tagErotic CouplingsCelia's Adventures

Celia's Adventures


Celia waited out side Paul's flat for her heart to slow. She was thinking about the last few weeks of her life and about how normal her life had been before she met Paul. She had always considered herself a normal happy wife and mother. She had a husband Steve who although quiet was totally dependable. They had two children, twenty year old Simon and nineteen year old Lucy. At forty Celia had realised no one actually needed her any more.

Celia had taken a job in a small factory to occupy her mind as much as anything. Straight away she found herself working along side Paul who she was immediately attracted to but didn't at first realise it. At twenty he was half her age; was strikingly attractive and very world-wise which is to say he knew how to look after himself. Paul knew at once that Celia had the hots for him but that wasn't an unusual occurrence. He attracted middle-aged women like flies around a dead dog; out of the twenty women in the factory he knew fifteen fancied him.

Celia had managed to keep a very trim figure. Her tits were still firm and full, she was proud of her flat tummy, as yet there were no wrinkles on her face and her light brown hair had no signs of grey. All in all she looked a lot younger than she was. Without being aware of it Celia began to take greater care in her appearance. For his part he played along; when a woman acted like she was he couldn't help himself. Celia naively took his complements and interest as a genuine sign that he fancied her.

Out of the blue on the previous Monday, Paul had asked her to meet him for a drink. Celia stopped her self from saying oh I can't or I don't know and agreed straight away to meet him. It had been no trouble to get out for the evening and Celia had gone to a lot of effort to look her best. Paul had at first seemed pleased to see her and even lavished her with compliments but then had seemed a little distant. This made Celia try even harder. They had been drinking for a little over an hour when Paul answered a call on his mobile and he said he had to split. Celia followed Paul out of a back door which led into a dark alley.

As soon as they were in the alley Paul took Celia in his arms as he kissed her Celia responded with a passion she had never felt before. Paul ran his hands all over her firm body, within a minute his strong hands had found their way under her blouse, pushed her bra up and lowered his head to suck and chew on her erect nipples.

As he sucked on her tits his hands pushed aside her knickers to roughly fondle her pussy. The speed at which Paul had done all this left Celia breathless but more aroused than she had ever been in her quiet safe little life. Just as she felt herself beginning to explode into her first orgasm in years, Paul stopped his administrations, and quickly left with a casual, see ya.

It took Celia ages to calm down after he had left, it wasn't until she had walked slowly home that she returned to earth. At work Paul acted as though nothing had happened between them, it wasn't until the Friday as they were getting ready to go home for the weekend that Paul told Celia, to meet him at the pub again. He didn't wait for her to reply, he knew she'd be there.

In the pub they once more sat drinking for an hour until Paul said he had to go. As soon as they were in the alley Paul once more pulled her to him and kissed her fiercely before practically undressing her as he fondled squeezed and stroked her body. He did as he wanted knowing she wouldn't stop him. Unlike the first time he carried on until Celia had an orgasm which shook her ridged. As soon as she had finished Paul undid his jeans and lowered her face to his dick.

Celia had never had a dick in her mouth and was terrified she wouldn't do it right. She needn't have worried because as soon as she had begun to kiss this knob, Paul wound his fingers into her hair then fucked her mouth until he came. Celia felt herself gagging as his sperm shot into her throat but managed to swallow as he pulled out. She knew she had to swallow his sperm and felt sure Paul would want her too. As soon as he had pulled out and fastened his jeans, Paul said goodnight and left. This time although she was still confused, at least she was satisfied. The first meeting had left her on edge and snappy with everyone around her, but tonight as she walked home she felt fulfilled. Not for one second did she consider that what had happened had been cheap and sordid. To her what Paul had done was a sign that he loved her.

For his part as soon as he had left the alley Paul put her completely from his mind. He had enjoyed what had happened but that was all. By Monday if he struck out over the weekend he'd meet the old dear again maybe he'd tell her to come to his flat and he would fuck her there or maybe he'd go to her house and use her bed, maybe with her sad little hubby watching from the doorway. That thought gave him a buzz as he went off to meet his mates.

Over the weekend Celia thought of little else but Paul. The more she thought about him the more she managed to convince herself that he loved her. In the fantasy world she created he could do no wrong. At work on Monday the fact that he totally ignored her, she decided was to protect her. He was even rude to her in front of a woman they both worked with. That upset her a little but she was soon able to turn it around to a sign of affection. On Wednesday as they were all leaving he told her to come to his flat and to dress sexy.

And so Celia composed herself outside his flat. She'd gone to a lot of trouble to look just right for Paul. She had on her best underwear, a thin see-through blouse and a short loose skirt; in her best high heels and stockings she thought she looked terrific. Finally she summoned the strength to knock on his door. As she stood back to wait she knew or rather hoped that he would make love to her. She had thought of little else since he had spoken to her that afternoon. Thinking about it made her knees go weak in anticipation.

