her arse cheeks. “You are beautiful, slave, very beautiful. I like what I see.” Sandra Blackmore stood behind the young, Asian girl now. Her face was close to her ear, and both her hands lay on the 18year olds firm, small ass. Po Ling did not dare to move. “What punishment do you think you have earned?”, the 53-year-old rich Lady whispered into her ear and her wet tongue touched her earlobe.

Po Ling did not know what to say. Mrs. Blackmore pinched her arse cheeks and gave her a slap onto them. Then she walked away to somewhere in the room. Po Ling was really nervous in this new situation. She was completely in the hands of this mature lady; she was standing half naked in her room and she was around her dressed in underwear only too. The young Hong Kong girl did not dare to move or look what the woman was doing. She just heard her steps coming near again and then she was behind her again. This time she felt something hard, long and thin at her bum. Sandra Blackmore slowly walked around her young slave. She held a crop, made of black leather, in her hands. She kept the crop in touch with the girl’s body.

The woman was now in front of Po Ling. She led her crop up to her face and let it gently caress the skin of her face, her cheeks, chin and lips.

“Kiss it!”, she suddenly ordered. The girl blushed but nervously formed her lips to a kiss and kissed the leather of the crop.

The big woman smiled, looking at the anxious girl. “So what do you prefer, you little thief. Do you prefer this nice peace of leather, or will you prefer my bare hands spanking you?” Po Ling blushed even more. She was going to be beaten. She had never been beaten before. She was afraid of the leather crop and thus whispered: “I would prefer a spanking, Mrs…Mistress Blackmore.” She shivered. The 53year old woman smiled again. “So you are able to talk. Nice to hear your voice again, slave. And how many slaps have you earned?” Again Po Ling did not know what to say. But the mature woman looked at her intensely. “Ten…?” she finally said with a soft, unsure, asking voice. Sandra Blackmore laughed loudly. “Ten? I would rather say twenty – each morning and each evening for the whole two weeks! Do you agree to that, thief?” Po Ling just nodded. If that was a way to avoid the police, she could bear that punishment.

The woman had moved the tip of her crop across all the girls’ body. She had circled her firm, small breasts, and her little nipples and now the crop was between her legs, pressing the fishnet dress against her pussy. Po Ling was feeling very excited; but there was even more. She had felt that very special feelings in her little nipples, when the crop had touched them and now she was feeling the same at her pussy. The young girl was uncertain on what was going on with her.

Mrs. Blackmore sat at the couch now. She still had the crop in her hands.

“So come to me to receive your spanking!”, she commanded with a firm voice. Slowly the Asian girl followed and walked close to the couch. “Over my lap!”, the mature, plump woman told her.

The shy girl was afraid, but dared no resistance. She lay over the woman’s lap. Her upper body lay on the couch; face down, so that her bum was on the ladies lap. Sandra Blackmore immediately moved her see-through fishnet dress wide up her back, so that her firm, little arse was completely naked now. The woman also made her spread her legs a bit, so that also her sweat, girlish pussy could be seen from behind, between her cheeks.

“You have a very nice, little ass. Very sweat, beautiful and soft. I like your ass,” Mrs. Blackmore said and both her hands glided over her cheeks, massaged them and softly stroke the soft skin. Po Ling pressed her face into the couch. She had to admit that she liked that feeling of the woman’s hands touching her arse.

Sandra Blackmore enjoyed fondling the young bum of the Hong Kong – girl for a while, before she finally raised her hand and beat down heavily. Po Ling had not seen the movement and was completely hit with surprise to the hard blow to her arse cheeks, after the soft touches. A short cry escaped her mouth. She had not awaited, that she would hit her that hard. After that first slap the mature woman again caressed her cheeks for a short while. The little arse of the 18year old girl had gotten red and one could even see a print of the ladies hand. Gently the mature, strong woman fondled her skin and made her feel good again. “You forgot to count, slave.” Sandra Blackmore said, still fondling her. “One,” Po Ling sighed into the couch. The woman again raised her hand and hit her other cheek this time. As soft and tender her fingers caressed the soft skin of her ass cheeks as hard was each of her smacks. “Two,” now the girl counted without any command of the lady this time. The soft touches followed, the hard slap. And so it continued. The woman changed between her pretty, now deep red cheeks, after each hard slap. The tender treatment after each Slap made the girls soft skin even more sensual to the following spanking and the pain of the slabs made it even more sensual for the following caressing. Pain and Pleasure were very close. Tears were rolling down the pretty Asian girls face – but it were not only tears due to the spanking it were also tears of her mixed emotions.

