tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChance of a Lifetime Ch. 1

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 1


Leigh and Courtney had been friends since elementary school. Their friendship began when they discovered that they had the same birthday, February 28. Both girls had been pretty plain looking; Courtney was just a little chunky. But that was before they started developing into young women. And develop they did! By their 18th birthday both had turned into voluptuous young women.

Leigh was the prettier of the two. She stood 5'6" and had medium length light brown hair and blue eyes. She had a shapely 36-24-36 body with C-cup breast that were threatening to expand to a D-cup soon.

Courtney was two inches taller at 5'8". She had long brown hair with golden highlights added. Brown eyes and a cute face. She still had braces but they gave her a look of innocence. She had lost all of her baby fat and had inherited her mother's bustline. At 18 she already had round, firm 38-D tits to complete her 38-26-36 figure.

Courtney and Leigh made quite a pair anywhere they went. Guys would often ponder over which of the two they would prefer to have, never really coming to a firm decision either way. For their part the two girls enjoyed the attention. Both dressed in tight shirts and short skirts and reveled in the gawks they received from teen-age boys. Both girls had been sexually active, but neither to the point that was rumored around the school. Both had to fight off stories started by guys who falsely bragged about shagging one or both of them.

John Wells had noticed the two girls as well. He often watched them as they walked up and down the sidewalk, bouncing their boobs up and down to the delight of the boys. John had often fantasized about both of the girls as well. But at 32 years of age he knew that his fantasies were nothing more than that. But then came a lucky break that began to formulate an idea in his lustful mind.

The weekend following their 18th birthday the two girls had spent considerable time partying. John knew through a friend on the police force that they had been busted by a cop across town for having alcohol. Since neither was driving he wrote the incident up in his report and gave each a warning after forcing them to empty out their beer. John guessed that the cop had been too overwhelmed with their hot young bodies to deny their request for leniency.

Later on there was a reported hit-and-run accident not too far from where the girls had been partying. A parked car was struck, doing relatively little damage at first. But it had knocked loose the emergency break and the car rolled down over an embankment and crashed into the side of a building causing considerable damage. Neighbors heard the initial crash, followed by the larger one when the car struck the building. Then they heard the first vehicle speed off. Unfortunately, no one saw the car.

John's break came when he happened upon Courtney and Leigh parked along side of a service road leading to his home at 3:00 am. He recognized the two girls as they stood outside of their car looking at a flat tire. Believing that they were in need of help he had stopped. Both girls knew John from their neighborhood. He could smell alcohol on their breath and listened as they told him about damaging their front bumper in the woods and getting a flat tire. John changed the tire and told them that he could fix the bumper for them the next day if they liked. The car belonged to Leigh's mother but fortunately Leigh was going to be using it the next day so she had parked it in a way to hide the minor damage. She got up early and drove the car over to John's house where he parked it in his garage and repaired the minimal damage done. Fortunately all that was needed was to straighten out the fender and apply some touch up paint to a few scratches.

It was later that day that John heard the news about the hit-and-run. And after talking to his friend in the police department he was able to put the girls on the opposite end of town prior to the accident. John knew that he had this was the chance of a lifetime. His opportunity to get not one, but both of these young ladies to fulfill his fantasies.

A couple days later he saw Courtney outside. He approached her and told her that he needed to have a talk with her and Leigh. He asked that they come by later that evening. The girls guessed that he wanted them to pay for his labor with the car. Little did they know how right they were.

When they arrived at 6:30 PM John let them in and asked them to sit on the couch. He offered them a soda, which they politely declined, then he got down to business. He explained that he knew about their brush with the police. Both girls reluctantly admitted that his facts were correct. Then John went on to explain that he knew they were responsible for the hit-and-run accident. Both girls denied it, but John could tell by the way Leigh reacted that he was correct.

"Don't try to lie to me, girls." John continued. "I can prove you were drinking. From where you were at, the road where the accident occurred is a well-known short cut to here. Then I find your car damaged from an accident. And interestingly enough I found some paint on the bumper that matches the color of the car that was hit that night."

John stood there allowing his information to sink in.

"I wasn't driving." Leigh spoke up.

"Shut up!" Courtney yelled.

"So, you admit it." John said to Leigh.

Leigh spilled her guts. She told about how they had gotten more beer and how they drank some more before coming home. That she was too drunk to drive so Courtney had driven. But as they were driving down that street they had been listening to the radio and dancing in their seats when Courtney thought she spotted something in the road and swerved, hitting the parked car.

"It was only a slight hit," Courtney took up the explanation. "I hit the breaks and everything. There was hardly any damage. You saw that from Leigh's car."

"But then the car started rolling forward," Leigh added. "We saw it heading for that building and I told Courtney to go."

"So the two of you just fled the scene." John completed the story.

"Please don't tell anyone." Courtney pleaded.

