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Change of Direction


Dear Reader;

In this story I diverge from my usual story line. I am trying to push my limits a bit...something I try to do often. Now I am headed towards parts unknown. What is in this story that is so different you ask? First of all, there is sex. Oral sex, sex with toys, and fingers. In fact, both women in this story discover something about themselves that each has a hard time revealing to the other. No wives...no men...well...not in that way...but two people that are in love with each other...and their discovery of that love. And all it entails.

Please note the genre' that I placed this one in before you start to read...if Gay/lesbian isn't your thing...then...don't read this one.



Change of Direction

Change of Heart

Rhonda stormed into the dorm room in tears. Her frustration about tonight's date was clearly showing.

"Bad date?"

"The worst. He turned into a toad....just a...toad."

"What happened?"

"Well, you know that we've gone out several times now."


"I decided that tonight would be 'the' night. What a disappointment. Again."

"Okay sis...what happened? I know you were pretty worked up in a good way when you left. And this isn't the first time that a date like this has gone bad for you."

"Oh...I don't know. Maybe it's me. You know? We were kissing, and he is a great kisser too by the way. Wonderful. He uses his lips, his teeth, his tongue...everything about his kissing is...well...perfect. I had such high hopes for him too. I mean, someone who knows how to kiss like he does...you'd think he'd be great in other oral pursuits too wouldn't you?"

"I take it that it all fell apart after the work up kissing then?"

"Yes. Well...no...I don't know. We kissed up a storm, then he started to make his move...and I let him. I helped him damnit...and step by step we walked to disaster. Total disaster."

"Okay sweetie. Let's sit. Here's some chocolate...I'll order us some pizza and we'll have a girls night...you need to let it all out, and I don't have anywhere I need to be."

"Thank you. You're the best roommate a person could have Cheri."

I ordered the pizza and put some coffee on while I was at it. Rhonda took a shower and came back into the room in her robe. Watching her change into her pajamas without her seeing me stare was difficult...but I had to. She had the most perfect body I'd ever seen on a woman...any woman. I seriously couldn't see why she had so much trouble with guys.

Then, some guys just never learned how to treat a woman either. Maybe Rhonda was just having a streak of bad luck in picking out the right type of guy for her. I didn't know though.

You see, the biggest secret in my life was that I had no interest in men. None what's so ever. I talk and joked with them, worked with them, matter of fact I even climbed and played sports with them...but I wasn't into men. No...I was learning that I found a woman's body far more interesting and enticing to me. I guess I was what one would or could call a 'closet lesbian'.

We settled down after the pizza came and Rhonda told me of her disastrous date. I felt bad for her...but while she was talking I was also having a hard time not staring between the open lapels of her pajamas. I could see the start of the swell of her perfect, and I mean absolutely perfect breasts. My thoughts were straying to how good it would be to run my tongue along that swell and find the hard little nipple that crowned each one...

"Cheri...did you hear what I was saying?"

Embarrassed I shrugged my shoulders.

"Rhonda, all your dates have problems once you get past the kissing stage. Maybe you have a block or something about...you know..."

"What? A block about what?"

"Guys...um...you know...cocks."

"Oh MY GOD...that would be funny if it...wait...oh God...you could be right. Maybe I'm afraid of a guys...um...thingy...you know...their um...penis."

"I wonder. It always sounds like that same old thing on your dates. You both do fine until the unveiling so to speak, then it all goes downhill from there. Are you expecting too much from them? After all most guys around our age are such horndogs and all. They're out for their own relief, and most don't give one whit about a woman's needs...or how to achieve them for a woman either."

"Maybe if we went over the whole date bit by bit you could figure out what it is I'm doing or maybe what I'm thinking that is screwing me up Cheri."

"Okay...we got all night and the whole weekend actually...so...lets talk."

As Rhonda got going on her story I sat back and tried to put her hot body out of my mind. She had no clue that I was a lesbian, and since I liked her as a friend as well as a roommate, I didn't want to mess up our relationship by announcing that I was. But, my inclinations were hard to hide when such a delectable hot body was so close and so...near naked right there beside me.

