tagNonHumanCemetery Summons

Cemetery Summons


Jack sneezed hard as he stepped across the threshold of the cemetery limits. A chill ran up his spine as he began walking down the path. Fuck October, he thought bitterly, pulling his jacked tightly around his chest in a vain effort to prevent the warmth from leaving his body. He hated cold weather. And he hated trick-or-treaters too.

The party he was coming home from had been a complete disaster. First, there was too much booze and half the people there, though most of them only around sixteen to seventeen years old, were drunk out of their minds and going crazy. Second, the girl he had planned to get laid by had thrown up all over the hostess and gotten herself kicked out, also drunk and without a ride home.

And lastly, there had been cops. Jack put a hand over his forearm and lifted it again, wincing as the cold air bit the deep gash in his skin. His jacket was ripped, but it was soaking up the blood seeming from his wound. When he was jumping a grated fence getting away from the ruined party, he'd fallen onto a pole or something sticking out of the ground and cut his forearm up pretty bad.

He looked back and groaned as a patrol cruiser pulled up to the cemetery gates and two fat, round officers got out and turned their flashlights on. Jack cursed and ran ahead as quietly as he could, trying to keep out of the moonlight as best he could.

If he got caught by the cops after being at a party, then his days in an apartment were fucking over in a heartbeat. Not only did the complex owner not like him, but she was always coming onto him! Not that she wasn't attractive or anything, just not his type. She was into all kinds of weird stuff like diapers and being dominated and stuff. He didn't like it when she was in his apartment wearing a collar either, waiting for him.

Fuck her, fuck his apartment, and fuck October! Damn it all to hell! If he was getting caught by the cops, it was going to be robbing a bank or something, not trying to escape a party where he didn't even touch the alcohol! Jack ducked behind a big tombstone and took off his jacket, deciding that it was a necessary casualty to get away from these morons.

He propped it up with a nearby stick and left the sleeve partially exposed to lure in the two cops. He joked with himself briefly that if he had a box of doughnuts, that he would have been able to simply lay them a trail back to the gate and leave while they were eating them.

He shook his head and ducked behind another tombstone, trying to stay quiet. The two rotund cops got to the jacket and one of them growled something that sounded like a threat in a disappointed tone. Jack saw two beams of light shine down around his tombstone and he froze. If they found him now, he wouldn't be able to get away. They had tazers most likely. He wasn't going to get too far.

"Frank, the damn kid is gone. Let's try to find someone else. Dispatch said there were hundreds of 'em running around out there. Five other squads busted other parties tonight. Let's head back before someone gets hurt out there," one of the officers said. Jack crossed his fingers that the other idiot would listen.

"Whatever Joe. Damn punk got away, pisses me off so bad," Frank said. Jack waited until he heard their cruiser's doors slam shut before he even breathed. When he heard them pull away from the cemetery, he peeked over the top of the tombstone and heaved a sigh in relief. They were gone.

He looked down at where he had left his jacket just a few yards away, and frowned when he didn't find it on the ground. With another curse, he stomped back to the cobblestone path and made his way through the large cemetery. He passed his grandfather's grave and smiled down at the tombstone.

"Well granddad, looks like It's my lucky evening, huh? You always told me Halloween was the day I'd get a lucky break. All I got today was cut up and chased by the cops. Real nice prophecy you had there," Jack said sarcastically. Even with these words, he liked his grandfather, a lot really. The man had almost raised Jack like a son. Well, the old man had been dead six years to this day, and Jack had yet to have a good Halloween without him.

The nineteen-year-old turned around and tripped over the edge of the path. He smashed his elbow on the stone walkway and flared with quick anger.

"Fucking hell!" he snarled.

"You rang?" a sultry, foreign voice asked from just ahead. Jack's eyes darted upward to the voice's owner. Who in the name of God would be in a cemetery at eleven at night answering to the call of 'fucking hell'?

"...Jesus Tity-Fucking Christ..." Jack stammered as he saw who it was.

A woman sat on top of a tombstone, one leg wrapped around its side while the other had its foot propped against the stone's front face. One hand kept her upright while the other was squeezing one of her thick stockings tightly. Her mouth was open and her pointed tongue was lolled out, as if in mid-lick or something.