"This is serious, girls." John said. "If the cops find out you did this they'll charge you both with felony hit-and-run. Not to mention the fact that you'll have to pay for the damages. Plus this could prevent you from going to college next year."

"Please don't say anything." Leigh said. "We'll do anything if you stay quiet about this."

John knew that he had them. "Anything?"

"Anything within reason." Courtney added.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked.

Both girls shrugged their shoulders.

John stepped closer. "I have an idea. How about you let me have sex with you anytime I want until you go off to college."

"No way!" Courtney insisted.

"You can't make us do that." Leigh agreed.

"I can't make you do anything," John said. "I'm just offering a trade to keep you both out of trouble. You only have a few months before you move out."

Both girls shook their heads. "You're fucking crazy." Courtney said. Crossing her arms in an attempt to cover her chest.

"Well I guess I'll just tell my friend on the police force what I've discovered." John said.

"Please don't." Leigh begged.

"Don't worry, Leigh," Courtney said. "He helped fix the damage already."

John smiled at her. "I fixed the damage, before knowing what had happened of course. But I kept some of the paint chips from the bumper, which can easily be matched to the damaged car. Plus, any expert who checks the car can see that it had been damaged. There is also the police report of you being caught drinking and where. And best of all there is this…"

John pulled out a small tape recording device from his pocket, pressed rewind for a few seconds then pressed play. On it the girls heard their own voices telling what had happened.

"… I took the liberty of taping just that part of our conversation. So you see, if I turn everything over to my friend there should enough to hang you both with."

"You're blackmailing us." Courtney accused.

"No, I'm just making a deal. If you keep me happy for a few months I'll never tell anyone what I know."

"I can't do this." Leigh said.

"Oh sure you can." John said. "Do we have a deal?"

Courtney and Leigh looked at each other. Each seeing the hopeless revelation in the other's eyes that they had no choice but to comply. Then they turned to John and agreed.

"Very well then," John began. "How about the two of you strip naked and play with yourselves there on the couch for me."

Courtney and Leigh slowly undressed before him. John felt his cock stiffen as they removed their clothing. When Courtney's tits spilled out of her bra he wanted to reach out and grab them. But he decided that this would be best if he went one stage at a time. When they removed their panties he saw that Courtney was shaved all except for a small patch of pubic hair over her slit. Leigh had a thick, light brown, hair covering.

When both girls sat down on the couch they covered themselves after seeing John pull out a camcorder.

"Put that away!" Courtney insisted.

"Don't worry." He explained. "No one will ever see this but me. It will provide me with proof that the two of you are doing this willingly. Plus it will give me something to look at after you've moved away.

John set up the camera on a tripod then told the girls to start playing with themselves.

Both girls were blushing when they began rubbing their fingers across their own cunts. John stepped back and dropped his pants and briefs. Both girls looked up to see his erect cock. At first it disgusted them to see how aroused he was by watching them. But their disgust quickly turned into amazement as they took note of his size. While not the monster proportions they had seen in a couple internet porno clips, John was much larger than any of the guys either girl had been with or seen. His prick was about nine inches long, but as thick as either of their wrists.

John sat back into a chair and enjoyed the sight of the two teenage girls diddling their cunts at his command. Every so often he would stroke his dick to relieve a bit of the growing lust he felt.

"Stick a finger in your cunts while doing that." He ordered.

Courtney stuck the index finger of her left hand into her pussy while continuing to work her clit with two of her fingers from her right hand. Leigh did her best to mimic Courtney.

To Courtney this was part of her almost daily routine. She had grown quite custom to playing with herself at night before going to bed. She guessed that she must do it at least five or six nights a week. She had never done it in front of anyone before, but even though she was humiliated at doing this in front of John and Leigh, she had no doubt that she would bring herself to an orgasm.

Leigh was no stranger to masturbation either. But she didn't do it nearly as often as Courtney. And she wasn't accustomed to fingering herself during the process. Leigh had found a flat neck massager in her parent's took drawer once and often she would sneak it into her room at night, or when nobody was at home. And use the vibrations to stimulate her clit to climax.

Courtney wished that she could stop. Her hands were giving her too much pleasure. Without being told to do so she had stuck her middle finger into her twat along with her index finger and was slowly finger fucking herself while stroking her clit. Leigh could hear Courtney's breaths straining and knew that her friend was about to get off. John was leaning forward with anticipation. His gaze fixed on Courtney's heaving bosom as she continued. Courtney gasped and exhaled sharply as her climax began. Her eyes rolled back and her legs began to shake as she continued bringing herself off before John and Leigh.

When she finished Courtney leaned back in the couch. Watching as Leigh continued to manipulate her love button. Leigh found herself the sole focus of attention and grew more humiliated. She thought that it wasn't going to be possible to get herself off. But she believed that John would not let her stop until she did. So she concentrated on getting the job done. And after a few more minutes her juices were spilling across her fingers as she had her orgasm.

