tagNovels and NovellasChance: A Day in May Ch. 03

Chance: A Day in May Ch. 03

bythe Troubador©

Chapter 3: Watching the Stars

Duncan fondly studied the woman beside him. He sure understood how she could feel so discouraged. It had been a tough day. What with her husband abandoning her in the middle of nowhere with a broken car. Then the SOB yelled and sneered at her as a means of feeling better about himself.

Helen had confided in Duncan that this was to be time for the couple to get together to reconnect and strengthen their marriage. The jerks behavior somehow didn't seem the way to revitalize a failing marriage!

Topping off the day was the bar fight. Duncan had never before been in a situation where the whole room was afraid to respond to an ugly situation.

On the other hand, they'd had fun all afternoon. Even the tavern experience had been perfect until the cowboy had intervened. Then after the nightmare they ended up feeling like heroes.

"Helen, this is going to sound like another come on. Seems like everything I've said all day came out just a little wrong. Still, we are sitting in one of my houses and I do have an extra bed. Could I ask you to spend the night with me with out getting pounded?" After he shut his mouth, Duncan realized what he'd said. "Damned if that didn't come out right, either!"

"Oh, I don't know?" Helen laughed at him. Reaching over she took his hand in hers she adding, "Sure, why not! I can trust you, and after I spent the day with you anyone with a small mind has already made up it up about what is going on. Sure! I'll even make breakfast if you have the makings. That will surely make the biddies roll their eyes!

When they pulled in at what they were coming to call, "Their Texaco Station", Duncan asked the guy on duty where they could park the rig and spend the night without being disturbed. After the guy found out the rig was completely self contained he directed them out a small farm road, then sent them down an even smaller side road for about 5 miles. There they found a tiny 'cove' holding a grove of cottonwoods. A small spring was tucked back in the trees hidden from the road. Pulling into the little Eden they spent ten minutes leveling the small motorhome. Before shutting down for the night Duncan made sure all the systems; water, heat, sewage, electric were working properly.

In the silence an insect chorus blended with the cheerful burble of the little spring. The sky was clear with the stars seeming just beyond arms reach. Neither felt like shutting out the soft night with it's stars. A full moon painted the world silver.

"You tired, Helen?" Duncan asked. When she shook her head he pulled a couple blankets and pillows out, then took Helen's hand to lead her up to the top of the hill above where they had parked.

Reaching the top they found the farmer had tilled only a week or so before. As a result the ground was soft where Duncan laid the blanket down. Dropping the pillows Duncan explained, "It's too nice to stay cooped up all night, and I think we need to unwind some before we go to sleep. Am I being too presumptuous, or would you mind watching a few stars with me?"

Helen leaned against him, snaking her arms around his waist to gave him a hug. Duncan circled his arms around her shoulders. When Helen tightened hers around him to give him a squeeze she was so enthusiastic he thought she was going to break a rib. If it hadn't felt so good having her body pressed tightly against him it might have hurt. Instead it was a little bit of heaven. What complicated matters was the instant pole that grew inside his pants.

That distracted Duncan who worried his body was carrying things too far. But there was no way to control that purely male reaction to an incredibly beautiful woman holding her body pressed full length against him. On the other hand it was a reaction that would have brought instant war from a woman guarding herself against unwanted attention. Worries disappeared when she softly pressed her abdomen and groin against his.

When her head tilted upward Duncan lowered his mouth to cover hers and felt her soft lips yielding themselves to him. The tip of his tongue was welcomed inside her mouth and their tongues met to play. There their tongues met like new friends, caressing and sending chills through them.

Softly moving his lips against hers Duncan looked into her eyes and saw her big blue, star filled eyes murmuring yes. Her hands slipped down his back to cup his behind while his own began exploring from the smoothness of her shoulders down to the soft firm globes of her fanny lying under the silky-soft smoothness of the sun dress.

Duncan wondered, "How far should I go with this?"

Leaning back gently Duncan murmured, "I want to show you something." Then he tenderly turned her in his arms until she was leaning back against his chest. "Look at what the moon has painted for us.