After what seemed like hours Paul opened the door and with out speaking waited for her to enter. He closed the door; her heart skipped a beat as he locked it, they were alone. Standing in the middle of the room Celia looked around the typical single mans flat. He had all the usual stuff, piles of magazines a flashy stereo system and a wide screen telly. As she looked around Paul had sat in the centre of his couch and studied her.

Paul's voice startled Celia more from what he said than anything else, he asked her to lift her skirt. It took her a few seconds to recover and by then she a look of displeasure had swept across Paul's face. She hadn't done as he asked. Quickly she lifted her skirt hoping more than anything else that what she did would take that look off his face. As he watched her Paul couldn't help but smile. This was too easy he was thinking but Celia was pleased he had smiled at her. Turn around he commanded; she slowly pirouetted.

As he watched her Paul thought about all he would do with this sad old woman. He noticed her see-through top and decided it was time for a bit of fun. As he stood and went to his bed room he told her to remove her underwear. Celia was learning quickly and did what he had asked as quickly as she could. She was refastening her blouse as he came back into the room. He smiled when he saw that as he had hoped he could see her tits quite clearly through the tin top. As he stood in front of her he pushed a hand between her legs and roughly finger fucked her until she came, coating his hand with her juices.

Shaken and gasping for breath Celia was expected him to take her to his bed and make love to her but Paul picked up his coat and told her they were going for a walk. Celia was just about to protest that she couldn't go out like this, but stopped herself as he began to frown, instead she meekly followed him out into the night, at least it was dark she told herself. They walked silently for about fifteen minutes Celia became increasingly more conscious of her near nakedness as she grew slowly colder. Several times she noticed men look openly at her chest. At one point she folded her arms but a look at Paul's face told her not to, for some reason he wanted people to see her.

Eventually Paul took her into a noisy pub. Every fibre of her being told her to stay outside, to run to her safe quiet home, but Celia knew she couldn't and had to follow this young man and do whatever he wanted her to. As Paul walked confidently through the crowded pub, people parted to let him past. All of the men watched her follow, one even goosed her bare behind! Most of them openly leered at her chest not even looking at her face. At the bar Paul got her a drink and stayed there happy to let his mates look at his new bitch. Half way through his pint Paul reached over and gave one of her tits a quick squeeze, a ripple of a cheer went up from his mates which seemed to egg him on to do more for their amusement.

Next he pulled her to him and hugged her only to lift her skirt to show everyone her bare backside. This raised another chorus of cheers. Spinning her around so that her back was to his chest he squeezed and fondled her tits holding her fast against him he finished his pint in one go and told those watching that they had to go. Just as Celia thought her humiliation was over he asked everyone if they'd like a flash. He wouldn't she thought, he wouldn't show these dirty men her bush he wouldn't. What he'd done until then had just been a bit of fun. He wouldn't show them would he? Paul felt her stiffen in his arms and a sixth sense stopped him from lifting her skirt. Instead he winked and told them they'd have to wait.

Eventually Paul went across to a corner booth away from the main bar. At first Celia was glad to be alone with Paul but they were soon joined by a succession of his mates who as soon as they were seated next to her didn't hesitate to give her clearly visible tits a good feel and slide a hand between her legs. Most just gave her pussy a quick feel but a couple fingered her for longer.

Despite the fact that she was being used by these men Celia couldn't stop herself from becoming aroused by their attentions. Before long she had reclined on the couch resting her arms along the back rest her head resting back, her eyes closed and her legs open wide enough for the men to easily get at her cunt. When she was seen to be actively inviting them they started to take their time. Before long her breathing rate increased and eventually one of the men managed to make her come. As a small scream escaped her mouth a cheer went up. Opening her eyes in surprise she realised there were over twenty men crowded around their table watching her being mauled. Instinctively she closed her legs and covered her chest but it was too late every one there had seen every thing she had! Paul told everyone they were off and said he'd see them.

As she followed him out into the night Celia felt a warm glow inside. Here she was with a man who had walked into a crowded pub and been treated like a lord by everyone there. She thought of her husband, a man who rarely even went into a pub, a man who never made her do the things she had done this evening. Steve had never made her feel so alive as she did at that moment. Until this evening she realised she had been only half awake. As they walked Celia took pleasure from the looks the men gave her. She held Paul's arm and smiled up at his face. Paul hardly gave her a thought as they hurried back to his flat he wanted to fuck her as soon as they got there but on an impulse he decided not to wait.

He noticed a picnic table at the edge of a kids play area and steered her towards it. When they were stood by it Paul lifted her onto the table stood between her legs and with no ceremony fucked her. As he pumped into her soaking pussy she rested back on her arms happy to let him do as he pleased. The way her tits bounced from side to side as he rammed into her made him come faster than even he wanted to. Since spotting the table 'till doing up his fly only two minutes had elapsed. Paul sent her away exactly as she was. Her underwear stayed at his flat.

