tagInterracial LoveCaught Ch. 03

Caught Ch. 03


The first interracial picture I saw as a teenager was in an adult magazine. It showed a very attractive red headed woman with long hair and alabaster skin sitting on a black man's lap with her back turned towards him. The black man was well built and had his hands firmly on her hips. Her face conveyed to me that she was experiencing great pleasure fucking the black man. The contrasts in skin color fascinated me. I ignored virtually all the other pictures of white couples fucking in that adult magazine and masturbated constantly to the one interracial picture. I have been addicted to interracial pornography ever since.

When I married Anna at the age of 24, I thought I had shaken off my interracial addiction and had no intention of sharing the love of my beautiful white wife with anyone. The briefest mention my wife made about the flirtations of a black man she once knew caused my interracial addiction to come roaring back. I was soon collecting interracial pornography again and sure enough I was caught by my wife. I confessed to my wife my passion for interracial sex and then got her involved in it. We spent many nights holding each other in bed watching videos of black men with big cocks have amazing sex with gorgeous white women. Our sex life soared but we inevitably started fantasizing and role playing of interracial sex too much. Talking about black men fucking white women became talk about black men fucking my Anna. I loved it and she loved it. We found ourselves moving farther and farther down a path that would have me standing close by while a black man made love to my wife.

It seemed fitting that the very black man whose flirting my wife mentioned that started the return of my interracial addiction would be the one Anna picked as her lover. His name was Antwan and my wife Anna wanted him. She spoke openly of her desire for his black cock. She dreamed about him. She pined after him. She cried his name while we made love. With my encouragement Anna called Antwan and that began the process of his taking my place in bed with my wife. Everything about this gave me intense sexual gratification. It made me happy to see Anna going around the house with her phone talking to Antwan. I enjoyed hearing Anna in bed talking about all the things she liked about Antwan and how much she wanted to sleep with him. It drove me wild to hear my wife calling Antwan cute names and blowing him kisses over the phone.

It had been my plan to allow my wife lots of time for her to communicate with Antwan before their first meeting. For one thing I wanted to make sure Antwan was the right choice and that my wife was willing to go through opening up our marriage. After weeks of delicious anticipation my wife was hot and ready for Antwan and nothing I could do would probably stop her from consummating their relationship. The first meeting was also delayed long enough to coincide with the wedding anniversary of me and my wife. It was a indication of how deep my interracial addiction ran. Anna and Antwan were to meet together for the first time since my wife called him on our wedding anniversary. At first my wife could not understand why.

"Wouldn't you like to spend that special day with just us together?" Anna asked when I revealed to her the day I wanted her to meet Antwan.

"Well that day is perfect to meet Antwan for a couple of reasons. First its on a Friday so there is no worries about having to wake up for work the next day, and it's the start of our week vacation as well. What better way to start a vacation?"

"Yes but aren't we suppose to be together that day?" Anna asked somewhat vexed.

"Think of it as a anniversary present for both of us. You get your black lover and I get to watch him take my wife on our wedding anniversary. What could be hotter then showing our love for each other then by you taking his black cock in your pussy on our special day?" I said this to Anna in partial amazement at my own words. Was I that seriously addicted to interracial to go this far? The answer is of course yes.

"Oh that is nasty," my wife replied looking somewhat appalled.

Then a glorious transformation began to come over my wife's face. Her expression changed from annoyance to interested and finally to a wide smiling excitement. She had as lustful a look on her face as I've ever seen on a woman. At that moment I wished I could have asked her to fuck a black man on the very day we were married.

"That is nasty and I love it," she said punching me playfully on the chest. "You are sick."

"Yes I am. Sick in love and lust with you." I said grabbing my wife who pushed me into the bedroom and onto our bed.

"So you want to watch me take my black lover on our bed on our anniversary?" Anna said as we both fell on the bed with her on top of me.

"Oh yes baby, I want you full of his black cock on our day." I said as we began to strip off each other's clothes.

"Oh you are nasty and I love it." She said biting my lip as we kissed. "I can't wait to have that black man all over me."

