tagCelebrities & Fan FictionChanging Channels Ch. 05

Changing Channels Ch. 05

byMaguppy Puppy©

Previously on Changing Channels...

Peter was watching the fight in awe when he noticed the vamp from last night staring at him.

"Hey," the vamp said. "You're the slayer's little friend from last night. I think you'd make a good appetizer." In a flash, the vamp was on Peter. He leaned Peter back over the counter and bared his fangs ready to feed when Faith shouted out.

"Heads up, Pete!"

Peter and the vamp looked back just in time to see one of the larger vamps being flung towards them by Faith. The larger vamp hit them and they both toppled over the edge of the counter and fell behind it. As they fell, Peter's hand flew out and touched the small television screen he had seen earlier. In a moment, Peter and the vampire who had attacked him both disappeared in a flash of light.

Faith had already dusted one vamp and took out the second before he had time to recover from being thrown across the room. She quickly looked over the counter to see if Peter was alright, only ro see an empty floor space.

"Pete? Where'd you go?"


A bright flash of light filled the dark room and a moment later, Peter and the vampire who was attacking him fell a foot to the hardwood floor. After landing with a thud, Peter quickly assessed his surroundings and found himself in a dusty old bedroom with only the dim moonlight from the broken windows to light the room. He quickly rolled the vampire off of him and scrambled to his feet before he dashed out the open doorway.

Luckily the vampire was not used to being teleported from one world to another like Peter and almost half a minute had passed before he realized that he was not being burned by sunlight. He didn't know where he was but he wasn't about to let his dinner escape. The disorientated vampire jumped up and smiled as he saw Peter's footprints in the thick layer of dust that cover the old floor from wall to wall. He ran out into the hallway and followed the clear trail Peter had left behind.

Peter thought that there was something odd about the hall he was in but there was no time to stop and figure it out. Peter heard the vampire let out a high pitched cackle as he leapt down the stairs to the next floor down. He still had no idea where he was but he knew that he had to move fast. When he hit the floor, he slid on the old runner carpet in the middle of the hall. He glanced both ways down the hall and seeing no way outside he moved left down the hall, looking for another stairs. The vamp's maniacal laughter echoed behind him and Peter tried to move faster. He saw another stairs with a broken railing leading down and he took it, leaping five steps at a time all the way to the bottom. By the time he saw the group of four people and a large dog standing at the bottom of the stairs, he was in no position to stop himself. He barreled into them and all of them crashed to the floor.

Peter was glad that he landed on top of someone and hadn't hit the hard floor at full speed. He realized that his was resting between a pair of nice sized breasts and quickly pushed himself up to see that he was on top of a beautiful redhead wearing a purple dress and green scarf around her neck. "Hi," he said with a quick grin before he realized who it was and why the house looked so odd to him.

Now that he was closer to the floor he could see that it looked like someone had painted a picture of a floor. It was hard and he could feel the grain of the wood, but the floor and the walls and the rest of the house all looked like he was inside of painting. Not only that, but now as he looked at his hand touching the floor, Peter realized that he now appeared to be a cartoon.

"Excuse me," the redhead pinned under said, bringing his attention back to her, but could you please get off of me?"

'I just left the Scoobies and now I'm with the real Scooby,' Peter thought as he looked at Daphne (who looked just like she did on the Scooby Doo cartoons) and was about to apologize when he heard a voice that reminded him why he had run into Daphne in the first place.

"Oh look," the vampire said from the top of the stairs, "you've brought me a whole buffet!" He cackled a high pitched laugh again and dove at the group.

Peter grabbed Daphne's arms and rolled her out of harm's way an instant before the vamp land on the floor. The rest of the group (Fred, Shaggy, Scooby and Velma) all scattered but not fast enough. The vampire had caught Velma by the back of her sweater and thrown her down. Peter could see the creature's fangs glistening the moonlight as he opened his mouth wide and leaned over the girl. Knowing that no one else here even knew what they were dealing with, Peter leapt off of Daphne, ran to the broken stair banister and snapped off a thin wooden rod. As Velma began to scream, he charged the vampire and before the demon could turn around, Peter drove the rod through his back, piercing his heart. The vampire a quick 'Oh shit–' before he exploded into a cloud of dust and Velma was left looking shocked as the dust fell on her.

