tagInterracial LoveCaught Ch. 04

Caught Ch. 04


My name is Jim. I'm an interracial addict. Just an ordinary white guy who happens to love watching a white woman have sex with a black man. To me it is the most beautiful sexual union between a man and a woman possible. I tried to resist this desire to watch interracial sex over the years because I felt it was an unnatural and unhealthy behavior. Over time I thought I had my interracial obsession beat, but a few years after I married my beautiful wife Anna, it came roaring back.

Eventually Anna caught me with interracial pornography and I was forced to confess to her my secret lust. Our marriage was initially strained, but after awhile I planted seeds of lust into my wife that gradually bore fruit. I turned my beautiful brunette wife on to interracial sex. Both of us obsessed over it for weeks until finally we arranged for my wife to meet and have sex with another man--a black man. The night my wife spent with a black man turned out to be the most exciting night of sex in both our lives.

It also changed our marriage forever.

I was no longer THE MAN in my wife's world. I was her husband and she still loved me, but I was no longer her man. How could I be? I had opened our marriage bond to a third person. I had voluntarily given up my place in our marital bed to another man. My wife, my woman, had been made love to by another man--a black man. She did this with my entire support and encouragement. She orgasmed in sexual union with a black man in front of my own eyes.

She was no longer mine.


I had slept on the sofa in the downstairs living room our wedding anniversary night while my wife and her new black lover slept together in our bedroom. In the morning I lay awake for an hour, both dreading and feeling excited to go upstairs and greet my wife. On the one hand I couldn't believe my wife had slept with another man, not only with my knowledge, but with my wholehearted support. And on the other hand I felt very aroused by it. My dick stood straight up like a tent pole. I rubbed it repeatedly while I recalled the events of last night. Remembering the sight of my wife's white pussy being pounded into by a black cock excited me. I soon shot a load of cum out of my dick with my hand. It felt great.

After cleaning up I took the long walk upstairs to my bedroom. As I came closer to the ajar door I began to hear the sound of my wife voice and that of her black lover Antwan talking. I crept up to the door and listened. Soon I could make out the sound of our bed gently and slowly creaking.

They were fucking.

The door was ajar so I peeked in. Anna and Antwan were under the covers, on their sides, slowly fucking each other while they held and kissed.

"Take it, take it." Anna whispered.

"Yah, suga." He replied in a deep throaty whisper.

"Oh, take it. I want you to take me." She snuggled her head against his.

I watched him kiss my wife's neck while she smiled back with happy satisfaction. They looked so beautiful together. A strong black man making love to a lovely white woman.

Anna caught sight of me and our eyes met while Antwan fucked her. She smiled.

"Take my pussy, Antwan. I want to please you." She wrapped her arms tightly around him as she looked directly at me.

"Oh, you please me suga."

"Yes. Tell me."

"Your white pussy is tight around my cock. It feels good."

"Yes, baby. I love your cock in me. I love your black cock in me."

Antwan rolled my wife over on her back and faced her, she almost disappeared under his muscular black body. His cock remained firmly buried in her pussy as they changed positions. Anna wrapped her smooth legs wrapped around him. The curve and shapeliness of her lovely tan legs looked incredible against his coal black skin. Her arms lovingly clutched his back as their mouths met in a kiss. I felt moved by the tenderness with which Antwan kissed my wife. Their lips met softly with tentative movements at first, their eyes met, they exchanged smiles. My wife glanced long enough at me to smile and laugh softly. Antwan lavished my wife's neck with kisses while his large black hands kneaded her breasts. Anna turned her face back toward Antwan and then came deeper and more longing kisses. Throughout their kissing Antwan continued thrusting himself onto my white wife, plunging his thick black manhood into her with strong wavelike motions. Anna cried out in pleasure and her head swayed from side to side in hypnotic passionate.

I was entranced. Everything about it excited me. Anna's lips madly kissing his. Her pretty sweaty face wincing as Antwan pounded into her. Her hands clutching his back. Those wonderful hips of hers pulsating upwards to meet his thrusts. And her cries. The sounds that came out of her mouth were amazing. First moans, then panting, and occasional girlish squeals of delight. Then came the wonderful sound of a woman baying and whimpering with sexual pleasure. The sound of my wife being fucked sent shivers through my body and the sight of her lovely white body locked in furious sexual intercourse with a black man made my head spin.

