tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 03

Cemetery Summons Ch. 03


Usually, the drive to the mall in Jack's nondescript four-door sedan was quite enjoyable, with only one stoplight right outside of his apartment complex and then a long stretch of road for him to cruise down with no stops until he got to the mall. Normally, he would have the music on and tuned in to his favorite station.

Not today.

Today was a bit different. His car trip was silent and tense. His passenger stared at him the entire way to the mall, her cold, lime green eyes staring intently at him while he tried to remain focused on driving. Somehow, she seemed to know how to get him hot and bothered. He found a parking space and heaved a sigh in relief.

Then he put his head down on the steering wheel and groaned. Elassa watched him for some time as he repeatedly hit his head against the edge of the leather-bound wheel, a frustrated look on his face.

"What's the matter Jack?" she feigned sweetly.

"I have to walk into Victoria's Secret with you, find you a bra size, and manage to shell out enough cash to find something that fits you. And all this without looking like I'm still a virgin. Crap..."

"Hey, don't be so down. I'll suck you off in there if we find a nice place to be alone," she suggested, trailing a finger up his thigh. Jack opened his door and got out of the car. He locked up as they walked toward the mall. Somehow, he knew that things weren't going to end well in here.

Inside, Jack looked at the directory and found Victoria's Secret after a good bit of searching. (He'd never needed to go there before, due to his lack of actually getting past second base with any of his girlfriends) Elassa followed him to the second floor, and got him sidetracked at store for swimsuits and the like.

She dragged him into the store with a sneaky grin written all over her features. She walked around idly while Jack checked his wallet for cash. He was going to have to get gas on the way back. Lucky him, with how expensive the crap was these days. He took some comfort in that he had enough money to get just about anything she could want for now.

He followed her down one of the isles and she picked out a swimsuit, turning to show him what it looked like draped over her shirt. He immediately flushed deep crimson when she raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, so you do think it looks good on me then," she beamed provocatively. What she had in her hand was a white bikini that looked as if it had been made for someone half her size and excess. The two triangles of fabric meant to contain her huge bust were barely enough to cover where her areoles would be.

It scared him to think that he knew her anatomy that well.

"Elassa, let's just go and get your clothes so we can leave. There's something in it for you if we get home in time for dinner," he proposed. Elassa's eyes narrowed to slits.

"You sick fuck."

The voice didn't belong to Elassa.

Both Jack and the succubus turned to face a girl about Jack's age, her face red with anger. Jack thought he recognized her, but he couldn't remember where he had seen her before. The girl stomped over to him and gave Jack a hard slap in the face. He stared in disbelief at the girl. What in God's name was wrong with her?!

"Can you tell me why exactly you're hitting m-" she slapped him again before he could finish his question. Jack raised his head and grabbed her wrist, glaring at her.

"Let me go," she ordered. Jack growled.

"Why the fuck are you hitting me?"

"You're playing games with that poor girl, like she's a toy or something," the girl answered. Elassa arched her thin, silvery eyebrows and flashed a smile at the girl. She wrapped her arms around Jack's chest and licked the shell of his ear with her sinfully long tongue. When she spoke, her breath was hot and lusty.

"Oh, child, you have no idea what kind of games I'm playing with him. You've got our positions mixed up."

"What?" questioned the confused girl.

"Nothing," chirped Elassa cheerfully, pinching Jack's cheek. She turned him around and took the wallet from his hands.

"Elassa, that doesn't even fit you!"

"All the more reason to buy it," she replied to Jack with a smile still present on her face. Jack, however begrudgingly, bought the two-sizes-too-small swimsuit for her and they were back on their original task of getting her a decent pair of undergarments and some clothes that actually fit her.

"Fuck, that girl slaps hard," Jack murmured. Elassa giggled.

"Oh Jack, you haven't had me rake my nails down your back yet, nor have I even begun to ride you. If that tiny little slap hurt, then you're going to cry when we have sex again," she idly explained, getting Jack more than a few strange or envious looks.

At Victoria's Secret, Jack couldn't really have been any more embarrassed. When Elassa walked in, every woman in the store stared at her (after giving themselves a quick once-over) and then stared at Jack. The teen walked up to the counter and a pretty girl with long, dark red hair and grayish-green eyes smiled at him.

