tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught in the Storm

Caught in the Storm


I was given a day off from work one random Thursday and decided to go for a morning jog. It was a beautiful, late spring day outside and I hadn't gone for a run in a while. The sun was shining brightly but there was still a slight coolness in the air. There was a nice jogging trail through the woods near the edge of the suburbs where I lived, not too far from my apartment at the time. The trail was flat and wide enough for jogging and wound through beautiful, quiet woods and around a quiet, lazy stream.

I decided to drive to a parking lot near the start of the trail, overlooking a shady fishing spot at a bend in the stream. There was only one other car in the lot, which was not unusual for a random Thursday morning. What caught my eye as I pulled into a parking spot near the head of the trail was a young couple that appeared to have just arrived on bicycles. From the college paraphernalia they were wearing, they appeared to be students from the local college. The male was tall and muscular, with a broad chest and thick legs. He revealed a mop of blond hair as he removed his bike helmet. He wore a loose, grey athletic shirt with the college logo on it and a pair of jogging shorts with the college initials. But what drew my eye was his female companion, her body was spectacular. She stood on long, shapely legs that led upwards to a firm, toned ass. She was wearing tiny little jogging shorts with the college initials on them, so tight to her firm little booty that they almost looked painted on. She removed the shirt she had been wearing after she took off her bike helmet and revealed a tight little sports bra beneath. Her stomach was flat and toned, and her young breasts appeared firm and snug in her little top. She had a tight, tall, lean, young body. As I exited my car, she looked over at me. Her sparkling blue eyes met mine and she smiled as she reached behind her head to tie her shoulder length brown hair back into a tight pony tail.

I tried not to be obviously ogling the young woman as I stretched briefly outside my car, but her toned little body made that difficult. As I stretched, she and her male companion were shedding some of their biking gear and appeared to be changing into jogging gear. As she bent over to tightly lace up her running shoes, I was treated to a sweet view of the tops of her breasts. Her young skin was smooth and her round, firm melons were pushed together by her sports bra. I decided to leave before I got a hard on and began jogging down the trail.

The air smelled sweet with the blooming spring that day, clean and full of the fragrance of young flowers. The temperature also kept me nicely cooled as I settled into my regular, steady pace along the trails. Branches full of bright green leaves stretched over my head, linking tall, old trees on either side of the trail. As I reached a point where a foot bridge crossed over to the other side of the softly babbling stream below me, I noticed for the first time some dark grey clouds rolling in over head. The heavy clouds were quickly covering the bright blue sky, but I didn't think much of them. I had checked the weather and there was only a chance of rain.

I was still thinking about that weather report when I heard footsteps rapidly approaching me from behind. Sure enough, the young man I had seen earlier was soon jogging swiftly along side of me. He moved with an easy confidence, passing me embarrassingly quickly. Then right behind him came the young woman I had almost forgotten. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the sports bra was mostly keeping her firm breasts in place, but her boobs were still bouncing up and down as she ran. As she passed me, I was treated to a full view of all of her curves. I drank in the sight of her shapely legs as they moved methodically beneath her, and the way her hips curved into an hourglass shape when flowing up to her waist and back. I delighted in the slight jiggle of her very firm ass as she ran. Her tiny jogging shorts beautifully displayed the feminine curve of her tight little bottom. In fact, I was so busy covering every last inch of her athletic body with my eyes that I hadn't noticed that I was now running faster to keep up with her. Not wanting to look foolish, I slowed back to my normal pace and watched the young woman pull away from me down the trail. I was a little sad when her shapely legs and toned ass disappeared around a corner in front of me.

That was when I noticed that the shadows of the leaves on the ground had disappeared. The sky had grown ominously dark overhead, and the shadows all blended to grey with the loss of the bright sunlight. I briefly considered turning around and running back to my car, but I had planned to take a three mile loop that would lead back to the parking lot and I estimated I was already a mile into that path. It was not much farther to keep going forward and finish my run as opposed to turning around and going back. I decided to take a chance and keep on going.

