tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 09

Caught by My Boss Ch. 09


Diane let me sit back on her coffee table, legs splayed wide with my pussy leaking around a fat cock. I was covered in sweat and feeling very weak as though I couldn't stand even if I wanted to. That was the result of an orgasm that shook me to my core. I was still shuddering, even though it was slight. And I was embarrassed that I had done such an intimate thing in front of her. She had been smiling at me, but now she was looking serious.

"Well, was that what you needed?"

I took a couple of breaths. I nodded, embarrassed at myself.

"Now we need to talk a little Sabine. I think that you are feeling a little degraded right now even though you obviously enjoyed what just happened. But I don't think that you understand how degraded I felt when I got that security tape to keep your little escapade from being found out."

I looked at her since I had forgotten what she had told me. I was more caught up in my exposure than anything else. Diane seemed to realize that I didn't understand what she was talking about.

"You forgot already, didn't you? Well, just to remind you, I had to suck the security manager's cock to get that tape. I didn't enjoy at all. It didn't occur to you that I was just as humiliated, if not more, than you have been so far. Well, young lady, I mean to see that you can get the same feeling that I had. Except you will be doing it in a slightly more public forum."

She stopped talking to me to let that sink in a little more. She had my full and undivided attention.

"When I had to suck it was just me and him. He told me what it would cost me to get the tape and I decided to pay the price. I wasn't naked. He just pulled his cock and balls out and told me to get at it. I could have said no, but for some unknown reason, I wanted to protect you. Besides, it got me you, didn't it? But for you, it's going to be different. First, you are going to be bare ass naked. Second, I will choose who you are going to be sucking. Third, I am going to be watching you do it, for sure, and maybe some others too. Fourth, the bastard came in my face and on my clothes, but you are going to suck until whoever it is comes in your mouth. Then you are going to keep sucking until his cock is soft and then open your mouth to show whoever is there that your mouth is full of come. And last but not least, you will then swallow what is in your mouth."

I just stared at her. I didn't know what to say. It probably wouldn't change anything anyway. I could say no, but she could still get me fired, even if she said that wasn't her goal. I wasn't sure that I wanted to say no anyway. The entire thing sounded deliciously nasty and totally dirty.

"Diane, you won't make me let someone, ah, do it to me?"

"What do you mean Sabine? Let someone fuck you?"

"Ah, yes."

"Only if you want to be fucked, dear. Of course, I'll be watching that happen to you also."

I shivered and closed my eyes, imagining Diane watching some man sticking his erect cock in my pussy and fucking me. I wasn't going to do that, no I wasn't.

"No Sabine, all I want to see is you naked and sucking cock. It'll get your need to be naked taken care of and I will get to see you doing what I had to do for you."

"Who are you thinking of, Diane?"

"I have several in mind. I'll decide when I decide. But for right now I have some other things that I want to see. Get off that thing and clean it, you can use the kitchen sink and then come back here."

I sat up straighter and lifted myself off the cock, hearing a soft sucking sound as my pussy raised up. Diane was cutting open the other two packages as I loosened the cock from the coffee table and took it to her kitchen. I washed it in the sink and looked towards her living room. I carefully wiped it dry and then wiped my pussy off too. I walked back into her living room and handed her the cock and she set it down beside her.

"Move the coffee table back and then get on your hands and knees facing away from me."

I did as she told me, nervous.

"Put your head on the floor and keep your ass up."

I laid my head on my arms and closed my eyes. My ass was up and open and I felt her squirting some liquid on my anus and realized what she was going to do to me. I felt her fingers rubbing it on my anus and then a finger went easily up my ass. I groaned. It felt so alien. She worked her finger around inside me and after a few moments removed it. It was soon replaced by a cool plastic tip.


I tried and she pushed and I felt my anus open a little. She twisted it and pushed again and my anus opened a little more but it started to hurt just a little.

"OH GOD, Diane, it hurts!"

"Just relax your ass."

She pushed harder and more slid inside me, making me groan louder. Another bit of twisting and a squirt of lubricant and another push and my ass felt like it was going to tear. Diane twisted it some more and squirted more lubricant and pushed again and this time my ass opened up and I felt it expand hugely and then most of the pressure and pain was gone and I just felt full. Diane held it in me and I could feel the base of the anal plug between my cheeks. She removed her hand and it stayed in place. I felt so full and strange.