"Well that was something." John said. "Since you finished first, Courtney, you get to suck my cock first."

"Please don't make me do that." Courtney requested.

"A deal is a deal." John reminded her. Shaking his cock with his right hand to motion her closer.

"Can we go into another room?" She asked.

"No," John replied. "I want Leigh to watch this."

Courtney arose from the couch and walked over to John. He stopped her long enough to fondle her big tits. Taking time to suck each of her rock hard nipples before allowing her to drop to her knees between his legs. If Courtney had felt shame before she was really feeling it now. She had sucked two boyfriends off before. But both had been on her terms. Not like this, and not with someone watching.

She opened her mouth and took the head of his dick between her lips. He was so thick that she had some difficulty accommodating him into her mouth. But she continued and soon found herself sucking most of his pecker. John was overwhelmed with lust as her brace-filled mouth performed orally on him. He had watched both of these girls many times and wondered what it would be like to have them. Now he was finding out. He took Courtney's head with both hands and guided her up and down on his horny rod. Courtney could feel him growing even thicker as she continued. Then he began thrusting his hips forwards. She realized that he was about to cum and tried to pull back but his hands held her head tightly. "Oh yes." John let loose just as his cock began spewing a tremendous load of cum into her mouth. Courtney had taken cum in her mouth before, but she had never swallowed. But as thick as John's cock was, along with the way he held her head and the massive amount he was releasing, she had no choice but to gulp down as much of his semen as possible. She fought back the urge to gag as she swallowed blast after blast of the warm, sticky fluid that filled her mouth. John continued to fuck her face until every last drop had been spent and his cock began to grow soft in her mouth.

"Well that was wonderful." He said as Courtney fell back to sit on her knees. Cum was still trickling down her cheeks and chin. She looked to the camera and then turned away realizing that it was capturing this moment for eternity.

"Okay, girls. Let's see you play with yourselves again."

"Oh god." Courtney groaned as she returned to the couch. She placed her hand into her lap but John interrupted her. "Not yourselves. Play with each other." He said.

"Fuck you." Courtney said. Leigh just sat there with her mouth gaping open.

"That will come later," He reminded them. "But for now I want to see the two of you playing with each other's clits."

Reluctantly Courtney placed her left hand between Leigh's legs and started rubbing her swollen clit. Leigh sat still while she did this then slowly moved her right hand and started doing the same to Courtney. Both girls refused to look at each other as they rubbed their friend's pussy. Each feeling the moistness that was spreading beneath their touch. Courtney hated to admit it but she had become aroused again from sucking John's cock. She detested every moment of it. But her body had become stimulated from the action. Now she was feeling the same sensations growing as Leigh played with her clit. It wasn't long before she could feel her second orgasm mounting. As it neared she began rubbing Leigh's clit faster.

"Oh shit, Courtney. Not that good." Leigh begged. But it was too late. Courtney's hands were bringing her to another orgasm. As she came on Courtney's slender fingers she could feel Courtney's cunt releasing on her own. Both girls were getting each other off together before John's eyes.

When they finished they looked to John who was sitting there with his cock fully erect again.

"Your turn, Leigh." He told her.

"No." Leigh replied.

"Come on now," He continued. "Courtney did it so now you can too."

"B-but I've never done that." She said softly.

It was true. Leigh had fucked three boys. She had jacked off two others. But she had never performed oral sex on anyone. Now she was being ordered to do so with John.

"You better do it." Courtney said.

Leigh wanted to cry as she approached John. Like he had done with Courtney, he stopped her first long enough to play with her tits and to suck on her nipples as well. Then he allowed her to lower herself to the floor.

"Relax, Leigh. I'll make sure you do a good job." John said. The knowledge that his would be the first cock to enter her mouth was very exciting to him.

Leigh opened her mouth and slid his cock into it. She gagged once and had to pull out. But John slowly coaxed her to continue. She stretched her lips around his thick shaft and sucked slowly, getting the hang of it. She thought she would choke each time it went too deep into her mouth. But now John's hands were holding her head tightly as he had done with Courtney and she knew that there would be no more pulling away.

Her lips slid up and down his shaft, her head guided by his strong hands. She remembered how Courtney had been thrusting about as he came in her mouth and began to fear her own reaction. John began slowly pumping back and forth as she continued to suck his cock. It was taking longer than before but that was natural. Unfortunately for Leigh though as she was hoping to get this over with. She had finally thought that he might not cum and allow her to stop. But then she felt his body clenching and knew that his moment of release was at hand. John's cock erupted into her mouth. She was shocked by the volume and taste of his warm salty cum as it filled her mouth. She choked, then remembered to start swallowing. Forcing herself to continue as he shot off more and more.

When John had finished he let her up.

"Go ahead and get dressed." John said. "I'll see you both tomorrow after school."

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