tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 29

Cemetery Summons Ch. 29


"Double down, Dave."


"You're about to bust , man. Double down," Mark said again, putting his fingers on the card at the top of the deck. David shrugged and made a motion for the card. Mark smirked and flipped the card over. Josef, who had twenty, groaned as a two stuck out from between Mark's fingers.

"Fuckin' hell," Josef sighed. "Every time, man, every single time. Even when you don't do it, you win! You're the luckiest gambler I've ever seen."

At that, David just smiled and took the card, displaying his perfect twenty-one proudly. He took the fifty dollars on the table and pocketed it shortly after giving it a kiss. Mark took his cards and Josef's and stuffed the deck back into its case. The three ordered another bottle of white wine and David's girlfriend gave him a peck on the cheek.

"I think that's about how much that special present you promised me costs, isn't it?" she whispered into his ear, grinning cheekily. David put his arm around her shoulder and shrugged.

"If you say so," he replied. The glow in her eyes was vivid for a moment at the prospect of what her present was going to be, but the color soon faded as the waitress came over with the bottle. David sat back in his chair and took in the scenery.

He and his friends were finally on their vacation in France, after about six months of preparation and accumulating sick days and off days at work. Well, David winning twenty grand at the casino with every hand he doubled down with had something to do with their being here too. He still looked back on it and couldn't believe that the one ace left had been the card the dealer handed him.

In Marseille, the air was warm, and cool breezes made the place very pleasant to sit in and relax for a while. Everywhere you went, the people were congenial and friendly, in stark contrast to other parts of France. And it certainly smelled better than Paris, being a coastal city on the Mediterranean. It was nice here. David could stay here forever and never want to leave for even a day.

Well, as long as Grace was here with him. He clinked his glass with his girlfriend and thought about meeting her in Las Vegas a few years ago. She hadn't seen a change in form or feature that didn't include giving him even more to look forward to in the bedroom. It seemed she had only gotten more beautiful since the day he had met her. And she had some other perks too, some that only girls from out of this world could have.

Grace's attention was suddenly turned to a table across the patio, where two girls pulled a man no older than twenty into a chair and called over a waitress. They'd been coming here for the past three days, and it seemed the staff knew them well enough to sit and chat with them for a while. The guy never spoke much, but the two girls talked up a storm every time and made suggestive motions toward him when he wasn't watching.

"That's them," Grace said, clinking her glass against David's again.

"You sure? They don't look any different than an average three friends," he said, sipping at the excellent white wine. Mark and Josef turned in unison to see what they were talking about.

"Who, those three?" asked Mark, jerking a thumb toward the guy and the two girls.

"Yeah. You think anything's going on with them?" David asked.

Josef shrugged. "I dunno. It just looks like two sisters and their brother. Might be different. You know, French people being open to just about everything now, right?"

"Oh, there's something deeper than you boys think," Grace said, sniggering. "Much deeper. And before you ask; it's my woman's intuition."

"Whatever you say," Josef replied, shrugging. The four returned to their own affairs and talked amongst themselves idly. However, Grace's wandering hand found a few things to do beneath the table and away from prying eyes while David sipped at his wine. Oh, she was going to get it when they got back to the hotel. She was getting fed 'til she was fat and happy tonight!


Jack smiled and shook his head when the waitress asked him if Elassa was coming back any time soon. He said he didn't know, and she just smiled back. Fain and her twin talked about nothing with the waitress, who was completely absorbed in what they were saying to her. Most of it was about the restaurant and how nice it was and how nice everyone working at it was. The waitress, Noire, enjoyed every bit of praise they gave her.

Jack just took in the relaxing atmosphere and tried to remember that he had been that eager for praise at one time too. Well, that wasn't true; he hadn't changed at all in the past year on earth, or the four in hell. However, he had gotten quite a bit accomplished in that time.

He had managed to learn Russian, French, German, and some classical Greek, at least enough of each to get citizenship in those four countries. He had been shown millions of starscapes like filmstrips through Anathane's gigantic memory bank. He knew human history like the back of his hand, had hundreds of priceless collectables, made a few more swords at Nyx's house, and visited the statue of Leonidas at Thermopylae.

