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Celeb Masseur: On Call


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This work is complete fiction; celebs don't act like this in real life...as far as I know.

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* * * * *

Kavan Ballard pretty much drifted through out his youth, especially school. It's not that he was stupid or lazy, nothing just grabbed his attention. Even by the time he was a senior in high school, when every other kid at least had some idea what they wanted to do with their life, Kavan was still just coasting in neutral. Ultimately, after all of his friends moved off and moved on, he realized just what a rut he was in; though he still had no clue what to do with himself. On just another rainy Seattle morning flipping through the newspaper he saw an add for a massage therapy school called Ashmead College. After reading and a couple phone calls, for once he made a major decision and commitment in his life. Kavan was going to become a professional licensed massage therapist.

School went quickly enough and after getting a business license and a loan together, Kavan had set up a small thriving practice outside of Seattle, not far from where he went to high school. At first business was slow, just family and friends, but soon word of mouth began to bring in clients from the city. He was building a nice clientele and reputation for having quite a set of hands. The money was good and allowed him to live comfortably. Finally he found something to do with himself, and even more, he helped others.

So on another contentful afternoon for Kavan it came to no surprise that he got a call for an appointment or that it was the unknown voice of a new client.

"Is this Ballard Massage Therapy and Relaxation?"

"Yes, I'm Kavan Ballard. Can I help you?" he replied cordially.

"My name's Jacob Cox and I am the producer on a movie filming close by. We have a mild emergency so to speak, and we need your services as soon as possible."

"I appreciate the interest Mr. Cox, but unfortunately I'm booked thoroughly for the next two days," he answered, glancing at his booking schedule.

"That's a shame, a couple local extras highly recommended you by name," stated Jacob, trying to stroke Kavan's ego.

"I'm flattered, but really the soonest I could be available is by Thursday afternoon."

"I'm prepared to pay you 350 dollars an hour."

Kavan was struck silent for a moment. Even with his local success he'd never even come close to this kind of payment. "Uh... heh, tell me where to be!" he responded, completely beside himself.

Fully satisfied Jacob said, "Excellent! Well, we'll need you to come out here to the filming location. Is that a problem?"

"No not at all, I can bring out all the sufficient supplies. Are my services for injury treatment or just leisure?"

"For leisure, we have an actress stressing over a stunt scene, and the repeated takes are costing money."

"That's understandable. Where are you filming?"

After ironing out details Kavan loaded up his SUV and headed to the filming location. It was out in the woods, about a half-hour drive. Pulling onto a dirt road, he could see a crane and an antenna peeking over the tree tops, and down the road some plain buildings behind a chain link fence. Being held for a moment by security, Kavan pulled onto the lot and in front of a small white building, the production office. Jacob walked up as Kavan stepped outside to the warm sun.

Shaking Kavan's hand, Jacob welcomed him to the lot. "Thanks again for coming out. We cleared you a room inside. Can I give you a hand?" Kavan grabbed his massage table and cloths while Jacob grabbed a bag filled with various bottles of lotions and oils. After getting to a room towards the back of the building and setting down their loads, Jacob handed a piece of paper over to Kavan.

"What's this?" inquired Kavan.

Jacob explained, "It's a confidentiality order. By signing it you agree not to divulge any information about the movie, production, or cast. No photography or recording, etcetera. Basically just keep quiet about everything you hear and see here."

"All right that's no problem," the masseur acknowledged, nodding in agreement. He signed the paper and went about setting up his portable massage table. Jacob was quizzically looking at some of the lotions. "It'll only take me a few minutes to set up in here, would you mind going and getting whomever I'm working with?"

After staring at the unusual ingredients Jacob sat the bottle down. "Sure, I can have her here in a couple minutes. Take as long as you or Jennifer needs. Afterwards, tell her to get back to the set though."

"Sure, I can handle that." With those words Jacob left, closing the door behind him. 'Jennifer?', Kavan pondered, 'Could it be Jennifer Garner? Perhaps filming a movie version of Alias? The deserted location and explosive labels coincide with big time stunts. Well I'll find out soon enough,' he conceded.