Two bat-looking wings protruded from behind her shoulders and long, silvery hair flowed down behind her. Her lime green eyes were focused entirely on him, and she fidgeted as if anxious about something, despite the look of smugness on her face. A collar with a golden buckle on it was fastened around her neck.

And on top of all that...she was entirely naked except for her thigh-high stockings, boots and fingerless satin gloves that ran up to her biceps. Nearly her entire body was exposed to anyone who might happen to look in her direction. Jack felt a red flush come to his cheeks.

"Never been called that before, but I guess you can call me whatever you want since you summoned me," she said casually, smiling at him lecherously.

"Jesus lady, what in the hell are you doing here? You're just waiting for some whackjob to come out here and tear you a new one," Jack said, picking himself up off the ground. The woman smiled still, biting her bottom lip.

"I suppose you've got a reason for being out here tonight? I'm sure you do. Who comes to a cemetery on Halloween night for nothing?" she joked, almost in a demeaning manner.

"For one, you I guess, unless you were just waiting for someone to walk by," Jack retorted, trying to sooth the pain in his arm. The woman rolled her green eyes and scoffed.

"You don't listen very well, do you? I already said that you summoned me no less than a minute ago. Now get over here, I'm getting impatient with you," she said, rapping her fingers against her knee. Jack furrowed his brow at her remark.

"The hell are you talking about? I'm leaving...whoever you are, I'd do the same if I were you. Oh, and you're naked. If a cop finds you, you're in deep shit." Jack hit himself mentally. He should just get out of here and leave her to her own business. Anyone who would sit naked in a cemetery on Halloween in a weird costume was definitely a nutjob of the highest degree.

Jack turned around and raised his hand in a sort of farewell gesture. He heard a whimper, and then a breeze crept by, but that was all. He wiped the blood off his hand and onto his shirt, hoping that he had done the laundry before getting to be last night. He didn't want to do it tonight, not after all the shit he'd been through already.

"Where in the hell do you think you're going? I never said you could leave," said the woman from a gravestone three places ahead. Jack stopped dead in his tracks and looked back. She wasn't where she had been only three or so seconds ago. How had...what? He must be dreaming or hallucinating or something. That thought made him smile at himself. How weird would it be for someone to see him talking to a gravestone like there was a person on it?

"Sure you didn't," Jack said to his imaginary woman.

"Hey, you summoned me. Now take responsibility for your actions," the woman growled, hopping off the gravestone and walking toward him, licking her fingers sensually. Jack tried to imagine the look on his own face at the moment. He guessed at something like boredom, and he shrugged.

And he soon found that his 'imaginary' woman wasn't so imaginary. This was particularly due to the fact that her, very real, fingers grasped his neck and forced him against a tombstone with the force of a football player hitting a training dummy. Jack's breath left him and he gasped for air. The woman stood up, glaring down at him.

"The fuck lady?! I didn't do anything to you!"

"That's exactly right, Jack. You didn't even touch me! Do you know how insulting that is to me! For you to summon me and then ignore me like I'm nothing at all? Do you know how horny that makes me?" she growled.

"Horny! What?! Look, I have no idea what in the hell you want with me, but I don't want any-fucking-thing to do with you!" Jack scrambled to his feet and hopped a low brick wall as fast as he could. His arm began to bleed again, but he ignored it. The night seemed colder, but he didn't care at all. The moon seemed brighter, but he didn't notice.

All he wanted to do was get the hell away from this woman before he ended up in the obituary tomorrow morning.

She suddenly appeared on top of another tombstone, much in the same position he had found her in. She gave him a mischievous grin and licked her lips slowly, pursing them slightly as if for a kiss afterward. Jack turned around and ran down a row of grave markers before she appeared on the stone wall marking the cemetery's limits.

Again, she had come out of nowhere and was sitting there, staring at him with eyes that looked like neon circlets with the moonlight behind her casting a shadow over her face. Jack backed away slowly and turned around to try again.

This time, she was right in front of him, and he could feel her warm breath on his face. The teen attempted to back away from her, but she had a spiked, steel-toed boot holding his right foot in place. Jack shivered as she leaned in and put her forehead against his, staring into his eyes.

