tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 25

Cemetery Summons Ch. 25


The next morning, Anatithenai was waiting for him on her knees with reddened, sad eyes that had obviously cried recently for no short amount of time. The incubus slowly pushed himself up and managed to scrounge around for his clothes before the great demon took him into her arms and crushed him against her curvaceous, semi-solid form.

"My daughter has become one being again," she said sadly, cradling Jack in her embrace as if he were and answer to her woe's fixing.

Jack sighed. "She finally left?" he asked solemnly.

"Yes. She bade me wish you luck, and then she said that if you two did not meet again, that you were her only, truest love, and that she would love you even after death did you part," relayed the demon to Jack sadly, tears streaming down her cheeks as darkened purple stains upon a shimmering, translucent blue face.

"If she's back there, then that means Anthony is with her. Anatithenai, there's not much to worry about now. If they're together, there's not much that can scratch them." The incubus pushed gently from the embrace and stared into the navy blue eyes of his future mother-in-law.

"You trust the human?"

"With my life," Jack replied without hesitation, and then stood. The slime, as she had referred herself to being the first, rose with him and gathered the remained of his clothing. She dressed him for battle, and very gently took his sheathed blade and placed it in his hands.

"If my daughter is fighting a war of her own, then we shall finish ours with all due haste and join her. Dalaria is going to serve as the object of her vengeance, and mine, and yours. I will make sure that Anathane is able to take part in her overdue demise."

The two left Jack's tent and met with the others. (excluding Grymir and Kadae, for the battle had begun before sunrise and they were on the march currently) They looked armed for the coming fight, and Jack had little to say to them besides that they should stay alive for the party that was going to be held at his wedding, which he promised would include an orgy that few could say they had seen the rival of, or would claim for the next thousand years.

After the relative pleasantries were exchanged, they marched on Dalaria's ring of defense, and when they arrived within bowshot of the walls, they found a place of carnage and death. Thousands lay dead on the ground before the mighty walls of black stone and mortar. Still, the defense held and the walls teemed with soldiers in Dalaria's service. Anatithenai made for the nearest tower, but Jack stopped her before the guards atop the wall took notice of her.

"Hold on!" he said.

"I am going to tear this wall down piece by piece to find that whore!" Anatithenai snarled.

"Well, at least let everyone get behind you. We need a plan before we can run up there. You see what they've done to Grymir's army so far. I don't want it to happen to us too," Jack said, hoping that his acting more confident would make up for Anathane's absence.

Anatithenai yielded, but only just so.

The group gathered, and the plan was laid out to penetrate the wall in a double attack. First, Anatithenai would move out alone and draw as much attention as she could before hugging the wall itself and avoiding the bolts of light arcing down from the towers and the storm of arrows from behind the wall.

Next, Volna and all the troops that could be mustered, would follow in suit and Anatithenai would pushed them atop the walls, where they would fan out and dismantle the defenses nearby by killing the warlocks using their magic from the safety of the towers.

Meanwhile, Anatithenai would be dismantling the wall herself and creating an entrance for the Army of Darkness, who for all its size and skill, was unable to mount or penetrate the wall as of yet in any place. The defenders simply had too many men too well entrenched in their defenses to yield easily. And speed was of the essence.

As soon as the plan was set, Anatithenai began, hurling herself forward with hundreds of members of the Army of Darkness at her flanks. A hail of arrows came down around her, decimating the shade-like warriors around her. The arrows passed through her liquid form like she wasn't even there, and she continued unfazed and enraged still.

Jack looked upon her like she was an avatar of death, a mighty angel send by God to smite those that had wronged the world of man in an epic storm of divine punishment and anger. She fit the description perfectly, for she didn't wait for Volna and the others to start moving before she began tearing at the walls, sinking her fingers into the very flesh of the stone, tearing it out in great chunks to spread on the ground around her. White flashes of light blasted craters in the ground behind her, but she paid less than no attention to them as she drove her hands into the stone, and yanked free more and more pieces at a time.

Her companions reached her with few casualties, and she wrapped them from the waist down in her own essence, raising them with tendrils of her body up to the top of the wall, where the defenders were ill-prepared to face them in close quarters.