Until then, on the long climb up the hill and laying the blankets out to sit, Helen hadn't turned her attention away from what was right next to her. When she looked she realized she was atop a hill and she was looking out on miles and miles of moon-silvered hills. Under the moonlight there was no indication man had been here. In the daylight the gently rolling hills had been broken here and there with outcrops of harsh black, crumbling stone. Now the moon had softened even the stone into a fairy world.

Gasping with delight she leaned against Duncan's broad chest, resting her head on his shoulder. Silently the couple took in the rare scene.

Duncan smoothed his cheek against the silk of her hair, breathing in her scent. Tightening his arms around her to feel the length of her snuggled into him. Slowly they turned to see the panorama laid out on all sides. Not a farmhouse or building in sight. They did spot one very lonely windmill far in the distance. That and the faint glow of he street lights of shining into the air beyond a distant were the only indications they were not alone in this world of moonshine and magic.

For long moments they basked in the togetherness and wonder of the warm night. Finally, Duncan bent his head slightly to nuzzled her throat, kissing softly under her chin, then tasting his way back to beneath her ear. Here he opened his mouth wide to cover her delicate skin. At her shiver of delight he laved her with his tongue, while mouthing her delicacy.

Careful to give her maximum, gentle sensation while avoiding the telltale bruise of a hickey he loved Helen's neck. Unable and unwilling to stop him she bent her head to allow him complete access to the graceful column. She was not even aware she had closed her eyes until she realized Duncan had turned her again to face him, his arms still cradling her to him.

Duncan kissed her closed eyelids, then covered her face with butterfly kisses. Somehow no one had ever delighted her this way and she found herself quivering with delight. Wriggling her body closer to his she again wound her arms around Duncan's neck, bringing his lips close for her kiss.

Without conscious thought the embrace and kiss went on and on, yet seemed to take no time from the earth's clock. In just these few short hours Duncan realized he already considered this woman one of his truest friends. A friend for life. To top that, she was also one of the most attractive women he had ever known. Possessing her in the biblical sense would be something that would warm his dreams for years.

But friendship with this exotic creature was too precious to risk, even for the wonder and pleasure of her body for the few short hours left in the night.

His hands traveled back up to her shoulders where he began to reluctantly release her. That was when she did something magical.

Helen leaned back away from their kiss and while looking up into his eyes she began softly circling her groin against his. Soon she was gently, insistently grinding against his now painfully hard erection. Her eyes burned with lust.

Wordlessly Helen slowly moved her body away from him. Soon their bodies no longer touched, just Duncan's arms sliding slowly along her shoulders and hers slid away along his sides. When just his hands were on her shoulders and hers at his waist she moved her hands up to his arms, then slid them down his arms as she stepped back away. Hold his wrists she pulled him down with her to the blanket. There she knelt before Duncan as he knelt before her. Her hands moved to his waist and pulled his shirt out of the waistband of his pants. Then she grasped the bottom of the shirt and pulled it up over his head.

This exotically magical creature tossed the shirt aside and ran her hands up and down his chest. For a while she watched the shivers of sensation tremble through his flesh. Then Helen's hands left him to travel to the front of that wonderful dress. Slowly, carefully, precisely she began working the buttons loose, starting at the top the dress began gapping open as she undid the them. It wasn't long before Duncan was treated to the sight of the swell of her perfect breasts.

Duncan was frozen, unable to move. He doubted he could move. Lord knew he didn't want to!

Watching her hands move so slowly down her dress, watching the gap opening her dress Duncan had trouble breathing. When Helen's fingers reached her waist she quickly uncoupled her belt while continuing opening her dress. Finally she loosed the last fastener, and the two sides and let her arms fall to her sides. As Duncan watched the dress fell apart, exposing the woman and her lingerie to his eager gaze.

Helen was kneeling before him, exposing a delicate peach colored bra that clasped and cupped her firm breasts. Her nipples darkness shadowed through the material, pushing out on the top of each glorious hill.

Letting his eyes slide down her perfect form Duncan drank in the nudeness of her belly, visually tasting her navel. As he did so his body tightened with the knowledge that soon his lips and tongue would also soon taste her sweetness. Then for long moments he admired the matching peach of her panties and the soft swell of the curves it accented. God what a word, panties. On her the word sent sensations, pleasure bumps down his spine. Her legs were bare.

