The inspiration for this story was BigGuy33's most excellent "A Surprise Visitor". Please read it if you haven't already. The initial plot is almost the same, as everyone will recognize. This is totally a work of fiction with fictional characters - but like a lot of authors I draw from a lot of personal experiences and people I've known throughout my life. And I do know how to clog, meself. Really. :-)


I loved my wife. I loved my daughter and my whole family. Even my in-laws and mother-in-law. I even loved my job. I was happy and satisfied and felt very lucky and blessed.

My name is Joe and I was 40 years old when things changed. And not exactly for the better, though I was sure it had - at first.

I was just a good old boy from a small town in Tennessee. I wasn't exactly raised on a farm but I spent a lot more time outdoors than in growing up. My own dad was a jack-of-all-trades, a shade tree mechanic and primarily a welder. I learned a lot from him growing up, and from age 15 on started welding a little myself, but also did some engines work and also carpentry construction. Eventually I became a heavy equipment operator - tractors, bulldozers, cranes - but also a diesel and hydraulics mechanic.

I started working fulltime for my Uncle Bill at 18 right after I graduated from high school. Bill had his own construction company that just mostly did foundation and earth moving kind of work, Including major landscaping for entire subdivisions and commercial developments. Even small towns in mid-America get their new Walmarts and new Krogers or Winn-Dixies. Not to mention septic tank installations and the occasional McMansion going up on new "estates". I started out on smaller tractors like the caged Bobcats. I seemed to have a knack for it and was always very careful with good concentration. I started filling in on some of the Cats and larger stuff doing the simpler things when a regular operator was sick or hungover and didn't show. I didn't drink myself and was young and healthy. I was always there, Mr. Dependable.

I guess to most other young folks I was just a pretty boring average (or below average!) Joe. I didn't really date very much either. Often I was working six days a week and occasionally seven. I really didn't have the time or energy to date, though ironically I DID have plenty of money. If I had had a steady girlfriend I would have spent some time with her. I DID like girls and I had had a taste of sex a couple of times in high school, but I wasn't obsessed with it. Even in high school getting a girl to go out with me seemed a challenge. I wasn't rich, or a football star, or handsome or just "cute" to anyone, seemed like. At least no girl wasted her time chasing me. That I ever noticed.

One year out of high school I was making darn good money but I still started a community college program on diesel mechanics. They didn't teach me much more than I already knew but I knew some kind of certificate might just come in handy some day. I had already made a few simple repairs on Cats with the tools I always carried in my pick-up. Bill didn't say much, but I knew he was impressed. There was always a little extra in my paycheck the weeks something like that happened. Nothing kills productivity and profit like down equipment.

The one greatest benefit of me going to college was that was where I met Darlene. And Darlene DID start pursuing me. Hard. She didn't play hard to get or any games at all. She didn't ask me out - but she did everything else. She wasn't in my technical classes but she was practically waiting outside the door when every one ended just to "ask me a question" about something or other.

Darlene wasn't a raving beauty but just a normally attractive girl in that blue collar Tennessee wholesome way. She had a sweet voice and a sweet disposition. I finally DID get a free Saturday and asked her out for the first time. From then on we were steady.

We didn't have "all the way" sex for six months, and we were married six months later. After we DID have sex, we had it every time we saw one another - and we both wanted more.

Turned out both she and I were a couple of "sex every day" types. I just had never imagined marriage could be so wonderful. Our daughter Tina was born just eleven months after our marriage. Darlene went back on the pill after Tina but we certainly planned to have more children - at least I thought so. But somehow that never happened.

For twenty years things just went along great. Bill was a great owner boss. His business grew steadily. I became a foreman for many of his "away" jobs. A very much hands-on worker foreman, who spent about half my time as onsite mechanic and half as an operator. I made a comfortable living, not rich - but even had a pretty large and growing 401K.

"Away" jobs were those just too far away that daily commuting from home wasn't practical. When I was on an "away" job Darlene and I didn't have our daily sex. Well, by forty I HAD slowed down a little with my own libido - but not all that much! And I never stayed longer than 4 nights in a row. No matter what, I didn't - and Bill understood that.