I started her off by having her talk about the usual hot kissing...she always seemed to find guys that could kiss like demons...even if they petered out on the rest of the stuff...she always found the hottest kissers. When she'd talk about the kissing on her dates I could picture myself being with her, kissing her like those men did. I would find myself getting jealous at times.

Rhonda at times would see that she upset me with her kissing talk, but she always figured I was jealous of her getting to kiss the guys. If she only knew that I was jealous of the guys being able to kiss her soft and sexy lips. I had found over the last year that I was in love with my roommate. Deeply much so. So much so that I was afraid that next year I'd have to move to another room or off campus. She was going to break my heart eventually, I just knew it...even if she didn't realize what she did to me.

Tonight was no different than all the other nights we talked about her kissing either. I think she had figured out that her talking about the kissing would work me up, and she would go on and on in intimate details trying to work me up more and more. One night I almost attacked her...she had no idea how close she came either. None. Tonight was to be a landmark in our relationship together, though neither of us knew it yet.

It began with her telling me of her date.

"We went to that movie showing down by the dock...you know, where that artsy theater section is now?"

"Oh yeah. Was it that Danish film...what was the name of it...I can't remember."

"That's funny, it was that Danish film, and I can't remember the name of it either...huh...go figure. Anyway, we started to neck in there, and afterward, we took it to his car."

"How was his kissing on a scale of one to ten?"

"A twenty."

She said it straightforwardly and so quickly that I was at a loss for words for a bit. This was unusual. Rhonda had a great scoring system for kissers, and if she had upped him to a ten, then this guy would have been something exceptional. A twenty? Wow...just wow.

I was immediately jealous of him. I knew that if Rhonda was having a great kissing time, she would kiss and kiss and kiss until either her lips were too sore to continue or things had escalated beyond the kisses. Usually, things escalated beyond the kisses at some point in there. This man had to have been a great kisser to rate so highly a score from her. Never had anyone hit over a ten with her. Never.

"How does a twenty kiss anyway? I mean...I can't imagine a twenty. Hell, you've rarely had a nine so a twenty...damn Rhonda."

"He is good...I mean it. The best I've ever kissed. Hands down."

"What did he do that was so exceptional anyway?"

"It wasn't so much what he did as to how he did it. I can't explain it Cheri...I could only try to show...uh...well, I could only try to show you how...and we both know that isn't going to happen."

"Not even a little bit?"

"Ewww...don't tell me that you're gay now Cheri..."

"No...I just want to know what a twenty kisses like. It must have been wonderful."

Inside I hoped that I was covering up my feelings well enough.

"It was. He was. That's why what happened after that kissing surprised me so much. I mean, a man that can kiss that well ends up being a super dud in the end. What a disappointment he turned into."

"Tell me about his kisses."

"He started with a light lip touch. No pressure to speak of at all...just barely touching mine. He moved around, slipping them onto my cheeks, eye brows, even along the bridge of my nose. I never thought that I'd find that sexually appealing or stimulating...but let me tell you...the way he went about it all had me there instantly."

"Really? I guess I just can't picture that in my mind."

"Well...it was like this."

Stunning me, Rhonda moved in close and put her lips on my right cheek. Lightly, so lightly she began to move them around up and across my eyebrows and then down the bridge of my nose. I found my breathing caught, my heart was pounding, and it was all I could do to not grab her and throw her down on the bed and consume her with more kisses.

It wasn't so much the kissing she was demonstrating to me, even though she had alluded to the 'gay' thing to me...it was that she matter of fact moved in and did it. The way I felt deep down now coupled with her soft lips touching me in so intimately a way had me hot and bothered way beyond anything I'd ever experienced before in my life.

As she pulled back our eyes met. I blushed, my thoughts of her naked body laying with mine, hot skin touching skin, her hard nipples pressing into my...

"Cheri...are you okay? You're breathing funny."

"Oh...sorry. I just didn't expect you to do that like you did. That is a hot kiss, that's for sure."

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't explain it right...so I guess maybe since you're my best friend and all...showing wouldn't mean anything. Right?"

I wasn't so sure of that now. I knew I wanted to be with her sexually...I knew it. She didn't and in all the time we'd been together she'd never shown a hint that she may be even as much as bi-sexual, let alone lesbian. All I could do is shake my head in agreement. Had I tried to speak right then I fear she would have seen right through me and that would have been the end of everything. I just couldn't risk speaking right then.

