Changing Reflections

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She gets the power to change into any body.
3.6k words

Part 1 of the 3 part series

Updated 10/02/2022
Created 05/23/2004
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Part One

The reflection in the mirror this morning once again did not meet the expectations or hopes of Carol Litner. In her mind the 18-year-old high school senior envisioned a person more like Jessica Alba. The only thing they had in common was straight dark hair. Carol examined herself in the mirror and critically described her as shapeless. Small breasts, flat ass and no curve to reveal hips, she struggled to exercise and eat small portions but she still seemed 10lbs over weight.

She certainly did not take after the other members of her family. Her father used to be a Major League Baseball player and now a successful real estate broker. Her mother was a former Miss USA runner up and her brother, now a in his second year at State is the starting quarterback. She often joked that she must have been switched at the hospital.

Carol knew where she belonged in the high school social sphere and never tried to push her into the “good looking” crowd of cheerleaders and social queens like her friend Kathy did. Kathy and Carol were best friends and Carol saved her from years of torment by convincing her that she was just as “average” as she was. Carol and Kathy had spent a few intimate moments together, only twice going all out on each other. Both Carol and Kathy agreed that to stop that type of intimacy for fear of becoming “full blown lesbos” as Carol called it. Both Carol and Kathy enjoyed sex with boys, although they both fantasized about the athletes and really good looking guys at school, they settled for turning on the geeks at the chess club or the high school year book team. (Editors note: not to burst the bubble to literotica that people under the age of 18 have sex…there will be no specifics on their sexual history).

Carol often daydreamed about what it would be like to be so attractive to men that she could get any guy she wanted. She thought about someone like Stacie Marsh, the prom queen. Even her brother, who had many girlfriends, met Stacie when he was a senior and she just a freshman and fell for her.

But enough of daydreaming today was Sunday and on Sundays she went to the Lakeview Nursing home and helped out. Originally she need just 30 hours of community service to satisfy her high school requirements, but she enjoyed some of the old folks and actually looked forward to going there. She especially enjoyed the company of one resident, John Goolscap. He was a full-blooded Pequod Indian and claimed to be a Shaman for his tribe. Carol listened for hours as he told stories of the past and his tribe. Carol realized that some of these stories must have been handed down for generations since that happened as far back as the revolutionary war. But John always told them as if he had been there with great detail. Carol mused that he always remembered so much detail about the story, yet couldn’t even remember how old he was or when he was born.

Carol sat on the chair next to John’s bed and watched him sleeping with a slight smile on his face. She felt a sadness come over her knowing that most of his tribe merged with other Indians and neighboring white folks and that he might be the very last pure Pequod in the country.

John’s eyes opened and he turned to Carol as he smiled.

“Lightning” he whispered.

This was John’s name for Carol. At first she thought he was mispronouncing her last name, Litner. John corrected her and told her that she was his “lightning” like a flash of brilliance she lights up the sky of his dreary world.

“Would you like me to read you something to today?”

“Lightning, last night my spirit came to me. It has been many years since he has chosen to be part of me again. He has been unhappy with my decision to await the coming of my ancestors.”

“John are you…”

“Lightning, I have told you many stories of my past and my people. I know much about you as well. I know what is in your heart and your desires”

Carol smiled. John had asked her questions about her life and she answered with the same typical white wash she spoke with her parents. School was good, lots of friends, Geometry was stupid, thinking of going to nursing school, etc. Only Kathy knew her wicked desires and they both had secrets to keep.

“Lightning, I want to tell you a secret. I do not have to be in this nursing home or this bed but I have grown more and more tired as my people have become fewer and fewer. There is no place for Shaman Goolscap anymore. So I have let the Great Mother determine my future. But I can share with you a little of me that will hopefully make you happy. Can you keep a secret?”

Carol leaned closer and held John’s soft wrinkled hands, the skin felt as it were loosely draped over his bones.