After setting up a lotion heater, the smalltime masseur placed some candles around the room and lit them as he went; a part of his total relaxation experience. He heard the door open and turned around to greet his client. In front of him in simple jeans and a tee shirt, her smile framed by shoulder length dark hair, was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Taken aback somewhat, he stood in quite surprise until she extended her hand and said hello. He took it and smiled, replying with a simple "Hi".

Jennifer opened the conversation, "So you're here to give me a massage? I'm sorry Jake drug you all the way out here, I really didn't want this. Uh, not that I don't think it'd be good, just-"

Kavan cut her off before she dug herself farther into personal embarrassment. "Hey it's okay, he's paying nicely, so really it's no trouble. I'm Kavan."

"Kavan, that's a unique name."

"Yeah, it Irish, meaning 'handsome'," Kavan explained.

"Handsome, huh? Bit of a gamble naming a kid like that. Well it fits," she said, a hint of flirtatiousness in her tone.

Kavan blushed at this and decided to change the course of the conversation, though he would've loved to sit and flirt with this gorgeous young actress. "Are you sure you want to do this? You sounded like you didn't."

"Well yes and no. I mean, I've fumbled a couple of very expensive takes. I'm just really tired and sore from this. I'm playing like a female version of James Bond. They want to start up a whole franchise; it's a lot of pressure."

With a look of surprise, he replied, "That's quite a change from slasher flicks and comedies you've done. I can only imagine how stressful it is."

Exasperatedly, she sighed "Tell me about it."

"Yet you don't want a massage?"

Starting to look uncomfortable with the subject, Love responded, "Well, it's a touchy subject, so to speak. I just feel awkward with a stranger touching and rubbing me, ya know?"

Comfortingly Kavan said, "Okay, I see. I've dealt with that a couple times. Don't worry, I take things slow and make things very comfortable. If you want to stop, just say so."

Jennifer smiled at the reassuring words. "Thanks, I do really like the candles."

"It's part of a whole scheme I do, I try to do more than just simple massages." Glancing around, Kavan noticed he had missed something. "I'm going to run back out to my car, I forgot my stereo. Why don't you slip out of your clothes and hop under the sheet on the table. I'll be back in a few minutes, and we'll get started, okay?"

"Sounds great!" she responded, forcing it to sound energetic. Feeling good about the situation, Kavan headed back out to his SUV. Suddenly he realized, he just suggested Jennifer Love Hewitt get naked. He smiled to himself as he had a slight twinge from an idea. Could he sneak back and catch a peak? No, that could veritably be suicide. If he got caught he'd probably be sued beyond reason, everything he'd worked to build would be shattered, and he'd end up right back in the rut he used to call home. Kavan suppressed the idea as he opened the trunk to his vehicle and grabbed the portable stereo. He took his time heading back to his setup, making sure that Ms. Hewitt had all the time she needed. Finally he reached the door and gave it three sharp knocks.

"Come on in!" he could hear Jennifer call through the door. Kavan kept his eyes away just in case for some reason she hadn't covered up. There was a plug right by the wall, and he started up the stereo, its soft quiet music filling the room. He then flipped off the lights letting the candle's glimmer dance across the walls and ceiling. At last he turned around to find Jennifer lying comfortably on the fleece-covered table. A large cotton sheet was draped over her as she lay belly down, only her feet poking out at one end and her shoulders and head out the other. Walking up next to her, he remarked at the wonderful upward curve her butt made in the sheet, and then slipping down to the small of her back, finishing out sloping up to her smooth tanned back.


Jennifer nodded her head, resting comfortably on a foam cushioned pillow. "I really love the fleece lining; it feels so soft and warm on my skin."

