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Chance Meeting


. . . It was one of those times when all she wanted was time to herself. A 48-hour period where there were no responsibilities; no need to be somewhere by a certain time; the ability to forget about others schedules and just focus on herself. She agrees with George Bernard Shaw who said "youth is wasted on the young." Gone are the days of weekend escapes to a new city where no one knows you, where you come from or when you will be leaving. Gone are the carefree days of partying . . . . . the wee hours of the morning; breakfast with strangers and if you were lucky, a little unbridled sex!

"But wait," she thought "what is wrong with taking a weekend retreat all to myself? I will just put myself in a time-out. No contact with anyone. Yes, I deserve it . . . I am going to get away." And the search begins. She wants to be far away, but not too far away. It must be one of those hotels's that has 400 count sheets with lush down comforters on the bed. There must be room service available so she never has to leave the room. Definitely a spa facility so that she can indulge in a full body massage. Lunch hour is almost over and there are no rooms available. At last . . . she has found the right place! Reservations to make, bags to pack and notice to ex-spouse he has the kids for the weekend.

It is Friday afternoon and check-in time is 3:00pm. It is only 70 miles from home and if she leaves by 1:30pm that will ensure she is there right at check-in time due to road conditions. She will be able to get checked in, settled in her room and off to the Spa for her scheduled 80-minute Relaxation Massage. There will still be enough time to hit the lounge for a glass of wine (or two) and a light snack before retiring for the evening. She is feeling better already just knowing in several hours she will be able to abandon her life for awhile and pretend she has not a care in the world and just relax.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She arrives, half frazzled from the drive, passing two rollovers from the crazy drivers who passed her. She finds a parking spot close to the hotel entrance and takes a moment to collect herself so the negativity stays in the vehicle. As she stepped up to the front desk, a bellhop was immediately summoned to escort her to her room. The bellhop opened the door to the room, proceeded over to the window and opened the curtains to the gorgeous snow covered mountains. There were skiers coming down the mountain. Up higher they looked like ants coming down the hill because they were so high up. She could already feel the tension leaving her body and relaxation overtake her. "Ms. Albright, I have received word that the spa is ready for you if you would like to go early," as the bellhop was setting her bags next to the desk by the window. "I could escort you there if you would prefer?"

"That would be lovely. Let me slip out of these clothes and into my lounge set. Can you wait a moment?"

"With pleasure," Alonso said with a tilt of his head in approval and a friendly smile.

As she was changing she thought to herself . . . . 'This is just what the Doctor ordered! To be waited on hand and foot.'

In a thick Hispanic accent, "Mrs. Albright, if there is anything I can do to make your stay more pleasurable, please do not hesitate to ask for Alonso. I am at your service. I will be here all weekend. Simple call the front desk and ask for me."

"Thank you, Alonso! And please call me Sarah." When all that was running through her mind was 'are you sure you are up for the task.' But she is a lady and will keep such thoughts locked inside.

Alonso opened the door to the spa, "after you Mrs. Albright." He proceed to the receptionist, "Mrs. Albright has just arrived from a long drive and is in need of some extra special attention. Is Hektor available to take Mrs. Albright this evening?"

"Let me check Alonso. One moment please," as the receptionist steps away from the desk to seek out Hektor and check with him personally. It is not often there are special requests, but when Alonso escorts a guest to the spa, they must be a VIP. "Yes, Hektor is available." "Mrs. Albright, would you please follow me."

"You are in capable hands. Jessica will call me when you are done and I will escort you back to your room," as he extends his hand in the direction of the receptionist.

"Thank you Alonso! And that is Sarah to you."

"Yes Mrs. Albright," as Alonso smiles broadly exposing the incredible pearly whites beneath his every so thin lips.

Hektor bowed as Sarah entered the room. She was awe struck at this yummy hunk of a Greek God standing in front of her. She could feel a chill of excitement run through her veins just at the thought of him touching her body. Was that drool at the corner of her mouth? Oh my! Yes!

"Mrs. Albright, I am Hektor. I will step out of the room while you de-cloth and slip between the heated flannel sheets. Would you like to start lying on your back or face down, Madam?" as he folded down the corner of the sheet and down comforter.

