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Caught In Your Wife's Panties



I called on a girlfriend of mine the other day and you'll never guess what. I'd gone upstairs to use the bathroom, and I noticed her bedroom door was ajar and, me being a nosy fucking bitch, glanced in. What did I see? I saw her kinky husband pulling on a pair of wife's panties. He was completely naked, except for these rather lacy red knickers. I wouldn't mind, but they were the exact same pair I'd bought her last Christmas, to boost their waning sex life. The fucking dirty bastard! Now, I can see, just what's really needed to put the spark back into their love life.

I was about to make a move when I stumbled over one of the kid's toys on the landing and I fell against the door, knocking it wide open. I don't know who was more embarrassed me, or him.

'Sorry, Paul,' I apologised awkwardly, unable to take my eyes of his big bulge. I must admit, though, he did look rather horny with his big cock, semi hard and his balls hanging out of the panties. My clit throbbed with excitement and I couldn't take my eyes off his obvious arousal. However, panic was written all over his face when he asked me not to tell my friend, his wife, Sandie. Without saying a word I walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. 'Well, now,' I smiled at him, a naughty glint in my eyes. 'That depends, what you'll do to keep my mouth shut.' As I watched, his cock grew bigger. I moved towards him, reached out and began rubbing his hard-on through his wife's panties. You do realise, I told him, I bought those panties to boost both your sex lives. Grinning, he confessed, that's why he's wearing them, cos you've bought them. Wish you'd been wearing them beforehand, he said, pushing my skirt up and reaching inside my panties, which, by this time, were soaking with my cunt juices. He inserted a couple of fingers and wiggled them up inside me, oohh, made such a delicious squelching sound.

He whispered close to my ear. "I want you to put these ones on and fill them with your sweet juicy cum." Fuck me, I wanted his cock up me so bad, I could have rode him then and there. But I wanted to tease him some more. So, I told him quite sternly, to take his fingers out. He stood still, not knowing quite what to do next. A dirty big grin covered my face. "Now, put them in your mouth and suck on the juice till I return. Taste me, want me, ache for me. Now, put these," I said climbing out my damp panties, "around your cock, I want to think of you, wanking yourself off into my panties, while I'm talking to your wife downstairs, you horny, dirty bastard. Oh, don't worry," I reassured, "I will return, might bring Sandie with me, though," I told him teasingly.

"Don't you dare," he said. "I want just you."

"We'll see." I told him, as I left the bedroom. Oohh, I could have fingered myself where I stood at the thought of Paul wanking off in their marital bedroom, thinking of me.

I returned to the sitting room and told to Sandie, that I thought I'd come on. "I'm a bit wet in the knicker department," I explained. "Have you got a spare pair I can borrow?" I couldn't help smiling to myself, knowing my panties would be still wet and warm from my hot little pussy, probably filled with hubby's cum by now. I know it was very bad of me, her being a friend and all but he had a fantastic big cock and I knew for a fact she wasn't getting it so I couldn't let it go to waste, what sort of friend would I be?

"Of course," she smiled at me amiably. "Try not to disturb Paul, though," she asked, "he's was on night shift last night, and I like to let him sleep as long as possible."

"Wouldn't dream of it." I told her, shaking my head, I left the sitting room, took the stairs two at a time in my eagerness to get back to him.

Pushing the bedroom door open, I spied him sprawled out on the bed, cock in hand, giving himself a good toss off, his hand a blur and my soiled panties draped over his face. I stepped up beside him my long slender legs trembled with excitement and my cunt hole twitched from wanting a cock up it. I leaned over and sucked on his cock, his helmet dark and purple throbbed in my mouth as he wanked. I took hold of his other hand and shoved it in between my thighs, pushed it right into my hot, slippery pussy, I fucked his fingers for all I was worth, pushing them deep inside covering his fingers with sticky pre cum. Finally, I came on his fingers as he shot his load. I swallowed every drop of his hot cream as he pumped his salty spunk into my mouth, pulling out as he did so, so he could shoot the last few drops over my tongue. Kneeling over him I ordered him to put his wife's panties back on.

"I'm gonna straddle you, I want to rub my cunt over your cock. I want to feel those panties of hers on my swollen cunt lips. Lets saturate them in our juices." I climbed onto him, sat on his cock still covered with Sandie's panties and began to ride him, slowly to begin with sliding my hot eager cunt up and down his stiff shaft. "Oohh, I want to cum on them," I started to moan, riding him harder, his cock straining against the material. "Spunk on them Paul," I pleaded moaning. "Spunk on them."

"Oh yes, baby, lets cum on them together. He thrust against me, his cock even harder. Together we rode faster and faster, until at last we did cum together on his wife's panties.

However, had we looked up at that precise moment, what a thrill we would have perceived. Sandie was stood in the doorway, her skirt hitched up over the tops of her stockings, panties pulled to one side and a big black ten inch dildo rammed up her cunt! It wasn't until we heard her moaning and groaning bringing herself off that we realized she was doing her best to join in with us. Once she regained her composure I bid her to come over to me and her hubby still sprawled out on their marital bed, I took the dildo of her shoving it into Paul mouth and we started licking her cunt juice off it. Never again would the sex life be boring, not as long as I'm around at least.

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