When I was in my twenties, my boyfriend regularly brought home porn magazines. These glossy magazines were filled with soft porn in the form of naked girls' pictures and saucy short stories. I'm sure there was also harder stuff out there, and more specific to fetishes, but that wasn't what we were liked. We would read the stories together, view the pictures and, once we felt horny, we'd mess around and end up having sex.

When I looked at these magazines I compared my breasts to the women in their pages, mine are big-ish (DD) but I was fascinated by the little breasts, the lovely gentle peaks which were sometimes dominated by large flat nipples. I loved to look at these breasts, which were so small they weren't even orbs, and I envied girls who could go without a bra. Mine would have wobbled and jiggled so much when I walked, that everyone would guess that I was bra-less. Without a bra my boobs felt heavy but my boyfriend loved them, he'd have taken delight in everyone noticing!

I also found myself fascinated by the range of pussies displayed in these magazines, dark hair, light hair, curly or straight (not so many shaven as now). The inner folds of flesh came in varied darker shades too and many lips were different shapes and sizes, not all were symmetrical and neat, as my sheltered teens had led me to imagine. At school girls keep themselves wrapped in towels used cubicles to change or shower in, not so much chance to compare with you peers and see that a huge variety exists and it's all normal.

I loved this 'through the keyhole' opportunity to closely study the bodies of other females, plus I liked the naughty settings. The photo shoots tended to go the same way: 1 girl (occasionally 2) would be fully dressed for the first picture, next they would be shedding garments, or unbuttoning / unzipping everything til the third picture they wore underwear only, though the bra was often gone! Next shot their legs were spread, all their womanly secrets on display. The last picture - much the same but from a different angle, perhaps bent over something or a rear view whilst the girl looked back over her shoulder coquettishly. If there was fancy-dress or props, these would inject some novelty into the photo spread e.g. "Ooops! I was drinking milk and I've spilled it, so it's dripping off my breasts and into my naked pussy."

At this time I didn't earn much, but I loved to treat myself to sexy undies. I always wore stockings because my boyfriend and I preferred them, so I used to buy matching bras, garter belts and knickers. I loved it when my boyfriend ran his hand up my leg and under my skirt, to that exotic area of bare flesh above the stocking top and before the knickers began. He had a manual job, so his skin was rough and rasping and it thrilled me to feel his hands pawing my gusset aside before he sank his fingers into my already drooling pussy. I loved to abandon myself to his rough foreplay, it made me feel like a delicate fragile thing in the hands of a lusty hungry savage. I'd close my eyes and lie back, letting him push my skirt up round my waist, sawing in and out of my slippery hole with 1, 2 maybe 3 fingers. I imagined my pale flesh on display, my pretty satin undies framing my dark pussy while I abandoned myself to the sensations awoken by his rough fingers or his tongue exploring my fleshy folds, while I floated in the heady whirl of my escalating arousal. The squelching sounds of my greedy pussy soaking his hands was music to my ears, I loved how my juices ran out of me once he had awoken the sex kitten which hid within my prim exterior. I ground down on his hands and moaned as quietly as I could, not wanting him to stop his exquisite torture.

I loved to kneel over him in a lingerie set, letting him pinch and pull at my breasts through my bra before straddling one of his legs and bending down to the task of taking his hot, swollen dick in my mouth. He had taught me what he liked so I would lick and suck all around the helmet area until he was breathing heavily, then I'd use the grip of my hand and my mouth together to simultaneously suck and wank him to climax. I knew he felt my wet pussy rubbing on his thigh, letting him know how turned on I was. If he opened his eyes he had the vista of my bulging breasts jiggling in my lacy bra. Once he came, his stomach and groin would be decorated with ropes of opaque cum, and I would suck his member gently as it wilted and lap at the trails of semen, tasting his salty climax.