"Yea baby, and for that day I want you to treat Antwan as your husband. Make the dream I had come true. I want to see the two of you spend that day like you were married. I would love for you to spend the whole weekend with him, hell the whole week with him if you want."

"Oh sweety your driving me mad," Anna said listening to my wishes.

"Will you do that for me?"

"Yes sweety I will. Antwan will be my husband. I can wait to be that black man's wife."

"Yes I love it," I replied.

We had great sex again that day. Afterwards I told Anna it would be the last time we had sex till after she had her meeting with Antwan which would be in five days. I figured by then she would be so horny she might just tear Antwan's clothes off. Speaking of clothes, Anna and I went shopping again in the next couple of days and she purchased new clothes just for Antwan. My wife, with her impeccable eye for clothes, picked out a one piece black dress and other assorted accessories. She also bought some new lingerie to go on underneath and I fantasized how sexy it would be to watch Antwan undress my Anna's new clothes off her.

At one point Anna model a gorgeous a black two piece lingerie and as she performed a spin for me she asked:

"So, Jim, do you think my black lover will like me in this?" Anna asked in the changing booth.

"He would be crazy if he didn't, you look phenomenal." I said as I was taken aback just a tad to hear her mention her future lover so boldy.

Anna turned with a smile and primped and posed in front of the mirror. She wore a naughty smile and looked at me coyly in the reflection.

"Oh Jim. I can't wait to have his black hands all over my body." Anna said as she ran her hands down the sides of her sexy body.

I nodded to her. Quietly I loved it but was keenly aware other women were changing in the next booths and couldn't possibly miss my wife's comments.

"What about you, Jim?" My wife taunted me as she rubbed her body and massaged her crotch with her hand. "Don't you want to see his black body all over my body, fondling me and making love to your wife?"

"You know I do, baby. And you know I love it." I replied as again interracial addiction won out.

Satisfied by my admission and not wanting to cause a scene or raise complaints my Anna did not say anything further. When we were done my wife and I finished our selections and exited the store with our purchases but not without a couple of women watching us with keen interest.

While out shopping I had also acquired some more video and sound equipment and plenty of tapes to capture my wife's black sexing. I couldn't believe everything I was going through but was really out of control. Strange as it may be I was determined to video tape my white wife being fucked by a black man. Things got a little weird for me as the day drew. Anna barely talked to me since she was always on the phone or chatting with Antwan. I wasn't "sweety" anymore either, just "Jim". Anna seem to reserve all her affection for what she started calling "her new man". For the first time Anna didn't join me in bed, but spent all night talking on the sofa with Antwan where she fell asleep. I was getting very nervous and reluctant about this now but of course it was too late. My wife was fucking a black man if I wanted it or not so I decided I should just go all the way with it and enjoy myself.

The day had finally come. My wife had gone to work before I woke up and left a note. This is what the note read:

Dear Jim,

Sorry I couldn't have breakfast with you, I needed to hurry to work. I'm coming home early then showering and changing for my anniversary dinner date with Antwan. Happy anniversary, Jim.

Lots of hugs and kisses,


I had taken the day off work and it dragged at home. Calling Anna was no good since it seemed her phone was always busy. I passed the day setting up video equipment in the bedroom and making sure my cameras were fully charged and tapes ready.

Just as she said Anna arrived home and with barely a wave to me took off her clothes and jumped into the shower. To my delight Anna asked me into the shower and told me I could help wash her for her "date with her man". It was a sexy high to sponge down my gorgeous wife's body knowing tonight her tan flesh would be entangled with a black man. Anna rebuffed my attempts to kiss her or overly fondle her and she seemed to enjoy watching me suffer cleaning her body. Finally she instructed me to sit on the toilet and watch her rinse her body as she talked about how much she wanted her black lover. She told me I could masturbate and I did in front of her. Watching my wife rub herself and listening to her talk about getting fucked by a black man made me cum and I shot it on her body. My wife enjoyed the show and laughed softly as she rinsed my cum off her body and down the drain.

"Tonight I'm going to let Antwan's big black cock shoot his cum deep inside my tight white pussy," Anna announced. "I want his sperm in my womb."

"Oh baby that is hot," I said nearly shaking with excitement.

