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Caught in the Act


I wrote a short story a week or two ago, and the feedback response surprised me. I suppose I should have answered them all, but I simply am not ready for that yet, it is too soon to think of trying to find a mate.

I will, when the time is right, but now I am still trying to get used to this lonely house. I can almost hear Ted's fine strong voice, strumming his guitar, singing a song he wrote.

"I sit in my chair, my lonely room, I sip my bitter cold tea. I look around, there's no one here, I need someone here with me.."

My late Husband, Ted, used the name "Magichands" in his writings for this site. He was a prolific author, he did mild erotic, science fiction, politics, you name it. He also wrote for several local publications.

As I went through his piles of work, some dating back 40 years, I have to admit even I was surprised at the volumes of work that came out of that man's mind.

Quite simply, it will take me years to read it all and sort it out. Oddly, he sold very little of it, it seems that he wrote for himself.

But like I said, the feedback did surprise me. With the exception of just one, all were positive, and even the one who critiqued my work was gentle about it.

I am a Doctor, and never did consider myself as having any writing ability. But Ted always encouraged me, I think telling stories was his second love. I do know teaching at the Massage Therapy school was his first love, besides me, of course.

Today is Thanksgiving day, it will be the first one I spend by myself. I had invitations, I turned them down, somehow I wanted to be alone with my thoughts. Later today, I am going to go out and start Ted's Corvette, and take it for a drive. I have never driven it. I went out and looked at it yesterday, there on the seat was a letter. It had full instructions of what not to do when driving it. It was signed, "Be careful, I love you!".

Just like that man, taking care of me to the end. For only the 2nd time, I sat down and cried when I read that.

Let me tell you a bit about myself, and then I shall move on to a recent experience.

My name is Lee, like I said, I am a Doctor. I am 50 years old now, and still in good enough shape to catch a man's eye here and there. Sure, there is a sprinkle of grey in my hair, I hide that well. I work out every single day, my 118 pound frame is in good shape. At 5'5", I could be called slender, my bust is a "B" cup, I measure 34-22-33, so that should give you some idea. Make no bones about it, in the harsh light of day, I look 50! But with a bit of makeup, nice dress, and I can pass for 40..(I think, anyway...hehehe).

I am also multi-orasmic, most men would need to hurry to beat me there, the good ones figure out how to make me keep from orgasming too soon, or just keep taking me higher with them. Ted would give me little teasing orgasms by simply licking my bare nipples, he would spend a half hour doing that, until I would finally reach out and almost force myself onto him.

He was one hell of a man, even sick, right at the end, he was still virile and strong, although he did weaken sooner. So the man I end up with, if I ever do, had better be ready! I love sex, and I know how to make men work, too!

One thing I might as well say right up front, I do have some tendencies to exhibitionism, and I am also a bit of a voyeur, oh hell! I am fibbing! I absolutely LOVE looking at men, especially when they are naked and completely in my power. That underlying fantasy is why I became a nurse, then a Doctor in the first place!

I was trained as a Nurse first, and always wanted to become a Doctor. But that is expensive, and Ted and I just didn't have the resources.

One weekend we were on a short trip to Reno. Ted was fiddling around on a $1 slot machine when all hell broke loose and our life changed.

Never again would we ever need to worry about money, the annual checks would arrive for the next 25 years! Ted got his 50 year anniversary z06 Corvette, I got my degree.

Other than some nicer items that replaced what we already had, our life really didn't change.

My work is with a local HMO, I am a staff Doctor in their Health Appraisal Program. This means I have a huge advantage, every single one of my patients comes to me complete with a full medical history, blood tests, etc.

I am supposed to average 2 patients per hour, I have leeway there, in case I spot a crazy high blood pressure reading, or something going on that needs instant attention.

Usually it is pretty much the same, I run the normal tests, then drop the pants, I check for lumps and things that don't feel right, then it's bend over and up the rear with a gloved finger.

Some men don't like that, and find it distasteful. Some rather obviously love it, especially when they see a slender and reasonably pretty 50 year old lady Doctor!

Once in awhile I will push the envelope a bit if I see someone who I like the looks of. Now please understand that I don't spend all day whacking off strange men, my arm would get tired!

But I have done that. All in the course of my duty, of course!

My co-worker is Dan, we long since decided between us that I would take most of the men clients, and he would take the women. Dan is a little like me, he likes his women patients, just as much as I like my men. It doesn't always work out that way, of course, I see 4 to 5 women every day, and Dan gets a sprinkling of men.

One day, oh, about a year or so ago, I picked up the records of my next patient and was scanning them, looking for potential problems. I found none, here was a nice, healthy 22 year old, coming in for his first appointment. Blood tests all clear, the records showed him as 5'10", 170 pounds, young and healthy as a horse.

That is YUMYUM stuff to me, I like the young ones because they have no idea what to expect. They will do almost anything I tell them to, and usually turn bright red as the session proceeds.