Volna and Veshana were the first to enter the fray, and as soon as Veshana's huge blade caught flesh, the battle had been decided. She slew the defenders in droves, each sweep of her massive blade cleaving away more than half a man at a time. With a great roar, she impaled four archers on her blade, and tossed them over the wall to add to the blood and chaos below.

Anatithenai nearly threw Jack up with the others when it came to be his turn to ascend. Once the stones were beneath his feet, he was ducking for cover and had his sword drawn. Apparently, the archers behind the wall were now picking them off from where they stood. Jack and the others served an easy target, as they had no cover from the deadly accuracy of their foes.

Jack met up with Ekana, who shouted insults down at the archers below, fangs and claws bared in anger. She threatened them with some things that made Jack's blood run cold just to hear. Two arrows passed through one of her wings and she shuddered violently.

"Having fun?" Jack asked.

"You have no idea how much that turned me on, Jack. But fuck, if one really gets me, then I could be done for. If I could tear their fucking throats out from here, I would do it in a heartbeat."

"Then let's go. We can jump down, right?" Jack offered, watching the expression on the succubus' face change to a sly grin.

"You really wanna try throwing your life away like that?" she asked, even though she flared her wings and motioned for several others to come over. "Well, looks like she found ourselves a daring leader here."

"Doesn't look it," said Jaelani, winking at Jack.

"Whatever. Let's just go before more of them get here," Jack said, leaping off the wall with his blade raised over his head. His eyes erupted into white flames, and his wings sprouted from his back in an instant. He let out an incoherent roar and slammed feet-first into an archer whose expression was between fear and sheer disbelief that a human meteor was falling out of the sky toward him.

Jack cleaved an arm off and blood splashed over his leather jerkin. He was so scared that he could hardly think straight beyond instinct, and barely dodged the short blades swung at him. More of his allies packed around him, Ekana especially staying near his side and slashing anyone willing to enter her long, deadly reach.

Jack parried a blow from an armored soldier with a two-handed sword and full armor. The incubus realized suddenly, that this man had seen an infinite number of battles more than Jack had, and he was an excellent swordsman because of it.

He barely managed to dodge and squirm out of the way of every lighting-quick blow, striving just to stay away from the sharp point and edge of his opponent's blade. He made no offensive move, and soon found himself unable to keep his body out of harm's way. The soldier slashed his arm and Jack yelped in pain.

A pair of wounds appeared on his side, and luckily, the chainmail took most of the impact for him, but still left him with blood seeping through the links. Jack gave an animalistic cry and sliced his foe's blade in half, cutting through armor and flesh as well. The demon's eyes rolled back in his head and he fell, coughing up blood. Jack stabbed down through his stomach and finished him off. He felt lucky that his blade was sharp enough to cut anything he hit hard enough. He'd have to thank Anathane again later for that.

He cleaved a bow in half and kicked its owner in the knees, sending the archer to the ground. Jack slashed his side and Ekana leapt upon the poor demon, tearing him to pieces in seconds. She raised a howl in satisfaction and bounded into another archer nocking an arrow on his bow.

Suddenly, a swell of warriors pushed past Jack and the others and swarmed among the archers and the approaching soldiers with great swiftness and ease. Jack relaxed his defense a little in the wake of the Army of Darkness' advance, and Ekana backed away from the fore of the battle toward him, taking up the role of Anathane's clones for the time being.

"Well, it was fun while it lasted," she muttered. "I haven't had an excuse to kill anyone in a great long while, so this was good for me."

"I'm just glad you could get your frustration out like this," Jack said, alluding to something he's been subject to in the recent past.

Ekana gave him a sideward glance. "Don't think I won't ever try again, pussy. I can roll all over you and you'll just let me like always. Because I'm the only one who'll go through with her idle threats," the said, tracing the underside of his jaw with a single bloody claw in the most seductive manner she could.

"Not while he's under my care," said a powerful voice.

Both Ekana and Jack turned to see Anatithenai approaching, her giant fists shrinking back to their normal sizes now that the wall was breached and the Army of Darkness taking up the task of dismantling the wall further to allow greater access to the hinterlands of the Sanctuary of the Underworld.