After her announcement Anna allowed me to towel dry her sexy body off and then go to the bedroom where she had me rub scented cream on her. Afterward I helped her get dressed for her date. Today I was in interracial heaven. Things like watching my wife half-dressed getting ready for her date with her black lover had me in a rapture you couldn't believe. I couldn't imagine anything sexier then watching Anna looking in the mirror as she put on her earrings. I suppose only someone addicted to interracial and who has been through it can fully understand the incredible sexual high it gives a husband to see his white wife preparing for a date with a black lover.

Finally my wife was ready. Together we went to the garage and got into our car. I drove my wife to the nice restaurant downtown where she would be having dinner with Antwan. It was also the restaurant I had proposed to my wife and I made sure to reserve for Antwan and Anna the same table. The more my wife's black sexing violated our marriage the more I seemed to love it.

Antwan, looking dapper and sophisticated in a good suit, was waiting there. Anna was excited and delighted to see him. I took my place at another table with a prefect view of the action and watched. Anna and Antwan hugged. It took all my discipline to keep from rubbing my dick under the table as I watched my beautiful wife put her arms around a black man and squeeze tightly. In her eyes I could see her happiness. The sight of his hands on my wife's back and his arms around her body hardened my cock to the point my erection almost hurt.

A kiss came next. That first kiss. A sweet gentle kiss from Antwan's black lips on my wife's cheek that began my cuckolding. Her mouth curled into a happy smile and she looked at him afterwards with shining eyes. Anna looked amazing. She was glowing. Antwan presented Anna with a bouquet of roses hidden on a chair and she happily took them. Anna smelled the rosy scent, savoring the moment and then planted a kiss upon Antwan's lips as she put her arms around his neck still holding the roses. I caught every moment of the my Anna kissing Antwan. Her red lips parted slightly, her mouth pressed gently on Antwan's black lips and then their heads naturally inclined to opposite sides as they tasted each other. For me it seemed to go on forever, watching my wife kissing a black man. They kissed very naturally and to anyone else you would have thought they were a long married couple. As quickly as it began they broke off their kiss, took a moment to smile brightly and gaze longingly at each other before Antwan gently took my wife's hand and led her into her seat at the table.

They smiled at each other, laughed at each other's jokes and ate sparingly as they sat at the table. Antwan was a gentleman at all times. He did not appear to want to rush Anna or put any kind of pressure on her. Instead Antwan seemed to be enjoying himself grandly at this romantic dinner. Several times he took my wife's hand, caressing his black fingers with her white fingers and then planting kisses on it as she looked on smiling.

Everything was prefect. I listened enthusiastically as their waitress complimented my wife on her great clothes and hair. Curious about the amorous couple, the waitress asked if they were celebrating something special. I listened on with great arousal as my wife replied that this was their "wedding anniversary". She congratulated them to my delight and later brought them a complimentary dessert for the occasion. I was completely ignored throughout it all.

At last I saw my wife looking and whispering coyly with Antwan. I noticed her eyes pointing to the door outside. They prepared themselves to leave, Antwan helping my wife with her coat on. You can only imagine the waitress surprise when I came forward to take care of the bill and leave a generous tip before taking off quickly after Anna and Antwan who held hands leaving.

Antwan and Anna walked together arm in arm down the street window shopping at the various stores. It was great to see the two of them enjoying each other's company so much. My wife looked incredibly hot on the arm of a black man. After about half an hour strolling around the happy couple looped back around to where our car was parked.

It was worked out before that I would drive everyone back to our house. I never said a word and nobody looked or acknowledged me. Anna and Antwan only had eyes for each other. I drove and believe me it was hard not to stare back at my wife and Antwan kissing and groping in the backseat. At stop lights I would steal a glance and observe my wife's passionate kisses on Antwan's face and her leg curling up against his body. I thought I could see her hand drifting down toward his crotch but was interrupted by anger drivers beeping at me for waiting too long at a green light.

We arrived home and I opened the door for the couple as they dashed out and hopped to our front door. Antwan held Anna from behind, his hands wrapped gently around her waist as she dug through her purse for the key and opened the door. Rushing in after the door opened, Antwan and Anna immediately assaulted each other with kisses and hugs. Closing and locking the door behind me I quickly found a prepared video camera nearby and began recording the action.

