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**All my stories are true**

My name is Rebecca. I am 22 years old and have been cross-dressing now for about 10 yrs. At first, dressing consisted of putting on a pair of panties or just a bra. Now it consists of shopping on line for different outfits, silicone breast forms, wig, etc.

When I moved down to Georgia I got a roommmate who never gave me time to have our apartment to myself up until he went away for Thanksgiving in Arizona. I decided that I would take full opportunity to try to get at least one of the guys that I had been talking to on occasion with on squirt to come over to fill one of my slutholes with some cum.

I consider myself to be one of those that got seriously put into the wrong body. I love every second that I am dressed, and wish that I could be a female more than anything. Unfortunatley, due to family and work, that is just not an option. However, I do consider myself to be one of the slutiest cross-dressers out there. Tall and very thin, especially in my heels and minidresses, I have not met a guy or guys that have been able to make me do something that just made me say NO WAY. From public bjs and fucks, to being a human table for chips and dip during a football game, to dressing in a guy's teenage daughter's lingerie and getting gang banged while they photograph, to literally being put in a closet to wait for a guy to pull me out whenever he or his friends wants some fun. Those stories you will have to ask me about on a different day.

The day after Thanksgiving came, and for the first time in years I wasn't working retail on BlackFriday. Seemed like a good opportunity to put a message on squirt and hopefully a little fishy with a big stick will bite and want to come over for some fun. Sometime in the early afternoon a member IM'd me tellin me that he has a guy coming into town tonight and that they were both tops, wondering if they could come over to test me out. Right away, my mouth got the sensation that you get when your brain and taste buds remember something: CUM! My mouth immediatley began to water and my fingers drifted on their own down to my pussy. Pushing one finger in, then two. Before I realized what was going on I had three fingers deep in my boipussy, wiggling back and forth while my clitty was springing to full attention. Rick asked me when I would be available and I told him any time up until 6, and then again after 11. Rick asked me if it would be okay if he came over earlier to have some fun then come over again with his buddy. My stomach growled for the thought of having numerous loads in one day. This was around 4 and he wanted to come over around 5, so I knew that I had a lot of preparation to do.

I ran into the shower and soaped myself up, making sure I got my pussy really well, and taking the time to let my fingers run free for a while. Then I got out of the shower, dryed off and took out two of my close friends. Mr. Vibrator and Mr. 14" black dildo, and yes I do have a soft spot for large cocks and black ones. I started with the vibrator and pushed all 6" in 'til I could barely feel the switch to turn it on. I turned it on as fast as it would go, clinched my cheeks tight, and continued to brush my teeth while the vibrator went to town. After brushing my teeth and shaving my face, I took the vibrator out, turned it off, and turned to the big guy. Not only is this dildo 14" long but it is also 4" around, if I ever found this in real life I would probably never get off of it. I laid down on my carpet and lifted my legs over my head and spread them just a little to get my arm through in order to put in my favorite toy. Once I could feel it pressing against my insides I slowly took it 60% of the way out and then faster and faster, I began fucking myself.
For a good five minutes I fucked my pussy, and then realized it was almost time. I ran into my room and put on my favorite black thigh highs and garter, black lace thong, white lace bra, silicone breasts, wig, and black and white minidress, with black and white 3" stihlettos.

Not two seconds after I slipped into my heels did I hear my front door open, I walked out into the hallway and saw Rick all smiles, knowing that he came to the right place. I went up to Rick and greeted him by petting his monster, which was purring to get out. I brought Rick into my room and asked if it would be okay to broadcast our fun over the internet using my webcam. He agreed as long as his face wasn't shown. I assured him it wasn't his face that was going to be the focal point. We then embraced in a long make out session and Rick's hands went wild on my body, rummaging all over my tight ass and stomach, while I could feel his cock starting to swim to life.

I led Rick over to a chair and turned on the webcam. I told him to strip, and that's when I saw one of the most beautiful cocks ever. I truly am a sucker for big 8+" cocks, but this one was just right. Prolly close to 6 1/2"-7" perfect girth, I couldn't wait to get it in my mouth, and that's just what I did. While 22 people watched online, I sucked 'til my heart was content. Usually I hate having my clit even touched 'cause I wish I didn't even have one, but for some reason I couldn't say no when Rick stood me up and took mine into his mouth. He worked it like a pro for a guy who said he was just starting to try out his gay side. There are no better cocksuckers than men, because they know how to work their own equipment. For a good five minutes, Rick went to work on my sissyclit 'til I was so horny for cock that I couldn't stand it anymore. I stood Rick up in front of the camera and took all of his piece of heaven into my mouth till his low hanging balls were pressing up against my chin and my nose was buried in his stomach.

For a few minutes, I sucked on his lovestick 'til I heard those three words that any slut loves to hear: "I'm gonna cum." My heart skipped a beat when I heard the word CUM. Now with 25 people watching a 30 something man standing up having his gorgeous cock serviced by a 22yr old crossdressing slut, his cock pulsated in my mouth, spurting shot after shot into my mouth. After 30 seconds or so I slowly pulled off his cock, gathered his cum in my mouth, looked up at him, and opened up for him to see it before I swallowed. MMMMMMmmmmm I opened up again so he could see it all gone, his response was priceless: "Awesome."

Can't wait for Rick to come back tonight with his buddy for at least two more loads

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