tagMatureCenter of Attention Ch. 04

Center of Attention Ch. 04

byErotic Reverie©


Jackie Harrison walked down the hallway of her town house toward the front door to bound out into the sunny winter afternoon and hustle back to work. The sun shined through the transom window over the door and beckoned her to the unusually warm afternoon.

She had gone home to take lunch- work was slow and there were a few chores to perform. She unlocked the brass dead bolt, pulled open the big wood door, stepped out and locked it, stepped down and turned and immediately crashed into her neighbor's son Ellis, sending him tumbling hard to the ground.

"Oh my," she exclaimed, "Ellis, I am so sorry."

"It is ok Mrs. Harrison. I'm alright. It is good to see you... after so long," he replied, a grog to his voice from the violent crash.

"You too," Jackie said with a smirk on her face. "Come in and let me make sure you are not hurt. You might need some ice for your head."

Ellis was no boy. He was a 28 year old graduate school student studying for his MBA. School was 100 miles away. His parents lived next to Jackie. He was home for winter break. She had seen him grow up since he was 15, when his family moved next door. Most people in the neighborhood had bought their homes when the area was downtrodden but on the cutting edge of revitalization. They bought on the cheap and rehabilitated the brick face three story town homes, gutting them from bottom to top, installing the most modern of amenities, hot tubs, roof top decks, etc. Over time the area became 'the' upscale swank downtown neighborhood.

The two went into Jackie's house. "Sorry to hear about Mr. Harrison..." Ellis said his voice trailing off as her embarrassingly confessed a delayed condolence at her loss.

"Thank you. I miss him. Have a seat in the family room and I will be right there," Jackie said as she went into the kitchen for some ice.

Jackie reached into the freezer and the cold chill of the ice cubes brought back her memory of that sordid afternoon. She always remembered it well- like a fine jewel, with each review it was always seemed new and exciting. Unfortunately, it was a prized yet tainted possession she could not share with anyone....

It was a hot summer afternoon and Jackie was driving home from work for a late day lunch. She rounded the corner looking for a parking spot in front of her house. A block away and she was talking to herself, "Come on, give me a spot, gosh it is so hot, 98 degrees and no mercy..."

She saw a space ahead. A block from home and up a steep hill in the heat and in heels. For lack of a better alternative she took it. She started the slow walk in the heat and oppressive humidity. As she approached her home, she saw a man sitting on the front step of her or her neighbor's house. She could not tell which one. The neighborhood was not one for vagrants. Her neighbors were all fairly good about looking out for each other, questioning strangers and sending them on their way. Today, nobody was about. The last thing she needed was to confront a strange man while alone.

As Jackie came closer she was overcome by a sense of relief. The man was Ellis, her neighbor's 25 year old son. He was no stranger.

"Hi Ellis, how are you?" Jackie asked.

"Ok, I guess", he replied.

"Why are you out here in this heat? Are you ok?" she asked.

"Mom and Dad are away. I came by last night to check on the house and stayed. When I woke up the AC was out. I called the repairman and he cannot commit to a time- all he could tell me was he would be here sometime today. I have tried everything to keep cool while waiting for him. I can't leave. I thought sitting out here in the shade might be better than inside in the stifling heat but it is not much better."

"Well, you should have called me. I would have told you where your Mom keeps the emergency key to my house. You could have stayed inside while waiting for the repairman." Jackie scribbled a note for the repairman to knock at her door and posted it.

"Come on in and I'll buy you a drink," Jackie told him.

Ellis following Jackie down the long narrow hallway to the kitchen. "Have a seat," she said motioning to the bar stools at the island, "What will it be?"

"Ice water is fine," he answered.

"Oooo, bold choice college boy. Sure you do not want a beer or something stronger?" Jackie chided.

"No thanks," he said, "Not after that heat. Besides, this summer I'm tending bar off campus. I get my fill." Jackie handed him the glass, the cubes clanking, as she passed it to him. It was refreshingly cool to the touch and he guzzled it like a man who had walked out of the desert after weeks without an oasis.

"More?" Jackie offered.

"Yes, please," he said.

As Jackie handed him the glass she bent her head from side to side trying to stretch out her aching neck muscles. Ellis noticed.

