tagFetishCaught With a Student Ch. 01

Caught With a Student Ch. 01


My wife Barbara is in her mid-50s, although through eating a healthy diet and years of dedicated workouts, she could, and does, pass for 10-15 years younger. Since she passed menopause, she has had a major problem with vaginal dryness and thinning of the membranes in the walls of her vagina. This makes intercourse very painful, and she has essentially given up trying to have sex that way. That has resulted in her concentrating on cock sucking, which she has always been pretty good at. She gets turned on by orally worshipping a cock, and has even been known to orgasm herself just from sucking.

Over the years, she has found excitement in sucking strange, as well as familiar cocks. I think it helps her feel a "real" woman, despite having a non-functional pussy. I am ok with all of this, really more than ok, as I get off hearing about her escapades, as well as sometimes participating.

Barbara works at a small college in a small rural Georgia town, as Director of Student Activities. She gets turned on by being around studly, virile young men all day, but has always had a strict rule against getting involved with anyone from the school. Recently, however, she has loosened that policy, because she is able to take retirement soon and is less concerned about repercussions.

She has had a couple of hot sessions with students, who she trusts to keep things quiet. The latest had been a few days ago, with Tommy Stevens, a baseball player. Tommy had always been bold and flirtatious with her, and this particular night they found themselves left to clean up together after a pool tournament in the student center. He had brushed up against her, and after a hot, steamy kiss, she had grabbed his crotch. In no time at all, she had his pants down and his cock in her mouth. After blowing his load down her throat, Tommy pledged silence, and they both agreed that it would be great to do it again sometime.

The following Tuesday, after the bi-weekly college senior management meeting, her boss, Bob Hooker, the Dean of Students, and Ed Brady, the President of the college asked Barbara to stay to meet with them. She expected the usual ticky-tacky issues that seemed to rattle their cage, but didn't really have much to do with her job: a parent complaint about their child not getting enough attention; an altercation in the residence hall, an underage student caught drinking at a college event, or some similar thing.

Barbara sat patiently waiting to her what they were concerned about this time. After the two men exchanged glances, the President spoke first.

"Barbara", he began, "this is embarrassing for us, as I think it will be for you, so I'll just let you take a look at this."

With that, he punched a remote control device in his hand, and the television on his credenza sprang to life. It took a few moments for Barbara's eyes to focus to the screen, and adjust to the bad lighting and poor picture quality. As she did become aware of what she was watching, she gasped. It was unmistakingly Tommy Stevens sitting on the edge of the pool table. And it was unmistakenly her head bobbing over his crotch.

Realization slowly dawned on Barbara. This was from the surveillance equipment. It came on automatically at 11 PM. She had not realized she and Tommy had stayed that late, and never even thought about the cameras.

The surveillance tape rolled on for what seemed to Barbara to be an eternity, but was really only a few minutes. But that was long enough to show her struggling to get Tommy's whole cock down her throat, then going down to lick his balls, then thrusting her mouth back onto his cock. There was no sound, but it was obvious Tommy was exclaiming he was coming, and Barbara greedily swallowed his semen without releasing her mouth's grip on his cock.

The TV screen suddenly went blank, and then was switched off. Barbara slowing came back to the here and now, and saw that the President had moved around from his desk and was standing facing her, hands on hips and scowl on face. The Dean remained seated, also glowering at her.

There was a long silence. Barbara knew they expected some explanation from her, but she could think of nothing to say. Finally, Dean Hooker spoke.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" he asked. "This is not the kind of student activities you're supposed to be leading."

Barbara fought back tears. While she had decided long ago that she didn't care what others thought of her, to be caught in this position was humiliating. She finally composed herself enough to begin speaking.

"I'm soooo sorry" she stammered. "I just had a moment of weakness. I know what I did was very unprofessional."

Both men just stared at her intently. It was as though their eyes were boring holes in her.

They waited for her to continue. Finally, Barbara asked in a weak voice, "do you want me to resign?"