Anna and Antwan, lips locked in kisses all the way through, feverishly removed each other's coats. My wife tossed her expensive purse through the air and threw her arms around her black lover. Like my dream, my wife threw her arms around the black man and kissed him deeply as his hands explored her body. Both of them had their eyes closed as their wide open mouths kissed hungrily. I recorded the scene nearly salivating with excitement. The sight of my wife hands groping the black man's body made my dick throb.

"Oh it is so good to be home, honey." My wife told Antwan between their kisses.

"Yea, sugar. You are beautiful and sexy." Antwan told my wife as he cupped her face gently with his hands.

"And your so handsome," my Anna replied as she touched her hand to his.

"You were the hottest woman in the restaurant," Antwan as he slid his hands down her neck, caressed her shoulders and then held her with his hands on her hips. "Everyone was looking at you."

"Thank you for making the evening so wonderful," my wife told him as she stared lovingly into the black man's face. "I can't remember having a better time."

"Oh the night has only just begun, sugar. I'm ready for some playtime now." Antwan said as he lifted Anna up off her feet.

Delighted by his display of strength, my wife lavished Antwan with kisses as he carried her upstairs to our bedroom. Antwan and my Anna kept their eyes locked on each other. I followed and then walked ahead to hold the bedroom door open for Antwan to carry in my wife.

The bedroom was lit by burning candles and the bed covered with sweet smelling rose pedals. I placed my camera on the tripod in the room and kept recording the scene. Antwan and Anna kept kissing deeply as he placed her back on her feet and she backed demurely away from him. As if on they began the first phase of undressing. Anna lifted her legs attractively as she removed her heels while Antwan kicked off his shoes. Antwan loosened and removed his tie. Anna slipped off her earings and bracelets. Antwan removed his wristwatch. During all this Anna and Antwan kept staring lustfully at each other. Then Anna did something I did not expect. As I zoomed in I watched her remove her wedding ring with a grin.

"Now you see it," my wife said as she displayed it proudly to Antwan and then tossed it devil may care where. "Now you don't."

I was stunned as they both laughed together. Anna was nearly choking with giggles and covered her mouth.

"Oh me oh my," Antwan just laughed. "Oh me oh my."

"Now where were we my love? My man, my only man," my wife said as she walked up to Antwan and grabbed the lapels of his shirt.

They kissed again. As shocked as I still was at my wife's behavior I thought they looked gorgeous together. The lines of their bodies seemed to flow into each other. The curve of my wife's neck as she lifted her head up to kiss him was gorgeous. I zoomed in to watch her leg lift slightly off the ground and caress his body until he dropped a hand to hold it up by the thigh showing the lacy top of her dark stockings and exposing her tan leg. As I zoomed out the square of his shoulders matching with the arch of my wife's back as he pulled her deeper into a kiss amazed me.

When their kiss finally broke my wife gasped for air and groaned with pleasure. Her eyes burned with desire and she boldly pushed him back into a chair and straddled him as they went back into a kiss. Her dress was now lifted up to her butt which he placed his hands on and rocked back and forward. My wife threw her head back with a soft laugh as they rubbed groins together underneath their clothes.

"Oh boy I can feel it," Anna said with a start as she rubbed against Antwan. "Oh my gawd you really do feel big."

Antwan just grunted a reply as he buried his head in my wife's breasts and kissed and licked them. My wife put one hand on Antwan's head as she watched him suck on her breasts. Her mouth was open in a slutty smile. Her eyes closed in pleasure and then she slowly and somewhat reluctantly slid off him.

Standing in front of the seated Antwan, my wife began to slow drop her dress. Anna's body swayed seductively as she let her dress fall. Anna never looked better in her new lingerie. She began to dance in front of Antwan, swiveling her hips in offering to him.

"Woo yea," Antwan smiled. "Look at that perfect booty." Turning around Anna stuck her perfectly shaped tan ass at Antwan and gently spanked herself a few times for his enjoyment.

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