"Rough day?" he inquired.

"Yes, I have starred at the computer all day, my eyes are strained and it hurts my neck. The ergonomics of my desk are fair at best, and that is being generous. This seems to be happening to me more often. Maybe its age, do you think? Is 42 to young for this to happen?" she asked.

"I do not know," he said, "Maybe Mr. Harrison could massage it out for you tonight."

"No, that will not happen. He is away on business across the country and does not return for a few days. Maybe its time for a message at the spa...." Jackie replied.

"Let me try working out the knots in your shoulders and neck," Ellis suggested as he stood up and moved behind her.

"Really?" Jackie asked, intoning hesitancy.

"Relax, let me try. If its not working, I'll stop," he assured her. Ellis placed his strong masculine hands on Jackie's shoulders before she could respond.

Ellis was about a head taller than Jackie. He was a good looking man by all standards. 'Strapping and vibrant' was what the girls usually told him when they described what attracted them. The flattery had built his ego but he was not outwardly cocky, just modest and self assured. Of all his traits, self assurance shined through the most, after they got past his looks.

Jackie stood slightly unnerved. She did not want to insult Ellis by turning down his offer. The thought of her and this young man alone in her house... maybe in the back of her mind the puritan in her was whispering to her... or...maybe she just had a gut instinct...

Jackie and Vance Harrison had been married for 23 years. They had each grown up in small rural communities in the same county, gone to rival high schools, attended the same college and met. They married just after graduating. She had dated a few men besides Vance and had never been with others. Vance's job moved them around the country. Finally they had settled down at corporate headquarters. Yes, he still traveled extensively, often leaving Jackie behind and alone. She managed to keep herself occupied through work and friends and never strayed from him, except sometimes in her lonely thoughts....

Ellis' hands gently worked her shoulders. He innocently plied her muscles with his thumbs and the muscular base of his palms, moving from the shoulders to the base of her neck. She closed her eyes. 'Yes,' she thought, 'this is ok, it is innocent.'

"It is kind of hard for me to really do this the right way for you. Maybe you could undo the top three buttons of your blouse and pull it off your shoulders," Ellis suggested.

"Ok," Jackie quietly replied with self kept reservation. Ellis began working her shoulders again, this time he firmly worked the muscles. He got to the base of her neck and ran his finger tips up the nape on both sides. It felt so good. He moved his fingers up behind her ears. Jackie flinched.

"Sorry, I was just trying to loosen you up. You are a bit uptight? Stressed?" he asked.

"Yes, a bit, but please continue," Jackie told him not wanting to offend his innocent assistance. Ellis placed his hands over her shoulders, his palms resting across them, his fingers working the shoulder muscles just above her collarbone, his thumbs massaging her just below the base of her neck between the shoulder blades.

"You are too stressed for this to work. Let me suggest some relaxation techniques," he said.

"What does an MBA student know from relaxation techniques?" she asked.

"I took a class in undergrad- found them very effective, they really do work. Give it a chance. You can always stop.... Now close your eyes and imagine the ocean, lazy waves slowly crashing the beach in a rhythmic pattern, slow relaxing repetitive motions and sounds." He brought his finger tips to her temples and touched them lightly, moving in slow circles.

"Breathe slow and lightly," he instructed as he continued pressing her temples harder until she had forgotten the amount of pressure he was exerting. Jackie's mind began to wander away from what ailed her and she drifted into the ocean scene she imagined and the good place that it was. He continued rubbing her temples for a few minutes and then drew a line with his fingers across her temples and down to behind her ears. He slowly rubbed there, up and down. At first she did not notice he had changed spots. She was that lost in the moment. He continued behind her ears for a while.

"Lean your head forward," he whispered to her, interrupting her thoughtless consciousness. Jackie complied. She grabbed a clip off the counter and put up her hair giving him better access. He ran his fingers up and down her neck as gravity pulled her head down, stretching her taught muscles.

"Feel good?" he asked.

"Quite... you should do this for a living," she quietly answered.

"Lets try another technique. Keep your eyes closed, maintain your breathing pace, lean your body back against me and lean your head back against my shoulder," he responded.