She knelt up slowly to stand above where he now was kneeling at her feet. Once upright she shrugged her shoulders allowing her dress to fall and pool around her ankles.

Helen swayed forward then bent and tilted his face up to hers. Then she kissed him sweetly. Her tongue teased and licked his lips before slipping inside his mouth to trace his teeth and inside his cheeks. Duncan had never been so enthralled by a woman. This was not a woman taking control, this was a lover recognizing her new lover was afraid of hurting her or scaring her away.

She was claiming herself for me.

"Duncan," she breathed, "I am yours if you want me... Please want me." Then she slowly knelt before him again.

Unbuckling his belt he lifted himself to his feet. Standing he unsnapped and unzipped the trousers, letting them fall to the blanket. With his feet Duncan pushed the pants and shoes off, leaving himself standing before his goddess in only his jockey shorts. He thought, "How shortchanged women are when we strip for each other. A woman in her underwear is smooth, sexy lines. She is a thing to desire and dream of, to paint pictures of, to treasure. A man is an amorphous bulge in white cotton."

And that is certainly what Helen saw, a huge bulge. His manhood pushed the waistline of my shorts out. He slipped my thumbs under the elastic and pulled them down and off in one smooth motion.

Helen's quick intake of breath massaged his male ego, making his sword, his spear, pulse and shake. It was as hard as it had ever been. Some men worry about the size of their member. Duncan had never been concerned about his. What Helen saw, what made her mouth alternately dry and wet, was nicely sized. Its girth was lavish in its thickness. After a lifetime of use Duncan knew it and would be able to meet the demands and needs of his partner.

Standing there Duncan knew he and his sex only needed the opportunity to perform to prove their 'mettle.'

He knelt back down before her, then rested my hands on her shoulders before leaning forward to kiss her. When she responded he slid his arms behind her to clasp her bra to pull it from her shoulders. When Duncan pulled her into his arms he felt her nipples poke into his chest. Twisting, he writhed his body against hers as he moved her against him with his hands. The sheer pleasure of their skin sliding together almost made him ejaculate. He groaned with pleasure.

Leaning forward Duncan lowered his new lover to her back before laying himself beside her. Resting his cheek against his hand he covered her with the kisses from his eyes. As he admired her he traced her shape with his free hand. At first he kept clear of areas accepted as prime erogenous zones. At the end of every sweep down her body he returned to the valley between her breasts. Tracing the smooth softness there Duncan noted the dampness beginning to sheath her body as her excitement grew. A particular delight was the smooth roundness of her little belly. Something about a woman's small tummy had always fascinated him. Helen's was bewitching. While admiring it he dipped into her beguiling navel to twist a fingertip inside it. Doing this he smiled at how helpless she was to keep from writhing at the sensation.

When it was time to up the temperature he thought to do so by using an erogenous zone almost forgotten in today's world. Easing my hand slowly and gently up her side, barely touching her with the tips of my fingers. This was with an ultra-soft touch, careful to avoid tickling. As sexually charged as she was what would normally tickle was now sexually stimulating. As his hands moved his finger tips made small circles. Soon he neared her underarms with her arms now lay curled above her head. Once there he slowly, so slowly moved his fingers over and around her sensitive shaved underarms. The gentle approach avoided the near pain of tickling, turning the building sensation to passion. He watched it building in her eyes as they began to glinting with desire. What had been pure sensual pleasure now was being transformed to sexual need, want, craving. As he worried the soft sensitive flesh under her arms Helen's body began undulating. He lowered his lips, just touching a nipple with the tip of his tongue. Her breath was now coming in little gasps, the lust-madness openly evident in her eyes.

He knelt up over her and with his left hand he captured both her hands, pinning them above her head. She was now open and unprotected from his loving assault. His right hand began stroking, tempting and pleasuring the skin under her left arm. Not having been touched before it was many times more sensitive than what he had just been tormenting sexually.

