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Caught in the Act


Man, I love college. This is another (mostly) true story from when I was a freshman in college and living in the dorms. This story takes place a few months after the events of "Dorm Room Truth or Dare" but I was still dating my then girlfriend, Cindy.

To recap, I'm John. I'm 6'5" 210 lbs, which gives me an average to skinny build. The good Lord graced me with an 8" cock that is about 7" in circumference (or about 2" wide). My girlfriend at the time, Cindy, was about 5'7" and maybe 130 lbs. She had long brown hair with eyes to match and a wonderful set of 36 D breasts. This story takes place one afternoon when we were hanging out in her dorm room alone.

Cindy and I were sitting on her bed watching Netflix or Youtube or something of the sort. We were laid out on her bed, me with my hand around her and her with the computer in her lap. I was 18 and we were alone in a room, so naturally I was feeling a little frisky. I started out idly stroking her stomach with my fingertips, just a gentle back an forth as I kept my attention on her computer screen. Slowly I increased the area my hand was moving over, grazing the elastic band of her athletic shorts at the bottom of the motion, pushing the bottom of her shirt further up her abdomen at the top.

I kept this seemingly innocent motion going for a while until Cindy's breathing started getting a bit heavier, her very easy tell that she was getting turned on. I took this as my cue to get bolder and on the upstroke of my hand traced my fingertips over her sternum, across the center of her bra, and along the edge of her breast up to her collar bone. I paused my hand, pressing my forearm a bit tighter against her, then traced my path back down, forcing my arm to push against her covered breast. I repeated this a few times until she squirmed a bit and looked up at me.

I could see the fire in her eyes and dropped all pretense. I grabbed her breast firmly and gave it a nice squeeze. With my other hand I gently took her chin and pulled it in so I could kiss her. Still kissing me she closed her laptop and in one motion placed it on the floor and move to straddle me.

This lead to a nice makeout session with her on top of me. I fondled her lovely, bra covered chest as she ground herself on my quickly expanding cock. We kept kissing for what at least felt like 10 minutes as I tried to escalate things. I could tell she was hesitant, as we did not know when her roommate would be back.

Things were heating up none the less. Her tongue was in my mouth, my hands had worked their way under her bra, and her hand was groping my now very hard penis through my jeans. Suddenly I felt her tense up and stop. She pulled her mouth away from mine and exclaimed, "Shit! I forgot I need to shower before class!"

She jumped up, quickly disrobing and leaving me alone on the bed. I was still rather turned on (as one could imagine) and seeing my hot girlfriend get naked wasn't helping. I gave her a pleading look but all she said was, "Sorry, I really need to shower."

She wrapped herself in a towel, grabbed her basket of shower supplies, and walked out the door (presumable to the bathroom down the hall).

So here I am, sitting on her bed, hard as a rock and more than a bit angry about the whole thing. Now hormones can do some silly things to a teenager's mind, and for some reason I decided it was smart to pull my cock out and jack off quickly. I don't know if I was hoping Cindy would come back and help me finish, or what, but I unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out.

I began stroking away, thinking about the feel of Cindy's tits when out of the corner of my eye I noticed her roommate's pile of clean, unfolded laundry. On top of this pile just so happened to be a lacy blue thong that, in my state of horniness, looked too appealing to pass up. I quickly got up, grabbed the thong, and resumed masturbating with it.

The smooth fabric felt amazing against my skin and the naughty nature of the act was really turning me on. I was starting to feel my orgasm build when I heard a key being inserted into the door's lock. "Oh shit!" I thought. I threw the panties back at the pile, missing their original location by a foot or so, and stuffed my too big, too hard cock into my pants. I jumped onto Cindy's bed, grabbing the laptop from the floor and placing it on my crotch just as her roommate walked into the room.

I'm not sure what it is about college girls, but they all seem to be gorgeous. It could be that they're all in their prime, or it could have just been the hormones again, but Cindy's roommate, Jessica, was at least as hot at Cindy, if not hotter. She was tall, maybe 5'10". Her long, dark red, curly hair always seemed to shine, and was great in contrast to her emerald green eyes (I assume she is Irish, but I never asked). She was very slim, probably not weighing as much as Cindy, and yet had rather large boobs, at least a D cup. They almost seemed out of place with how lithe and thin the rest of her was, but I wasn't complaining.