"Hello there. Do you need help finding something, sir?"

"Uh, well..." Jack's face turned red as he spoke. "I need to find something that can fit my girlfriend," he finished. Elassa walked up and kissed Jack on the cheek.

"Jesus Christ you have a chest," said the store clerk, eyes wide. Elassa stuck out her chest with a grin.

"Why thank you. Now if I could just get my man to tell me that, I'd be a happy girl." Jack rolled his eyes and the store clerk took out measuring tape.

"Well, I'll measure you to make sure, but you look like you're somewhere in the F range. Um, let me measure you real quick."

"Would it be more accurate if you just measured my bare chest?" Elassa asked. The store clerk shrugged.

"I guess. If you want the most comfortable size, then I guess we can arrange something. Come on back to the dressing room for a minute." The store clerk called another store worker to take over the counter while she led Elassa back to the dressing room. Jack was left standing at the counter like some pervert. The new clerk rapped her knuckles on the countertop and drew Jack's attention.

"That was your girlfriend there?" she asked, flipping blonde hair out of her blue eyes.


"How'd you two meet?"

"Well, it's a little bit of a mystery even to me. I was walking home through the cemetery right off of Breyn Street, and she just kind of found me. And I guess that's when she became my girlfriend," Jack answered, wishing that Elassa would hurry up.

A loud squeak came from the back of the store and Jack leaned sideways as the redhead from before poked her head around the corner, a confused look on her face.

"How in God's name did you get that tape around her like that? She almost hit me in the face with those things!" she exclaimed, causing Jack's pink-tinged cheeks to turn cherry red again. He could hear Elassa's laughter from beck in the dressing room and shook his head with dismay.

"So, you two been going out long?" the blonde clerk asked. Jack shrugged.

"Long enough for me to get over the fact that she's always hungry for me," he replied, scratching the back of his head. He heard a bit of noise again from the direction of his busty succubus and managed to ignore it for the most part. Why did she have to make such a ruckus about getting underwear? The longer Jack stayed her, the more embarrassed he felt.

"So..." the clerk began again. "If you don't mind me asking; you two have had sex, right?"

"Yeah, we have."

"You're pretty lucky to have someone like her as your girlfriend. You don't look too old. How old are you anyway?"

"Nineteen," Jack said, hearing his name from the dressing room. Before the clerk could say anything else, Elassa walked around the corner with a bra covering her chest. She licked her teeth sensually and leaned forward, letting her contained chest become more pronounced.

"Oh Jack. I may found my size. I'd be very happy if you could take me to get some clothes now, if you would. Or if you want to take me home right away, that's fine too," she suggested. Jack sighed.

"Alright, I get it, you win. Just put some clothes on and we'll go wherever you want to, okay? Just put those away," Jack pleaded. Elassa returned to the dressing room and appeared again with the store clerk and her black shirt on. Jack paid for her lingerie and they left the store immediately. Elassa giggled when Jack flinched at the touch of her hand against his arm.

"Don't be so nervous. It's like you're embarrassed of me or something," joked the succubus. Jack scoffed.

"Yeah, well, you're used to being stared at for being beautiful. I'm just in the background in this situation, regular old me," Jack said, pinching the bridge of his nose briefly.

"Just remember, at the end of the day, all they get to do is stare. You get to do much more, and that's not just with my pussy either. You still have yet to utilize my chest, master."

"Whatever. Let's just get to Macy's or something and get something that fits you. I just want to get the hell out of here before someone I know finds me and wants to know why I have a supermodel-looking woman hanging off me."

"Jack, how sweet. Just for that little comment, you just earned rights to my entire body tonight, every dip and curve, every hole, every little moan. They're all yours tonight." She locked her arm in his at the elbow and pushed one of her 36FFF-sized breasts against him.

"Haven't they always been?" he replied with a smirk. Elassa laughed.

"I'm glad it was you who summoned me, really, I am. Only you would be able to surprise me like that, Jack. But you'll know when I am completely relinquishing myself to you, trust me. I've not yet shown you how horny I get." Elassa pushed Jack into the store and let go of his arm. She eagerly began to pick out her desired clothes, all kinds of shorts and tight-fitting shirts and other things that didn't look like they fit her at all.

Jack looked at his wallet again and whimpered. She was going to spend all his leftover cash in one day at this rate. He looked around for her, and upon not finding her, figured that she must be in the dressing room.