I was living - we were living - the American dream life. Tina grew up with two loving and attentive parents but by necessity Darlene was the principal caregiver. Mostly Darlene stayed at home but occasionally she would find a job outside the home for a while. Nothing she ever got real serious about and our family always came first with her.

But we both weren't getting any younger at 40 years old - and I started worrying just a little bit about the rest of our lives - our happy retirement. My job wasn't terribly physically stressful - but working with your hands and around heavy equipment little accidents are always possible - and the wear and tear was starting to pile up on me a tad. I might only have 15 good working years left - maybe only ten. I knew Bill wouldn't just dump me and could probably move me inside - but I also knew he couldn't pay me at the same rates doing that. And I might just go crazy TRYING to do that. Who knew?

But then this absolutely GREAT opportunity came along - our occupation and reconstruction of Afghanistan. All kinds of civilian heavy equipment operators and mechanics were needed and with HUGE salaries and bonuses attached. Bill, as an owner networked person, had gotten an inquiry from Zapotec Engineering. He knew of my concerns a tad and would give me a leave for one year if I wanted to take the opportunity. Basically I would clear in one year what normally would take me five or six.

So Darlene and I had some serious, SERIOUS discussions about it. The one real negative was one whole year apart from one another. We would both miss each other like crazy. No daily sex. No daily just touching and little intimacies. Was it worth it? She cried and I almost did but we both knew we couldn't pass this up. I might even be able to comfortably and safely retire MUCH earlier than we had planned. Just get by on part time work and I would never have to be away from home any night ever again after this one year.

So, away to Afghanistan I went.

Time went pretty quickly for me. I missed Darlene and my family and friends like crazy. I did start drinking a tad, at night. But I was never as bad as U.S. Grant who basically became an alcoholic when HE was away from wife and family, while not drinking a drop when he was home. Modern technology helped a bunch. Skype and email - though Skype had some issues like the huge time zone differences and more than occasional technical glitches. At least work kept me VERY busy - with lot's of performance and overtime bonuses. I actually made some good friends - even a couple of female ones - mostly Blackwater employees. And no, NOT those "friends with benefits" kind of friends. Just share a coffee, share some conversation, share some group drinks and occasionally a little dancing kinds of friends. Though I also knew that "benefits" kind of relationships did happen quite a bit.

But my heart and soul, mind and body, belonged to my wife alone and couldn't ever be even loaned out to someone else. And my own averageness helped - most of the "hook-up" crowd were the "beautiful" ones. Well, ANY woman could pretty much get hit on and laid all the time. But only the "tall, dark, and handsome" guys were the ones really "scoring." But I wasn't really counting.

I got my money - as contracted for - and actually quite a bit more based on their pay-for-perform scales. They wanted me back. Big time. And pressed pretty hard. Offered a big resign bonus. But my time in purgatory was over and I couldn't wait to get back to paradise.

The Homecoming -

Darlene met me at the Chattanooga airport. I saw her first waiting for me just outside security. It was a surprise, how she looked. Very nervous or even scared looking. But she also looked stunningly beautiful to me. I had to look twice - is that really my Darlene? New clothes. A new style of clothes, even. Really good makeup. Shorter and nicely styled hair. Everything just seemed different somehow - a tad off. As soon as she saw me a great big smile lit up her face and most of the old Darlene was right there. As soon as she could she hugged me like she never wanted to let go. All my almost subconscious apprehensions melted away. Well, we HAD been apart physically for a year. And a year changes things. It just does.

She was glued to my side as I got my luggage and walked out to her car. But she was also chattering a tad. Again, this was something just a bit new. All her talking.

"Tina is staying with my folks, tonight. We're having a BIG welcome home party for you there tomorrow. All our friends and family, but I want you all to myself tonight! We've got to get started on catching up with the rest of our life. Oh, I love you so much, Joe! And I've missed you so much!" Here she kind of glanced around to see if anyone was close to us in the parking lot.

