tagLoving WivesChallenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted


I'd been away for a few weeks with work so after being back a few days the wife I left the kids with the grandparents and had a date night.

Briana was wearing tight jeans, heels, tight shirt with a plunging neckline and a jacket. Casual but looked amazing, the jeans showing off her round ass, the shirt accentuating her breasts and drawing the eye just enough to want to see more.

We went for an expensive dinner, had a couple of glasses of wine and decided to head out for another drink. Walking around we found a bar we'd never been to before, we didn't go out much anymore so it had probably been there a couple of years. It had a fairly chilled atmosphere and good music playing. Being 5ft tall and not much of a drinker my wife was already a little tipsy from the wine with dinner. The CC and dry I bought her would get her buzzing along nicely. We sat down, talked, laughed and had our drink. We were starting to get a little playful and flirtatious, enjoying the freedom of a night out to ourselves. I got myself another drink and we started looking around, commenting on what we saw. I saw her eye linger on a guy that walked past.

"Something caught your eye?" I inquired.

She turned around and a little sheepishly said "Yeah, sorry."

"Don't be sorry, there's no harm in looking. Besides, he is good looking, you're not the only woman looking at him."

The guy that caught her attention was dark haired, had a really genuine smile, facial hair that looked only a few days old moreso than a beard and a slim, athletic build.

"Can't blame them, he is good looking," she said.

"How good looking do you think he is?"

She gave me a look that indicated she knew I was encouraging her.

"Back in a minute" she hopped up, walked over to the bar next to him and got us both a drink.

"Very good looking" was her reply as she sat down next to me a minute later with the drinks.

"You hung on your words a little there, is that the drinks or is there something else going on in your head?"

Her hand ran up my thigh as she finished her drink quite quickly and went back for another. I told her to take her time as she couldn't drink much, she smiled and laughed

"I know, I just wanted to go back for another look".

She started swaying her hips along with the music at the bar as she waited for a drink. Her shoulder length dark hair gently moved as her head matched the rhythm of her hips. 'Damn, she is one sexy woman' I thought to myself. She accidentally bumped against him and turned to apologise, they made small talk until she got the drinks. Once she had hers she stayed there chatting, moving slowly to the music in front of him then came back. She looked directly at me as he watched her walk away.

"I think you got his attention," I said.

"Oh that," she laughed "just small talk whilst I waited for drinks."

"And once you had the drinks?" I asked.

"Flirting, hope you're not jealous," she replied playfully.

"Quite the opposite, I'm flattered that my wife has the confidence to casually approach a good-looking guy, flirt and understand the trust we have in our relationship." I paused then added "Besides, it's not like you'd go any further."

She was now a little drunk and took that as a challenge

"Oh really, tell me what I wouldn't do Mr know-it-all."

"Ah, you think this a challenge. Ok, let's play this little game. You know I like pushing boundaries so this should be fun to see how far you'll go."

"Yes you do, I'm not sure what they are though as you've cum in your own mouth for me before."

'Shit, she said that pretty loud, hopefully nobody heard over the music.' I was a little embarrassed, I didn't want the world knowing that stuff about me but I didn't want her to see that.

"I'm game if you are" she said staring intently at me.

"Ok, go flirt with him some more"

"Is that it? Easy" She asked.

"Dance with him then."

She walked over, spoke with him again and ordered them both a drink. They chatted and laughed a little as they had their drink before she took his hand and headed out to the dance floor. They danced together, getting closer, their bodies moving against one another. She turned around, he moved up close behind her and ran his hands from her thighs, up her sides, brushing the side of her breasts and then pulled her closer into him. She pushed her hips back, no doubt feeling him bumping into her. Just like that, she walked away.

"That was hot," she said when she returned to the table.

"It was, looked like you enjoyed yourself. Him too," I said to her.

She giggled a little "Yeah he did, I could tell."

"Oh really," I enquired "How could you tell?"

"He was rock hard and his cock was pushing against my ass," she said whilst looking at me to gauge my reaction.

"Still got it, breaking hearts like when we first met" I replied grinning.

"You're so full of shit, fake sweet talking and flirting with me. I know what you're up to, trying to get me drunk so you can get me doing dirty things."

I put my hands out in front of me as if for her to cuff them "Busted, guilty as charged," I said.

