tagErotic CouplingsCelebrations of Yuletide

Celebrations of Yuletide


My Christmas story, hopefully to be followed by others, in time to fill the wheel.... my attempt at a holiday edition, enjoy :-)


The snow glistened under the light of the nearly full moon as feet softly made their way through the darkened forest. The sharp taste of new fallen snow clung to the air, seeped through the skin and coated the lungs of the travelers. Their robes of dark jewel tones, emerald, ruby, azure and plum swirled in the breeze and scraped the white carpet clean of their foot steps behind them.

After some time a light drum could be heard, its echo in the trees getting louder as the walkers approached the circle. They came from all directions, the cloaked figures quietly forming the tight ring inside the standing stones in the small clearing. As each took their place they laid down their offering to the wreath, their symbol of the wheel, the circle of the year. Bows of reverently picked greens, ripe red apples and golden pears, and cones and seeds from the trees. One lone figure sat on the ground outside the stones lightly hitting the drum.

When all had gathered and each shoulder touched its neighbor the drum stopped, hands clasped and the white clouds of their breath were exhaled as one. By now each heart beat was in tune with the next and each person lowered their head to the snow, took one step back and all raised their arms.

"Goddess in her Mothers state, bring forth your son, our God and Sun!" a voice from the circle called out. The Yule ceremony for the sun was as quick as would allow. Though they knew the soldiers had been fed information on the service and they did not know when they would attack, still they came to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

"Blessed be the new born God!" they called out as one. The leader brought the service to an end, the crown's troops slowly and quietly made their way to the edge of the trees, far enough from eye sight but close enough to attack as one. They couldn't tell who in the circle was male or female due to the cloaks all they could see was height and build. Their orders to kill the men and capture the women were to be followed upon pain of torture.

Killan crouched behind the trunk of an ash tree and watched as the circle started to break up, the bodies moving away just as casually as they had arrived. One body fell, the robe's hood fell back reveal a stunning young woman with long blonde hair. His cock twitched in his ragged pants and he tightened his fist on the hilt of his knife. Capture the women he was told, bring them back to the castle he was told... he was told nothing of not touching them. His eyes lit cruelly as she climbed back to her feet and replaced her hood.

Aisling walked quickly through the trees praying to both Goddess and God for a safe return home. Her mother told her not to come, that the family could celebrate on their own, but she had wanted to feel the comfort and unity of their people. Lost though they may be their conquerors she would not turn her back on who they were.

Killan let the girl pass him and then followed, waiting for the right moment to grab and drag her to the side...

As the path turned to the right around a tall hill Aisling nodded to the prickly holly tree and then came to a halt. Ten feet before her stood an Elk. Tall and sturdy the majestic beast stood in her path watching her. His eyes glittered in the light of the moon as he seemed to bow his head. She gasped and quickly returned the bow. "Blessed be the Horned Lord this cold night"

A deep voice entered her mind, Blessed be child... he turned off the trail and walked. Pausing to look over his strong shoulder he saw her hesitate but for a moment before following him. She had to hurry to catch up with his long strides, but soon walked with her hand upon his neck.

Aisling was filled with a peace she had never known when her hand had brushed the hide of the Elk. The muscles rippled beneath her fingers as she walked along as if in a dream.

Killan turned the corner and found the girl was gone. No sign of her decorated the trail though her steps turned to the left off the path, her steps just disappeared as if she had been picked up by the wind. He growled in frustration and moved off picking his way through the bushes hoping to catch a glimpse of her...

The two walked and walked till day threatened night on the horizon. The Elk made his way to the opening of a cave in the side of a rocky hill buffeted by a river on two sides. Aisling gasped in awe of the sight, Ash, Pine and Holly trees grew in groups around the hill and river. The Elk stopped at the entrance and motioned with its antlered head to enter. She dipped her head started down the slope of the hall, making her way through the sudden darkness deep into Mother Earth.

Soon she found a large cavern lit by small globes of light along the walls. The ceiling glittered in the soft light. The many gems and minerals sparkling like the stars in the skies. Shadows on the walls resembled the trees of the forest and grass, hay and branches on the ground created the forest floor; a mound of the same in a corner made a bed.