"Wonderful. I'm going to start with working your feet. I'm going to use an oil that blends wild mint, peppermint oil, chamomile, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. It'll feel cool, but will leave your feet soft and minty fresh." Love giggled at that last comment, making her feet sound more like a breath mint. Her giggles were cut short by a sharp gasp as Kavan's hands first met her feet, starting to rub the oil over her heels. As his fingers worked their way down the arches, the smell of the fragrant oil reached her nose. She breathed deep its crisp smell and let her eyes slip shut as she finally settled into this pampering. Attentively Kavan worked the oil over her feet, rubbing and stroking every inch from heel to in between each of her long toes. Seeing that Ms. Hewitt had given to his ministration, Kavan decided to move on. After wiping his hands, he grabbed a couple bottles of oil out of the warmer and returned to the sexy starlet's side. Kavan methodically folded back the sheet, revealing her sylphlike legs. He admired every inch of velvety skin that came into view; he simply couldn't wait to get his hands on these long silky legs. After rolling the sheet back to just a few inches below the rise of her bum, Kavan grabbed one of the oil bottles and squirted a bit into his right hand. "This is mix is mainly Emu oil, it'll release tension in your joints and muscles. You'll feel like you're walking on air afterwards." With this introduction, at long last Kavan set his hands upon those gorgeous legs. As light acoustic guitar music wafted through the air, Kavan set his hands just above her ankles, feeling the warmth of her lustrous satiny skin. Slowly he worked his hands up her calves, applying only light pressure at first. He stopped at the back of her knees and pulled his hands back, scooping up stray oil. His hands then found their way up to her thighs, still only lightly working her well toned muscles. He lightly traced his fingers back down to her ankles, drawing out a wonderful long sigh from Jennifer. Yielding to her reception, Kavan began to work her legs more rigorously now, intending to really get the blood flowing through those wonderful muscles.

The blood however was starting to flow to other places. Love could feel herself starting to blush across her face and chest as she got more and more into the massage. Her legs were so stiff from the constant running around on set, and she could feel the stress draining out of her. Quickly though it was becoming more, and that's what she hated so much about these situations. She was beginning to blush elsewhere. After about fifteen minutes of thoroughly kneading and caressing every inch of Jennifer's long legs, Love had become completely lost in the masseur's skillful hands. Kavan reached for another bottle of oil. It was all too soon for Love though.

"I think you're going to like this a lot; it's a blend I made myself. Its fragrance is very floral, and it works wonders on tired muscles. Let me just roll this sheet back." Just as before, Kavan folded the sheet back exposing more and more of Jennifer's slender back and waist until he reached the top of her hips. His heart accelerated, like the first time a girl had undressed in front of him. He eyed every inch of her back, becoming more capricious with every second. The sides of her ample breasts pushed out against the fleece table; leaving his head swimming with thoughts that this gorgeous young actress was completely nude before him, save for the well folded sheet lying across her taut firm butt. Kavan put a generous helping of the fragrant oil into his hand and quickly spread it over the span of her shoulders and back. Her silken hair was pushed away, giving the masseur access to her swanlike neck. His hands found their way up her smooth slender neck and he gently pushed into the tender flesh with his fingers in a rhythmic pulsating motion. Yet another moan slipped from Jennifer's lips from this treatment and Kavan relished in it. He kept up this motion down the tops of her shoulders and over the top of her back.

Trying to distract herself a bit, Love inquired, "You mind a little small talk?"

Kavan really wanted to keep concentrating on her body, but agreed. "Sure, um, is your family out here?"

"Yeah, both my brother and my mom. She almost always travels with me. My brother was pretty worried about the stunts so he wanted to be out here."

"Ever the big brother huh?"

Love kept her eyes closed and relaxed while Kavan's strong hands worked down to the small of her back. "Yeah, it's really sweet, but kind of annoying too."

"Hey isn't your brother a chiropractor?"

"Yes, for a while now, and he isn't too bad."

A bit confused, Kavan asked, "Well, wouldn't you rather have him do this, if you seem uncomfortable with strangers?"

"Oh no, it'd be even worse for...," Love cut herself off, but too late.

Kavan's skilled fingers slowed their pace at this unusual statement. "You'd be even more uncomfortable? He's your brother."

"I really hoped I could avoid this. Please don't let this bother you, but..." Kavan kept working, though slower, now up on her shoulders. "I find touching very... erogenous."

Kavan's eyes widened a bit at this revelation. He only could mutter "Oh" as a response. "We'll stop if you-"

Jennifer cut Kavan off quickly, "No that's okay. Please, I do actually need this; my back has been unbelievably painful this week."