"Ugh . . ." she stammered not knowing what to say. She was still mesmerized by his sculpted features, large biceps and beautiful olive skin.

Hektor could see she was distracted as one corner of his mouth turned upward, "Why don't you lay face down and we will end with a cranial massage while on your back. Does that sound good?"

"Oh, yes please. You're the expert! Have me as you will," she was now ready to fully enjoy what Hektor was offering. Now the other side of his mouth was turned up; smiling ear to ear thinking to himself he has a lively one on his hands tonight.

Hektor steps out of the room and on his way lights three candles. She begins to disrobe and catches a glimpse of her body in the full length mirror off to the side. Her breasts were not as perky as they once use to be and the muffin top was a little flabbier than she wished it should be. But overall, not bad for a 40-something year old woman with three children. - - - She slips between the soft flannel sheets and has to readjust her breasts to get comfortable; something only a woman with more than a mouthful would understand.

"Are you comfortable Mrs. Albright," Hektor inquires as he returns to the room.

"Yes. Is that 'Hektor' with a 'c' or a 'k'?" she asks with curiosity.

"It is a 'k'. I have never had anyone ask that before," as he begins at her feet.

"That would mean if you spell it with a 'k' your name is from Greek Mythology which was derived from 'holding fast.' Ultimately from 'echo' meaning 'to hold, to possess." In Greek legend Hektor was one of the Trojan champions who fought against the Greeks. After he killed Achilles' friend Patroclus in battle, he was himself brutally slain by Achilles, who proceeded to tie his dead body to a chariot and drag it about. The name Hector also appears Arthurian legends belonging to King Arthur's foster father, "she shares while trying not to focus on how good it feels to have someone just touch her.

"You seem to be quite learned, Ms. Albright. I need you to focus on relaxing. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable at any point and I will stop," in a soft monotone voice.

"Yes Hektor, but please call me Sarah. I feel old being called Mrs. Albright. I am Sarah first," she states with a tense tone of irritation in her voice.

"At your request, Ms. Sarah," he agrees reluctantly knowing full well it is against company policy.

The aroma of essential oils begin to fill the room. His hands are becoming increasingly warmer with each stroke. "I must remember to thank Alonso for recommending Hektor," she murmured a little too loud she was afraid. He definitely had the touch. She can feel the tension melting away with each stroke of his masculine hands. It has been so long since she has had a man's hands caressing her body. But yet the sensuality of his strong tender touch was increasing her arousal and she could feel the endorphins beginning to flow. His hands were large enough to cup each buttock and working in a circular motion over each square inch . . . all of a sudden she moaned out loud "ah . . . oh . . . . Ooohhh . . . . that's the spot. Don't stop just yet." Hektor was restraining the chuckle that was increasing and responded, "I'm not finished yet Ms. Sarah but you'll know when I am."

Hektor's very skilled hands was almost more than Sarah's body could handle. She was doing pretty good at restraining herself from what she really wanted to do. For the first time in over six months his touch was intoxicating. It has been six months since she and her husband have been in an intimate relationship since the break up. She was trying to be forgiving, but it was difficult when the man she had loved for twenty plus years was no longer attentive and Sarah was very lonely for the touch of another's.

"Ms. Sarah," he whispered softly in her ear, "it is time for you to wake." Several times he called her name but she wasn't stirring. Hektor began to pull back the flannel sheets exposing her ample breasts that reacted to the coolness in the air that raised goose bumps on her torso that was the key to arousing Sarah from her slumber.

"Oh my! Did I dose off?"

"Yes, Ms Sarah. You were so relaxed I let you sleep awhile. Alonso is here to escort you to your room."

"Thank you. I do believe after the magic of your hands I will definitely need Alonso's help getting back to my room. I don't remember being this relaxed ever!! What spell did you cast on me Hektor?"

"Hektor no longer practices spells . . . . just the art of relaxation," with a chessher cat grin appearing. "We will be right outside the door so the lady can dress." Sarah is wondering why she did not do this sooner . . . . how was anything going to top this . . . and actually nothing really needed too. . . mission accomplished in the first 6 hours of her self-imposed retreat.

"Right this way, Mrs. Albright," as Alonso extends his hand toward Sarah as she comes through the door towards the two.