President Brady answered, "Oh, you won't be resigning, but whether you get fired, depends on you. But right now, we want what Tommy got."

As he spoke, he moved in front of where Barbara was seated. She then noticed the bulge in the front of his pants. "Take out my cock", Hooker commanded.

Barbara hesitated a moment, her mind racing through her options. Not being able to come up with any, she reached for his belt. She quickly undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and slid them below his knees. He was standing there in plain white briefs. She pulled them down to revel his 8 inch manhood. She put her hand around it, and noticed that her forefinger and thumb just barely met. In spite of her predicament, she thought to herself that this was a nice cock to be on such an asshole.

Knowing she was in no position to resist, Barbara licked the head of the President's cock, savoring the salty, musky taste of his pre-cum. She slowly took his length into her mouth, kneading his ball sack with her hands as she did. President Brady let out a low moan as Barbara began to suck in earnest. He thrust his hips forward, forcing his meat further down her throat, causing her to gag.

Barbara became aware that Dean Hooker had dropped his pants, moved beside her, and was now pushing his rock hard dick at her face. She jerked it, rubbing the head on her on her cheek, which was puffed out from the cock in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of the President's cock, and as the men stood on either side of her, used her tongue on both dicks.

Barbara went back and forth between the two men, furiously alternating between licking and sucking. At the same time, her hands were in constant motion, jerking the cock not being sucked off, massaging their balls.

As she sucked President Brady, he grasped the back of her head and forced her to stay on him. He thrust his cock down her throat and began to fuck her face. In a few moments he exclaimed. "Oh God, I'm cumming! Swallow my cum, you cock sucking slut!"

Barbara felt the cum welling up through his prick, and felt it hit the back of her throat. She felt it slide down into her gullet, as Brady's cock spit out a copious amount of cum.

Meanwhile, watching the lewd display by his boss and his employee was too much for Dean Hooker. Barbara had stopped jerking him to concentrate on her face fuck, so he had taken over wanking himself. Although he wanted to cum in her mouth, he found himself unable to hold off, and started shooting on her face while the President was finishing up cumming.

Barbara felt Hooker's cum hit her cheek. The next blasts hit her in the eye, and the third landed on her forehead and in her hair. She took her mouth off of Brady, and put her mouth over the Dean's cock in time to catch the last of his massive load. She tasted the sweetness of his cum, and realized that she hadn't tasted the presidents cum at all because he had been so deep in her throat.

Dean Hooker pulled his deflating cock from Barbara's mouth with a plopping sound. The two men stepped back, and stood looking down at Barbara, who was still seated.

"That was very nice, Barbara," President Brady said. "You are very good at sucking dick, and you obviously enjoy it."

Barbara didn't say anything in reply, and simply looked down at the floor. Actually, she was having trouble focusing her eyes, as one was still full of cum.

Brady kicked off his pants, which had still been around his ankles, and sat on the edge of his desk near Barbara. He lifted up her face so that she had to look at him. He was struck by how hot she looked, with cum streaks down her cheeks, dripping from her eye, across her forehead, and cum drying into a mat in her hair. He looked into her eyes and said, "Okay, Barbara, this is how it's going to be. You're going to give Bob and me a blowjob whenever we want it. You're going to suck whoever we want you to, whenever we tell you. We know about your little medical problem, and as long as you suck good, we won't bother your dried out pussy."

Barbara stared at the President in disbelief. She was having trouble even listening to his works as he continued talking.

"This arrangement will continue for three months", he said. "If you're a good little slut, you can retire then."

Dean Hooker spoke up from behind Barbara. "Now, there is just one more piece of business for today. Do you know what bukkake is, Barbara", he asked.

Barbara shook her head no. Truth is, she had seen bukkake pictures and videos, and they turned her on greatly. She wasn't going to let on to these creeps, though.

Hooker continue, "well, according to legend, in ancient Japan when a woman turned into a slut and embarrassed her family and community, she would be punished by the men of the village ejaculating on her. You have shamed yourself and this community, so some of the management team have volunteered to help in your punishment."

