tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught Peeping!

Caught Peeping!


Even though their house was a few hundred yards away, Brian saw them leave and begin walking to the river. There was a wooded area with a large stream running through it that the Baker girls liked to spend time at. There were three sisters, all pretty and all very different from Brian. Brian lived a few doors down and even though he knew the girls, they all ran in different circles. Brian was in his last year of high school and had turned eighteen several months ago. He was a shy, brainy type who had very little experience with girls but he read a lot of books about sex. He was also interested in learning more.

The sisters, April, Ashley and Kristen, were each separated by a year in age. They were all popular girls and had outgoing personalities. They were very pretty and had fantastic bodies that turned heads whenever they went out. April was the oldest and was in her second year of college. Being the oldest, she was their leader of sorts. She spent most of her spare time with her boyfriend, Jimmy. April had long brown hair that framed her soft smooth skin.

Ashley was in her first year of college and she was not a leader like April. She just kinda went with whatever April wanted to do. She was pretty easy going and very friendly. She had long dark hair, almost black which highlighted her fair skin even more. Her boyfriend was Billy and she seemed happy with him.

Kristen was in the same grade as Brian and had just turned eighteen a few weeks ago. She was the quiet one but in some ways, she was the prettiest. She kept her long hair blondish brown and had a sweet looking face to go with a cute smile. She did not have a steady boyfriend but was beginning to allow her dates to "try" to get further with her. She wanted to learn more about sex as well.

This was one of the rare days that they were all home together and they decided to go to the river to suntan and swim around for awhile. They put on their bikinis and grabbed a few blankets and headed out. Brian could not pass up a chance to see three of the prettiest girls he knew suntanning. He thought that if he could sneak along the tree lined river, he would be able to see the pretty girls without getting caught.

The area that the girls went to was hidden by some brush and bushes growing between the trees. It was April who thought they should get a little wild. She was always the wild one and the other two knew it would be futile to argue with her. She said she was going to take her top off and get an all over tan. Ashley and, a reluctant, Kristen followed suit. The girls got settled, put lotion on and then laid on their blankets.

Brian quietly snuck up along the river, being careful not to get too close. He tried to go slowly so he did not make any noise. He found a large tree that he could hide behind. He leaned around it and could see the girls shedding their tops. He almost gasped out loud when he saw their creamy white boobs bouncing free. His eyes bugged out as he went from one set of tits to another. He admired their nipples and noticed that they were all just a little different from each other. They all had full tits that hung gently on their chests. Kristen was a little smaller than her sisters but she had sweet looking pear shaped tits that really caught his eye.

He had a t-shirt and shorts on and his dick was hard the moment he saw bare flesh. He could not believe his luck in seeing these dream girls laying topless. After a while, the girls got up and got into the water to cool off. Brian used this time as a chance to move one tree closer. As the girls jumped into the water, they were laughing and splashing around. Brian moved quickly to a big tree, closer to the action.

April was just about to jump in when she heard a branch snap near the trees. She could not see anything but with her sisters chasing and splashing each other, she figured she should take a look. She quickly walked behind their blankets and, from the corner of her eye, she saw a figure move between the trees.

Brian made it to the other tree and he leaned carefully out to see the girls. He saw Ashley and Kristen jumping around and chasing each other. He thought that April must have went under the water because he did not see her. He saw Ashley jumping up and down and her wet titties were bouncing with her. She looked gorgeous as he watched her. Kristen was lunging after her sister and her athlectic body finally caught up to her and she jumped on her back.

April quietly moved up behind Brian and thought that if she caught him by surprise, she would be able to pin him on the ground. As Brian watched her sisters, April jumped at him and her weight forced him down to the ground with a loud thump.

Brian had the air knocked out of him briefly as the force of the blow knocked him over. April had grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back. As she sat on him, she yelled for her sisters to come and help her. Both girls climbed out of the water and ran to her.

"What the hell did you do?" Ashley shrieked. Both girls were shocked to see April sitting on top of a boy.