Sometimes I'd read a story to him from one of the magazines, or we'd lie side by side reading and swapping magazines, sharing what we found hot, and we'd kick around the idea of submitting pictures of me to be be picked for a reader's wives photo session. I lacked confidence that my body was good enough, but he loved my big boobs, my slim legs and my small, pert bum. I wasn't sure that I could relax enough around a total stranger (or crew?) to take off my clothes and open my legs. What I wasn't frightened of, however, was being admired and lusted over by total strangers once the magazine hit the shelves! Shit no! That extra layer of 'distance' woke the exhibitionist in me, The thought that images of my nubile body were in magazines or stuck to walls for mechanics, bus drivers and builders up and down the country to wank over, was a heady dream for me. The idea made me hot and wet so we'd have wild sex after these discussions, me on top riding him hard and rubbing circles around my clit, until I came and he came in a sweating, heaving tangle of limbs.

Not wanting to drop off a film of 'porno' type pictures (of myself) at my local chemist for developing, we decided that we'd use a Polaroid camera. This way the pictures would develop instantly and we'd be able to re-take shots if we weren't happy with the results.

Plenty of colour film and flash cartridges for the camera : check

House to ourselves for a whole day : check

Legs shaved : check

Selection of sexy undies in my bag : check

Mission 'Centrefold' is a go!

I felt a mixture of nervous and excited. We had studied different successful pictures and were pretty sure that we could do better, for starters I was 5-10 years younger than most of the usual entrants. We tstripped the bedding off, down to the white bottom sheet and pillows (it always looked tacky if there were frilly cushions or curtains in the shot). I began to change, taking off my jacket and kicking off my shoes, but my boyfriend stopped me, he suggested I removed only my knickers so the first picture would be me lifting my skirt and revealing a bare pussy. I reluctantly agreed, this wasn't what I'd imagined, but hey it was just the first picture, so I slipped my panties off, put my stilettos back on and climbed onto the bed and posed, leaning back on my elbows. I teased him by tugging my full skirt up slowly, revealing my cunt lips very gradually. To my delight he let out a deep breath of appreciation, giving my confidence a massive boost. He suggested I raise one knee, which I did, and then I let the other leg spread wide so that my box was spread open. My boyfriend pressed the camera's button, and with a flash and whir he took the first picture. We waited the requisite time for the image to develop and there I was, captured as a wanton hussy!

Putting it to one side I slid off the bed, stepped out of my shoes and reached to unzip my skirt. Suddenly my boyfriend took me in his arms and kissed me, long and slow. My skirt dropped to the floor and pooled around my bare feet. He nibbled at my neck and ear and whispered,

"Why don't I shave you?"

What? Shave me? My heart beat very fast, and I felt uncomfortable but he was very persuasive. Soon I was standing in the bath while he used the shower head to wet my pussy and lather up my bush with a bar of soap. The process so far would have been arousing, but I was too nervous about getting nicked to be turned on. He stood close to me (he was outside the bath) and he drew the disposable razor down my mound and shaved a clean stripe, there was no going back! He was fairly quick and matter of fact about it all, coaxing my foot up on the side of the bath so he could access the 'undercarriage' part of me to shave up to the lips, holding my skin taut with his other hand. The shower head rinsed me clean and washed the soap and trimmed hairs down the drain, so now my pussy was properly naked and I was shocked how different it looked.

"Don't you think it looks like a little girl's?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

"That's what so hot!" he replied with a wink, "but not exactly like a girl's, because you have a woman's body."

He squeezed and fondled my breasts and I felt slightly reassured as he used a towel to pat me dry. Then I returned to the bedroom and removed the rest of my clothes, before slipping on a black, wet-look g-string. Habit had me reaching down to tuck my curls into the little triangle of fabric, but of course there was no need! My fingers met the soft smoothness of my newly shaved skin and a tingle went through me, a thrill at the increased sensation. I bent forward to place my toe in the sheer black stockings I'd brought and set about un-rolling and smoothing them up my leg. My boyfriend stood behind me, cupping my bare buttocks with his hands and I rubbed up against him like a kitten whilst I repeated the process with the other leg, before fastening the garter belt and using the button and keyhole shaped attachments to hold the stockings in place. I could feel his boner through his jeans so I reached behind me and rubbed it lazily. He ground against my teasing touch. I bent forward at the waist & took a matching black bra from my bag putting it on, shoulders first, then tipping my full breasts into the lace & mesh cups before stretching the back strap round so that he could fasten it for me.

"You look so fucking horny!" he said, a gravelly rasp of desire in his voice.