"Jinkies! What in the world was that," the brunette asked as she took off her glasses and wiped them clean. "And who are you?"

Peter caught his breath, cleared his head and then put out his hand to help her to her feet before introducing himself. "That was a one hundred percent real vampire," he started, to which the group responded with gasps.

"Rampire?" the great Dane asked, while Shaggy just responded with 'Zoinks!"

"Yes, it was. But you don't need to worry about him any more. A wooden stake through the heart turns them to dust. Or sunlight or fire. I think that he was the only one nesting here," Peter said as he brushed the vamp dust off of his shirt and tried to put on a brave front. "My name's Peter and I'm a professional monster hunter."

"Wow! A monster hunter," Daphne said.

"Really," Velma asked as her face brightened. "We hunt down monsters too but they usually turn out just to be old men costumes. What a coincidence!"

"I''ve never been that lucky. I'm always getting the vampires and demons."

"But why were you running away from the vampire," Freddy asked. From his tone, Peter could tell that he was used to being the Alpha male in his group and didn't like Peter encroaching on his territory.

Quickly thinking of an explanation, Peter said, "I wanted to lure him outside the house so we could have a fair fight to be more sporting, but when I saw that he was going to take a bite out of your beautiful friend there, I had to take action."

Velma blushed at Peter's compliment. "Well, thank you for saving my life, Peter."

"Hey, Freddy," Shaggy said, "maybe he could help us find our monster!"

"I don't think–" Fred started before he was interrupted.

"That's a great idea, Shaggy," Velma said with a twinkle in her eyes. "We could always use another hand searching this big house. And he's already been upstairs."

"Er, exactly what kind of monster are you looking for?"

"They call it the Bogton Beast. The locals have been reporting a strange creature roaming the local woods," Fred said, " and the guy at the gas station said that he thought he heard howling noises coming from this old abandoned mansion so we came here to start investigating."

As Fred talked, Peter had been making eye contact with Daphne and Velma. "Yes, but what kind of monster was it," he asked Fred without looking away from Daphne.

"Well, they said that it looked like a huge snake," Fred continued. "It has a purple head and one eye..."

"Does it have one horn and eat people too," Peter asked jokingly.

"No," Daphne said. "It hasn't hurt anyone yet but there has been some livestock missing. One person we talked to that saw it up close said that it spat out a thick white slime to try and catch them."

"Hmmmm," Peter said as he rubbed his chin, "That doesn't sound like any beast I've ever seen or read about. I'd like to volunteer my help in catching the creature if you don't mind. I'd like to see this monster with my own eyes and you guys seem like you'd be good company."

"Well," Fred started before he was quickly cut off again.

"Of course you can help us," Velma said as she stepped closer to Peter. "We can search the house first. I'll help Peter look upstairs."

Fred scowled as his leadership of the group was being undermined. "Fine, You two can look upstairs, Daphne and I will search the ground floor and Shaggy and Scoob can take the basement. Is everybody happy?"

Shaggy raised his hand. "I don't think–"

"Shaggy shut up and just go look in the basement," Fred ordered. He took Daphne by the hand and pulled her into a open doorway as they went to explore the ground floor. Peter saw her glance back at him before she was pulled around a corner.

"Come on, Peter," Velma said as she started up the stairs. "While we're looking for the beast, you can tell me some monster hunting stories."

Peter watched Velma climb the stairs and couldn't help but wonder what kind of body she kept hidden underneath her bulky orange sweater and long pleated skirt. He had a feeling that he wouldn't have to wait too long before he would be able to find out. "I'm right behind you," he said as he headed for the stairs, leaving Shaggy and his dog alone in the entryway.

"So, what other kinds of monsters have you hunted, Peter," Velma asked as she led the way down the dark hall.

"Well," Peter said as he began to run through his head all the X-Files and Buffy episodes he could remember for monster ideas, "Once there was a huge cobra monster, but he had two eyes and there was no spitting goo going on, and a different time there was this half human half bat creature that was terrorizing a camping resort."

"That's so amazing. We've being monster hunting for years and never seen an actual monster. They've always been frauds. Why haven't you ever brought your cases to the public? You'd be famous."