For the next few days Celia lived in a dream world where Paul loved her and she loved him. At work she noticed or convinced herself that she did, that Paul was being polite and courteous. Twice he complimented her on her figure and appearance. The memory of their 'love making' was always on her mind.

At lunch time three days later Paul told her to follow him in to one of the store rooms. Once there he pulled out his dick and demanded a blow job. This time Celia was more than willing to comply. After seductively kissing and licking his rock hard erection she pumped her head as he had made her do the first time. She was able to anticipate his ejaculation and didn't gag this time, she even kept a little of his sperm to savour it's taste. Satisfied from her blowjob Paul left with a casual tar.

On the Friday Paul told Celia to again come to his flat, as he was walking away he said she knew how to dress. As usual he didn't wait for a reply. At seven she knocked on his door to be let in after only a few seconds wait. He saw that she had dressed as he had expected, thin see-through blouse and a short loose skirt. It had taken Celia twenty minutes to walk over. She had secretly enjoyed the looks people gave her as she walked with her shoulders back, making her tits move as much as she could.

As she stepped into his flat she was already well turned on. She had imagined Paul would hug her, when he didn't and didn't even allow her to hug him it hurt a little. He nodded at the couch and as she sat he handed her a half pint glass, half full of what turned out to be Bacardi. Paul sat next to her and watched her drink. The more he watched her the more nervous she became and the quicker she drank. In fifteen minutes the glass was empty; Paul gave her another.

As she took her first sip from the second glass, the door of his flat opened and two men entered. Paul introduced them as Ben and Martin. Ben had a case with him from which he took a small video camera. He said he'd brought it that day and was still playing with it. He proceeded to film them all as he sat opposite Paul and Celia. Martin also sat next to Celia on the couch.

At first Celia was very conscious of the camera, dressed how she was, but Paul loved it. Paul had arranged for Ben and Martin to come over with the camera, he intended to film Celia behaving like a complete whore, obeying every command he and Martin gave her! When Ben had been filming them from different angles for a few minutes the first glass of Bacardi cut in and Celia forgot about him as Paul started to touch her up. She even forgot Martin was beside her, didn't even notice when his hands joined Paul's.

As they stripped her naked Celia eagerly sucked on first Paul's and then Martin's dicks. Martin was first to enter her. He did so from behind as she went down on Paul. All the time Ben hovered around filming, sometimes even in close up, everything that was happening. If Celia noticed anything she didn't show it, all she knew was that Paul was being nice to her and she was having an almost continual orgasm. When Martin pulled out they turned her around. Paul fucked her cunt briefly before beckoning Ben closer. Once the camera was close Paul made a big show of fucking her with his fingers before transferring some of her juices to her arse.

As he worked first a finger and then a thumb into her arse he fucked her briefly before slowly pushing his cock up her rectum. Celia had never let Steve do this to her, she had always considered it perverted but as Paul pushed harder and harder against her arse she couldn't stop herself from relaxing and letting him do what he wanted.

As soon as Paul got the head of his dick inside Celia the rest smothery followed it. Paul proceeded to fuck her arse in a way that allowed Ben to film it perfectly. Celia even reached her hands back to open herself wider for him. Her moans and groans added a nice touch as did her saying how much she was enjoying his cock up her arse. She even said he should do it harder and faster!

For the next hour they took turns fucking her in every way they could think of sometimes both together; a sandwich with her in the middle. At the finish they both performed the 'cum shot'. Paul sprayed her face with his sperm after he had been fucking her mouth. Martin had been up her arse at the time and managed to shoot a stream of sperm up her back. Ben caught both perfectly. As soon as they had come, Ben put the camera aside dropped his trousers and quickly took Martins place. It didn't take him long to cum into the sleeping arse of a very contented Celia.

They quickly wound the film back to watch it, every now and then whooping at some antic they had performed. Near the end Celia surfaced and slowly focused on the television. At first she thought it was just a porn video, it took her several minutes to realise it was her being fucked by the men. Still naked she managed to get to the loo where she was violently sick. When she emerged Paul was sitting alone on the couch in just his shorts.

Celia slowly put on her blouse and skirt with tears rolling down her cheeks, to upset to speak. The thought of walking home in her state was starting to worry her. Just then she heard a car sound it's horn. Paul told her it was a cab, he'd already paid; he actually thanked her for a great time. She left without saying anything, feeling totally shattered. As she stepped out into the night she realised once more how little she was wearing. An icy blast of wind lifted her skirt momentarily exposing her pussy to the leering cabby; who laughed as he leaned out to open the rear door. As she staggered to the cab visions of herself on the television made her feel sick; she knew if she was the cabby would drive off without her.

To be continued as Celia's adventures Part2. This will be posted into the Incest section shortly.

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