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Cell Mates


Veronica was a hardened criminal, she'd been arrested at least twenty times in the past four years. She was currently doing a three year sentence. Today she was getting a new roommate. She couldn't wait, she'd been aching for a new cell mate so she could finally satisfy someone besides herself.

Coraline was only nineteen, she'd been arrested for shoplifting for her second offense. The girl she was with had told on her so she was now serving six months for it. She arrived at the county jail on time, with nothing but the clothes on her back.

Officer Mattern did the normal check in procedures for Coraline before showing her to her cell. Number seven was the first cell on the upper level, there was an older woman on the upper bed. She hard short black hair, spiked up and wore an angry look.

Coraline was a little nervous, as a petite girl with long blonde hair, she was used to girls being jealous. However, she'd never had to share a room with someone who didn't like her. She worried about what to do.

Veronica sized up her new cell mate. She was pretty and very feminine, the way she liked them to be. An ample chest which was perky without a bra, a tight ass and a beautiful set of lips. Her own frame looked giant next to the new girl, even though she too was attractive.

Veronica knew at a young age she wasn't going to go far, unless you count the time she went to the jail on the other side of the state. So she used her looks to get what she wanted. She had tiny breasts with poke you in the eye nipples and a tight ass.

Her boyish looks were used to being turned away by men, but she was hardly a little feminine thing. She was rough and solid which attracted the sexiest women. Especially while in jail, they couldn't resist being her lady. She could protect them from the others during the day and make them scream her name at night.

When the guard walked away, she decided to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Veronica, what's you're name doll?"

"Um, Hi. My name's Coraline, but everyone calls me Cora. I'm sorry you have to have a cell mate."

"Oh sweetie, it's ok with me. I've wanted a cell mate for a while now."

As Cora began to arrange her things, she couldn't help but notice that Veronica was watching her. "Do you need something?"

"No doll, I just noticed what a fine ass you have."

She was shocked, "What? I'm not that kind of girl. I'll be here to do my time and then go home. Sorry Veronica."

Laughing, she replied, "You'll change your mind by tomorrow, I'm sure of it. You can call me Roni, it's my nickname in here."

Cora just turned her back to Veronica. When she finished putting away her things, she marched out to the complaint box and wrote out a complaint asking for a new cell mate.

After dinner, so of the other girls were getting on her. They called her names like fancy and too hot. That is until Roni came over and took the seat next to hers. They started chatting about their lives and she realized Roni was a rough girl.

Later, back in their cell for pill call, Roni was again eying her up. Since they had started getting to know each other, she knew Roni was a joker. When the guard passing out medications arrived at their cell, she flashed him her tits.

Roni's laughter was contagious and soon they were laying on their beds laughing so hard they were turning red. "Good one doll! I'd like you to flash me next time!"

Cora laughed it off, she wasn't here to be someone's girlfriend. When they were released from pill call, they settled at the tables to watch some television before bed.

A short, chubby brunette sat next to Cora, taking the last seat at her table and leaving Veronica to sit somewhere else. Throughout the evening, Roni shot dirty looks at the brunette.

Cora soon learned her name was Charlotte and she was here for assaulting her ex-boyfriend. She told Cora about Roni's past cell mates. She also began to bad mouth Roni, saying she was possessive and an abuser.

When they were locked in their cell for the night, Cora confronted Roni on these accusations. She didn't want to be in a cell with someone like that.

Roni told her that Charlotte was jealous because she had tried to get to Roni but wasn't the right type. Her mouth formed a smile before she said, "I like cute blondes, not chubby brunettes."

Later that night when the lights were out, Cora lay in bed crying. She was missing her home life and wasn't ready for six months of this.

Roni slipped onto the poor mattress next to her. She wrapped her arms around Cora and rocked her. They fell asleep like that, Cora's head resting against Roni's chin.

They were awakened at two in the morning for a count. As each woman was counted, the light for that cell was flicked back off. When the guards left the cell block, Roni climbed into her own bed.

Cora's small voice whispered, "Please don't leave me to sleep alone."

Roni slipped out of her own bed and back to the bed with Cora. Before Roni could get settled, Cora's lips met hers. A long passionate kiss, she pulled back long enough to breathe in before locking lips again.

Roni was stunned, but not one to resist a hot blonde, she slipped her tongue between Cora's lips.

Their kisses were hot and heavy, soon their hands roamed over each other's body. Roni's hands couldn't hold the size of Cora's breasts, so she cupped them together before tasting each nipple.

Cora's sighs were enough proof that she was good at what she did. She liked making a woman feel good. When Cora's nipples were solid rocks, she let her hands fall lower.

She slid the regulation pants and underwear off. She was greeted with a freshly shaved pussy, sopping wet because of her. As their lips locked again, she found Cora's sweet spot with her fingers.

As Roni's fingers danced across Cora's clit, she couldn't help but gasp. She hadn't had sex this good in a long time. She opened her legs wider, giving Roni room to slip her fingers inside.

As Roni's fingers went in and out of her, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. When she came, Roni's lips were on her neck and her fingers on her clit.

She moaned and her body shook. Roni pressed her lips against Cora's ear, whispering, "Doll that was good, I'm here to please you as long as you want."

Before Cora could reply, Roni moved down between her legs. Her lips were just inches from Cora's dripping cunt. She flicked her tongue across her clit. Cora trembled.

She was still about to orgasm from roni's fingers. Her mouth would send her over. Roni teased the edges of her clit, then licked down the full length of her slit.

After teasing her til she came again, Roni was ready for the grand finale. She parted Cora's pussy lips and poked two fingers inside. Then she nibble on her clit and began fucking her with her fingers.

Cora's body was rocking, easing into orgasm. Slowly Roni got rougher, biting her clit and fucking her faster. Within moments, her mouth was soaked with pussy juice and Cora was saying her name.

After an orgasm like that, Roni cradled Cora in her arms. They awoke moments before the guards were at the cell door. As soon as count was over and Cora was free of her cell, she went to the complaint box and removed her note from yesterday.

Six months with Roni wouldn't be so bad after all.

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not bad

I just wish it was longer

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