He waited around for a while before Elassa's arm came out from behind the corner, curling her finger for Jack to go to her. He shrugged and walked over to the dressing room, turning the corner. Elassa suddenly dragged him into the dressing room and locked the door behind him. She turned to face the door.


"Zip me, would you?" she asked innocently, referring to the zipper on her short denim skirt. Jack's brow creased when he saw that the zipper was already done to the top.

"It's already zipped up. What do you want me to do?"

"Unzip me of course. Remember what I said before? We finally found a place to be alone, Jack. And I'm going to squeeze all your anxiety right out of that cock of yours. Now unzip me and get these clothes off me. It's so uncomfortable having to cover myself up." Elassa stuck her backside out at him, pulling the skirt tight across her ass. Jack grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around.

"Not here," he ordered. Elassa smiled and then pinched his cheek.

"You're getting the hang of this. Fine then, we'll finish this little game in the car."


Jack slammed his car door shut and wailed with anguish as he looked into his nigh empty wallet. Elassa had bought around ten outfits to wear on a regular basis, two that were a little more to wear in private, and three to relax in. And it had almost broken Jack's bank. He barely had enough money left to stop and get gas. The door opposite his opened and closed, the vehicle's second passenger and baggage in the passenger seat quietly.

Jack hardly gave Elassa even a glance as he put his car in reverse and backed out. He shifted into drive and left the mall with a bored and tired look on his face. Goddamnit, did that woman hate him so much that she wanted to suck him dry financially. Jesus, she really was evil!

Jack's hands suddenly jerked and his car swerved slightly. The veins on his neck stood out like angry blue snakes and he fumed with anger.

"Elassa!" he yelled. Her hand retracted from his crotch.

"Oh, were you doing something important?" She reached down again and began petting his crotch again. Jack gritted his teeth in anger, but did nothing more. He felt her fingers begin to undo the button on his jeans, but he said nothing.

Yelling at her apparently didn't work, and hitting her was like trying to knock down a brick wall with a pillow. And he had just about zero control over her when she started up like this. And so, he resigned himself to her wishes. While trying to keep his attention on driving, Jack could consciously register the unzipping of his jeans and his stiffening cock in Elassa's hand.

"Seriously, this if fucking shit Elassa. I'm trying to drive here."

"If you're in a hurry to go nowhere, then pull over." Elassa began to stroke him once she deemed him sufficiently hard for it.

"I'll get questioned by a cop, and then I'll get arrested for indecent exposure."

"Then maybe you should just finish faster and we could get back to your apartment?" she offered, slowing the pace of her hand. Jack growled at her, glanced over, put his hand behind her head, and slammed her face into his crotch. He shoved himself as far down her throat as could be allowed, but she didn't resist, or even gag. She began to eagerly suck his cock, tightening her throat as her head began to bob up and down.

Jack kept one hand on her head and one on the wheel, somehow managing to keep driving while her long tongue played with the sensitive skin just under his engorged glans. Elassa moaned, vibrations reverberating through Jack's entire crotch. His hips bucked against her face, but she didn't lose rhythm. In fact, it only seemed to make her go faster.

"Jesus, how am I going to get out to pump gas like this?" Jack asked himself as he pulled into the gas station. Elassa unbuckled her seatbelt as Jack pulled up to the pump. She removed herself from him, a wicked grin on her face.

"If you touch yourself while I'm doing this, then I'll never, ever, have sex with you again. Now give me some cash. I have to pay inside." Jack handed her his wallet and she scampered off to the gas pump. Jack grabbed the wheel with both hands to keep them off his throbbing erection.

He gritted his teeth, squeezed the wheel, flexed his legs, anything to get his mind's attention away from the yearning in his loins. He was going to kill that woman, stab her to death with a kitchen knife or something. How could she just leave him like this?!

Jack watched with irritation as Elassa rolled her hips around idly while she was waiting, earning more than few looks from two guys filling up an oversized truck with wheels that looked like they belonged on an army humvee. Elassa finished filling up the car and walked into the gas station to pay.

Upon coming out of the building, both guys approached her and began acting a little 'too friendly' for Jack's taste. Elassa seemed perfectly fine with it though, apparently not caring in the slightest. With an unpleasant groan, Jack zipped up his pants and opened his door.