They kissed and made love to each other like this for what seemed like forever. For his part, Antwan fucked my wife for all he was worth. He fucked her white pussy with his big black dick until there were tears were running down her eyes. Every so often she glanced over to me and every time she did it seemed to excite her more. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her with a raging passion. My wife stared at me and never took her eyes off me while I jerked myself off till I shot my load. After seeing my ejaculate my cum on the floor, my wife's eyes closed in pleasure and her body began to shake.

"I'm cumming, oh baby I'm cumming."

My wife clutched at her black lover tighter and had a massive orgasm. Her whole body convulsed, tightened and then fell limp under Antwan. I felt a strange contented high, as if I had just shared something amazingly special with my wife. I decided to leave and clean myself and left the room with Antwan still lying on top of my wife, giving her long adoring kisses and her cooing with satisfaction as he did.


I had just finished making coffee in the kitchen when the two lovers came downstairs with their arms around each other and big grins on their faces. Both their faces displayed a look of pure satisfaction. Anna looked adorable in a short pink bathrobe, last year's birthday present from me to her. The bathrobe barely reached past her ass. Antwan wore one of my bathrobes that didn't quite fit him across the chest, leaving him to show off his muscular chest and abs. They sat down and I served them coffee. After a long awkward silence I broke the ice.

"Watching you two having sex was the best."

Anna looked relieved while Antwan laughed.

"It was my pleasure to pleasure your wife." Antwan said with a wide smile. "I would be happy to do it for you again anytime."

Anna blushed. "Trust me guys, the pleasure was ALL mine."

We all laughed.

"Your cock is SO fucking good." Anna said. "I really thought I was going to faint a few times."

Antwan smiled broadly.

"You're a very lucky man to have married such a beautiful woman." Antwan said. "She wouldn't go out with me back when I used to ask her but last night and this morning more then make up for all the times she turned me down."

"It's amazing how things turn out." Anna said. "Back when you used to hit on me I didn't even to want to see you."

"Tell me about it." Antwan laughed.

I recalled, of course, that my wife had once worked at the same place with Antwan. Before Anna left for a better job opportunity, she had constantly rebuffed Antwan's flirtation and advances.

"I was so close to filing a sexual harassment suit against you." She said. "You don't know how MAD I got when you left roses in my mailbox and all the secretaries made fun of me calling you my hot new boyfriend."

Antwan turned to me with a chuckle. "I found the roses later in my wastebasket."

"I never thought someday we would have sex." Anna giggled. "And I never thought that I would be begging for you to do me."

"I couldn't believe it when you called me." Antwan said. "I was thinking it must be some kind of joke because Anna hated me."

"I'm sorry I did that--" Anna hesitated. "The truth is I was very interested in you but didn't even want to admit it. There was one time at night--in fact it was the night you sent me the flowers that made me furious--when lay in bed and started rubbing myself thinking about you."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes but then I got scared and stopped." Anna said and then she looked at me as though she was wanted to tell me something.

"What is it?" I said to Anna.

"Nothing. We'll talk later." Anna smiled nervously at both me and Antwan. "If anyone is lucky it's me. Lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Here's to Jim, my awesome hubbie."

Anna raised her coffee to me and we all ended up clinking our mugs together.


After Antwan left, we decided to spend the day together shopping, eating out and maybe catching a movie. My wife dressed casually in white capri's, a blue short sleeve blouse and sandals. She never looked sexier to me.

All I could think about was her beautiful white body being fucked last night and this morning by a black man. It made everything she did sexier. There was a glow around her. She smiled more brightly and had more spring and bounce in her step. She moved with more confidence and purpose.

After dinner we took a stroll in the park until we reached a place where there was a balcony overlooking a nearby pond. I loved seeing the gorgeous curve of her slender body and the shape of her ass when she leaned over the stone balcony to watch the sunset. I thought to myself how great it would be too see a black guy doing her from behind in that positon.

"You look great," I told her.

"I feel great." She said with a smile.