"And I've missed this so much!" And she actually grabbed my crotch. Now, I had a semi-hardon as soon as Darlene got close enough to hug me and for me to smell her. She smelled slightly different - wearing a scent I wasn't familiar with but her own natural sweet smell was still there, too.

When she grabbed me there my prick literally "sprung to attention" and I grabbed her and kissed her again, hard and deep, and long. And I grabbed her ass with my fingers heading towards her sweet spot. Sweet and undoubtedly hot and wet.She sighed and shuddered. Darlene was actually a pretty small women, not even as tall as her mom, at only 5'4". She was also thin, if not skinny, with thin legs and a natural thigh gap though she DID have a nicely shaped derriere. And she was wearing a knee length skirt today without nylons. And now I certainly suspected without panties. Normally Darlene wore jeans for everyday wear. And grabbing her as I did, reaching far between her legs even from behind necessarily raised the hem of her skirt quite a bit. Anyone within sight got a nice view, I'm sure.

Now, this was nice, but Darlene had never ever been this demonstrative or actually brazen in our whole previous years of marriage. What was going on? Well, she really missed me and really missed sex, obviously.

We broke our clinch and got in the car for the ride home. We lived a little more than an hour from the airport on the Cumberland Plateau - a little town past Monteagle off the I-24 exit. Darlene was panting when we got in the car and fidgety on her seat. I was sure I could smell her sex. She started chattering again, trying to fill me in, apparently on EVERY daily thing that had happened since I went away.

A lot of it was about Tina and her life now. Tina had graduated high school before I went overseas and was now going to a community college full time - but she also had a fulltime serious boyfriend named Todd Wilkins. Not anyone I knew before. I would meet him tomorrow.

Darlene had also gotten a job at the school district offices in administration. I knew this already as we had discussed it before I left and she had told me via Skype. It was just a job, not real high paying but it got her out of the house and all the people she worked with were pretty nice. Whether she would quit now or not was open to discussion and we would both decide together, she was quite clear.

Somehow I got the impression she was talking a lot but not saying much. Or at least not saying what was really on her mind. And then it kind of slipped out.

"Joe, tell me a little about your life over there...I don't mean the work, but you know, after work...what did you do all the time?" She asked this just a tad nervously, maybe.

"Oh, not much. We always bunked at the Kandahar Airbase - we had US and NATO military protection there. Basically a whole army. We had some American TV and movies to watch. Ebook reading. Cafeterias to eat in. We didn't get out sightseeing or spend much time in towns at all, other than working. When we did it was always in a group and with a lot of security - both Blackwater types and Afghani "protection." Just like when we WERE working except then we often had US Marine protection as well. I do have one confession..."

"Oh, what's that?" With just a hint of indignation, maybe? Some attitude? Did she think I had a girlfriend or hired some prostitutes?

"Well, I drank a little. More than ever before, actually. It helped me sleep and just get past the boredom. But don't worry, I'm not an alcoholic now, believe me!" And I grinned at her.

She didn't seem all that satisfied with my response - but I ignored it. And things did lighten up after that.

And once we got home, the rest of the night was paradise squared.

I couldn't wait to check once we got in the door, and yes, indeedy - she wasn't wearing any panties and she was hot and absolutely swamped. I don't think I've ever felt her wetter - and she was very wet the very first time I made it to "third base" with her. And after we started going all the way - all it seemed to take from me a glance, a kiss, or the slightest caress - and she was dripping.

Ok, I'll admit part of the entertainment we had access to in Afghanistan was normal internet porn brought by our fine Government's satellite internet access. And a LOT of those porn women didn't seem hardly wet at all. And I didn't go totally without "sex" if you consider Rosy and her five friends. But that was it. I learned quite a bit watching that porn versus my own personal experiences with basically just Darlene. We had figured out most of the basics on our own and just through dirty jokes and even normal R-rated TV and movies. We did engage in oral sex - both of us giving and receiving. And I even played around with her rear a tad, though we never actually tried intercourse that way.

But as soon as we got in the door, this was like a whole new Darlene. I had just touched between her legs, but she said "Wait, Honey - this night is for you, ALL you first and foremost. Let me do this for you, please?" She was almost begging.