Jackie complied. Ellis reached for his glass and removed an ice cube. He brought the very tip of the cube to her red lips and moved it in a circular motion, painting them with the melting ice. At first Jackie did not respond deferring to his ability but when Ellis brought his left arm around her midsection she tightened up. He sensed her discomfort.

"Just for balance," he explained. She relaxed.

As the ice melted it ran down her chin and neck, pooled at her collar bone and then slowly cascaded down her chest and between her breasts. Gently he traced the trail with the cube, its edge barely touching her skin. As the cube touched the beginning of her cleavage she tensed up again.

"May I?" he asked as he went to unbutton the next one on her blouse, which would reveal her bra. She was contemplatively silent. "Its not like I have never seen a bra", he said, "If you move the blouse off your shoulders, I can better access to your back."

"Well, ok, but no further," she said. Ellis undid the button and drew down the blouse. He did not want to feed her reluctance. He noticed how well tanned she was, the freckles on her skin, how soft her well tended skin felt in his hands. He ran his finger tips across her shoulder muscles, his touch barely perceptible to Jackie. She enjoyed it. "Lean your head back again," he said as he sensed her ease. He again brought his left arm around her midsection and pulled her close, this time holding her slightly tighter than last.

He brought a new ice cube to her lips and repeated the circular motion as the ice melted into her mouth, the refreshing coolness of the water teasing her tongue as her lips parted and he playfully graced her waiting tongue with the cube. She felt the gentle graze of his thumb across her breast just about where her nipple would be. At first Jackie was taken aback by his forwardness. But something within her was letting go, something long pent up. Repression was seeking its freedom and revenge. She just could not believe that her neighbor's 25 year old son, the same boy who just seven years ago sat with her on a piano bench demonstrating his musical talent, was bringing it out of her.

He pulled her a bit closer. She noticed how his pelvis was pushing up against her, their bodies separated by his pants and her skirt. She noticed the slight bulge in his pants, how it pressed against her, slowly swelling and pressing harder. His thumb pressed harder, stroking her nipple teasing it erect. She remained silent. He feared she would suddenly object. At this point it did not matter to him if he failed, he had made his stand, a stand he had been waiting to take for years, a stand which was all fantasy and which he never ever thought he would even have the chance to take...

Ever since his family moved next to the Harrisons, he craved Mrs. Harrison. She was a graceful beautiful woman, then in her early thirties. The guys on the street would talk about how 'hot' she was and how they would like to give her a good 'screw'. He thought they were immature; he could not be that base about her. He knew her better than they. He respected her. It did not matter that he moved away to attend college, he still fantasized about her- how he would be gentle with her, how he would wanted to slowly worship her body, her lips, neck, nipples, breasts, legs, thighs. He would satisfy her. Being married she was unavailable, and that only served to make the fantasy forbidden and intense. She was his best and favorite fantasy. Now she was in his arms.

He held her tight and nuzzled behind her ear, laying gentle kisses on her. Boldly he slipped his hand into her blouse, slipped her breast from the constrains of the bra and circled her nipple with his thumb. No protestation, only a quiet sigh. He kissed the back of her neck and as his lips reached its base began unbuttoning her blouse. He kissed her bare shoulders, unhooked her bra and slid the straps down off her arms. In a moment of modesty, she raised her shoulder and crossed her arms across her exposed breasts to shield herself. She looked over her shoulder and whispered, "naughty boy."

He leaned forward and pressed her thighs against the kitchen counter. Looking forward through the pass through to the dining room he noticed he could see himself and Jackie in the mirror on the wall. His hands came up and pulled her arms down. He gently cupped the bottoms of her breasts, his thumbs teasing and grazing the tips of her sweet erect nipples. He marveling at her beauty. Mrs. Harrison kept her eyes closed and did not notice that she could watch herself and Ellis. He drizzled kisses on her, his hands softly caressed her body. His bulge growing, the message was not lost on her.

A finger ran across her stomach at the top of her skirt. A hand tried to slip in but the skirt hugged her too tight. His hands took the sides of the skirt and pulled it up from below. He reached under and his hand found the front of her silk panties. Slowly he ran his fingers over her covered furrow.

"This is quite the message," Jackie whispered. Without responding Ellis continued roaming with his hands. Her pulled down her panties to her thighs and ran his fingers through her coarse wild bush. She leaned back pressing her ass against him. He pulled the skirt up over her hips.