All I could think about was my wife fucking Antwan and it made my dick hard.

"No really, "I said. "You look better then ever. You have a sexy glow around you that you didn't have before--I mean--you have always looked sexy but this is different."

Anna laughed and smiled.

"Well, I do feel sexier." Anna replied. "Ever since last night, when I...well you know. I feel more confident."

"You have a charged sexy aura around you now. Why do you think that is?"

"I don't know," Anna blushed. "It is hard to explain what it is like to have his big beautiful black cock inside me. I can't believe I just said that."

"I know."

"I can't believe what we've done to our marriage, but we have done it haven't we?"

"We sure have."

"I've been black fucked." Anna smiled, her expression turned wistful and she and shook her head at the thought. "I'm a black cock slut and you supported it."

"And I loved it."

"I loved it too." Anna turned and faced me. Strands of her hair were blown attractively into her face as she stood looking beautiful with the gorgeous sunset behind her. "And I love that you loved it. Having Antwan use me for his pleasure made me feel more feminine and sexy then I ever have before. I love the blackness of his skin and having that strong body on top of me, that black cock entering me, violating me. Ohhh. Seeing that gorgeous black cock go inside my white pussy, ah, it drives me wild and feels so good I think I'm going to lose my mind. All I wanted to do was fuck him and take his black seed into me. Can you believe it is me saying this? We are so lucky I stayed on the pill all these days."

"I enjoyed every minute of it."

"To be honest, I wouldn't have cared even if I wasn't on the pill. I would have been happy getting pregnant by Antwan and having his seed make a black baby inside me." Anna rubbed the sides of her body. "Just the thought of breeding with a black man sends chills through my body."

"That's sounds very arousing." I told her.

"Having you there to watch me taking that hot black body into me made it even more amazing. I felt such an incredible rush watching you watch me fucking a black man. I'm still high on the experience."

"It really shows."

"I feel like a new woman. I feel empowered." Anna looked into my eyes. "I love you, Jim."

I leaned forward and we kissed. Anna lips pressed against mine with a new passion. Our arms went around each other's bodies and it felt good having her soft warm body pressed against mine. Holding her in my arms, hearing her say she would have enjoyed being black bred excited me beyond words.

Hand in hand we walked through the park back toward our car. I felt like I was walking with the sexiest woman alive. I constantly reminded myself that my wife had been black fucked and it kept me hard all the way home.


We had great sex that night. My dick was hard and stayed hard for long. She rode on top of my dick, restlessly pumping up and down, trying to jam more and more of my dick inside her. I did my best to please her and she orgasmed off me. Anna was delighted to see and play with my dick. She gave me a long blow job and then jerked me up and down with a happy grin on her face.

"I'm really enjoying this." Anna said.

"So am I. It feels good to have your hand on my dick."

"I can't get over how hard you are!"

"Just thinking about you being a slut for black cock gets me hard."

Anna's face made a cute grimace and she jerked my dick up and down harder. "I love it when you say that. Say it to me again."

"It makes me hard seeing you be a black cock slut," I replied.

"Oh yeah. Tell me how much you like it?"

My cock felt incredible. Her face looked at me dick with intense passion. With one hand she beat my dick and with the other she began rubbing herself between her legs. I fought the urge to cum.

"I love it. I love seeing your white pussy filled with a black cock."

"Oh yeah, baby." Anna said with lustful emotion. "I love having a black man in me and I love when you watch it."

"Yes. I love watching it, sweety." I said with my dick aching and ready to explode. "I want to see you do it every night, all night."

"Yes, baby. Yes. I want to fuck a black man and have his cock all the way down my pussy. And I want you to watch it. I want you to watch him stretch my pussy and shoot his cum deep down inside me." Anna furiously rubbed my shaft up and down.

"Yes. Ah!"

My cock burst like a fountain and sprayed her face with cum. She let out a little shriek in surprise. She cleaned her face with some tissue and then softly stroked my dick until I was hard again. I was so turned on that I was able to get it up again. She climbed up on top of me and we made love that night with more passion then we've had since our honeymoon. Thinking about her having been fucked by a black man kept my dick erect and hard. I performed better than I had in a long time.