I smiled with a secretive expression and eased myself onto the bed, no shoes this time. I put the soles of my feet together, letting both my knees drop out, so my legs spread wide. My boyfriend took a picture and placed it on the side to develop. I let my bra strap slip off one shoulder and I used two fingers to pull the triangle of the g-string to the side a little, so that my bare mound was exposed and the elastic thong began to slide between my pussy lips.

"Oh that's good!" he exclaimed, snapping another shot.

"It's meant to be bad!" I laughed and turned so my back was toward him. I tilted my buttocks like I wanted to be spanked, whilst trying to convey that message in my facial expression. I heard him take two pictures in quick succession.

"It's bad alright!" he chuckled and stroked both my arse cheeks, making me feel quite heated.

I hopped off the bed before he could get carried away - I couldn't be wet in these pictures! Instead I went to my holdall and rummaged around for a pale lilac set of undies. These were trimmed with white lace and would give me more of an innocent look, well if you could look innocent with your legs spread and an expression on your face which said 'fuck me!'

Whilst I unclipped the black stockings and rolled them back down off my legs, my boyfriend checked the pictures he'd already taken of me in the black undies. He held them up to me as I switched lingerie. I was impressed, I looked relaxed and believable in the role of temptress. The pictures were hot, easily as good as others submitted to "Readers' Wives".

"That's my favourite!" He tapped the picture where I was allowing a peek of my shaven haven as I dragged the thong to one side.

"I'll bet it is!" I smirked. "How long have you been wanting to shave me? You never said!"

I shimmied the suspender belt over my hips as I spoke, this one was more satin, less lace and worn lower on my hips than the other. I had chosen white stockings with a bow motif on the heel to wear with it, I rather liked the virginal effect it gave and, on my pale skin, the stockings looked a lilac-white colour. My boyfriend liked it too and gave a low whistle before replying.

"I thought it would make you stand out, give you something different from the other wives and girlfriends."

I nodded, it made sense.

The bra which matched this set had been too flimsy to hold my double D's, so instead I'd purchased a white "Gossard Glossy". This was a seamless, front-fastening bra made of a fabric which was similar to sheer tights material (but stronger), it lifted and shaped my breasts but was totally see through, making a glossy (almost glittery) sheen over my tits, with no attempt to conceal my nipples at all. I know my boyfriend thought my boobs looked great in this bra and he also loved the way it allowed a bit more of the natural breast 'jiggle' when I walked.

For this underwear I had also purchased a prop - a red lollipop, so I unwrapped it and perched my bum on the edge of the bed. I spread my legs to support my weight and toyed with the round lollipop provocatively against my pouting lips. My boyfriend got down on his knees in front of me and took a snap looking up at the vista in front of him. My legs were smooth and toned and the muscles were straining a little to hold my pose. The bikini pants I wore were lilac and white lace, and their skimpy style meant that they had already bunched up and gone up my arse when I sat down, giving me a delicious wedgie. My waist was slim and this made my boobs look all the more voluptuous. I leaned forward a little to increase my cleavage and stuck out my tongue, twirling the lollipop on its glistening pink surface. My boyfriend clicked the camera again.

Next thing I knew he was kneeling so close that I could feel his breath moving the little hairs on my skin.

"Hold still sexy, I need to adjust your outfit a little," he commanded.

As I sat there, he leaned in and began to suck my nipple through the bra fabric! I tried to protest, but it felt too good, and before I knew it he'd released it and moved to the other breast, which he licked and sucked in the same way, before eyeing them both critically and moving back to his previous position. I was feeling a little breathless now, but he was all business as he snapped a couple more shots while I licked on the lollipop seductively.

Next I released the catch on the glossy bra and my breasts sprang free, nipples still puckered from my boyfriend's ministrations so I felt confident that they were more of a pert shape. I looked into the camera knowingly and trailed the sticky lolly over the tip of one breast.

"Nice!" my boyfriend breathed as he pressed the shutter button.

"Now without you nicks!" he exclaimed and looked pointedly at my crotch.