He'd done pretty much everything there was to do with history. He had gone and visited the ruins of the seven wonders of the ancient world, save for the Hanging Gardens that no longer existed and the Colossus of Rhodes. Still, being able to see his childhood dreams in person, and to stand on top of the biggest pyramid at Giza was something he couldn't forget.

Nor was standing on top of Mt. Fuji, seeing Vladimir Lenin's mausoleum, standing at the North Pole, visiting Rommel's grave, going to Tunguska, or seeing the tombs of an Incan imperial line. He grinned at the memory of going to the Amazon Rainforest and meeting natives that hadn't changed their way of life in four thousand years, and having them drop down and worship Anathane like a goddess.

He had been to every place had wanted to go. He had learned just about everything he wanted to, knew things that no historian had known would effect the rest of history, and therefore, never written down. It wasn't something he liked to think about, but every one of his lovers had more history know-how than he did. Even Niaf, who hadn't learned much about the past, usually quipped with an 'oh, you didn't know...?' in a very annoying fashion.

However, she was generally nicer than the time she had moaned someone else's name during sex. He shot her a warning glance and she arched a brow at his look. "What? You want to pound out some frustration with us again?" She licked her lips enticingly.

The waitress blushed. "Both of you?" she asked.

"Oh yeah. He's a big boy; he can't be satisfied with just one of us," the blue-eyed succubus affirmed, grabbing Jack's crotch to make her point concrete.

"Master does not like this kind of treatment, Niaf," Fain said, narrowing her eyes.

"Ah, he's used to it. But I don't think he's over it yet," she smirked, stroking him under the table. "Are ya, big sex machine?"

"Well, now I'm not. Noire, I'm sorry, but she has me worked up now. I'll bring Elassa back some time this week." Noire smiled and said goodbye to them before returning inside. Jack swatted Niaf's hand away from his hardening arousal and picked her up by the waist. He threw her over his shoulder and only realized that her skirt wasn't long enough to cover up her panties when people started to smile and laugh.

"Got a handful there, buddy?" called a guy at another table with an incredibly attractive woman hooking her arm with his.

Jack took Fain's hand. "Not yet!" he called back. "I'm not telling her what I'm going to do to her until I get back home!"

Niaf started kicking him, and one of her sandals flying off. "That's not fair! You always tell her and not me!" That brought a chorus of laughter, as she had spoken in French and most of the patrons understood what she meant and what they were going to do. Well, not that they didn't already know Jack's reputation. Two of the people that were regulars here were also his neighbors across the street, and had caught him on a few occasions with Elassa on the balcony.

He walked back to the flat with Niaf beating his back with her fists and drumming her feet against his stomach, and Fain just to Jack's left, listening to what he planned for them. She just grinned at her sister as the twin stuck her long blue tongue out in disdain.

Jack opened the door to their room and tossed Niaf onto the bed as he closed the door and locked it. Anathane stuck her head out of the bathroom and waved. "Welcome home. I'll only be here a few minutes. They want me back in Tula for another one. They're thinking about shooting another one of 'those' kind of videos again. Interested?"

"Not today. I've got my hands full already," Jack replied as he threw his shirt onto the floor and started to unbuckle his belt. Fain slid into place in front of him and took his hands away from his belt.

"Let us do that, master," she suggested, waving Niaf over to help. Jack leaned back against the wall as they unzipped his jeans and yanked them down with his boxers. His throbbing cock stuck out in front of them like an over-eager soldier. The twins looked at each other, then at Jack, and then started stroking him.

Anathane bit her lip as she took another peek out of the bathroom. "Oh, I wish I hadn't made plans! Promise to keep me up to date when I get back?"

"F-Fine, oh Jesus that's unfair. Niaf, you want me to spend everything before we even get started? Oh, sorry Anathane. Love you; have fun." He waved goodbye to her and she blew him a kiss.

"I always do."

Niaf wrapped her long tongue around his cockhead twice and started to stroke him up and down slowly. "Yon't ignyore yus," she said, flicking away a thick bead of precum with the tip of her long appendage. Jack groaned and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Niaf, fucking...you're gonna make me summon another one. You four are enough already without tempting me," he breathed. His entire body was beginning to feel that very familiar prickle of warmth running from his toes to the his fingers. He couldn't focus his eyes, as they were starting to close without his consent.