"Maybe when you are sucking this will be in you or maybe you'll be sitting on that little thing that you just used, Sabine. Or maybe I'll be using the other one on you while you suck. Or maybe you'll just be sucking. But you will suck. Now just stay right where you are and keep silent until I tell you that you can talk."

So I knelt, head down, ass up, in front of Diane with my ass filled and thought about what she said she was going to have me do. I felt horribly nasty and dirty. I felt humiliated that she could do this to me and I didn't even object other than to tell her it was hurting me. And now it didn't hurt anymore, it just made me feel so full.

"How does it feel to have something up your ass in front of me Sabine?"

"I feel dirty and nasty."

"Do you like it?"

"Not really, Diane. It hurt me some."

"Well, a few more times and you'll get used to it. I've heard that once that happens it doesn't hurt anymore."

I was silent after she said this to me. I was feeling extremely dirty and degraded. Mentally I was thinking that it was fair for Diane to do this to me because she degraded herself to protect me. I was wondering who she was going to have me suck in front of her and if she was expecting me to strip without her telling me to do it before I started sucking. If the past was any indication, I was going to get aroused by taking my clothes off in front of someone. Hell, I got aroused when I took my clothes off in front of Diane. I just knelt there and let my brain picture me on my knees, naked and sucking Mr. Wilson. Diane sitting in the room and watching me and smirking at me.

Diane let me kneel, head down, ass up with my ass stuffed for quite a while. Then she leaned forward and took hold of the base of the thing.

"Relax your ass."

I tried but now instead of clenching to keep it out, my ass clenched to hold it in. Not because I wanted it in me, but because I was afraid it was going to hurt coming out. I was so frustrated! I wanted it out but my body didn't want to relax at all. Finally Diane just grasped it and began to pull. I whimpered as it began to slowly slide out of my anus. I could feel my ass widening more and more and then it was like a pop and it quickly came out. Diane giggled as I gulped air and moaned. She squirted some more lubricant on my anus and before I could say anything she slid the dildo up my ass.

"You gaped pretty good there girl. Once that plug opened you up you could take any size cock up your ass. I think you would be good at ass fucking."

She giggled behind me and pulled the dildo back and then pushed it back into me.

"I'm doing this so you get used to it just in case you want to get ass fucked sometime Sabine. Just use lots of lube and take your time. Once your hole is open it's just like a pussy. You can finger your clit when you get too."

Oh really? I could finger my clit with a cock up my pussy too.

Diane pushed the dildo in and out of my ass a few times.

"OK Sabine, get up on your hands and knees. Then reach back with one hand and fuck yourself for me."

I did what she told me to do and felt really degraded to be pushing a dildo up my own ass. It was degrading to have her do it to me, but even worse when I had to do it to myself. She was giggling behind me listening to my whimpers and she could see how much more red my face got when I was abusing myself for her entertainment. Eventually Diane got bored with that and she let me remove the dildo from my ass. She still kept me naked, though. It was now afternoon and she decided she was hungry so she ordered pizza and I knew what was coming.

"When the delivery guy gets here Sabine, I want you to go to the door and open it wide and invite him in."

I sat on the floor, waiting, since she wouldn't let me sit on any of her furniture. After about forty minutes her doorbell rang. Mournfully I walked to the door, Diane following me. She leaned against the wall and watched me. I peeked through her sidelight and saw that it was a delivery guy and took a breath. Then I opened the door.

"Please come in."

He stood stock still, staring at me and I turned beet red. Then he got a big smile on his face and walked through the door. I shut it behind him and he took out the pizza Diane had ordered and held it to me. I took it and turned my face to Diane and she pointed to the table in the entryway. I walked over to it and put the pizza down, blushing like crazy. I wanted to cover up, but knew better than to do that. She giggled and held out a twenty but when I reached for it, she dropped it. I tried to grab it but missed and it fluttered to the floor.

"Just bend over and get it Sabine."