The lady took her time for the punishment. The mix of soft touches and hard slaps lasted for about twenty minutes. “Twenty-five,” the girl finally sighed. Her bum really hurt now and it was deep red. Po Ling could not see the satisfied smile of the mature woman, but she felt her hands again at her arse. And never had they felt so good. She knew that the punishment was over now and that she did not have to be afraid of the next hit.

For a short time longer Mrs. Blackmore kept caressing the girls arse, but her fingers did not remain at her sweat cheeks but also moved between them, following the whole line up and down and also gently fondling her anus for seconds.

The 53year old strict lady looked down on the Asian girls firm, red arse and between her legs. Clearly she could see a moist shimmer. It looked very sexy. She smiled satisfied. Her fingers went down even further, till they reached her soft, moist cuntlips. Her fingers glided along the pretty, sweat, moist slit. It felt so soft and good. Only once she moved her fingers alone and it was a very gentle touch. Then she completely withdrew her hands.

Po Ling was confused. She had cried due to the pain of the spanking and she was somehow aroused of the woman’s hand. She still hid her face into the couch.

“So this was a first taster. Every day your spanking will be different. Not get off my lap and on your knees and worship does hands that will make you a good girl again.”

Po Ling followed. When she raised her fishnet dress slid down over her arse again. She knelt before her mistress. Sandra Blackmore held her hands to Po Lings face. The 18year old girl bowed her head and started to kiss the mature ladies hands. She didn’t really know what to do and so it were shy kisses in the beginning. Softy she kissed every inch of her hands and fingers. One of her fingers was moist a bit; slick and it had a very special taste. Po Ling liked the taste – and she knew what it was. It was the taste of her own pussy juices. She kissed all along the finger, savouring the new taste on her lips.

The mature lady just sat there and looked down on the submissive, young Hong Kong girl who was worshipping her hands. After a while she withdrew one of her hands and gently stroke the soft, dark hair of Po Ling, while the girl still kissed her other hand.

“I will take a shower now, slave and I want you to serve me, to wash me!”, Sandra Blackmore stated.

She led the young girl into a wide, luxurious bathroom, laid with the finest white marble. “Get me undressed now, slave, make a perfect warm water and then follow me into the shower and wash me!”

The innocent young girl blushed again deeply. Never before had she undressed another woman. She did not really know where to look at, when she reached out to start her work. Slowly and gently she pushed both shoulder straps of her black corsage over her strong shoulders. The woman was too tall for the smaller girl so that she could not undress her easily. She finally stripped her corsage that could not be opened at the back, down her whole body, after she had unhooked the straps holding her pantyhose. The woman smiled, when she did that. When it was down at her feet, she just stepped out. The know kneeling girl looked up and directly above her where the big tits of the lady. Her nipples were hard.

The girl kept kneeling and led her fingers to her pantyhose. She was as near to another woman’s crotch area know as she had ever been. Her fingers were shaking a bit, when she stripped down the black pantyhose both her legs, touching the ladies soft flesh and skin directly. The only thing that the massive, mature woman know still wore were her black panties.

Po Ling looked up to the woman and again directly to her breasts. Somehow they were fascinating the young girl. They were so different to hers, so much bigger, so much more womanlike and the skin was completely white in contrast to her girlish, small, yellow-brown boobs.

“What are you waiting for?”, the woman said with a harsh voice and Po Ling hooked her fingers into her slip and rolled it down her legs. The 53year old, big woman was completely naked now and Po Lings face was only inches away from her crotch area, her curled brown pubes, her mount of Venus and her cunt. She could not do anything else than to stare at it.

“Now undress yourself, slave and get the water ready.”, the woman commanded.

Thy shy, young girl had no choice now. Never had she been naked before another woman before, but the commanding voice of her mistress let her no choice. She pulled her fishnet dress over her head and was now as naked as Mrs. Blackmore. She did not want to look into the ladies eyes and kept her head bowed, thus her eyes fixed on her voluptuous breasts. The woman measured the naked girls body for some time. She loved what she saw. Po Ling was a real, young, sweat, exotic beauty. She loved the contrast to her own body.

For a minute or two the just stood there and Sandra Blackmore just enjoyed the sight of the young Asian body. Finally she gave her light slap to her hips.

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