"Come to mama," she cooed, leaning forward to kiss him roughly. Jack felt her pointed pink tongue pushed against his teeth, and it found entry into his mouth shortly thereafter. Before he knew it, her arms had him locked to her body and she leaned into the forced kiss.

Jack couldn't deny that this was like some kind of sick wet dream he'd had a few nights ago, but reality was much different. This woman was insane! She kept saying that he had summoned her like a demon! What in the hell was she, an actual demon? Jack was scared out of his mind. This woman was messed up in the head, bad. This wasn't like his wet dream anymore; it was a damned nightmare!

The teen bit her tongue, but it didn't seem to do anything at all but make her kiss more forceful and invasive. Jack managed to get an arm between them and pried her off him briefly. He stepped back and held a hand up to halt her second advance at him.

"Wait!" he gasped, "At least let me understand what's going on. What in the hell are you, lady? Because you are very obviously not normal," he finished.

"I'm the succubus you summoned from hell and then decided to throw away, jerk," she replied, reaching out to him again. Jack pushed his hand against hers to keep her at a relative distance. Okay, so she was a succubus from hell...yeah right!

"Fine, whatever. Alright, so next, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to have sex with you but you talk to damn much!" she yelled, grabbing his neck with both hands. Jack tried to remove her hands from his body, but she appeared to be far stronger than him, and her grip was unwavering.

"Well, then how did I summon you? I saw no dark circles or ceremonies or fucking magic books," Jack retorted. The succubus grinned widely and pulled him close to her face.

"You said the phrase three times in a night, in a graveyard, on Halloween. More than enough magic there to start a war, let alone summon just one little old me," she teased, licking the tip of his nose for no apparent reason other than to get him even more hot and bothered, which it succeeded in doing.

"What did I say? 'Fucking hell'?"

"You're going for two of us! Oh, kid, you're so ambitious! I wonder if Ekana will finally get out of hell for once," she said, almost as if she weren't about to strangle him at the moment.


"Nothing. Just get your pants off and fuck me like you really love me," she commanded sternly. Jack paled visibly. Sex? She was a complete stranger, probably mentally disturbed as well, trying to have sex with him in a graveyard on Halloween night.

Something was definitely fucked up here, no doubt about it.

Wait, lady, I don't even know your name. And what do you expect me to believe about your story?"

"My name is Elassa. And I expect you to believe every part of the story I just told you. You didn't summon me to talk; you summoned me for sex. Now sit down," she growled impatiently. Jack raised his hands in surrender and stepped back.

"Okay Elassa, just wait a minute. I didn't even mean to summon you. You came from hell, and I don't want to go there, and I probably will if I have sex with you. Fire and lava and being tortured aren't exactly my thing," he explained, edging away from her.

Elassa scowled and folded her arms under her chest, pushing her already excessively large breasts against each other. Jack tried to cover up the growing bulge in his jeans. The woman licked her lips and then lifted a breast to her mouth, suckling on it gently. She moaned.

Jack turned around and started running again. This woman was going to do something to him, he just knew it! Jack leapt over a wooden bench and his foot snagged on the edge. Somehow, his face slammed into the table and stars flashed in front of his eyes. He felt something pulling him back, and he kicked at it.

"Get back here, boy. I haven't had any fun with you yet you little rat," growled Elassa.

"Fuck! Off! Psycho!"

"Oh yeah," she said. "Call me nasty names Jack. Get me horny again, come on baby," she continued, grabbing his belt. She managed to unbuckle it and pull his pants off, grinning wildly. Jack kicked out of his shoes and Elassa ripped his shirt off as well, leaving him in only his boxers. The woman gave him a sultry look and then pushed him flat on the table, hand on the waistband of his boxers.

"Fuck you."

"Oh, I'm sure you'd love to do that about now," Elassa replied steamy voice, rubbing her cheek on his tented boxers. Jack grabbed the edge of the table to keep himself from doubling over. Elassa licked him through his boxers.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out. Oh gods yes, so hard," she murmured. In one motion, Elassa stripped his boxers off and grabbed the base of his throbbing cock with a firm hand. She stroked him gently, giving him a naughty grin while she licked the fingers on her other hand. Her pumping got a bit faster and she played with the tip of his engorged glans with her index finger. She pushed against the tip, giggling at his fidgeting and trembling.

