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Right now, I am on my hands and knees on the ground. Death is coming for me. There is no escape, I know that now. I think that I finally bit off more than I could chew. They say that when you're about to die, you can see your whole life flash before your eyes. That's not the case. I didn't see any damn flash. All I feel is pain. An agony that doesn't seem to go away. Death is coming for me. Nothing can stop that now. I don't want to go into the next world without anybody knowing my story. There's the version the world will know. And then there's the truth. This whole story is about the latter, not the former.

Let me back track for a little bit. My name is Lisa and I am a tall, somewhat large black woman. I've always been good at games. Dominoes, Poker, Chess, you name it. I'm good at these games. I've played against both men and women and often, I end up in one of the top spots. I finished third in a national competition of Chess. The first place winner was Michael Gerard and the second place winner was James Smith. I finished second in the regional series of Poker, the first place winner was Fred Dalton. Those are really tough guys who excel at their game. I always do quite well, though. Lately, I've been experiencing a bit of bad luck.

My latest nemesis was Wally Wolf. Wally Wolf was not the kind of guy who looked like a threat to anyone. He stood around five-foot-seven, with short black hair and pale green eyes. He was quite skinny and looked like he might be a librarian or bookworm. He always wore cheap suits and sunglasses. Not exactly the kind of guy who looks intimidating. Yet he had been winning every contest he had ever been in. I'm a fierce competitor and I like to represent the ladies wherever I go. Yet I have never seen anyone like Wally.

Wally Wolf first came to my attention when he entered the state series of Poker. He was sitting at a table filled with Professional Poker players, both male and female. Among them were Charles Gautier, a man who won the World Series of Poker and Elisabeth Smithers, a woman who finished third place in the national Poker series. I was the third most famous contestant. None of us thought very much of Wally Wolf. He wasn't known in the Professional Poker Player circuit. We were playing and it soon became clear that Mr. Wolf was a lot more dangerous than he appeared.

Player after player got beat by Wolf's nasty tactics. He wasn't a maniac. He did not brag. He did not show his hand. His moves were methodical yet somehow unpredictable. He was lethal. He defeated the Champion himself, Charles Gautier and sent Elisabeth Smithers packing. It was suddenly me and him at the table. He had defeated all the other contestants. I looked at Wolf. He wasn't smiling or smirking. He wasn't sweating. He looked calm, cool and collected. He was the man. He had already won three million dollars at the table. He beat me, leaving me with five hundred grand before I folded. I couldn't believe it. This little creep had beaten me. I was one of the most famous Female Poker Players out there. I've beaten both men and women at this game. Yet this ruthless little bastard had rendered me nearly bankrupt. The men and women of the Press ate it up. Reporters printed in bold letters : Woman Poker Player Loses To Unassuming Male Champ. Many of them thought I was a bitch who got what she deserved. I stared at Wolf as he talked to the press. This was unacceptable. Revenge!

I went home and did some research on Wally Wolf. Who was he? Amazingly, there was very little information on him. Nobody knew where he came from. Was he married? Did he have a wife and kids? A family? Nothing was known about this mystery man. He went on to win the World Series of Poker that year. This time, I finished fourth place. When I entered the Chess Competition of the Grand Masters, he was right there. The Grand Masters Competition involved men and women who were true masters of the game. Some young female prodigies had made headlines in the past. Wally Wolf went up against them. He won. He didn't just win. He won by a landslide. Overnight, this mystery man became the Matinee Idol. Someone who was universally worshiped and adored.

I was seeing his face everywhere. He was on Jay Leno, Conan and Oprah. Men really don't like losing to women in any competition. Wally Wolf was becoming an icon for men across the globe. He never bragged, he was not falsely modest either, yet he beat every man and woman who got in his way. He was the undisputed Champion of Poker and the undisputed Grand Master of Chess. He entered a competition against Video Game Players. Lately, a young woman named Jessica Blake had been making headlines as one of America's toughest video game players. The boys really weren't happy to see a girl invade their territory. Wally Wolf defeated her, just like he defeated everybody else.

This was invincible. His picture was everywhere. He was on the cover of Newsweek, Men's Health, Sports Illustrated and of course, the National Enquirer. Men and boys everywhere aspired to be like him. Overnight, he had become a celebrity. No, in the eyes of the men, he had become a god. A lot of women admired him. Yet this recluse still kept to himself. Any man in his position would have loved to have the attention of beautiful women and powerful men lavished on him. Wally Wolf still kept to himself. He became my obsession. I was obsessed with beating him. Obsessed because nobody could. This bastard was simply invincible. So, I began following him around. I thought I could find out something about him and use it to my advantage. Big mistake but hey, what did I know at the time?

To be continued.

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