Having no intention on running out on this situation, Kavan asked Love one last time to make sure she was untroubled continuing. Getting the same response, he grabbed a bit more oil and went back to his delightful assignment. Taking her right wrist in one hand, he started to rub and oil her slender arm with the other. After that rather awkward conversation, he needed to get her back into a peaceful relaxed state of mind. He gently rubbed up and down her arm and paid special attention to her delicate hand and fingers. He gently pulled and stretched her arm as he massaged her, loosening and relaxing her arm and shoulder. Love quickly returned to that place where the world drifted away and all there was were Kavan's more-than-capable hands on her libidinous skin.

Finally satisfied with his work, he unhurriedly laid her arm back by her side and moved to her other side, repeating the process. At length Jennifer slipped back into abandon under Kavan's hands. Eagerly he returned to her back with a bit more oil and started working out the various knots throughout Jennifer's back; and there were many. Kavan's eyes moved all over her; the gentle ribbing of her spine, the smooth curve of her shoulder blades, to the tit-flesh pouring out the sides of her thin torso. He took his time and made sure every knot and bump in her delightful back was completely worked through, and Jennifer was enthralled with it. She knew what she was getting herself into, but she didn't quite realize how good Kavan would be, nor how much she was in need of a great massage.

Kavan hit a tight spot right near her neck and it fired Love off. "Oh God right there," she moaned as Kavan's fingers dug into the muscle, a mix of pleasure and pain in her voice. "Jeez that's good. Go a little lower please." Kavan obliged her and worked his hands a few inches down her back in a slow, circular motion. He could feel her breathing increasing both in speed and in depth. Kavan tried to really not think of it, but this sexy starlet was becoming fiercely aroused. "Mh... please just a little lower." Obediently Kavan's hands drifted farther, now in the middle of her back, but he just stared at her face. A contentful smile was on her lips, her eyes were closed and cheeks blushed. Her expression one of aching glee. Her lips parts and again she urged Kavan farther. "Oh a little farther down please. My back hurts so much, and this feels so good." Once more the masseur's hands danced down, now right in the small of her back. Only the towel held him from going further, though that didn't seem to bother Love. She had gone beyond reason and was now was totally licentious. The temperature of her skin was beyond the oil, it simply radiated heat that Kavan easily picked up. The candles and floral oil created an intoxicating mix that invaded her nose. All these combined into an assault on her senses that left Jennifer in a complete state of wantonness.

"I still feel this throbbing somewhere; please go just a little lower." Now Kavan was put on the spot. This young celebrity pretty much insinuated him to massage her ass. To him though, it was much more than that. She asked him to cross from the professional to the sensual. Granted, the whole time Jennifer couldn't help but make it sensual, but there was still his own will to keep that just to her end. Now he was asked to blatantly disregard that. He could lose his license and the one thing really worthwhile in his life. On the other hand, the most gorgeous woman ever to cross his path lay under his hands writhing in appetition. Time lagged on.

Kavan's thumbs inched under the hem of the sheet, crawling up the silken flesh, edging the sheet away. Slowly his palms grazed over the thin strip of light purple fabric that made the top of her thong; the last bit of clothing clinging to the sexy brunette's body. Up the rounds of her cheeks his hands crawled, pushing aside the sheet and exposing more and more flesh to him. Finally it all lay bundled on the top of Love's thighs, her butt completely in view of Kavan's wide nervous eyes. For a moment his hands lay frozen in the heat of her skin, unsure of what to do. Then agonizingly slow, he pushed them back up her cushiony ass. "Yes that's it, exactly like that," murmured Jennifer.

Kavan Ballard finally relaxed some, encouraged by this beauty's words. His heart didn't slow by a beat though, and he clearly felt the stirrings of an erection forming. He tossed off the sheet leaving Jennifer Love virtually nude on the table. Grabbing more lotion, his hands quickly returned to her firm backside, now massaging the wonderful flesh with more vigor and energy. A bead of oil ran down the crack of her butt and Kavan slipped in a finger to retrieve it. A guttural moan escaped from Love as the fingers probed the cleavage of her ass, reaching down to the tiny bit of material hidden between. This pushed Kavan on, now running his hands up and down inside her crack, spreading oil over every inch of tender flesh. Jennifer continued to become more and more impassioned, her breathing now very laborious and verbal. She laid there and relished in Kavan's physical worship of her ass. The only thought Kavan could muster of was just how much longer could this go on, and where was it going? Quickly the answer came to him.

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