"But who'd believe me, Velma," Peter quickly countered. "I've been to the newspapers before with my tales and they think I'm a crackpot. So I've decided that if I am going to be a monster hunter, knowing that I'm helping others will have to be my only reward." Peter saw Velma looked back at him with wide eyes and a smile on her face. It was obvious that she was believing every word he said and developing a crush on her brave, selfless and handsome monster hunter. As they opened a door leading off the hall, Peter began telling her about more of his monsters. "Another time there was this 'Fluke-man', a half man, half worm creature–" He was interrupted by Velma letting out a scream.

"AAAAAAAAAAAYYYIIEEEEEEEE," she shrieked and pointed her flashlight across the room. The beam fell on the Bogton Beast as it let out a loud growl.

It was a seven foot tall snake with more length behind it and it was a dark shade of purple. It had one large eye on it's head and a mouth that looked like a leech sucker mouth. Peter would have been quite terrified if he hadn't seen the zipper running down it's back when it turned. Unfortunately, before he could point it out to Velma, the 'beast' let loose a blast of it's ooze. It missed Peter entirely but hit Velma square in the stomach, knocking her backwards onto the floor.

Peter quickly moved towards Velma and saw that she was still all right but her clothes were covered in the white slime. When he looked back towards the beast, it had disappeared. "The beast is gone. Are you okay, Velma," he asked as he kneeled down next to her.

"Ugh," she groaned as she lifted her head, "I think so... This ooze is wet and heavy but I don't think that it's harmful." She began trying to brush it off of her body when she realized something. "My glasses! I dropped my glasses!"

"It's okay, Velma. I'll help you find them. Where do you think they landed?" Peter moved behind Velma to see if they landed in the hall and heard a soft crunch noise when he stepped down. He knew instantly what had happened. "Velma, I found your glasses," he said hesitantly, "but I think that they broke when they hit the floor..." He picked them up and handed them to the girl.

"Not another pair," she said. "Well, at least I have a spare set in the Mystery Machine and I can change out of these clothes now that they're soaked in whatever this stuff is." Peter helped her up off of the floor and she looked around the room. "I can't help you look without my glasses, but I'm guessing that there must be some sort of secret passage in this room since we were blocking the hall door when the beast disappeared."

"Well," Peter said, as he looked over the soaked Velma, "I'm not going to leave you here alone. Don't you have a spare set of glasses?"

"Back in the van, I do. If we go to get them, I could change out of these wet clothes, too."

"Let's do that then. We can come back to look for the passage as soon as we get you ready again." Peter took the flashlight from her and led her by the hand out of the mansion. They never saw any of the others on their way out.

"You know," Velma said as she held on to Peter's arm while they made their way down the stairs, "it's nice to have someone to do my investigating with."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, usually, Fred and Daphne pair up, Shaggy and Scooby go off on their own and I'm left all by myself to explore whatever spooky place we're at. And the worst part is, I'm usually the one who ends up finding all the clues!"

"That doesn't surprise me," Peter said.

"Why's that?"

"Well, Shaggy and Scooby don't exactly seem to be the sharpest knives in the drawer, and I would guess that Fred and Daphne are too busy with other things to looks for the monsters."

"Busy with what?"

Peter couldn't help but smile as he thought that as bright as she was, Velma was a little naive. "He a young man and she's a hot young woman in a short skirt. You guys travel the country in a cramped van and are always in a group. I'm guessing that the moment those two get a moment of alone time, Fred's on Daphne in two seconds flat."

Velma seemed shocked at the idea that not everyone on the team was working as hard as her. "Do you really think that's true?"

"Just look at the facts, Velma. It's pretty obvious what's going on..." Peter decided to let her think about that for a while. "Where's the van parked," Peter asked as they walked out onto the lawn.

"It's down by the road. We parked it by the gate," Velma said as she squinted her eyes, trying to see the Mystery Machine.

"I see it. It's right over there," he said as he led her towards the van.

It was parked outside the gate's property under the branches of a creepy looking oak tree. When they reached it, Velma opened one of the back doors and said, "Just give me a minute so I can get changed and find my other glasses." She was about to climb into the van when Peter stopped her.