"Wait, allow me," she said unzipping the skirt and removing the garment. She reached behind and unfastened his belt and pants, releasing them to fall to the floor, "Lets do this right," she told him as she pushed the waistband of his boxers so they fell off his hips to join his pants.

There stood Mrs. Harrison before him, her body naked in a pair of exceptionally seductive high heels. She leaned against the counter, her ass towards him, waiting for his next advance. He stepped forward and pressed his firm young flesh against her, his hard sex resting where the rounds of her ass met. They basked in the press of warm flesh, an exhilarating rush of excitement coming over each of them. His hands ran to her hips and down her front to her sex. His fingers spread her lips and he ran them within her folds, gently playing with her moist swollen bud, rolling it between his fingers. She closed her eyes and leaned her head forward enjoying it all. Her hips began to buck as the pleasure welled within her. She pressed back, teasing him. Never had she ever imagined straying, much less with a younger man.

Her lips spread, he teased her bud by gliding the very edges of his finger across its ridges. Her breathing accelerated and she consciously made an effort to be silent- she did not want to appear to enjoy it to much- although from within she was begging to be taken. He felt her wetness seeping out as her rose opened for him. He slid a finger inside and his thumb played with her clit. She shuddered as he entered.

Ellis surveyed her body- it was everything he had ever imagined- long firm legs, tight smooth ass and incredible curves. She was a woman the likes of which he had never had- beautiful and older. He brought his head between her thighs and repeatedly tapped her lips. She pushed back trying to slide the shaft in. Teasingly, Ellis pulled away. After a while he brought the head to her lips and slowly inserted it, immersing himself within the sex he had lusted for years, the one which that very moment opened just for him. She whimpered as he penetrated and widened her.

Ellis held her hips. Buried deep within her, she was impaled and at his mercy. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling of being enveloping by her. Jackie was speechless. She never knew she could have this kind of effect on a young man. She thought her days of attractiveness were over and men in general preferred a younger woman to her. Ellis was proving otherwise. She did not mind being wrong.

Placing his hands on her hips, and her thighs pressed against the counter top, she was immobilized. She leaned her upper body forward, arms outstretched, elbows locked and hands flat on the counter top. She looked up and for the first time noticed their joined images in the mirror. She watched with intensity as he slowly took her. Never before had she seen herself taken. It had been so long since a man had actually lusted her- she had missed the attention. Fixated by the scene, she watched intently as he had his way with her tight sex.

Ellis knew no patience at this point. He operated on animal instinct. Here he was, offered a beautiful woman; the dream opportunity of his lifetime. He violently thrust forward. She winced as he buried himself, her body shaking from his force. He withdrew and contemplated her body. A moment passed and then he penetrated her. He withdrew again, waited and again thrust forward. Each time he opened her she shook within. After each thrust she yearned for the next one, and the one that would follow and the one after that...

He looked into the mirror and noticed she was watching him. He smiled knowing of her interest and stared directly into her eyes acknowledging her gaze. It was a wanton stare, the kind impassioned lovers exchange. She arched her back and pushed out her ass, coaxing him for more. He began taking her in short strokes. He heard the sop, sop, sopping sound of her lips as they opened and closed around his cock, and how her tight sex tried to hold him as he took her.

"Oh God Ellis, what are you doing to me???" Jackie whined, "stop teasing me....please, just take me..." Ellis wanted to spill himself deep within her but fought to stave off the oncoming release, to preserve the glorious moment he might never have again. She clutched at him from within. His thoughts of how she felt wrapped around him were too much. The thought that he was actually taking her, touching her, pleasuring her, that she wanted him- it was all too exciting, too much for him to control. He grasped her soft flesh with his masculine grip and began thrusting hard and furious. Her rapturous wailing serenaded him , "Oh yes, more, more, please, yes, Ellis, yes, fuck me," she cried. Hearing her begging to be taken was to much for him to bear. He gave a deep hard thrust in response and rifled his hot jiz hard and deep within her. She quipped loudly and seized as his heat hit her within. He held her close and tight as her tender body shook within his grasp. As the release subsided, he wrapped his arms around her trying to preserve the moment forever....

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