"I caught this pervert watching us. Quick, get me our bikini tops and bring them here." Ashley ran the tops to her sister and watched as April used them to tie his hands behind his back. Once she had his hands tied tightly, she rolled him over to face the three of them.

Kristen recognized him immediately and said, "Brian, what are you doing here?"

Brian was still catching his breath and looked scared as the three girls stared at him.

"Come on, Perv, what is your story here?" April said angrily.

Brian finally spoke, "I am so sorry, I could not help myself. You are all so beautiful that I just had to follow you."

"I think you are a pervert and should be taught a lesson," April yelled. "Spying on us for crying out loud. Girls, let's teach him not to perv on us again."

Brian was scared and ashamed that he was caught. He did not want this to get out to his parents or friends. He tried to talk his way out. "April, I am sorry. Please don't tell anyone about this."

"Listen, Perv, do what we say and we will keep this quiet. Don't do what we say and I will go straight to your parents and mine. Not to mention the entire school will hear about this."

Brian was scared to death now and was willing to do whatever she said. He hung his head low as he said, "Ok, I will do what you want."

"Great, Perv, first you should be naked like we are." With that, April reached out and grabbed his t-shirt and ripped it off his chest. Both Ashley and Kristen could not believe how bold April was being. They thought she was just going to scare him a little.

April decided to have some fun with this kid. She was going to scare him but she thought that maybe she could get to see his naked body too. After all, the three girls were standing there with their bare tits sticking out. She could not help but notice that he had a bulge in his shorts.

Brian was shocked when she ripped his shirt right off him. He was still scared and even though he could see three sets of fantastic tits right in front of him, his cock had deflated from its hard state. He thought that maybe she was done after she got his shirt off. His hands were tied tight behind him and he couldn't free them up.

Next, April dropped to her knees and reached for his shorts. Brian instinctively began to back up and April had the other girls hold him still. She grabbed his shorts and pulled them to the ground. His cock swung out in front of her face, smacking her cheek.

"Damn, Perv, you got a nice big cock don't you?" April exclaimed. She looked it over and had to admit that it was a nice looking long cock. It was not even fully hard either and he was as big as Jimmy. She wanted to appear mad at Brian so he would comply with her demands but she wasn't all that upset when she saw his cock.

Ashley gasped when April revealed Brian's cock. She was sexaully active with Billy but Brian had him beat by a few inches as well. She felt her nipples harden as she began to get more excited.

Kristen looked on astonished when she saw her first bare cock up close. She had petted with a few dates in a dark car but nothing like this. She was boiling with excitement by the whole situation but she kind of felt sorry for humiliating Brian like this. She knew April would do what she wanted so she kept her mouth shut and just watched.

"Perv, I think poetic justice here would be all of us getting satified by you and you getting nothing from us," April said. Brian and the other girls were a little confused by what she meant so she explained further.

"I think you should eat all of our pussies until your jaws hurt" she explained. "And in return, we will just tease you until your cock wants to fall off."

Ashley was ready to play but Kristen was a little afraid, having never had that happen to her. April laid Brian down on his back, trapping his hands behind him. His cock swung helplessly in the air in this position but he could not move. April explained to the girls that each of them would straddle his head and get their pussy sucked until they came. The other two girls were to hold his legs down and tease his cock but not to let him cum.

Brian had read about oral sex and hoped he was ready for this. He was excited about getting to suck these girls but the circumstances could have been better. His hands were tied so all he could do was to use his lips and tongue. The girls all stood up and April told them to remove their bikini bottoms. Brian stared at the girls as their pussies came into view. His cock jumped and went stone hard at the sight.

Ashley saw his cock harden and jump on his stomach. "I think he likes us," she giggled. Kristen was still marvelling at the sight of his cock. She thought it looked great and felt her pussy get wet with excitement.

April stood over Brian with her back to the girls and sat down on his face. She wiggled her pretty little ass all over his face. Then she grabbed his hair and pulled his lips to her pussy.

"Suck and lick me Perv," she gasped. She was very horny and wanted to get sucked off. "Make me cum with your tongue."