I felt strangely nervous to remove them, whilst feeling exhilarated at the same time. I stood and slid them down off my hips and past the extra white band of the stocking tops. As they travelled past my knees he told me to stop. He pushed my knees apart again, but only to a width that held my panties taught between my legs. With the red lollipop still held in my hand I posed as if I had been caught in mid-action, my hands sliding the silky knickers down my stockinged legs.


He took one picture kneeling and then lay in front of me, so that the next snap would be an up-shot aimed towards my shaved snatch, my breasts hanging a little as I leaned forward to reach my panties at my knees.

"Ohhh that's the money shot!" he almost moaned, as the camera whirred and the black looking photo rolled out. He took the picture and flapped it in the air as if that would make it develop quicker. He warned me not to move in case we needed to re-take any pictures, but soon we were looking closely at all our snaps and feeling very elated. They looked great! We'd captured that elusive mood of innocence and knowing, sexy but not slutty, undressed but not baring all.

He put them carefully to one side, along with the camera, and then came our time to play!

"You naughty girl!" he cooed, "you loved doing that didn't you?"

I nodded, feeling puffed up with pride at how good I looked in those pictures and aroused at the sensations his fingers were awaking in me as they stroked up my stockinged thighs and he let his fingers slide under my bare buttocks and pull my groin towards his face.

"I want to lick you, to bury my tongue deep in your hot little slit. Do you want that?"

I could only nod, yes I did. Even listening to him saying it was giving me tingles and I could feel my arousal building as the dampness in my pussy became undeniable. As he licked and sucked at me I could smell the spicy sweet aroma of my juices and the goosebumps gathered on my skin. Lying back I looked down at my body, noticing my nipples had become hard, dark peaks of flesh on my breasts. I ran my fingers through his hair distractedly as I felt fingers and tongue stroking and rubbing in and around my pussy in a confusion of fabulous sensations.

I could not reach any part of him to return the pleasure, but I moaned and mewled with desire and he urged me,

"Go baby go, let yourself cum," in between sucking and slurping at my molten core.

"Harder, please, harder!" I hardly recognised my own voice, it was such a desperate whine, but he heard me and pushed his fingers in deeper and harder until I began to clutch and spasm on them in the first colorburst of my climax. I drew my knees in as I came, clamping his head either side as if I would never let him stop his tongue action. The twitches and spasms continued long and hard, the aftershocks had me lying spent with my legs spread while he stood up and undid his trousers, releasing his swollen cock from its denim and cotton prison. He stroked his shaft firmly and swiftly, pumping his fist up and down and never reducing his grip. He kept looking at me all spread out and vulnerable while he tugged at himself.

"Squeeze your tits!" he commanded, so I pinched and twisted my nipples while he watched. I also used my arms to push my breasts together a little more, knowing how much he loved to rub his dick in between them sometimes.

His breath quickened and I noticed his buttocks clenching until suddenly his whole body was bucking with spasms and jiz came pumping out of his cock and landed on me, hitting my breasts and stomach, my face and neck. His eyes were tight shut, but I lay very still until he recovered himself and could admire his handiwork. As the aftershocks died away he looked down at me and the mess of cum he'd just decorated me with. I felt dirty but I felt proud too, I loved that I drove him wild with desire and I rather liked moving from Ice Queen to Slut in one session!

He had a big smile on his face as he passed me a wad of tissues to clean myself up with.

"That was incredible!" he said, wiping my juices off his cheeks and chin. "You are such a sexy temptress. Was it good for you?"

"Yes, it was great?" I nodded with enthusiasm and sat up to kiss him. He tasted of me, but I liked that too. "Can I get a shower?"

He looked at the clock and nodded, but urged me to be quick, his brother would be home from work soon. We took it in turns to rinse ourselves off and get dry and dressed, then we sat down to choose which pictures we would send off to the magazine, then he locked the rest in his briefcase (a 21st birthday present he hadn't thought was very useful when his uncle gave it to him!)

I seem to think it was me who wrote the letter and sent it off to the magazine, but we never got a reply and I certainly never saw my photos published in subsequent issues of the lads' mag. A few months after that we split up, I can't remember why, but I know I didn't ask for the pictures back. I have often wondered if he kept those that we didn't send off for his own private 'spank bank'. Whatever, I have happy memories of the day I became his 'centrefold'.

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