Maybe ten minutes later my heart sank and I regretted my decision. I heard the distinct hissing sound of a hail storm approaching. I tried to say calm but picked up the pace a little. I knew there were some rock outcroppings nearby that could provide some shelter, I just wasn't sure how much farther I would have to run to get to the rocks. A sudden boom of thunder shook the air around me and my already pounding heart began to race. The hissing sound grew louder and I began to run at a near frantic pace. It was not enough, and I was soon caught on the open trail in a hailstorm. Fortunately for me, this hail was not too big, maybe the size of a nickel. But the little pellets of ice still stung as they struck my head and shoulders. I began to run with my head tucked slightly downward, trying to protect my face from the relentless attack of the hail. Desperation was starting to creep into my thoughts just as I spotted an area where the side of the trail rose in a rocky wall. I saw that a boulder that had been eaten away at the base, so the top hung like a small shelf over the trail, and I blindly ran straight for that little piece of shelter.

Thunder boomed again as I made it into my little protected space. I was incredibly relieved to escape the constant stinging hail and find a little shelter. I took stock of myself, noting that my shoes and socks were soaked with water but I didn't appear to have any bodily damage from the hail. The air all around me was alive with the falling hail, but I was safe in my little nook. Then I heard a male voice say something like, "Why not?"

I looked up and saw another little shelter maybe twenty yards further down the trail from where I stood. Two large boulders rested against each other, creating a sheltered spot big enough to fit maybe four people comfortably. My little shelf barely provided enough protection for me. It was somewhat difficult to see through the hail, kind of like looking through a fuzzy tv picture, but it appeared the young couple had taken shelter under the nearby rocks. They appeared to have also gotten soaked by the sudden downpour, but did not appear hurt and were standing close together. I was standing in a spot exposed to the entire trail, but their little shelter was more like a small cave with the open end facing where I stood. The young woman had her back to me and was facing the young man, who was looking toward me. The young man waved, a big smile on his face, and I waived back. The young woman turned briefly, waved weakly at me, and I waived back to her.

"That's why not," I thought I heard her say as she turned back to her partner.

Maybe five minutes passed as the young couple appeared to sway together, their hands on each other's hips. More thunder boomed and the hail continued, building a thin white carpet over the forest floor. So much for chance of rain, I thought. I made a show of trying to look up at the sky, as if I was waiting for a clearing, trying not to make it look like I was staring at the young couple. But frankly, there wasn't much more to look at besides the trees and the hail stones bouncing off the ground.

I had thought the couple might be whispering to each other, it was hard to tell with the hissing of the falling hail, but they were soon obviously talking to each other. They hadn't moved much, but suddenly one of the young man's hands that had been on his girlfriend's hips disappeared out of my view. I caught only snippets of their ensuing conversation.

"I said NO!" I thought I heard her say.

"Come on baby... just a little..." I thought he might have responded.

She glanced over her shoulder briefly at me, then turned back to her companion and said something like, "... all the time... why... all you ever think about?"

"Just look at you... all wet," he responded,"... can't even see..."

His female companion let out what sounded like an exasperated sigh, "... really dirty..." she said.

"Come... you like it... I know you do... sometimes this," he responded. Her arms rose and caressed his muscular shoulders in response.

Now I was really trying to look like I wasn't paying attention. I looked up at the sky, looked around the trail, and looked down at my watch. But the entire time, I was watching the young couple out of the corner of my eye. The young man's upper arm was moving in a strange, back and forth motion, and I finally looked over to try to tell through the weakening hail what was going on. To my surprise, the guy was looking right at me, and when he caught my eye, he smiled a broad, unmistakable smile. I then noticed that the woman had stopped caressing his shoulder and was now gripping it tightly. Her tiny little shorts also seemed to be slightly askew. I couldn't be sure from where I was standing, but if I had to guess based on their body positions and the motions of his arm, I would have bet money that he had slipped the front of her shorts out of the way and was rapidly rubbing his fingers over her exposed clit. The woman looked up at his face, saw him smiling at me, and glanced briefly over her shoulder. Again it was difficult to tell from the distance, but it looked like her face was much more flushed than when she had waived at me earlier.

"...asshole..." I heard her say.

"Aw baby... I know you like..." He responded with his stupid grin. "... can't see... take it out..."