"Let me have some too!" Fain whined. "Take turns!" She pushed Niaf away and wrapped her lips around his cock, swallowing both his arousal and Niaf's wet, slippery blue tongue. The twin didn't seem to care, and continued to use her extraordinarily long tongue to tease the base of his head and annoy her sister's uvula.

Jack couldn't have asked for a better blowjob. They hadn't done this in about a year, so the sensation was very new and satisfying to him. Fain's head bobbed up and down slowly, her tongue fighting for supremacy against Niaf's. Niaf growled, but played along and fought a losing battle due to the length of her tongue. Soon, Fain had unraveled her twin's tongue, and the blue-eyed succubus turned her attention elsewhere. She stood up, still only tall enough for the crown of her head to reach Jack's chin, and licked up the center of his chest.

"Like that, don't ya?" She flicked her tongue over his nipple and latched onto it a second later, sucking hard like he did to Elassa. It wasn't that it was a point of major arousal for him, but the way her tongue moved and her teeth pinched just lightly enough to give a sense of pressure without pain, turned him on excessively. She quickly had her hand pinching the other and a grin on her face.

"Oh, you shut up. You know what I do to you when this happens the other way," Jack retorted to her look. She paused for a moment and pulled herself onto him, wrapping her legs around his chest. Fain jerked a little as Niaf put her weight on the succubus' head, but they soon adjusted and she continued to suck and slurp as casually as ever.

"Oh boy do I. Now suck. C'mon, yo-" Jack clamped his mouth shut on her petite, perky breast. Milky white flesh rippled as he bit down to test the sensitivity. She had messed with him a few times, saying that while Fain liked having her ass played with, she liked her nipples. He tested it, and it seemed that she was indeed sensitive, but not as much as her ass.

Her face turned red as Jack spread his hand across her left breast and massaged it slowly in circles, rubbing the underside with his thumb gently. She suppressed a moan and Jack pushed his tongue against her pert nipple to get a louder moan out of her.

When that didn't work, he snaked his hand down her slim body and squeezed her ass hard. She jolted at that. Fain lost rhythm and pulled away, pushing her sister up and away from her head so she could go back to her business uninterrupted.

She kissed the tip of his throbbing need for attention and his knees almost buckled. He shifted Niaf in his arms and leaned over to get Fain's attention. He found her with her mouth wide open and about to resume.

"Maybe we should take this to the bed? I'm not sure you want me to drop her on you when I cum."

"If you desire it, master," she replied. Fain gave his rock-hard manhood a little poke with the tip of her finger and then sauntered over to the bed. Jack released Niaf from his mouth, but she eagerly pushed herself against him.

"Don't stop now. Look how swollen my nipples are. You're not done down there until I say you are," she asserted, hugging his head in her arms. Jack just kept suckling on her petite breast and made his way over to the bed. He fell back on it and Niaf steadied herself above him while Fain resumed devouring his cockhead with hungry, hot lips.

Jack switched breasts and stared into Niaf's eyes. A spatter of red ran across her cheeks as her body heat began to rise rapidly. So Jack ran his hands, now free, down her pale, smooth stomach and spread her legs wider than they already were.

"I'll show you who wears the pants in this marriage," he said, pushing three fingers into the furnace of flesh and desire that awaited him. She groaned with unhidden bliss. He rubbed her thigh slowly, letting his unused hand snake around behind her, over the large, round curve of her ass. He let go of her breast with a wet smack and she glared at him.

Jack couldn't hold her gaze, because his stomach tightened suddenly. Fuck, Fain was getting better at fellatio every time she did it! He was already about to cum. He pulled Niaf up his chest and she got the idea to let him perform cunnilingus on her. To his suggestion, she eagerly agreed and plopped herself down on his face. He thrust his tongue deep, replacing his fingers without a moment's pause.

He staved off his eminent orgasm and waved Fain up with his hand.

"Yes, master?" she asked. Jack could only motion for what he wanted, but she got the general idea after a few seconds. She got on the bed and straddled his hips. "Is this what you wanted?" To that, Jack gave her a big thumbs up and she sank down on his turgid member without hesitation.

Her entire body quivered uncontrollably.

Well, anal wasn't what he had been going for, but whatever. It was always good when she gave it. He pushed up as she came down, bouncing her on his hips.