She jumped up and went to our little refrigerator grabbing a Coke.

"You want something?"

"Yeah, please."

I wanted to shout...yes God...I want YOU. I calmed myself inside as best I could. She had shook me up badly now and I was unsure for the first time about what we were doing. I could feel my strength to hide the real me disintegrating fast, and I was afraid of that. What would she do if she knew that I was a lesbian...what would she do? I was afraid of what I was feeling now.

"So...you okay? I can tell you that his kisses are beyond description...I may have to demonstrate them to you Cheri...will we be okay if I do that? It's not like I'm gay or anything, or that I'd think you were...it's just that his kisses were so...indescribable...so...I just have to show, I can't tell and do them any justice at all I guess."

"I know. Uh...we could move on to afterwards...I mean...if the kissing is to much for you...or me."

"It's just us two here, and you won't tell...I know I sure as hell won't."

"That's true. I'm comfortable with you anyway...so...I guess I'd like to know what a twenty scale kisser is like that's for sure."

"Anyway, after that first light pattern he ran on my face he moved back to my lips. Licking them with soft little strokes, he got me to open my lips. Just his tongue went into my mouth, and not very far, his lips never touched mine I swear..."

"What? His tongue was in your mouth and his lips weren't touching yours? Bullshit...no way. That'd mean that his tongue is like...a mile long or something."

Rhonda smiled at me and nodded her head.

"Oh yeah...he has a long...long tongue. Super long."

"Push glasses up on his nose long?"


"Oh my God."


"What I'd give to feel anything like that."

Rhonda leaned in and on the way I saw her tongue sticking out. Quite a distance too. I was surprised at how far. My lips parted as I watched her get closer and closer. I was shaking inside, loving this teasing touch she was giving me so much, even if it went nowhere. At least I'd have something to masturbate to now. Hot, hot kisses from my roommate.

I closed my eyes in fear that she'd see right through them into my soul and know what I was thinking. Her eyes were closed too, so I was lucky so far. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, moving along my teeth. I kept my lips apart, mouth open and relished the feeling her tongue was giving me. Little sparks were jumping in my heart, and my skin was electrified.

Suddenly she stopped moving. I opened my eyes and found hers to be on mine. Staring at each other, her tongue still inside my mouth, parting my lips, we held like that for what seemed to be hours. It was probably only a few seconds in reality...but to me it seemed to go on and on, and I loved every milli-second of it too.

She pulled back and then her face flamed red. I suppose mine was now too...either embarrassed red or lustfully blushing...hopefully she'd never know what I was thinking though. God I wanted to suck her tongue out of her head and then stick mine right up her pussy. I was almost drooling with the thought.

There was some awkwardness now. We had crossed a bridge somewhere and I wasn't sure what she was thinking at all. I was afraid that we would stop what we were doing and she'd leave for a while. That wouldn't be a bad thing because I was ready to finger myself as it was right now. At least if she stopped now and left I'd be able to masturbate some relief into my soul.

"I'm sorry."

She was getting redder and redder, embarrassed at what had just happened.

"It's okay. You were just showing me why you thought he was such a hot kisser, and I can see why. You had me getting worked up and you're a girl."

I threw in my last comment to throw her off. If she had any inkling at all she'd probably run out the door and out of my life so fast that I'd die of heartbreak. I had to calm her and myself now. I just wanted her to continue with the telling of this guys kisses too...only because she just might demonstrate some more to me...I was loving her touch...so much.

"Well...yeah...that's true. I just didn't mean for it to get so..."

"It's all right. I still respect you Rhonda. I hope that you respect me too. You were showing me what it was like...and I am jealous that's for sure."

She relaxed now. She was thinking that I was jealous of her being with her guy friend now so she was off guard.

"You know, I felt your lips on mine though. You have an amazingly long tongue too. This guy...is he part lizard or something?"

"I don't know...but it wouldn't surprise me."

"Wow. That is one hell of a long tongue. I could feel yours in my mouth before your lips touched mine...that's amazing."