Her body stiffened a little at whatever he had said, but her arm dropped off his shoulder. Soon her arm was moving back and forth, and now I was certain that somehow she had taken his cock out and was stroking him with her little hand. I didn't know what to do, I was literally trapped. Hail was still falling, I could barely move under my little shelf of rock without exposing myself, and there was nothing else interesting to look at. Maybe it was the adrenaline of the run and being caught in the hail, maybe it was the endorphins from the exercise and escaping the hail, or maybe it was just lust, but I decided to just watch the couple do their thing twenty yards away from me.

The young woman was now clinging to his arm with her left hand while her right appeared to be pumping up and down his cock. Again, I couldn't really tell because she was standing with her shapely back to me, her lean body blocking all of the action. She lifted her right leg so she was standing on the toes of her right foot, presumably to give him better access to her pussy. His arm was pumping furiously back and forth, and her legs appeared to be shaking slightly. Her incredibly firm ass also appeared to be jiggling a little.

"He can't..." the man said, "...won't...wet..."

"YES HE CAN," I heard her clearly reply. She cut off her words at the end, probably aware that I could hear her.

"Just... me," her partner replied, "...know you love..."

"Asshole," she responded, her thin, toned arm also pumping steadily back and forth.

"Please," he responded, his arm picking up its pace, "...want... to stop?"

"No," she responded.

"Then help."

She let out another exasperated sigh and briefly moved her left hand over her front. Whatever she did, I heard her partner audibly groan. The hail was finally easing up, but it was being replaced by a slight drizzle of rain. The couple's words started coming to me a little more clearly.

"You like?" she asked in a clearly coy voice.

"Oh yeah," he responded.

"Mmm, I can feel that. You going to cum for me?" She was trying to whisper, but they weren't very far away. I could hear them, and her words sounded breathless, carrying over the short distance to me.

"Mmm hmm."

"Oh," she moaned, her back to me. She never stopped pumping him with her hand and he never stopped rubbing her. "Good then, cum for me."

"Oh yeah, you ready for it?"

"Yeah baby, go ahead. Shoot that cum for me."

"AHHHHH," he moaned through gritted teeth in response. His back arched deeply and his hips bucked back and forth. I couldn't see for sure, but her arm had stopped moving and I assumed he was shooting his hot cum into her hand. He stopped rubbing her while his hips bucked, but when his eyes opened his hands resumed their rubbing motion. This time I was sure she was aroused when she moaned.

"Oh, that was so hot baby," he said, with his shit eating grin on his face.

"Oh yeah, you liked that?" she said whimpering, her head now leaning forward to rest on his chest.

"Oh yeah, but now it's your turn, cum for me baby."

"Oh... not so loud... ohhhhh."

"I know you like it. I know it turns you on to be doing this in public, being watched by a stranger." His arm kept its steady, rapid rhythm.


"I know it gets you so wet to think about cumming in front of him. It gets your horny to think that he's hard right now, watching you."


"Cum on baby, you going to cum for me? You going to cum right in front of him, while he's watching you?"

"OH... oh shit! Don't stop... don't stop!" she moaned.

"Let him watch your hot body shake while you cum, baby," the young man said sternly.

And then, to my great surprise, his strong arms spun her around. She almost lost her balance, but he caught her and held her up. I realized what she had done that had turned him on so much, she had pulled her breasts out of her sports bra. Her firm, smooth melons hung over the top of the fabric, her light pink nipples point straight at me. My jaw dropped open at the sight of those firm, round breasts, though I only realized it later. Her shorts were indeed askew, exposing a wet, pink, cleanly shaved pussy, as well as what appeared to be a spray of cum on her right leg. Without missing a beat, the young man's right hand dove over her front and found her exposed pink pussy lips, his fingers resuming their rapid rubbing motion. His strong left arm wrapped around her chest, holding her up while his fingers played gingerly with her right nipple.

"Cum for him, baby," he repeated.