"Elassa," Jack warned. She glanced at him, leered, and then paid no more attention to him. Jack muttered a curse under his breath and got out of his car, slamming the door shut hard. Hands in his pockets, he walked up to the succubus with a straight face.

"Oh, Jack, hello. You want me to come and finish you off, right?"

"Whoa," said the first guy, a short, broad teen that looked about Jack's age. "Hold up baby. We just got started talking. Don't leave so soon."

"I think it's best that you just let her leave," Jack said, hoping that this was enough to persuade the guy. Instead, it only provoked the other one, who looked a bit older and with a tacky, green mohawk and three lip piercings.

"Hey, back off buddy. If she wants to talk to us, then fuck off."

"Hey, asshole, step off or I'll pull those fucking piercings out of your ugly fucking face," Jack threatened, pulling his hands from his pockets. Mohawk-head apparently couldn't keep his cool, and threw a hard punch at Jack's face.

Leaning back, the blow went straight over Jack's head, and he hooked his arm into the other guy's elbow. Pulling down with a quick motion, Mohawk-head was thrown to the ground and hit his head on the concrete. The other, shorter one of the two backed away, apparently not in the mood or mindset to fight, even though he looked like he could hold his own easily.

"Derek, just let it go. This guy looks like serious shit," said the shorter one.

Derek got back up and balled his fists again, glaring.

"Fuck off Andy. I can handle this one. I'm a fucking black belt, remember?"

"Just great," remarked Jack. "Another self-righteous faggot who took Taekwondo and thinks he's tough shit." At that statement, Elassa laughed aloud and Derek kicked for Jack's knees. Stepping back, Jack swept his foot behind Derek's ankle and pulled. The black belt's leg came down on the ground nearly two feet from where he had expected, and he nearly did the splits trying to keep from falling. Jack kicked him in the nose and sent him to the ground.


"Don't pull that martial arts bullshit on me. I learned more from watching Systema videos on Youtube than you did with hundred-dollar lessons at the dojo downtown. C'mon Elassa, let's go if you're through here."

That wasn't a request directed at her. It was a statement. He was telling her to leave with him, and she wasn't going to question him. Jack returned to his car, made sure everything was in order at the pump, and pulled out of the gas station. Elassa licked her lips sensually and hummed in a low tone. Jack paid her no attention as she reached for his jeans.

"Oh Jack, that was amazing. I love it when you talk down to people; it gets me so horny."

"Forget it," Jack declared, keeping his eyes on the road ahead. He continued to ignore her, even when her hand reached his zipper. He clenched his jaw and tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Elassa stopped.

"You're that angry?"

"Forget having sex, or even touching me. You can sleep on a bed of nails tonight for all I care," he snorted. Elassa sat straight up and folded her arms across her chest, a smugness about her person like an aura almost. A corner of her mouth curled up.

"You think you can resist me of all people?" she asked, confident that Jack wasn't going to hold out. Instead, the teen took a deep breath and then narrowed his eyes.

"After you just left me there? You sat there and talked to those two guys while I was waiting, waiting for you to get back and finish sucking me off. And then you didn't come back. Fuck you, all the way back to hell. You're getting nothing tonight." Elassa tried to protest, but a sideward glare from Jack's cold blue eyes kept her silent. She slumped in her seat and pouted like a child, but Jack didn't say any words of consolation. He simply drove them back to his apartment complex in utter silence. The drive was a bit less tense, albeit a little boring though.

At the complex, Jack parked and left his car, slamming the door shut behind him as he pressed the lock button twice. His car barked its signature lock noise in return as Jack walked up the steps to his apartment, and unlocked it with the key. Inside, he threw his shirt on the couch and walked into the laundry room. He heard the front door close and started pulling clothes out of the washing machine.

"Jack! Don't be so mean to me!" wailed Elassa from the couch. Jack shut the dryer door after putting in a dryer sheet and turned the machine on. It buzzed in refusal, and he pushed the knob again. This time, it turned on and began its job.

He began stuffing the pile of clothes on the floor into the washing machine, checking the pockets like he had been taught by his mother as a kid. He found a twenty in a pair of shorts and stuffed it into his pocket. Elassa was still in the next room, still pouting in a vain attempt to get him to relent.

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