She looked off in a daze. Then I saw her focus and come back to our reality. I wasn't sure what she had just been thinking, but I knew what I had been thinking...and I hoped that I wasn't showing anything at all what I really felt towards her. This was going to be a hard night now. Hiding what I truly felt while she showed me these things was going to tear me up inside.

"Anyway, after the tongue in mouth thing he let his lips touch mine. After a few minutes of careful tongue explorations, he went back to the lips only lightly brushing my face."

"That is sensual."

"Oh yeah. This time he added some stuff though. Near as I can figure out he added tongue...maybe a finger or something...lightly touching my cheeks as he kissed."

"Huh...wonder how he achieved that feeling?"

"Why don't you try the lip thing and adding tongue or fingers? Maybe I can tell you when you hit what it was he was doing. I mean...if you would be comfortable with doing that I mean."

"I guess I could try."

Here it came. My turn to kiss her. I was shaking. I couldn't help myself. I was going to get to kiss Rhonda, the focus of my love. I only hoped that I could control myself as I tried to duplicate his touch, and not get carried away.

We both leaned in towards each other, then suddenly Rhonda pulled back a little. Looking into my eyes she was searching for something...reassurance maybe? Reassurance that I wouldn't get carried away and take her where she was unprepared to go?

Whatever it was, it passed. She leaned back in almost with a relish. Closing her eyes she waited for me. My heart was driving me now. It's beat was strongly pushing me for what it wanted. I had to hold back so much that the inner war I was having with myself threatened to spill over into physical movements on my part.

I allowed my lips to contact her cheek. Lightly I moved, kissing here and there, brushing them over her hot and soft skin. Sweet tasting as she was it was hard for me to not just lick her all over and dive towards either her breasts or lower down yet. I managed to control myself though. Barely.

In my mind, I was screaming...'RUN, RUN, RUN Rhonda...get away from me. I'll take you and eat you alive. I love you and desire you. For your own good, run away'. I was torn. I loved this person with my whole heart yet I couldn't tell her how much or why I felt the way I did. She was so trusting of me...and here I was, taking advantage of her innocence like I was.

I pushed my tongue out and let it slip along her smooth skin. She moaned...literally moaned. Then I heard softly in my ear.

"Yes...just like that. That's it exactly. Oh God...what are you doing to me?"

I pulled back sharply. I wasn't sure if she was concerned or just moaning her feelings out into the air.

Looking at me she smiled.

"You have that down pat. That was exactly how it felt. What were you doing?"

"I...uh...I let my tongue slip out and caress...I mean...touch you. Lightly."


I blushed. Her look was one of some kind of knowledge. Hidden knowledge. Did she know then? Had she figured it out because of my slip of the tongue?

"Like this?"

She leaned in and let her lips caress my cheek. I closed my eyes and let her do whatever she wanted to do. I was loving her touch, her nearness. Feeling the heat of her body against mine, even clothed as we both were...it just melted me.

Her tongue slipped out and caressed me. I shivered a bit as that feeling went to the core of my being. It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself now. Letting her continue I just sat there and enjoyed her touch.

She kept going for some time before her tongue went to my lips. Opening my eyes I saw hers looking into mine. Stopping what she was doing, she held still, her tongue just inside my mouth. I could no longer hide it. I sucked her tongue in a little more, as I watched her eyes flare open with the knowledge of what was occurring.

Surprising me, she leaned in and kissed me hard. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and returned her kiss. Just as suddenly, she yanked away from me, her breath coming in large gasps.

"Oh my God. Oh my god...oh my god."

"I know...I'm sorry Rhonda...I'm so sorry. I couldn't help myself."

"I know...I know...I..."

"I haven't told you...I was hiding it from you..."

"No you weren't."


"You haven't been hiding it from me very well. I've known for some time now."

"Known what?"

I could still hide it from her. She had to have been talking about something else. She could no way know how I felt about her. No way.

"Known that you might want me. That...way."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Face it Cheri. You've always loved to hear me talking about my dates and especially the kissing. Each time at first I figured you were jealous of me. Having all those boys after me and kissing me like that. You couldn't or wouldn't try to get those same guys to kiss you...so you didn't care for me because it seemed so easy for me to get guys. Then it dawned on me...you weren't jealous of me...you were jealous of them."

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