She gave me a mischievous smile and walked off to get another drink for her and her new friend. Again she took him to the dance floor. They picked up where they left off before bumping and grinding, it was genuinely hot to watch. There was something raw about it, her lust was obvious as she ran her hands across his chest. His hands grabbed her ass, ran up along her hips and then up under her breasts, squeezing them together. Giving in to the moment she reached down to feel his obvious bulge. I nearly spat my drink out, 'holy shit she's being bold.' My eyes were hanging out my head and my cock was rock hard. I had to adjust myself and regain my composure as she walked back over giving me a dirty grin.

"You look pleased with yourself," I said.

"He's fucking hot, couldn't help myself plus knowing you could see me and approved made it much more exciting. You look a little uncomfortable sitting like that, something you're trying to hide from me?" she replied.

"There was something very raw about the way you two danced, seeing my wife doing that has got me all worked up."

She suggested it was perhaps time to leave. As she went to the bathroom I made my way to the exit but stopped by the guy she'd been dancing with. My wife returned to see us talking and came up to us, said goodbye to him and we hopped into the car. I drove as I hadn't had as much to drink and had a higher tolerance.

She asked me "What did you two say to each other?"

"Nothing much, he just said you told him I was watching and that I was lucky to have such a confident and sexy wife."

I drove the back way just to take a little longer, see if I couldn't get her to blow me or masturbate in front of me. Still excited from her dance she ran her hand up my thigh and grabbed my cock. Slowly just stroking me.

"Didn't get enough of that on the dance floor I see," I remarked.

She laughed and said "He felt a good size, thick too, just like this one. This game's fun but it's a massive tease. Give me that cock already."

She freed me from my jeans and moved down to suck it. Her head bobbed up and down as her warm mouth slid up and down the length of my cock. Spotting an adult book store, I pulled into the carpark.

"Why have we stopped here?" Briana asked.

"Bet you won't come in there with me" I said.

Meeting my challenge she replied "See you in there, I'm not waiting for you to put yourself away."

It took me a minute to calm down, adjust myself and get comfortable. I walked in to find her looking in the toy area. She laughed as she handed one to me, insisting I feel how lifelike it is. I had to agree, it was. She was staring at my hand holding onto it, squeezing it. I gave her a look to say 'yes?'

"That's actually kinda hot."

"You watch me jerk off all the time."

"Which is hot as fuck too, but seeing you hold another cock is different."

"Time to move along I think."

We looked at some DVDs, all sorts of stuff. Some she thought hot, some gross and some just plain weird.

"I wish we could watch some before going home," I said.

"Hell yeah, let's get one if not and watch it at home"

I looked around and in the corner saw a doorway with a small sign 'XXX booths'.

"We can in there," I told her.

She practically dragged me in she was so keen. 'Mmm, she IS horny.' I thought.

She chose the video as I dumped coins into the machine. The scene came on, it was two chicks and a guy. She sat on my lap as we watched, I ran my hands over her body and she reached back to grab my cock. I unbuttoned her shirt and let her tits out, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She pulled my cock out and stroked me. She was leaning back against me I undid the button on her jeans and slid m hand down the front to discover she didn't have any panties on. Straight away I felt how wet her pussy was. We'd only been in there a few minutes when we heard the door of the booth next to us open and close, the sound of coins being inserted and shortly after a movie started.

"There's somebody next door," she whispered in case I wasn't aware.

"Bet you won't eat my pussy in here knowing somebody can hear us."

"Challenge accepted."

I didn't need any encouragement, I ripped her heels and jeans off,

pushed her back onto the chair, spread her legs and licked and sucked at her pussy like it was the last thing I'd ever eat. She moaned and in the process of wrapping her legs around my head knocked over the framed print on the wall.

"Oh fuck," she said "I can see in there."

I stopped what I was doing to ask her what she was talking about, she was looking at a fist sized hole in the wall.

"Oh shit, that means they can see in here too," Briana commented.

We both giggled nervously, this was like being teenagers again and trying not to make any noise so your parents can't bust you fucking.

"You won't look," I said to her.

"Challenge accepted."

She squatted down and peered through the hole then jerked her head and quietly exclaimed "Holy shit, it's the hot dude from the bar."

She immediately went back to watching so I knelt behind her and reached around to rub her pussy whilst she watched.

"Yeah stroke that cock," she said out loud.

'Wow, she's really getting into this!' I thought. I moved my head and could see that he was indeed stroking his cock in long slow movements. I moved and knocked the wall, his head snapped around and he saw that somebody was watching but couldn't tell who because her face was too close to the wall.

"Fuck, he knows somebody is watching. I hope we haven't scared him off," she said.

"Why's that?"

"I want to watch him jerk off."

A big smile spread across his face, he was fine with performing for an audience.