"W-Wait a minute here. Are yo – ah – very sure that..."

"Shut up and let me fuck you how I want to," she snapped, rising onto the table and sitting on his crotch, pushing his cock so that it looked back up at him. Elassa slid her body up and down his hard cock, head thrown back and weird wings stretched out to either side. Jack trembled more out of fear than anything at the moment. For all he knew, she wanted to take him down to hell!

She grabbed his cock again and raised her hips from him, a thin string of her womanly juices still clinging to the both of them. She sank down just enough to put his glans against her pussy, biting her lower lip. She grabbed a clump of his hair with the other.

"God, why are you so horny?!" Jack questioned, trying to put together the pieces and figure out just what exactly she wanted with him.

"Oh, I love trickery, like when you outsmarted those two guys, oh! That made me so wet, I could barely stand it! All your wicked and cynical thoughts! Gods, you make me so horny, everything, even the way you deny me! I love having to work for a good fuck!" she yelled, impaling herself on his dick. Jack squeezed his eyes shut as she bounced up and down on his hips, moaning with every downward thrust of her pelvis.

By now, both of her hands were tangled in his short brown hair, pulling and yanking as she pounded herself against him. Above his head, her full, abundant tits recoiled in rhythm with her hips. He grabbed them and squeezed them tightly, a nipple between the index and middle fingers of each hand. She screamed his name and rolled her hips harder.

Jack could scarcely tell what she was screaming because his ears were ringing. She hit all the good spots on his cock with every plunge down and pull up. Goddamn she felt like something out of a dream! Her pussy was tight and wet like he'd been told by his grandfather it should feel like. Elassa screamed again and jerked her body forward uncontrollably.

Jack felt her begin to tighten up again and pushed back up against her. She pulled his hair even harder and smiled eerily.

"Gods do I love virgins! C'mon kid, show me what you've got!" she ordered. Jack rolled her onto her back and a surprised look passed across her face. The teen slammed their bodies together and crushed her lips in an almost violent kiss. He forced himself deeper into her pussy, exploring more of her body with every thrust. He felt resistance in every direction and a godly feeling took him over.

He pulled away from the kiss and Elassa clasped her hands around the back of his neck. A smile graced her pale purple lips. She stared into his eyes with a gaze of lust and imposing power, as if commanding him to keep going at any cost. Jack gave her a feral grin and felt his peak nearing.

His thrusts went harder and deeper as he drew nearer to the close of losing his virginity. Elassa helped him along with her own rhythmic movements, rolling her hips against his. Jack felt a familiar feeling crawling up his cock and he locked eyes with Elassa.

"I'm about to-"

"You can do it baby, just a little bit more and you're mine," she whispered huskily. Jack watched with all eagerness as a red flush passed across her cheeks and she closed her eyes. "Let it all out baby, right into me, c'mon."

Jack reached his climax and pulled her hips to his with all the force he could muster. He plastered semen inside of her body and Elassa cried out in pleasure, arching her back so much that her navel was flat against his own. Jack rode out his orgasm with waning force. Having lost his virginity, he should have felt exhilaration or excitement, but what he felt now was drowsiness and fatigue. What was wrong with him?

He blinked hard to ward off the desire to let himself nod off.

"Hey..." he began, panting as he spoke. "I lost...my virgin...ity to a woman I don't...even know. And on Halloween too. Damn it granddad...you were right."

"Hey Jack."


"You're a pretty good fuck...for a virgin at least," Elassa teased, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. Jack put his hands on the table to keep himself up as he glanced around for his clothes. She had thrown his boxers on the ground and his pants were clinging to the side of the tabletop. His belt was nowhere to be found.

Sirens blared at the cemetery gates and Jack fell back off the table, scrambling to his feet. Car doors closed and he pulled on his boxers and grabbed his pants. A flashlight beam swept around near him and he fumbled with his jeans, pulling himself to his feet.

"Hey, stop there!" the officer yelled. Jack gave up on trying to find his belt and left his socks and shoes on the ground. He had to get the hell out of here or he was screwed! Elassa was already at the ten-foot brick wall about fifty feet ahead that marked the cemetery limits. Jack's apartment complex was only three streets and four back yards away now.

"Hurry up, or you'll be in big trouble," Elassa said in a sing-song voice.

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