The President pressed an intercom button, and said into his speakerphone "You can come in now."

Barbara turned in shock to the door, which opened as her colleagues on the college management team filed in. There were twelve guys total, all but four of the men on the team. None of the five other women were present, which relieved Barbara. She wouldn't want her female colleagues to see her like this.

Barbara noticed bulges in the slacks of most of the men, and several already had their cocks out as they milled about. Some were already taking off their pants.

"I won't do this.....You can't", Barbara hissed to the President and Dean.

"Well, sweetie, look at your contact", Brady said. "It contains a morals clause, and if you are fired for violating it, you forfeit your pension."

Barbara knew he was probably right, and the realization that she was going to be humiliated by her co-workers overwhelmed her. She fought off deep sobs that welled up from her gut; she wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

Barbara became aware that someone was shoving a dick in her face. It belonged to Jimmy Phillips, the head of Plants and Grounds. She didn't care at all for the slimy little redneck, and she turned her head away. But he was beating off furiously, and in seconds came, spewing out ropes of thick white cum all over her face.

She had closed her eyes when Phillips started cumming. When she opened them again, she saw another dick aiming at her mouth. It belonged to Phil Ramey, head of the Math department and one of her friends. She opened her mouth and took him in. She could hear a scramble as the other men finished undressing and moved closer to observe the action and get in position for their turn.

Barbara became lost in a fog over the next hour or so. She lost count of the number of cocks thrust in her face or in her mouth. She had the fleeting thought that this was happening so fast that she didn't have time to properly suck anybody. Time after time, cocks spewed cum, some into her mouth, but most on her face, in her hair, or on her chest.

She had tried early on to take off her blouse, but Brady had stopped her. "Leave your clothes on, slut", he sneered. "We want you to look like the cum slut you are." So her clothes had become drenched, her blouse soaked, and cum puddled in the lap of her skirt.

Barbara became aware that many of the men were cumming around for seconds or even thirds. Jimmy Phillips pushed his cock at her lips again, and this time she took him in. He fucked her face roughly, and made sure he came deep down her throat this time. She did notice that Hooker and Brady came on her at least once more each, and as the action began to slow down, she did put faces with the cocks spraying cum onto her. She was mortified as she saw guys she worked with each day, whom she respected and wanted respect from, cumming on her like she was a cheap Tijuana whore.

Finally, several minutes passed without anybody squirting jizz on the humiliated woman.

"Is everybody done?", the President asked.

Everybody either nodded or was silent, so the President said "OK, hit the road, and thanks for helping with Barbara's little lesion today."

As the men dressed and left the President's office, Barbara began to take stock. The pungent smell of cum hung in the air. It smelled like a bottle of Clorox had been spilled. She looked down at her cum stained blouse and the puddle of cum that was soaking into her skirt. She thought to her self that it was good that she was wet from cum there, because she realized her pussy had generated more juice than it had in years. She had not gotten to give a good enough suck to bring herself to orgasm, but in reflection she realized she had been immensely turned on by the bukkake. For the first time in years, her pussy felt wet enough to fuck. But she had no interest in fucking any of these guys at this point.

"Well, Barbara, that was another impressive display", the President said when she was alone with him and Dean Hooker. "I didn't keep a good count, but I think there were at least 33 cum shots. I must say you look lovely covered in cum."

Barbara didn't reply, so Brady continued, "You are not to clean up at all until you leave campus. Billy Howard will see that you get to your car alright."

Billy Howard was the Chief of Campus Police. He had just cummed on her face and in her mouth. Barbara was in a daze as she walked out of the office and met Billy in the waiting area. Billy seemed embarrassed as he followed Barbara out into the parking lot and toward her car.

Luckily, the walk to her car was a short one, and since it was after 6 PM, there weren't many people about. A few students and staff did see her, most from enough distance that they couldn't tell she was all cummy. She did pass by three female students, one of whom clearly recognized the nature of the wet stains on person and clothes.

When they reached Barbara's car, Billy said, "OK, here you are. Have a good night, and thanks for a great afternoon".