"Hold on Niaf, Fain didn't get much attention yesterday because Elassa was teaching her how to make dinner. Can I have a little bit with her alone?"

Niaf looked betrayed. "What? Are you bored with me already?"

"No, and I'll make up for it if you give me a few minutes," he bargained.

She got off his body. "Fine."

Fain dove down and kissed his chest all over, licking beads of sweat off the dip at the base of his neck and licking all the way from his shoulder to his ear.

"I love the way you taste, master," she moaned huskily. Her mouth drew closer to his and he arched his back as they kissed. Fire burned inside her as their tongues met and danced a familiar dance that took their bodies to a faster pace. Jack could feel her tightening in anticipation of his first orgasm of the day. She suddenly sat up and pulled her hair in wild anticipation.

Niaf took her chance to keep Jack's head to the bed, and sat down on his face, taking hold of a tuff of his hair with one hand. She didn't have to say anything for Jack to understand that she wasn't moving. He just started licking as her hips rolled against him and she rode him like a slow bronco.

Meanwhile, Fain was getting more fierce in her jerking, and she was panting with exhaustion. She didn't usually go down this fast. But then again, they hadn't stuck anything in her back door in a while either. He gave her a few long, slow thrusts and she sat straight up, pulling at her hair with her eyes squeezed shut.

"Jack!" Her entire body clenched as the first jets of cum coated her inner walls. An orange glow shone on the thin sheen of sweat on Jack's arms.

Jack raised Niaf by the hips and looked questioningly at Fain from between her squirming twin's legs. "Fain, you alright?"

"Unhhh..." The girl was starting to list sideways, drooling. Her fiery eyes glowed like two coals in the base of a fire, bright orange and hot. Jack nudged her with his thigh and she fell over in a heap, her demonic form in full bloom.

Niaf complained, "Hey, why're you still fawning over her if she's out already? If you don't drop me on that lady killer down there, I'll piss all over your face, you pervert. You know you'd love it too."

Jack quickly repositioned her with their sexes together and the succubus bloomed like her sister.

"Happy?" the incubus asked, scratching at the stub of one of his horns.

"Very," his wife answered, plunging him into her steamy depths. She raised her head and hissed with arousal, wings flaring wide to either side. Jack pumped his hips up and she arched her back to the motion, letting him hit every pleasure point in her pussy. It's wasn't long before she was gyrating in an endless wheel of motion and doing most of the work for him.

Jack felt ridges of pink flesh grind against his shaft, sucking at him with unnatural strength and vigor. Her body pulled at him, longing for him to touch depths not yet tweaked by the throbbing pole Niaf was trying to get into her womb. Everything inside her was soft and wet with womanly juices, and hot.

Jack was beginning to sweat when his cellphone started to ring. Jack picked it up and looked who it was. As soon as he saw Anthony's name, he flipped it open and answered.

"Hey man, what's up?"

"Uh, not much right now, Jack. I've got Volna in hell right now trying to negotiate another mansion out of Grymir. Kinda funny how he ended up becoming a king after we got everyone to believe that he started the plan to oust Dalaria."

"Well, you know him as well as I do. He doesn't want to be king down there," Jack replied, grinding his teeth as Niaf slowed down and dragged out every motion for seconds at a time.

"He makes laws now, and he cleared us of whatever we did, so he can't have it all bad. Ow, Kan, stop it; I'm talking to Jack!"

"Tell him I said hello! He needs to come visit again," the blue demon said in the background.

"Kan says hi. But, getting on to what I- Goddamnit Kan, after I get off the phone. Jesus, you're worse than Volna. At least she listens to me half the time."

"Would you love me as much if I was obedient as everyone under Jack's roof?" she asked.

Anthony sighed into the phone. "Can you believe her?"

"Just keep going, Anthony. She's just baiting you," Jack replied, giving Niaf a hard thrust to keep her from squeezing him so hard. She giggled and mouthed naughty things to him silently.

"Sorry. I was going to ask how I'm supposed to keep Dalaria under control when we get into it. I know I've seen Anathane go to town on herself without going into full form in those videos you send me a few weeks ago. How do I teach Dalaria to do the same thing?"

"What's the problem? I've got Niaf here with the same thing and nothing's going wrong. What's different with you guys?"

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