So Jessica walks in the room and sees just me, no Cindy, lying on Cindy's bed with a laptop on my crotch and I'm sure very flushed cheeks. "...Hi" She said with a hint of suspicion.

"Hey." I responded, trying to sound nonchalant, "Cindy's in the shower." I offered as an explanation for what was going on.

"Oh." Was all Jessica said, not giving me much to work with as far as gauging her suspicions.

I saw her go over to her clothing pile and look at it for a minute, "Shit" I thought. I tried to play it cool and acted like nothing was amiss.

"Hey John, I need to change, could you close your eyes?" Jessica asked. This was fairly commonplace in their room as I was over often, sometimes when they wanted to change.

"Yeah, sure, no problem." I said, closing my eyes and directing my head at the wall away from her. I heard a rustling of clothes consistent with a girl changing and started to relax, thinking I was out of the woods.

All of a sudden I felt the laptop being pulled off of me and I opened my eyes to see Jessica standing over me. I did a double take as I saw she was only wearing that lacy blue thong I had been using to jack off!

"Just like I thought!" She yelled, pointing at my unzipped fly and bulge in my pants, "You were jerking off in here with these, weren't you?" She accused, pointing at her panty-clad crotch. I was dumfounded, partially at being caught, and partially at Jessica's marvelous breasts with sexy pink nipples standing on end. Like her face, her chest had red freckles that trailed off as your gaze moved down her body. I gaped at her as all the moisture ran away from my mouth.

I didn't know what to do, so I panicked and confessed, "Yes, yes I'm sorry. Cindy's gonna be back any minute, please don't tell her?" I pleaded.

Jessica got a wicked look in her eye. She and Cindy didn't get along very well, so I thought I knew what she was thinking. "You know," She said, drastically changing her tone, "Cindy is always bragging about how big your cock is..." She trailed off, dragging a finger up my pant leg. I was paralyzed, just hoping if I cooperated she wouldn't tell Cindy. "Let's see if it's true!" She said, reaching into my pants and grasping my hard dick. I gasped at the sudden stimulation as she pulled my cock out and gave it a few gentle strokes, "Mmm," She purred, "She wasn't lying at least."

"Wh-what are you..?" I stammered.

"Shut up!" She barked, "Stand up."

I did as ordered and stood. Jessica knelt in front of me and began stroking my cock, "Is this what you wanted?" She mocked, "Is this what you were thinking of while you played with yourself." I couldn't answer, I just moaned. Her hand felt so good, "This is a nice cock." She said, though it seemed as much to herself as to me.

Those green eyes looked up at me devilishly as she licked her lips. Then without warning she took my in her mouth and began sucking my like there was no tomorrow. She bobbed her head and stroked with one hand while she shoved the other inside her panties. There was no buildup to this blowjob, no playing, no pretense. She just sucked my cock and fingered herself for her pleasure.

The funny thing about women not worrying about pleasuring you is it tends to be way more pleasurable. She had me at the edge within two or three minutes and I had to resist the urge to grab her hair and fuck her face.

Her head bobbed, her hand jerked and twisted around my shaft, her tongue moved in ways I couldn't begin to comprehend, and all of it was leading to one thing. "J-j-jessica.." I got out, "I'm gonna cum." Her eyes shot open and met mine but she didn't change pace. She kept bobbing for three or for more strokes and I emptied my load into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked it down, her hand in her panties still moving frantically. Her sucking didn't decrease with my orgasm, and the stimulation was so much that it almost hurt, but I dare not stop her. I could feel her moans change on my cock as she came. She slowed down and milked the last few drops from my dick.

"That was nice." She said, "Maybe I won't tell, for now." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, stood and put on a robe. I quickly put my dick away as she went and washed her hands.

Without another word she sat down on her bed and started reading a textbook. I stood silent for a moment, unsure of what to do. Then I sat on Cindy's bed and waited for her to come back. She did maybe two or three minutes of awkward silence later. I told her I needed to go, kissed her goodbye, and hustled out the door.

Since I didn't get any furious calls dumping me that night, I assumed Jessica kept quiet. In fact she and I never spoke about it again. She was the same cold girl to me that she was before, so I was just left with the memory of that wicked blowjob. All in all, not to bad for me I suppose. Man, I love college.

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