Brian stuck his tongue out and began to lick her pussy. He had read up on this and knew that to make a girl cum, he had to suck on her clit. But he wanted to lick her all over first and took a little time exploring her pussy. April was wiggling all over his face and he tried to keep up with her. Brian knew he was doing well when he heard her let out a low moan.

Ashley and Kristen had knelt down near Brian's cock as April rode his face. As Kristen stared at his cock, Ashley wrapped her hand around it and held it up for her to see. The head of his cock was red and turning purple. Ashley pumped it a few times and she was impressed with the size of it. She reached for Kristen's hand and allowed her to hold it. Kristen could not believe how soft it felt even though it was rock hard.

Ashley whispered, "Watch this," and then she leaned over and licked the entire length of his cock. She stopped short of licking the head of his cock but she sucked briefly on the skin on the underside of his cock. Kristen could see juice come out of the end of his dick.

Brian felt what was going on with his cock but he was focused on giving April the best sucking that he could give. He kept licking her pussy and sticking his tongue into her pussy, trying to fuck it. He used his lips to suck on her clit and she let out a short scream when he pulled on it. She was grinding her pussy hard into his face and Brian was sucking for he was worth. April was totally into it and was getting her pussy sucked better than it had ever been sucked before. She felt her orgasm coming on fast and when it hit her, she shook and ground her clit into Brian's face. Brian licked her as she slowed down and lifted her pussy off his face.

April was gasping for her breath and that made Brian feel good because he wanted to pleasure these girls. April laid down next to him as Ashley hurriedly climbed on to his face. Brian noticed that Ashley had really thin pussy hair and he could easily slip his tongue into her pussy. He began to lick Ashley and gave her a slow licking to start with.

Kristen watched as Ashley rocked on his face. She was soaked in her pussy and was very excited. April rolled over to face Brian's cock and saw Kristen looking at it. "Do you want to touch it or lick it?" she asked her younger sister.

"What is this juice that is running out of his dick?" Kristen asked.

"That's called precum, it happens when a boy is very excited."

April rubbed his balls for a minute and then slowly pumped his cock. She too admired the looks of his cock. It looked even nicer than Jimmy's cock. Kristen reached over and slowly held his balls as her sister stroked the big cock.

"We don't want to rub him too much, he will probably cum pretty fast," April said as she let go of his cock. Both girls were shook back to reality when they heard Ashley moan and then let out a scream.

Brian was clamping his lips over her clit and sucking it hard. He used his tongue to run circles around it. Ashley was rubbing her clit across his mouth and she was getting pushed to her orgasm. She was humping her ass fast across his face and April reached up and squeezed her ass while she rode him. Ashley was panting hard and gasping for air as her body began to tremble. She shook as her orgasm came up and her juices ran all over Brian's tongue and lips. She too was spent and rolled off Brian's face slowly.

"Ok, Kristen, your turn," April said. She wanted to see her little sister get her pussy eaten. Kristen moved up and slowly straddled Brian's head. He was pleased to see almost no hair on her pussy. He could see her entire slit and it looked so sweet.

Brian's jaws were sore and he knew his cock was oozing juiices but he had to finish these girls off. It was a turn on for him and a dream come true. Kristen lowered her pussy to his face and he gently stuck his tongue out and tasted the sweetest pussy of all. He forgot his sore jaws and began to savor Kristen's pussy. He licked all over her pussy and sucked on her lips. She was very gentle to him and did not grind into his face like her sister's did. He tasted her sweet juices and lapped at her clit.

Kristen about died when he licked her clit and she too was lost in pleasure. She was moaning as he licked her pussy. He tried to slide his tongue into her tight pussy and he kept licking her all over. Finally he concentrated on her clit and she could not hold out very long. With a scream that made her sister's look around to see if anyone had heard them, she tensed up and came all over Brian's face. She felt light headed as her body shook with wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Both April and Ashley knew from experience that Brian had sucked them extremely well but they did not want to tell him that. They were trying to teach him a lesson about spying on them. After they helped Kristen off of his face, they also untied his hands and let him stand up.

"Ok, Perv, one last thing before we let you go," April said. Brian stood there with his face glistening with their juices and his cock sticking straight out all purplish red and throbbing.