I knew exactly what she meant and I sort of wanted it too. I bent at the waist and with my legs slightly apart I could only imagine what he was seeing. My nipples were hard and my insides were tingling again. I held myself in position for few seconds and looked up at Diane. She smiled and then nodded and I straightened up, turned and walked to him. I handed him the twenty and forced myself to look him in the eyes so there was no doubt he knew exactly what I looked like facially along with everything else I had to offer. My heart was beating fast and I was very aroused. I watched as his eyes went down to my pussy and stayed there for few seconds. Then they traveled up my body to my boobs and then my face. He had this huge grin on his face.

"Let me get you your change."

"That's all right, she doesn't need any change. It can be your tip along with what you've seen of her."

He grinned again and looked me up and down. My face was red and I was aroused, just standing in front of him naked.

"Well, thank you then."

"You're welcome."

All I could do was stand there while they talked. It was very embarrassing and also exciting. Finally he opened the door and backed out so he could continue to look at me. With a final big grin he turned and walked to his car. I closed the door and leaned against the doorframe.

"Oh God, don't act like you are so relieved he is gone. You loved it and you know it."

I kept silent because that seemed to make Diane a little pushier with me. At that moment I wanted her to be pushier. I wanted her to take me out somewhere and strip me. That didn't happen however. Diane told me to take the pizza box into the living room and I did. She got two plates and forks and brought them in. She sat on the couch and I sat on the floor. Diane was hungry and got several pieces but I got just a couple and mostly pushed them around on my plate. I wasn't really hungry. Diane finished eating and I guess I did too. She took the plates and forks and the rest of the pizza into the kitchen. When she came back and sat down she had me move the coffee table.

"You can sit on the floor in front of me and spread your legs. I want to get a good look at your cunt, Sabine."

So I did as I was told and leaned back on my arms with my legs open and everything on display. Diane leaned back against the couch and looked at me, my little boobs and my hairless pussy. It was pretty humiliating to sit like that with her dressed and me with not a stitch on.

"Go wash yourself off, you know what I mean and come back here."

I got up and went into the bathroom on this floor and washed my pussy, rinsed it off and dried myself. Then I went back to Diane. She was sitting with a coat for me and one for her. She handed me mine and put hers on. I put mine on. It was the one with a tie so I tied it shut without buttoning it. I was figuring that I would be removing it somewhere so I didn't bother with the buttons. We walked into her garage and got in her car. She opened the garage door and drove off, closing it as she backed down the driveway. We drove to a club and she pulled into its parking lot and parked.

"Stay here."

Diane got out of the car and walked to the club. She was gone for a while and I was sitting, daydreaming. There was a rap on my window and I jumped. I looked and it was Diane. She crooked her finger at me and I opened the door and got out. I expected her to tell me to take off the coat but she only smirked at me and waved behind her. I looked past Diane and saw Robert, one of the younger guys from work. My eyes opened up wide and I looked at Diane.

"No, Diane, please no."

"Remember what I told you?"

She pulled me by the arm away from her car and shut the door.

"You do remember what I said, correct?"

I had already turned red faced and just nodded yes. Robert had walked up with a curious look on his face.

"Tell Robert and I what I said, Sabine."

I took a deep breath.

"You told me that you would watch me suck and swallow."

Robert looked at me and got a big smile on his face.

"That isn't all of it. Tell us the rest."

"You said I would be naked."

"Holy shit!"

"So get that coat off and you can kneel on it. Robert, I am going to watch if you don't mind."

"If she sucks, no I don't mind."

I shivered.

"Wait a minute. Robert are you here with some friends?"


"Why don't you go and get them."

My head snapped around to stare at Diane. Robert just grinned more and trotted off to the club.

"Diane, damnit, he's from work! I thought this was going to be something private."

"I decide what is going on Sabine, not you. You understood that from the beginning. If you didn't and didn't think of anything like this, you should have told me to fire you. Now just shut up and be quiet."

I stood, already feeling humiliated and degraded. Diane after telling me what she had, just stood next to me as silent as I was. It wasn't long before Robert was on his way to us with four people trailing behind him. They got to us and sort of surrounded us in a half circle with Diane's car behind us.