Her eyes were downcast, as if she was refusing to look up at me. "Oh no," she moaned, her legs shaking. Then her sparkling blue eyes glanced up at me and I saw the sexiest face I had ever seen. Her smooth, pale cheeks were deeply flushed and her brow was knotted with arousal. Her eyes and face were so full of wanton lust and painful ecstasy that I could tell even from a distance that she was on the very edge of orgasm. And there was a little shock in those eyes when she realized I was staring right at her. Our eyes met and she screamed, "OH FUCK!" Then she shut her eyes tightly and her body began to shake. "Oh shit... oh yes! Ohhhh yes! Oh fuck! Oh.. not like this... oh! Oh! Oh! CUMMMMMMMINNNNGGGG!!!!" Her shapely legs shook and her slender hips bucked back and forth on his hand as she came. He held her close as she spasmed, her eyes tightly shut from the pleasure. She would have collapsed to the ground if he wasn't holding her. The rain had stopped.

The young man laughed and looked over at me again with a smile. His partner quickly spun around and tried to to cover herself. She readjusted her shorts and then covered her breasts back up.

"You ready?" she asked.

"Yup," he replied. And then they took off running. She never even looked back at me as they jogged around the bend.

My cock was rock hard and throbbing. I was so turned on by what I had seen that I briefly debated jacking off right there. The image of her face, so full of ecstasy, and her eyes so full of lust, was burned into my brain. I could have gotten off just thinking about it, but I also didn't want some hikers to come along and think I was some pervert jerking off alone on the trail. The thought of being labeled a pervert, and the dark clouds remaining overhead, helped ease the stiffness in my pole. I had to get back to my car. I resumed my run.

The wind had gotten colder, and the muddy path was now somewhat slick with the melting cover of hail stones. But I was also invigorated by what I had seen, and I was almost racing to get home so I could jerk off to the mental image of the young woman's beautiful face. And then there was a nearby boom of thunder. And another. The wind was picking up again and it was raining. I was less than a mile from the parking lot when heavy drops of rain began to fall. I was thankful at least that it wasn't hail. When lightning flashed nearby, I decided I needed to take shelter again, but I wasn't sure if there were any good spots remaining between me and the parking lot. I spotted a small cave formed by a massive slab of granite resting atop two boulders, and almost at the same time there was a flash of lightning very close by. I almost dove into the cave to get out of the weather.

I was trying to catch my breath in the semi-darkness of the enclosure when a female voice said softly, "Hey." I spun around and out of the shadows near the entrance stepped the young woman in the tiny shorts and the tight sports bra.

"Hey," I replied softly, at a loss for words.

There was a slight, very uncomfortable pause. Clearly neither of us knew what to say. Finally, she said, "Crazy weather, huh?"

I smiled. "Yeah, totally. The weather forecast said only a chance of rain today."

"I know, I was saying the same thing," she replied, smiling. Even in the dim light of our shelter, her blue eyes sparkled.

"Where's your friend?" I asked.

"The asshole took off!" she responded with a flash of anger. "The jerk said it was just a little rain, though I told him we needed to get out of the lightning."

"Yeah, definitely not safe," I agreed.

She bit her lip. "You're not going to... jump me... or anything, are you?" she asked quietly. I burst into laughter. Jumping her had honestly not crossed my mind, I was exhausted and troubled by the storm. She eventually smiled as I couldn't stop laughing, and soon she was laughing softly too. "I mean, I had to ask," she tried to defend herself, "You know I just realized it might not have been good to tell you I was alone out here."

Still laughing, I responded, "With that little show you put on, I should be worried that you might jump me." I don't know why I said that, but I kind of regretted it as soon as it was out of my mouth.

The young woman stopped laughing, but the smile stayed on her face. There was another short pause before she said, "You liked that, huh?"

"It was really hot," I admitted.

"My boyfriend is such an asshole." she paused. "He was trying to get me to blow him before you came along."

"Well then he was probably really unhappy to see me," I responded, and she laughed.

"I didn't really want to do it but... you know.. the run, and the woods... and it was kind of hot."

"Well then he is an asshole for making you do that AND then leaving you out here."

"I know, right? But at least you got to enjoy it." Her right toe was pivoting back and forth in the mud, and I couldn't help but stare at her shapely legs again.

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