"We want you to jerk off for us," April said. The other girls were shocked to hear her say that.

"Please, do I have to humiliate myself even more?" Brian complained.

"You should not have spied on us so, yes, you do have to jerk it for us," April replied. "Come on, it looks like it won't take long anyway."

Brian looked at the naked girls in front of him and began to stroke his thick cock. The girls were delighted to see him jerk off in front of them. Kristen was the only one to feel sorry for him though.

April was right in that he would not last long. He closed his eyes and stroked himself faster. He could feel his cum racing through his dick and he began shooting long cum shots through the air. He pumped his cock long and hard until he was empty. He opened his eyes to see the girls staring open mouthed at his cock. They had never seen a boy shoot cum like that before.

"Good job, Perv. We will probably keep this to ourselves. Now, get out of here," April yelled trying to act mad. The girls watched Brian get his clothes and walk out of the woods.

* * * * *

A few days had passed and Kristen still felt bad about the rough treatment her sisters' gave Brian. Although she did not know him that well, she felt bad for him. April and Ashley had left the house to go out on dates with their boyfriends. Their parents had gone to a friends house leaving Kristen home alone. She decided to call Brian and talk to him about what had happened. Brian was home and agreed to come over to Kristen's house as long as her sister's were not home.

Brian arrived shortly and Kristen let him in. She showed him around the house and they ended up in her bedroom. He sat down as she explained that she was sorry for the way that they had treated him. She said that April was the oldest and always led the younger two. She did not know that April was going to make him do what he did.

"Well, to be honest, I enjoyed licking you girls although your sister's were rough on my face. I was embarrassed to jerk off in front of you," Brian said. "Licking you was the best though. I loved doing that."

"I enjoyed that too. I never had that done to me and it was like rockets going off, " Kristen replied. "Would you like to do that again?"

"You bet I would," Brian shrieked. With that, Kristen stood and Brian helped her off with her shirt. Her bare tits bounced out and jiggled as she undid her pants. She pushed her pants down and then stood naked in front of Brian.

"Am I allowed to touch you?" he asked nervously.

"Yes, please," Kristen gasped. She was new at this but wanted to explore further.

Brian reached out and cupped her tits in his hands. He squeezed them and rubbed her nipples between his fingers. Her nipples got really hard and stuck out proud between his fingers. He ran his hands down her back and across her soft smooth ass. He squeezed her cheeks and kneaded them gently. She parted her legs slightly and he rubbed her legs. Then he laid her back on to her bed and leaned in between her opened legs. As he lowered his lips to her pussy, he allowed his hands to rub her belly and then up to her tits.

He took his tongue and softly stroked her pussy with it. She began to moan right away as she enjoyed the sensations of his tongue. He took her pussy lips into his mouth and sucked on them. She was wet and he slid his tongue into her pussy like it was a cock. She gripped his head as he kissed and sucked his way to her clit.

Brian used his hands to rub her ass while he licked her. He gently squeezed her butt and ran his hands all over her body. He didn't get to use his hands the first time so he enjoyed feeling her skin.

He began to suck on her clit and she bucked her hips while he brought her close to cumming. She shook and tensed up as she felt her orgasm rock her body. Brian hung on and kept sucking her clit until she could take no more.

He kissed his way up her sweet body and began to kiss and lick her nipples. He sucked them and teased them with his tongue and lips. He moved up farther and began to kiss her soft lips. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and kissed him with passion. She could taste her pussy juices on his lips but did not care at this point. She pushed his shorts down until he was naked too. She was ready to return the favor.

Brian laid back as Kristen kissed her way down his body. She licked his nipples and lightly kissed his stomach. She got to his cock and found it rock hard. She stuck her tongue out and lightly licked the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and then slipped a few inches into her hot wet mouth. Brian was in heaven as she sucked a little harder. She pumped his long cock with her hand as she sucked the end of it. She was licking the underside of his cock while she sucked on him. Brian moaned when she let go of his cock and crawled up on top of him. He could feel his cock sliding between her legs.

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