"Well, aren't you late to getting up there? I thought you were gonna stay at the front the whole time until we found Dalaria?" Jack said, confused.

Anatithenai looked down at him and smiled. "Anathane made me promise to protect you, and so I'm going to do that now. I could split myself into pieces, but then I wouldn't be me anymore."

"You mean like Anathane?" Ekana asked, licking the blood off her hands between words.

"No. Anathane can absorb the parts back into the whole after they split. If I split, then it is permanent and there is an entirely new being independent of my will. I could do that, but I fear that she would not be so...sensitive to my precious flower's wishes for me not to further divide her fiancé's attention."

"Oh, well, let's not have that happen," Jack said with reddened cheeks.

"Let's get moving. I'm sure the faster we break Dalaria's defenses, the sooner she will call off the attack on Anathane and my daughter will join us with the warlock." Anatithenai paused for a moment, and then she gave Jack a half, smile. "That warlock was quite interesting. I shall have to ask his lover for permission to steal a bit of his time."


Meanwhile, Anthony sat inside of Anathane's greater form, surrounded by the copies of the great demon that were mustered from the depths of God-knows-where to defend who they referred to as 'the core'. Apparently, she was the most ancient and profoundly confusing of all the Anathanes there were. She was the one that took all the information they possessed and processed it.

Anthony had very little parts to play in the grand scheme of things, now that he had been sucked back into this place and reunited with his body, which he found had been abused severely by the numerous naked forms around him that stared at his erect manhood so affectionately. Many of them had seen fit to use him while he had been 'sleeping', that is, while his body and soul had been two different forms.

The core hadn't stopped them, and she had said she would explain why, but never got around to doing that because of Dalaria's minions. Right now, they were swarming her body like a million tiny ants on the back of a beached whale. Anathane said that she was in little danger of dying now that he was here, but so far, Anthony couldn't tell why, for he had done nothing but sit here for several hours before the core.

As if she were reading his thoughts, she addressed him sweetly after a dozen or so clones hurried off down a corridor.

"Anthony, come here," she said. "I'm sorry I put you off for so long, but it's not everyday I have to defend myself. I would be down there with Jack if Dalaria hadn't used binding magic to keep me here. But now that I'm completely here again, I'm going to use you to break those spells and free myself."

She smiled warmly at him, causing a chill to run down his spine.

"I get the feeling this involves a lot more than just my blood, huh?" Anthony guessed.

"You are more perceptive than they give you credit for, Anthony. Tell me, have you lost your sight completely by any chance?" She was so blunt about it that Anthony knew she couldn't have meant to hurt him with the question.

"Yeah, but I can feel you guys around me. It's weird. Are all blind people like this?"

"No," replied the demon, "Just you warlocks."

"Alright then. Well, now that I've got the time to ask you; what part do I play in you fighting all these other demons? I can't really kill them but one at a time, and even then, I run a high risk of, you know, being killed myself. You know, being blind and all?"

"Oh, no, I never expected or planned for you to be out there fighting. Satan forbid I risk you without Kan's approval! But, I do have plans for you. How much do you know about rituals having to do with intensity?" she asked.

"Intensity?" Anthony repeated. "As in strengthening someone physically? Only a little. I know that it needs a lot of sexual energy..." His voice faded.

Well, shit.

"You see where this is going, don't you?" she guessed.

"Well, might as well happen now rather than when it's too late," Anthony offered. His body was reeling at the fact that he was about to fuck possibly the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes upon, well, besides Kan. Kan was his pride and joy and he would rank her above everyone else when it came down to it. But damn, Anathane was hardly what someone would call an unlucky find.

"I agree. And though it will not be me who is the one arousing you, I hope you can still find pleasure in saving me," she said. With a snap of her fingers, which Anthony assumed was just a formality or courtesy for him, the floor opened up and Anthony slid down a tunnel that deposited him a long way down beneath the core's room.

Here, the air was thick and humid, and smelled of sweat and toil and sex. Suddenly, Anthony grew uneasy and began to have second thoughts and doubts about agreeing to see a new Anathane to be his partner in sex. Something about this place made him think that she was going to enjoy being on top far too much.