"Oh good, I get to keep watching."

"You can see it closer if you want."

"What do you mean?"

"Poke a finger through the hole."

"What does that do?"

"It tells him you want his stick his dick through the wall."

"Really? This is going way past just dancing"

She paused for a minute before saying "What, the hell, accepted" and stuck two fingers through the wall. In no time his hard cock poked through the wall. He was a good size but I was kind of thankful he wasn't huge as I wasn't sure how far my wife would go with these challenges.

"Bet you won't touch it" she said to me with a devilish grin.

"Wow, that's a serious challenge" I whispered to her.

"You like to have your boundaries pushed. It was hot enough seeing you stroke a fake one, now let me see you stroke that."

My head was swimming, she'd created a scenario where to see what I really wanted and for her to get what she wanted I had to go way beyond anything I'd done at her request before.

"Guaranteed if I do that you won't suck it."

"Bullshit, you won't jerk him off just to see me suck another cock so I won't have to. No way. You've lost."

DAMN she's good. I hated her competitive nature, I hated my competitive nature but man I wanted to see her suck another cock.

I was still behind her rubbing her pussy, she was grinding on my hand when I reached up and took the cock in my other hand

"Oh get fucked, that's too fucking hot," she drunkenly said.

I started slowly working my hand up and down it, feeling how thick and powerful it felt. My wife just stared in disbelief, we were both competitive so she realized what had to happen for her to not lose.

"Keep going, this is wild," she encouraged.

I kept stroking his cock, getting a little faster and working in a twisting motion. Still behind my wife I rubbed her soaking pussy and whispered in her ear "Guess I'm not losing, over to you."

She moved forward, her hand replacing mine, and placed her lips over the head, sucking it deep into her mouth.

"Holy fuck that's hot" I told her.

She took him out of her mouth, licked from the base to the tip, tickled the underside of his head with her tongue and then sucked half of it into her mouth again. She made a real effort to fit all of it in her mouth but couldn't on this angle so stood up and bent over to try take the whole thing down her throat. I didn't need to change position, just pulled down on her hips a little to get her to arch her back and poke her ass out giving me access to her pussy. I resumed eating her pussy and she moaned in delight around the cock deep in her throat. The noises she was making trying to fit his cock all the way down her throat were familiar but this was a new level, knowing she was doing it to somebody else was too much. I stood up, rubbed my cock against her slick lips a few times and slid into her. Another deep moan as she immediately pushed back on me. Neither of us were going to last long, I drove as hard and fast as I could into her pussy, her screams muffled by the thick cock in her mouth. I could see it pumping in & out and could hear him groaning saying he was going to cum soon.

"Let him cum in your mouth" was the challenge I issued her as I held her hips and fucked her.

"No, let him cum in yours," she gasped.

"Fuck no."

She pushed back hard against me, rubbing her clit between her legs and bringing herself to a huge orgasm. I felt her pussy clench and release around me, the grunts on the other side of the wall got quicker, there was a banging against the wall as his body slammed into it, stopping him from fucking her mouth like he wanted to. He groaned one more time and my wife quickly removed her mouth from his cock and jerked him off onto her tits. His cum splashed her tits, it was too much and sent me over the edge. I buried my cock inside her and shot my load, grunting and swearing as I came. I eventually withdrew, my legs were shaking from the orgasm. She was a little wobbly on her feet too. We looked at each and smiled.

"You won't clean me up," she said.

"Tempting, but no, not tonight, there's nothing to raise the stakes with at the moment."

"Handsome, a big cock AND smart" she replied mockingly.

She cleaned up as best she could with the tissues in her purse, buttoned her jacket up to cover up the cum on her tits and shirt and we headed for the car. As we drove she said

"Well that certainly pushed some boundaries. What were the chances of it being him in the booth next to us?"

"Pretty good I'd say," I replied.

"What do you mean?"

I gave her a long look, giving her time to process everything.

"You're fucking evil. That's what you were talking to him about when I was in the bathroom! I can't believe you did that? I'm not sure how to feel about it."

"I like to think I know what my wife wants and be able to deliver those things to her. I could see you were enjoying yourself, keen to flirt and have some fun with me tonight and I know you thought that guy was hot. The way you danced with him I think you would have fucked him if things went that way."

"I think I'd have fucked both of you tonight" She said smiling at me before leaning against me.

"I'm not sure how I feel about that," I replied playfully, giving her a silly look.

She laughed "You're an idiot."

She fell asleep on the drive home after chatting a little about our night but not before commenting that we should go on more date nights.

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