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Cemetary Punishment


Author's Note. This is an entry in the Literotica Halloween contest. After you have read it, please vote and comment, preferably based on how scary, rather than on how erotic the story is to you.

Neither of the living characters is less than 18 years old. There's no way of knowing how old the dead persons are.


Steve and Linda Groom didn't like following the sidewalk through the cemetery on their way home from the library where they were volunteers but they saved almost five blocks of walking so they did it anyhow. Neither of them would ever admit to believing in ghosts but they still felt ill at ease while they were walking in an area which was the final resting place for hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead people. That was why, though they were not normally a demonstrative couple, Steve and Linda held hands while they walked and their conversation was in whispers. There was no reason to believe there was any living person within earshot but they somehow felt it necessary to converse in that manner.

Abruptly, on the sidewalk directly ahead of them, Linda saw a dark form that seemed to be blocking their progress. She clutched Steve's arm, stopped and pointed at it. "What's that?" she hissed.

"It's just a shadow, Sweetheart," he chided her gently. I hope you're not afraid of shadows."

Suddenly, the "shadow" seemed to grow larger and start moving toward them. It was big and shapeless and was blocking their way. "What are you doing here?" a deep voice asked. "You don't belong here. This place is for the dead."

Almost too frightened to move, the couple turned around in hopes of running back in the direction they had just come from. They were too late because three more of the huge black forms were behind them and, even as they looked for a way to elude that group, more of the apparitions appeared and the whole silent army shambled closer. They were surrounded and, apparently, at the mercy of whatever horror they had just bumbled into. The one who had spoken quickly moved closer and reached out to grasp an arm of either of the frightened couple and hold them as tightly as if they were clamped in a vise.

"You will be punished," it informed them in the same deep voice.

Steve was big and strong and no coward and Linda was a student of martial arts. He doubled up his fist and swung a mighty blow at the specter who was threatening him and his wife. His fist passed right through as if he were trying to fight against a puff of smoke. His wife's efforts were just as ineffective. She swung her free hand in a karate chop aimed at a part of the black shape near where it was gripping her arm and launched a hard kick at what should been the lower part of its body. Both her hand and her foot passed right through the apparition and she almost fell to the ground from her effort.

"Resistance is futile," the deep voice informed the couple. "You will come with us." It dragged them both along as the whole company moved toward an older and darker part of the graveyard.

Steve and Linda continued their efforts but the only parts of their captor that were solid were the tight holds it kept on their arms and their attempted kicks and chops and punches passed through its form as if through fog. Even when the attempts were aimed at what must have been some kind of hand or claw or similar appendage of the mysterious creature, all they succeeded in doing was kicking or striking their own arms.

They were dragged, still futilely resisting, to a small open space near an older part of the graveyard. They knew it was an older part because the monuments were larger and more ornate, compared to the small headstones currently used. More of the amorphous creatures stepped or glided forward and each of them seized an arm or leg of their captives. Effortlessly, they lifted their struggling victims into the air and deposited them face down on the turf.

Their original captor -- at least Steve thought it was the original one -- reached under his prone form, unfastened his pants and started to pull them and his jockey shorts down. One leg at a time, his cohorts helped him pull the clothing down his legs and off around his feet until their still-struggling victim had been stripped naked below the waist.

Steve was more frightened of what he thought was about to happen than he had ever been of anything in his life. "No! No!" he implored the monsters. "Not that! Anything but that!"

Nobody answered him, not even Linda, because she was having problems of her own and they were even more horrendous than what was happening to her husband. She was also lying face down and had been divested of her clothing below the waist and it was obvious the cruelties that were about to befall her were just as bad or even worse than what was happening to him.

She turned to her strong young man who was her husband and had always seemed to be in charge of whatever situation in which he found himself. "Do something, Steve," she begged him.

Her heard her entreaties and struggled much harder than he had been up until then but he had been no match for even one of the creatures and he had no more success against four of them. He was unable to break himself free, let alone do anything to help his wife.

It got worse for both of them. The first of their captors knelt between Steve's legs and started doing what his victim had been dreading. Surprisingly, the cock of the apparition slid easily into his ass and felt no longer or thicker than a pencil. That was misleading. As a shape shifter, the mysterious being was easily able to shrink part of its body, such as its cock, for easier penetration. Once his hard shaft was imbedded in his victim's ass, he let it expand to what must have been its normal size. Steve felt the intruder starting to grow inside him and screamed in pain and outrage as his sphincter and the adjacent bowel were stretched more than he would have believed possible.

He looked over at his wife and saw how, to his horror, she was in even more dire straits than he was. Four of the monstrosities were holding her down and a fifth was obviously about to anally rape her. However, there was another of the evil things that had flattened his form and was insinuating himself under her body. It was obvious to Steve his wife was about to be subjected to getting raped simultaneously in her ass and in her pussy.