But, even so, he got to his feet and walked, hands forward to alert him to anything in his path, toward the woman he could feel was nearby. He stumbled a little, and used the wall as a guide until the woman noticed him after about a minute of dumb movement on Anthony's part. He heard her stand and walk over to him.

"I know you. You're that guy, Jack's friend, right? Did the core send you?"

"Yeah," Anthony answered, trying not to enjoy the scent that pervaded the demon's entire body. Anthony felt a little guilty that the image of a sweaty, panting Anathane turned him on, a lot.

"Well then, let's get to work. Put your arms around me and we'll get started." Anthony reached out and she gently took him by the wrist and put his hand against her back. Anthony found several cables sticking out of her back, and with his other hand, felt more. He counted ten in all.

"What are these?" asked the warlock curiously, tugging a little on one of the cables.

Anathane sighed. "If the core is the soul of Anathane. And, I guess in terms of anatomy, I'm the heart. I keep things running around here, no matter what it is or does, my work makes it do what it needs to. Those tubes are the arteries and veins."

"Oh," Anthony said dumbly. "Must be a hard job."

"It's a lonely job, fantasizing alone to keep everyone else happy. But I have a little company now."

She pulled Anthony down to his knees and followed in suit, straddling him on her knees. Anthony wanted to look at her, but his blindness prevented him from doing so. Anathane sighed again, and lowered herself onto his rigid erection. Anthony ground his teeth.

"Sounds like you have a lot of work to do around here," he said, holding onto her tightly. A thrum of energy pulsated from her body like the continual beating of a giant drum.

"Usually there isn't much to do around here, but recently, things have gotten very tumultuous. It's been a very long time since the core has asked me to work harder." She started to bounce up and down on his cock, and it had been so long for Anthony since he'd even had a cock connected to his body that he was going crazy on the inside. It was all he could do not to howl.

"Could ya...maybe, go a little faster?" he asked, trying not to sound like a jackass.

"Sure thing," she said. She quickened her pace and Anthony found himself thoroughly enjoying the subtle actions her body took to pleasure him. It was like that time with Limarei; her insides tried to suck him back in as their sexes parted. But this was different.

Every inch of her pussy seemed to act of its own accord, twisting different ways, tickling him, weaving gently around him. He was panting after a few minutes of it all. He could hardly stand the methodic, exact rhythm that Anathane had set.

She was like a piston; up and down, up and down, no extra movements, nothing special. She simply set a rhythm and motion, and repeated it a thousand times over. Anthony had never had the same places pleasured like this again and again in quick succession. His hips jerked of their own accord as her juices made both their sexes slick.

"I'm gonna cum soon if you keep it up like this," Anthony panted, squeezing the cables that jutted from the demon's skin.

"Good," she said, and quickened her pace. Not only that, but everything inside of her suddenly switched directions and began moving and weaving and twisting in reverse. Anthony felt his eyes roll back in his head for a second before he regained control of himself. There was no way anything could feel this good.

"You ready?" he asked her.

Her reply came in the form of a deep kiss. Her tongue was in the back of his throat before he could even tell that their lips had touched, and it took him much effort to get his own tongue around it. While his attention had left his hips, she sank down and waited, letting the motions of her insides do the work.

Anthony felt an orgasm slam his mind into a state of euphoria and his entire body went slack. He plaster her insides with semen for what seemed like hours. She grabbed him in both arms and cradled him against her body until he raised his arms again and blinked away the urge to quit. While he collected himself, he heard her panting for the first time.

"I'm glad you're blind. If you were afraid of Kan when you first saw her, then you wouldn't like me now. You might not have even liked me before," she commented, slowly bringing Anthony back to hardness.

"Why's that? I've seen Anathane with horns before."

"I'm not like the others. I'm the muscle of Anathane, so I have a more muscular, less feminine body that the rest of me. You might not like to see me." She kissed him again, briefly, and then rose from his body. The smell came off her like a fog and Anthony almost lost himself in it. God, he couldn't understand what it was about her that turned him on.

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