Older clients are wiser and catch on quickly to what I am up to. That is great fun, too, as I pretend we are just checking things out. I catch their look and smile, and I know that they know. At that point I may bend over to "inspect" closely. My breasts aren't large, so with a bit of a shrug I can "accidentally" let them have a peek at one of my nipples. The scrubs I wear at work are loose with a large gaping top that will fall completely away from my chest. I wear loose low cut bras, this makes it easy to give them a look. If the situation is really exciting, I may take quite a long time letting them peek at me. It excites me, my nipples get very long and very hard when this happens. This usually gives them a raging hardon! A large portion of the older clients will quit fighting getting a hardon when they realize, I really like watching their cocks grow. But they will almost never say anything, though.

Like I said, I like the feeling of power!

"Jimmy" the report read. My nurse showed him in, I looked him up and down. Light brown hair, well muscled, in shape.

"Any real problems I need to know about today?" I asked him.

"No, M'am" was the reply. "I got the insurance through my job and it said I was supposed to come in every 2 years."

"Please call me Lee." I told him. He blushed and said, "Yes, M'am!"..

I took his blood pressure, ran the usual tests, looked in his ears and mouth, all normal.

I had him drop his shirt and checked, also normal. Now the fun part, I told him to step behind the curtain and undress.

My office has a curtain that draws around the exam table, because to save space, some supplies are stored in the same room.

So if a patient is nude or semi-nude, we draw the curtain. The unwritten rule is no one ever opens the curtain when it is drawn.

I waited a couple of minutes, then called out, "Ready?"

"Yes, M...Lee!" he answered. I stepped in, and drew the curtain closed. He sat on the edge of the table naked as a jaybird. Now there are gowns in there to use, he didn't realize, and I pointedly hadn't mentioned it.

90% will pick up on that and slip on the gown, but a few don't realize and just undress. Jimmy was sitting there, red as a beet from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.

His cock was sticking up, no place to hide, so hard his foreskin was rolled about halfway back! I stepped up to him like all was perfectly normal and told him to spread his legs a little.

He did, turning even redder if that was possible. "No need to be bashful!" I told him, "I am a Doctor!" Then I reached down and slid my hand under his testicles, lifting and turning them this way and that. That was enough for him to erect even more, his foreskin rolled all the way back by itself.

I looked at him, the head of his cock was larger than the shaft, purple and from the looks of it he would explode if I gave it a little rub.

So I reached and grasped it firmly, using my thumb to seal off the vein at the base. He was about 7" long, not huge, but it was nice and thick, way thicker than normal. I did my little lean forwards trick, felt the top of my scrubs fall forward. Then the little roll forwards of my shoulders, from his vantage point of sitting on the edge of the table, I knew he had a clear view of my breasts. He also leaned slightly sideways, I knew he was improving his view!

Keeping his penis blocked with one hand, I rolled his foreskin forwards and then back. I felt him pulse but since I had his channel blocked, he couldn't ejaculate. But I felt his small orgasm as his body reacted.

I had him turn and get on his knees. His rectum came into view, I spread some lube on him, watching his penis jerk each time I rubbed my finger across him, spreading the lube.

I inserted one finger, and stroked his prostate several times, asking him if he was still comfortable.

All I got was a grunt. His testicles started to draw up, I knew he was going to come. "Do you want me to relieve that?" I asked.

He muttered, "Yeah!" and I reached out with my free hand and started to stroke him. I felt the first pulse, then he was coming in waves!

Just then the curtain drew back, I heard Dan say, "Lee, I...." and his voice trailed off. "Sorry!" he said, and closed the curtain. It was way too late, Jimmy was going off all over the place, there was no stopping that.

"Oh, shit!" was all I could think, as I finished up and ushered Jimmy out the door. "You are just fine, all perfectly normal!" I told him, no real conviction in my voice. He looked at me, redness gone now and grinned. "Uh, huh!" he said, and left.

Now I had to go face Dan, he had just caught me with a stark naked patient, one finger up his rear and the other hand stroking his cock! What the hell was I going to say?

I cleaned up and came out, Dan was in his office. I started to open my mouth but he waved me off, "My fault!" he said, "I am not supposed to pass the curtain!"

Dan smiled at me, looked me up and down with that look I have seen in men's eyes before.

"Let's go have lunch!" he said.

"Well, might as well get this over with," I thought, so I grabbed my purse and off we went.

We ordered, and were eating, the air was thick with unspoken words.

Finally, he looked at me and asked, "So, how often does something like that happen?" "Not often, I answered, but sometimes."

"Me too!" he said. I see some of my women patients orgasm during the exam." I looked at him in surprise, realizing then that I wasn't going to get busted.

Then he surprised me with, "I have an hour at 3:00 today, why don't you book with me for an exam?"

I grinned at him, thought just a moment. "Well, I AM overdue, how about we do a swap?"

He just laughed, looking at me with knowing eyes, "About time, way overdue".....

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