As soon as I touched her I was rock hard again and almost aching. Just the feel of her and the definite odor was more than enough. But she practically attacked me - unzipping and pulling my pants and underwear down and then started sucking my cock. And more than sucking - it was the first deep throat of my entire life. And she was moaning and frigging herself off as she did it. Maybe it wasn't ALL about me, after all.

I came buckets within a minute. It HAD been a long time since even my last bout of self-relief. Darlene just kept on swallowing and then licking every last drop up - and then right back to sucking and I was soon hard as a rock again. I pulled her off me and made her get undressed while I was soon naked myself. Then I laid her down and dived between her legs and she was screaming herself in just a couple of minutes. Louder than I had ever heard her before. Then I pushed it in her while she was still coming down and it slipped in all the way very easily.

As soon as I started pumping her own skinny legs were spread wide and also raised way up in the air. And she was humping up back at me like I wasn't getting deep enough for her. Like she wanted more even though I could feel myself just touching her uterus every stroke. She grunted every time that happened.

Again she screamed with her own orgasm and this time almost passed out. I really, REALLY liked this new Darlene. Maybe she was just experiencing that "woman's sexual peak" in her forties thing. Maybe. I certainly didn't give much thought to this while it was happening. No blood left for my brain to actually think, but then later...

That weekend sex with Darlene was just the best there ever was. Better than our honeymoon sex. Just better. Hotter. Dirtier. She wanted me to pay a LOT more attention to her rear.

The party the next day - which happened to be a Saturday - was really good too, but also a tad strange. Some of my good friends acted normally and reconnecting with them was awesome. But my daughter and in-laws especially were a tad subdued. Maybe they somehow blamed me for just being gone a year - and voluntarily at that. Not like I was drafted and fighting for my country. Though I kind of felt like I was, in a way. Other people just seemed a tad cautious and maybe even careful what was talked about. None of Darlene's co-workers attended. Well, the party WAS for me and I was the focus - but I kind of expected some of her new friends would also be there.

Monday Tina came back home and I wanted and expected to spend a lot of time just with her. I wasn't going back to work for two weeks. Darlene WAS back to work already Monday. Well, we both probably needed at least 10 hours rest from the constant sex. Darlene even sucked on me that morning - for a bit - I had my normal morning woodie but I wasn't going to come again right away. So I shoo'ed her off while thanking her profusely for the effort.

But things were strange with Tina also. We didn't connect at all and she had a strange kind of 'tude she was giving me. Including a dissing kind of smirk. You know - the "I know something you don't and it's good. REAL good."

What the hell? Maybe she was having sex with her boyfriend and thought I would get all upset about it. Maybe she thought they together just had the BEST sex ever and "old folks" were perpetually clueless about it. Maybe she was just being a hormonal teenage girl. Or maybe she resented her daddy for being away a whole year. That last was a definite possibility.

"Look, baby" I said finally. "I am sorry I was gone the whole last year. I missed you a bunch and I'm thinking you missed me too. Maybe more than I ever realized you might. Your mom and I talked about all this a whole lot - all the pros and cons - and we DID consider the effect that it all might have on you. But maybe we got that part wrong. Can you forgive me? Just get back to at least liking me, a little"?

"Oh, Dad. You are just so fucking clueless. I've got some things to do. See you later." And with that she just walked out. I was stunned. What the fuck just happened?

So much for spending time with my daughter. Instead that afternoon I went to see Bill.

Again, there was a bit of strangeness in some of our conversation. Not the parts about all the work I did in Afghanistan, but the parts about being back home.

"So, Joe - you still planning to take the next two weeks off? You can take more if you need to, or you can come back to work tomorrow if you want. Shoot, I've got lots of away work right now..."

"What? I just got back home, Bill. Why would you think I would want some more away work?"

I really was seriously confused. Bill turned as red as I had ever seen him and just stuttered a bit.

"Oh, forget it Joe. I was just funnin' you a little. You just let me know what you want. I'm on your side and I got your back..."

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