Duncan was pleased to find the perspiration now covering her and took advantage of the added stimulation its slickness gave his helpless love captive. It wasn't long before his Love was gasping, her whole body writhing. Though Duncan doubted she was aware of it her hips were pumping.

Helen was hot and passionate! Not just now! This couldn't be turned on and off. She was a deeply hot, passionate woman. His strange smile must have puzzled her if she was seeing clearly enough to recognize it. Some women can be stimulated to a point beyond that almost that where true and careful pleasuring will cause them to explode. Somehow they contain the fire inside them, but when it is loosed it is spectacular. A man is blessed to join with such a woman.

Her eyes shone now with pure madness, she gasped and her body writhed. She was bucking, shuddering: he couldn't continue the soft stroking. No matter how Duncan tried his hands were thrown off the beauty of her body. Duncan was still trying to hold her arms but it was taking all his strength to control her. Their eyes were still locked together, his consuming, white hot hunger mirrored in the madness of lust in hers.

He leaned forward slowly, their eyes never breaking contact. Her wide open stare pinned him, her mouth gaping as she gasped and struggled for breath. Little almost-words spilled from their lips.

He licked a hard, thrusting nipple, leaving it ashine with his juices. The warmth instantly cooled from the cool night air. It seemed impossible but the cooling caused her nipple to grew even longer, even harder.

Leaning he blew on the nipple, each time startling her into soft little shrieks. Deciding it was time the man leaned forward the last inch, wrapping his lips around her nipple. First sucking it into his mouth then widening his mouth to suck hard and draw even more of her into his mouth.

She stopped breathing.

Then Duncan began lashing the nipple with his tongue hard and fast. He was now bathing her once cold nipple in the searing hot wetness of his mouth.

She screamed!

Then she erupted! Spasms of ecstasy swept through her in waves.

To now Duncan hadn't removed the last piece of her clothing, her panties. Nor had he come near touching her sex. Yet she was in the midst of a gigantic orgasm. Duncan heard her babbling mixed with moans, whimpers. He could hear soft screams â€" she could not breathe enough to support a full scream.

He released her hands and her arms immediately wrapped around his head, pulling his face onto her tit with all her might. Duncan dropped his body down atop hers at an angle, pressing his shoulder to her near breast while his mouth continued laving, sucking and chewing softly on her other breast. Her legs were jerking, spreading apart, coming back together, shaking in the air. He reached a hand between her legs and, when next her legs flew apart, pressed a forefinger firmly against her clit, then he rolled it gently side to side. Not hard, no pain, just the pressure She needed.

Helen's whole body stiffened into convulsions that lasted maybe 30 seconds before she melted against and under his.

Looking into her eyes he saw... he blinked and mentally shook himself. What he saw was too early to happen and couldn't be true anyway.

He pulled her panties off, making her comfortable on the blanket. Then he cuddled down by her side, covering them with the second blanket. With a pillow under his head he pulled her over so her head was cradled on his shoulder, her body pressed full length along his. Helen sighed as she snuggled her face into his shoulder. Soon her breathing smoothed and evened.

He spent the next several minutes looking down on her nestled against him. He marveled at this rare creature 'coming to him' and now sleeping in his arms.

She breathed softly and steadily while Duncan cuddled to her. The uppermost thought in his mind was amazement at that stupid, selfish son of a bitch she was married to. He had expected this one woman in ten million to be responsive to his loving. But she had been starved for sex. Even harder to understand, she had obviously been starved for simple affection. Duncan was as conceited as the next man about his sexual ability, but Helen's response had been extreme. How long had it been since this lovely woman had been satisfied? How could a 'man' allow his woman to become so hungry? And how could one not touch her every time she came near, praise her with his look, tell her how he cared and how wonderful she looked.

Judging from her reactions to him all day, Duncan was convinced she had been true to that stupid self-satisfied SOB. There was no doubt in his mind Gerald had been ignoring her. His guess was it had been going on for years.

Their marriage was in serious trouble, and not because of anything he had done. "How had she been able to keep it together so long with no help from her partner?" he wondered. Was Gerald impotent and unwilling to admit it and get help? Was he even mentally competent?

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