Barbara couldn't look at him, and didn't answer. She got in her car and drove straight home.

As luck would have it, I was out of town, and so I had to hear about it on the telephone. Barbara clearly had mixed emotions about it. On the one hand the episode had really excited her, bringing out some of her submissive fantasies, and giving much craved semen. But on the other hand, she had been humiliated in front of her co-workers, and her reputation at work was shot. She didn't know if she could face people there again. The thought of being controlled by Hooker and Brady was at the same time both exciting and annoying, but we could not give up the pension she had worked hard to earn for 30 years. It was a dilemma we could see no good way out of.

I would not be home until the weekend, so we resolved to discuss things in detail then, and left open the question of whether she would go to work the rest of the week, or call in sick. She did have a civic club breakfast meeting the following morning that she was responsible for providing the program, so she was going to do that.

I hung up wishing her well on her presentation, and told her to try to get some sleep.

Barbara awoke early Wednesday morning aching all over. She had slept in spurts all night, tossing and turning and full of worry. Her body was still tense from not releasing the stress through sleep. She had decided against going to work, but did feel pressure to follow through on her Rotary Club commitment because she was new to the club.

She dressed conservatively in a nice silk blouse and a navy blue business suit, with a skirt that fell just above the knee. She didn't know if there would be any rumors about her floating around, but she didn't want to promote them by dressing in any way provocatively.

As she drove to the hotel where the club had its breakfast meetings, she rehashed the events of yesterday. There was one member of the management team that was in Rotary with her, Ron Nester. He had been at the meeting, but did participate in her "punishment". She considered him a good friend, and had considered calling him Tuesday night, but decided to just try to glean what he knew and talk to him at the meeting.

By the time Barbara got to the meeting, everyone was seated and just being served. The club president, Bob Moore, motioned for Barbara to come sit at the head table, next to the podium, since she was the speaker. As she walked through the room, she didn't pick up any stares or vibes, so she hoped no one there knew anything. She sat down, and after ascertaining that her power point presentation was all set up; she fell into small talk with her tablemates as they ate their breakfast. She noticed Ron Nester come into the room, and give a thumb up sign to Bob Moore. He saw Barbara and smiled and waved to her.

As most of the club members had finished their meals, Bob Moore stood up and moved to the podium.

"Attention everybody", he said, "We're ready to get started. We have a real treat today. Our own club member, Barbara Gordon, is going to enlighten us about what really goes on out at the college, and show us some of her talents. So without further ado, here's Barbara".

Barbara walked to the podium to raucous applause. Their club was a new and small one, about 30 members total. As she looked around the room, she saw about 20-25 people, all men. None of the other 5 women who were members were present. She thought Bob's introduction a little strange, and now noticing the absence of women, she was getting a sinking feeling that the club members knew all about her indiscretion and her punishment.

She pressed forward with her presentation. She hit the advance button on the computer remote, and the college logo appeared on the large screen behind her.

"Thank you, Bob", she began. "I do want to talk to you today about the programs we have for our students and the community, and the many other exciting things that go on at your community college".

She pressed the button to move on to the next slide. She didn't turn around immediately, but she could from the light flickers that it wasn't her static slide on the screen. Simultaneously to her turning to look at the screen, the sounds of noisy cock slurping filled the room. Barbara gasped as she the screen filled with the image of her working on the cocks of Bob Hooker and Ed Brady. She realized that those bastards had taped the whole thing!

Barbara literally got weak kneed, and was only half aware of Bob Moore helping her back into her chair.

Bob Moore took the microphone in hand, and said, "Well, you can see that Barbara is a very, very talented lady. "We'll let you enjoy this tape for a while, and hopefully later we can all sample her talents for ourselves."

Barbara sat in stunned silence as the tape played on. It was an edited version, and only lasted 8-10 minutes, but it featured her sucking off the president and dean, and most of the cum shots from the management team bukkake. It ended showing her cum streaked face, cum matted hair, and cum soaked clothes.

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