"Thank you!" as Sarah welcomes Alonso's arm to steady her as she looks back over her shoulder at that Greek God, Hektor standing there with evidence on his face that he was quite pleased with himself.

Sarah was grateful to have the assistance back to her room. The more she walked the better she began to feel. The energy was starting at her feet and working up the back of her legs. Her knees were moving more easily and her thighs were increasing in strength. Now the energy was moving up her back and it felt as if she was in her 20's again. Alonso noticed her step was quicken, "Mrs. Albright you seem to be feeling quite well. I am having a hard time keeping up."

"Oh Alonso how am I ever going to thank you for Hektor? I feel so revitalized and ready to get out and party."

Alonso opens the door to her room and places her room key on the dresser. As he walks out Alonso wishes her a good evening.

Sarah opens her suitcase and begins looking for something to wear. She did not come prepared to party and the only thing she really packed were her "comfortable" clothes. Oh wait!! There was her cashmere sweater . . . that and a pair of jeans with her pearls she had on earlier will have to suffice. It is time for a glass of wine and some easy listening music.

As she rounds the corner to the piano bar on the second floor with her mind on Hektor's magical hands, she runs full body into a stranger. He turned slightly red with embarrassment as he apologized, stepped to the left and around her. He did not even seem to stop! He was obviously in a hurry for something.

Sarah rounded the corner and was greeted by the bartender "Good evening. May I invite you to try one of our house wines?" "Yes, anything that is red," she says. He places a goblet in front of her and pulls the cork from Chateau Ste. Michelle limited release 2007 Petit Verdot. The cocoa, spice, tobacco, black cherry with just that hint of lilac. It was delightful! "This is a limited reserve for the lady," he shares as she places her glass back on the bar. "What a marvelous after taste . . . . it is a mouth-watering dark chocolate flavor, " Sarah shares with her head tilted back and her eyes closed taking her time to enjoy the first sip. "I thought the lady would like this one," the bartender says as he walked away to take care of the man that just sat down at the end of the bar.

Sarah glances in the direction of the man at the end of the bar. Wait! That was the fool who nearly plowed her down as she was rounding the corner just a few minutes ago! "Did you get to where you were going in such a hurry?" she mutters softly in hopes that he really does not hear her. "No, I was too late," he explains. He picks up his drink an takes a big gulp looking disappointed and troubled. Sarah is enjoying this evening way too much to get caught up in a conversation with someone that seems to be having a troublesome night. He finishes his drink and to her delight, leaves as fast as he came into the bar.

Sarah's glass is almost empty. The bartender brings her another goblet of wine. "Why thank you but I didn't order this" . . . "It is from the man at the corner table over there." She picks up the goblet and turns to see who sent her the drink, raising it in appreciation. He was a silver-haired man, with a light blue button down shirt, open at the collar with a pair of khaki pants. He looked to be tall in stature with a pair of long legs under the table. He smiled and tipped his glass to her in return. She turned around to face the bar again and waited for him to come over. There was a clock behind the bar and as she watched the hands move, 20 minutes had elapsed and he had not made his move. Should she go over to him? Should she take him a drink? It has been so long since she has been out what is the new etiquette? The bartender leans over, "It is A-OK to approach him, you know" with a wink. "Oh what the hell," Sarah replies!

She slides off the bar stool, grabs her goblet and slowly turns and walks toward the table in the corner where this handsome stranger sits patiently waiting. "May I join you?" A grin appears on his lips as he stands and pulls out the chair for her, "yes you may!"

She holds out her hand, "my name is Sarah. Thank you for the wine." He takes her hand and turns it so he can kiss her on the back of the hand

"You are most welcome! I'm Michael . . . pleasure to meet you Sarah," as he pushes her chair in every so slightly. "What brings you to town?"

"Actually I am a local. Just taking a weekend retreat to re-energize," she replies. "And you? What are you in town for?"

"It appears we are on the same weekend mission!" Michael says with a small wink.

"How is that working out for you?" she asks, as her mind is fixated on his gorgeous blue eyes that are enhanced by the blue shirt he is wearing.

"It appears to be shaping up nicely . . . . And you?" he asks as he admires how the cashmere sweater hugs her breasts in a seductive way that is quite appealing.

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