"You're still dripping some of that slime the monster shot you with, Velma. You might want to get out of those wet clothes before you get in the van and get that dirty too."

Velma squinted at her sweater and skirt and couldn't really tell how much slime was still on her. What she did know was that Freddy would spaz if she stained the new shag carpeting he put in the back last month. "I guess you're right," she said as she turned to Peter. "I'd better get out of these before I go inside. You'll have to go around the van so I can change."

"Sure thing," Peter said as he started walking around the van. "Just give me a shout when you're ready." He kept stepping so that it would sound like he was walking around the van but instead he positioned himself right around the corner so he could have a good view of Velma changing. Without her glasses and in the dark, Peter knew that she couldn't tell what was more the six inches away from her.

"Thanks, Peter," Velma said as he walked out of sight. "I won't take more than a minute." Velma pulled off the wet orange sweater and hung it over the open door of the van.

Peter almost let out a gasp when her sweater was removed. Watching the show as a kid, he had always assumed that Velma was kind of fat because of her bulky sweater, but now he could see that definitely wasn't the case. The reason her sweater seemed so oversized was to cover up her huge breasts. Peter guessed that they were probably f-cups as he watched Velma inspect the plain white bra for any goo. Then she dropped her skirt to the ground and bent over to pick it up. Her panties matched her bra. They were granny panties but stretched over Velma's round ass, they still looked great. Velma hung her skirt with her sweater and then crawled into the van to change.

'I'm not going to get a better chance than this," Peter thought. He took a quick breath and then dashed around the van towards the open back door. He quickly scrambled inside with the half-naked brunette and quickly closed the door behind him.

Velma pressed herself against the far wall of the van and her arm across her ample chest and one hand over the front of her panties. She had already put on her spare glasses. "Peter! What are you doing–" was all she got out before he moved towards her and put his hand over her mouth.

"Quiet, Velma," he whispered into her ear. "I think I saw the beast in the front yard. I think that it may have followed us out here." He pulled his hand away from her mouth and placed one finger in front of his lips, reminding her to keep her tone low.

She tried to peek out the front window but all she could see was darkness outside. "Is it really out there?"

"I'm pretty sure that it was the beast," Peter said, "and it sounded angry too. I think our best bet for now is to hide in here until we can get out and tell the others. Use our strength in numbers." He moved a little closer to Velma and wrapped his arm around her to pull her tight. Her body was pressed to his as he said, "We'll just have to wait it out."

Velma's eyes darted around to the windows, scanning for any clue that the beast was near them. She was taking long slow breaths that made her ample chest rise and fall hypnotically. A gust of wind howled past the van, making the vehicle rock gently. As it did, Velma moved closer to Peter, pressing even tighter against him.

It didn't take long for Peter's cock to react to the scantily clad nerd and soon his foot long erection was pressing through his pant leg on Velma's soft naked thigh. It was painfully hard and as he tried to adjust himself, the brunette spoke up.

"Jinkies!" She moved her leg to see the immense bulge in his jeans and then looked up at Peter. "Is that your– you know?"

"Yes, it is," Peter responded quietly. "I'm sorry about that. I can't control it when I'm around such a beautiful woman..."

Velma looked taken aback by this statement. She blinked her eyes and asked, "Really? You think I'm beautiful?"

"How could I not? I knew that you had a beautiful face, but I never knew until now what a fantastic body you had. I don't know why you would ever cover it up like you do."

She looked down at her own voluptuous body and then back to Peter. "I guess that I covered myself so that people would respect me for my brain and not just see me a pair of big boobs. I don't want to be seen as some sort of bimbo who gets through life by wearing tight sweaters and short skirts..." She looked back to the bulge in Peter's jeans. "I caused that?"

"You know you did. You're hotter than Daphne if you ask me. I'll bet that the boys would never leave you alone if they knew what you were hiding from them." As he said this, Peter began stroking Velma's bare shoulder.

She continued to eye his bulge and then asked, "Can I touch it?"

"Sure," he responded as he took her hand and placed it on the outline of his cock. He slowly moved her hand back and forth, letting her stroke it's length through his pants. As her fingers ran over it, the bulge grew even larger.

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