After the sex was over and we both relaxed naked in bed, Anna rolled over in bed and looked at me with a dreamy expression on her face.

"One of the best things about last night was seeing you watch it."

"You really did like that didn't you. You keep mentioning it."

"Oh yes." Anna said with a wicked smile. "I loved how you got off on it. It felt so good having that big black cock in my white pussy while you whacked off with your white cock in your hand."

My dick stirred, amazingly it aroused me hearing her say this.

"Tell me more," I said.

"Okay," she smiled and looked me in a shy nervous way. "It just felt so right."

"I agree."

Anna reached down and pulled on my hard dick. I was throbbing with pleasure. She began stroking my cock up and down with a vigorous intensity.

"Do you like this? Do you love me jerking you off?"

"Yes, honey...it's feels great."

"Do you want to see a black cock in me?"


"Do you want to see a black man cum in my pussy while you whack off to it?"

"Yes. Sweety. Yes I do."

I ejaculated again, this time a little spurt. She laughed, licked all the cum off my dick and swallowed it before going to sleep. As we lay in bed Anna cleared her throat and looked at me as if she wanted to tell me something but couldn't.

"You want to tell me something hun?"

"No babe," she said.

We held each other throughout the night. It was wonderful feeling her soft, warm body next to mine. I caressed her until I heard low snores coming from her. I thought her curvy body looked lovely under the bed sheets. I fell asleep looking at her beautiful face and wondering what was it she wanted to tell me but couldn't?


During the week I took a personal day from the office while Anna went to work. This gave me time to do something I was looking forward to. I was going to watch the video I made recording Anna fucking Antwan. I sat down on the sofa, dick in hand, and played the tape on our big screen tv in the living room.

The first thing I watched was my wife passionately kissing her black lover in our bedroom. She was dressed so sexy and looked so happy that night. It aroused me. Then I watched him lift her into his arms to carry her to the upstairs bedroom as they kissed. I froze the picture when my wife placed her hand tenderly on his face. It looked so hot to see her pretty white hand against his contrasting black skin. I ejaculated staring at her hand.

From my high I crashed hard. I felt guilt. Sorrow. Shame. I couldn't believe what was happening. What the fuck had I done? On the television was a tape of my loving wife fucking a black man. Because of my stupidity and lust I urged my wife into an extramarital affair. There was no return now that she had experienced it. Another man had been inside my wife, had brought her to orgasm and even shot his cum into her. And all the time a black man was screwing my wife I stood by the sidelines, rooting play by play for her black sexing like a over eager college cheerleader. I whacked off to it. I shot cum out my dick onto the floor in front of her eyes the very moment black seed erupted into her womb. By all accounts he had done sexual things to her that I could never do.

And she was totally into it now.

I turned the young woman I fell in love with, the most darling person in the world to me, into a black cock loving slut. The woman, who when we dated, I used to spend long nights talking on the phone till we went to sleep would now like nothing better then a hard black fucking. The woman who lips I shared a tender and halting first kiss with on our first date now loved having her lips latched firmly on a black cock. For one moment I planned to destroy the tape and try to salvage what was left of the sanctity of my marriage.

Instead I advanced the tape to the moment where Antwan's black cock enters Anna for the first time and began whacking off to it. I was hooked now, too. I couldn't and didn't want to go back. Maybe things weren't the same but I still had Anna's love, she had said so. And maybe it wasn't the kind of marriage that society at large accepted but maybe that wasn't important. What was important was that Anna and I loved each other and stayed together. Who cares if she also shares her bed with a black man? Maybe this was the start of a new kind of marriage.


The next evening Anna and I were lounging at home watching television. At first we were watching a cable news station like we usually do, then Anna started flipping through the stations till she ended up on Black Entertainment Television. Surprisingly Anna stopped it there. Hip-House music videos were on and she uncharacteristically began to watched them with interest. In the past Anna had never like rap or hip-house music so I thought it quite a change for her to do that. The music wasn't bad and I saw her swaying back and forth to the beat.

"Wow. You are really enjoying this video." I said.

"I know. All the sudden I feel like listening to it." Anna said as she moved her head side to side with the music. "I don't know why I didn't like it before, this music is great."

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