"So what's the deal Robert?"

"Yeah, why did you want us out here?"

Robert grinned and looked at me and then, a little hesitantly, at Diane. She, after all, was one of his supervisors at work. He didn't seem as sure of himself as he was earlier.

Diane looked at them

"Move back a bit and Robert, you stand in the middle of them."

She waited until they had formed in line. She motioned until each end of the line moved in a little, partially hiding me.

"Now, Sabine, I want you to squat down and untie your coat. Then lean back on your hands and lift up your ass."

I hesitated. I didn't want Robert to see me or for that matter to take his dick in my mouth, but my mind, the not so rational part, was telling me that Diane had me over a barrel. I squatted and then untied the belt. I closed my eyes and put my arms behind me. As I lifted my ass up the coat slid off me and then down my arms to the asphalt. I was clearly naked and because I had squatted my legs were open. I heard a giggle from the one girl and snickers from the guys. I wanted to die and be swallowed up into the ground. And there was worse to come.

I pushed myself up and let the coat slip off completely and bundled it up, placing it before me. I knelt on it and looked at Robert. He stepped up to me. I hissed at him.

"Take it out!"

"You can do that Sabine."

He stepped a little closer and cursing him silently I reached up and unzipped his pants. I stuffed my left hand inside them and felt around until I found his cock. They were all laughing at me. I was naked and it sure looked like I was going to be doing something. I fished him out of his pants and the girl gasped. He wasn't that big, but I don't think she expected this. I wrapped my fingers around it and looked at the tip. Then I bent forward and took him into my mouth. I wasn't very happy, first of all it was someone from work who I would see every day, second, I had an audience and third, other people could come by also.

Every one of them leaned forward and watched me suck Robert. He wasn't fully hard when I started but it didn't take very long and he was very erect.

"Who is the bitch Robert?"

"I work with her."

"No shit?"

"Yep, little miss perfect. She has a better job than me. As a matter of fact she works for the other one."

The all glanced at Diane as I sucked. Diane gave a smile.

"This will be a little secret. I don't expect you to not talk about it amongst yourselves, but it would be nice if it went no farther. Some of you other guys may get a chance another time to feel her mouth, but not if it gets out."

While she was saying this Robert took my hand off of him and grasped my head with both of his hands. He started fucking my mouth slowly, taking his dick almost all the way out and then pushing it back in. The others were whispering amongst themselves. Then giggling and snickering as they watched my mouth get filled with cock. Robert was getting more urgent, pushing harder and I gagged a couple of times.

"Gently Robert. She won't take it out of her mouth."

It seeming like I had been kneeling naked on the ground forever but it hadn't been that long. I felt Robert get even harder in my mouth. I kept my lips wrapped around his dick and he pushed in and out, once, twice, three times. I felt him twitch in my mouth and then I gagged as his first squirt of come hit the back of my throat. He held my head as his dick kept twitching and he kept squirting. Some of his come was leaking out of the corners of my mouth. He finally gave on last twitch and pulled back. His cock was slimy and I had a mouthful of come.

"Show everyone Sabine."

Disgusted and degraded, I opened my mouth so they could see the come coating my tongue.

"Good girl, now swallow."

I closed my mouth and gagged as swallowed. I choked it all down and looked at Diane. She was smiling at me. I felt nauseated. I really didn't care that was naked anymore. I wanted to puke.

"Lick him clean Sabine."

I wanted to kill her. I leaned forward and licked his now partially stiff cock. I licked him until it was just my spit on it and leaned back.

"Get up and get your coat on Sabine."

I hurriedly stood up and grabbed the coat and pulled it on. Robert was just grinning at me. The others were too. FUCK! FUCK!

"Get in the car."

I got in her car and hid my face from them. Diane stood and talked to them for a bit and then walked around and got in.

"How could you do this to me?"

"You mean degrade you like I had to do for you? It seems only fair to me."

"But he's from work!"

"And you don't think that I see the security manager from time to time. What do you think he thinks when he sees me? Does he see the manager or the slut that was on her knees sucking his cock?"

I had no answer for that since if I knew men, I knew exactly what he was thinking of Diane.

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