A stone turning near the hall she had used made her spin. Not knowing how the Elk would enter with his antlers, she was non the less still surprised by the tall, muscled man standing before her. Though she looked to his face, it shifted and clamed the visage of every man she had ever known.

Her father's features slipped into her bother's and then her friend's and then her lover's... until she saw a face. A unique face unknown to her, but she knew she wouldn't be able to describe it later. He was so much taller than her, when he stood only inches from her body, she craned her head back, her hood falling once again.

He raised his hand to brush her cheek, and as he tilted his head looking into her eyes, she swore she saw the shadow of the antlers behind him. Her lips parted in silent awe, "Lord..." she whispered as he lead her step by slow step back to the bed.

Removing her cloak he spread it over the mound, the soft and heavy cotton making the perfect buffer between her and the hard sticks beneath. He slowly stripped her of her warm layers. Only when all of her clothes were off and she stood staring at his nude chest did she realize she wasn't freezing. The air of the cave was warmer than it should have been but before she could wonder at it, she was pressed back on to her back.

She raised her head to accept her God's kiss. His full lips pressing against her mouth softly in respect of the moment, but slowly, as he drew her out, he pressed harder, expecting more. She licked his lip and bit the flesh gently before sucking way the sting. Aisling closed her eyes and reveled in the feel of his hands on her skin and his leg gently pressing between her own.

His hands moved over her skin bringing her to heights she had not known before. He knew where to touch this girl, how to make her squirm and moan in delight and Aisling enjoyed the sensations he created in her blood as it burned brighter and hotter with each moment. By the time his fingers slid over her aching and throbbing clit she was dripping wet on the edge of her first orgasm.

She moaned and whimpered when it seemed he would touch it, all she needed was that touch and she would explode and she could see the stars, she was sure of it, but his fingers teased her and moved to her waiting entrance. He scooped his finger drawing her juices with it and wiped along his lip. As soon as she opened her eyes and their minds seemed to touch, he pressed his hard cock in to her, pulling out each sensation as the large weapon worthy of her God stretched her wide and slid deep and tight.

When his hips rested against hers he paused and watched as her shock and slight discomfort melted away, as soon as she relaxed he moved. He pulled out, she cried out at the loss, he pushed in, she moaned a growl of pleasure that made him smile gently down upon her face. Aisling saw the smile and grinned happily back up as he moved inside of her again. She closed her eyes and moved her hips against his, meeting each achingly slow thrust.

She arched her back and dragged her nails down his as his rhythm picked up. He was loosing himself this small human girl, her blonde hair spread as a halo around his head, and for once he almost believed in the Christian's angels, for he held one now in his arms. Her muscles around his cock tightened and her hips moved in perfect sync with his.

As his own blood boiled, she had arched so far she pressed her small perfect breasts up to his muscled chest, her throat a perfect straight line to her petite chin. One of his hands gripped her hip as he pressed against her. Their united cry of release echoed up to touch the stars of the ceiling and back down to the shadowed trees on the walls. Their breathing harsh, fast and deep began to calm as their bodies slowly relaxed. He laid next to her, wrapping his arm over her waist, drawing her closer, skin to skin.

He made love to her again before releasing her, taking his time with the small full figured human. After dressing her, he tied both her cloak and a string around her neck. Dazed and only half awake from her gift, she accepted the help of her cloak with out noticing the necklace. He hooked her hair behind her ears and pulled the hood up to guard her face from the cold winter's wind.

Aisling watched as he left first, she waited for a reason she knew not, but soon she felt a gentle shift in the air and moved into the hall. Moving up to the light before her she could almost smell spring beneath the snow and the return of the sun's long path across the sky.

Standing outside of the hill she found the Elk once again. She followed as he led her back to the path and to the bridge just outside of the small village. She rubbed his face and nuzzled her cheek against his neck before kissing his fur and hurrying home.

That Yuletide season the villagers rejoiced for the bodies of the soldiers sent to kill and capture had been all found in the forest in the following weeks. The invading lords never relented in the destruction of their faith but did not send soldiers again, believing the people and their forest to be cursed. Aisling had found the necklace when she had gone to bed the first night, a point off the Elk's antlers hung around her neck engraved with patterns of fire and the sun...

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