Linda hadn't realized it until the nature of her intended victimization became obvious to her too. The body of the creature under her was unsubstantial until his cock, as the one that was abusing the ass of her husband, had assumed the shape and size of a pencil and she felt it being insinuated inside her pussy. Seconds later, the assailant between her legs started to burrow his shrunken cock into her ass. With the intrusions complete, both organs swelled to their normal size, eliciting spasms of excruciating agony from their victim.

"You will be punished now for encroaching on the domain of the dead," the same voice, or a similar one, intoned, but neither of the victims could tell which of their assailants was speaking.

They had other, more important things to be concerned about anyhow, as the suffering from the sexual abuse started to get worse. No kind of lubrication was being used and, when the specter drew his cock from Steve's ass, paused and drove it back in, the struggling victim could feel it scraping against the lining and raking across his prostate gland.

More and greater waves of agony swept over his body. He groaned and whimpered but kept himself from screaming over the excruciating pain because he wanted to be as manly as he could, in order to encourage his wife to be brave. The next thrust and the many that followed became steadily worse for the flesh under the patches of skin being scraped off were becoming inflamed also. The only mitigating circumstance was that the cock that was driving in and out of his ass was cold as an icicle, and this provided a slightly numbing effect.

Linda may or may not have appreciated Steve's taciturnity, but she was going through her own version of Hell. The evil spirits who were making an unwilling sex sandwich of her had set up a rhythm, with the one on top driving his long, thick cock into her helpless ass just as his fellow apparition pulled his from her pussy. There was no substance of any kind in use by her attackers to facilitate their intrusions either and she was completely lacking in any sexual arousal so the pain being inflicted on her was at least twice as great as what her husband was feeling. The humiliation might have been even worse.

Ten or fifteen minutes after the double rape began, Linda felt the apparitions start to fuck her faster, inflicting even more agony on her body. Once again, she begged them to stop but to no effect until the one on top uttered an audible grunt. Immediately after this alien noise, what felt like a gush of frigid oil was pumped into her bowels. She realized he must have come but, before she had any time to think about that, the phantasm lying under her replicated what his partner had done.

Linda felt a sense of relief that the ordeal was over before realizing it had just begun. It was almost a certainty that the entire company of the abductors of her and her husband would be doing what the first two had just done, maybe even several times each. She was correct in her dread because, seconds later, another pair of rapists had replaced the first and they were no more gentle or merciful than the first two had been.

When Steve saw the two black shapes removing their cocks from his abused wife, he had no expectation the assault on her had ended. He was dismayed but not surprised when he saw the two monsters who had so cruelly used her body move in to hold her down, one taking an ankle and the other a wrist. At the sight, he struggled anew but his efforts served no purpose except, possibly, to give additional pleasure to the specter fucking his ass. As Linda had earlier, he heard a grunt and this was followed by the frigid liquid spurting into him.

A minute later, as with his wife, another of the fiends was plowing his cock in and out of Steve's ass. He did not give up trying to save himself and Linda but his efforts were just as futile as he had been told they would be. Try as they might, neither member of the hapless couple could prevent the monstrosities from taking what was apparently their pleasure.

The pain and degradation continued throughout the night, with the evil spirits of the graveyard, or whatever they were, taking turns fucking their victims. Steve and Linda lost track early of the number of individual assaults, if they tried to remember at all, and of the many times their helpless asses and her pussy were penetrated or how many times bursts of icy cum were ejaculated into them. Although they continued to try, they were never able to break free from the strong grips that held them in place as well as steel manacles would have while their assailants took turns in the debauchery.

Finally, it ended. Just as the dawn was breaking, three of the attackers pulled their cocks loose from their victims and with no warning, the unbreakable grips that had been holding them down vanished. Steve and Linda looked at each other and at their surroundings but could see none of the attackers. Even so, sore and tired, they lay in the cold grass until they were able to painfully get to their feet, pull their clothing back on and limp the rest of the way home. Once there, they commiserated with each other on their ordeal and took a long, hot shower together to try to alleviate some of the chill they still felt and the pain their muscles were still experiencing. For the rest of the week, they both called in sick at work in an effort to help their bodies and their minds in healing.

They never told anybody of their hideous experience in the graveyard. For one thing, they would have been asked a multitude of questions and nobody would have believed their answers. More important, they wanted to put the whole vile assault out of their minds and they believed the best way to do that would be to never say anything about it.

They continued doing volunteer work at the library at night. However, neither Steve nor Linda ever again used a shortcut through that cemetery or any other. There was no reason for them to believe there would have been a repetition of their terrible experience but there was also no reason to believe there would not have been.

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