“First you must take a blood oath. We prick our fingers and hold them together and our blood mixes into each other’s veins. This is the Pequod way to seal a secret”.

The first thing that flashed into her mind was wondering if John had any diseases, but he was looked after here in the home and for his age was in fine health. Still she felt squeamish but her curiosity took the better of her and she relented.

They pricked each other’s thumbs and grasped them together. Oddly enough she felt the pain become dull and replaced with a feeling of ice water trickling into her hand and wrist. In moments she felt a shiver run up her spine. John noticed her reaction and smiled, briefly closing his eyes and nodding his head. He let go of her hand.

“So…what’s the secret?”

“Take your finger and put some saliva on it.”

Carol put her finger in her mouth moistening the tip. John then touched his skin with it.

“That is all you need to do to truly know who someone is. Many times the Shaman uses this diagnose someone who is ill, you hopefully will use this find yourself and happiness”

“If I go around putting my spit on people, I think I’ll know more about them that I want ha ha ha”

“I have told you about my animal spirit the chameleon. Remember what I have told you, go home stand in front of your mirror. Close your eyes and think of me. You will then understand”

John convinced Carol to leave. He also told her not to come back for he was leaving the nursing home. She started to protest but he looked sternly at her and told her to leave. She went home and walked into her room.

Her mother was out shopping with her friends and her dad was playing golf. She stood her bathroom looking into the mirror and closed her eyes. She was thinking of her finger covered with her spit that touched John. Then there was a dull ache all over her bones and her breathing was much shallow. She opened her eyes.

John was in the mirror looking back at her. She had turned into John. She was scared, she touched her face and the image of John in the mirror did the same. She looked down. She was wearing the same pajamas, as John and her hands were his. A million thoughts went through her mind. The chameleon. John had given her the power to change into someone else. Who ever she touched with her saliva she can become their twin. She closed her eyes and concentrated on herself, she felt good….she was back to herself.


After some experimentation Carol discovered she could only turn into another human. It didn’t work with animals or inanimate objects. She figured that scientifically, it had to do with pickup someone else’s DNA and mixing it with her own. She also discovered that she could change back and forth easier to more she did it. She touched her saliva finger on Kathy and that night changed back and forth. She discovered that she couldn’t change into John again, so only she could only do one body “per lick”.

Her brother Clinton came to dinner this night and before he left for his fraternity he pecked her on the cheek goodbye. Upstairs in her room she was getting ready for a shower when she was thinking about Clint. Suddenly she was transformed. The saliva he left on her cheek did it. She marveled at her brother’s physic. She took off the t-shirt and jeans he was wearing when she was transformed and stood in the mirror looking at his naked muscular body. “No wonder the girls go nuts for him” she thought. She took his penis in her hands. She had only seen a penis this size in a porn movie that her and Kathy watched once. She started stroking it and she enjoyed the feeling she was getting. She was thinking what it would be like to get really fucked by a stud with a body like this. In due course she climaxed spreading sperm across the bathroom wall.

“Wow, no wonder guys like to fuck” she thought. Damn if he weren’t my brother I’d want him to fuck me with this. Carol realized that incest was wrong. Besides, he wouldn’t want to fuck her and even if they did, it would probably screw up their relationship. “That Stacie is one lucky girl”.

Carol then changed back to herself and took a shower. Yes Stacie sure was lucky, but Carol was lucky now too. After all, she could turn into Stacie easy enough. Why if something were to happen to Stacie, I could take her place. “Ugh…what am I thinking? This power is fucking me up. Now I am thinking about killing someone just so I can become her….why? So I can fuck any man I want? Have I become twisted?”

She tried to go to bed that night but images flooded her dreams. She woke up and went to school but she went with a plan in mind.

“Hi Stacie”

“Oh hi Carol”

Stacie was wearing her short-skirted cheerleader outfit that had all the boys in the hall way turning their heads at the big breasted and long legged girl.

“Clint came by for dinner last night”

“Yeah I know, he stopped by my place before he went back to campus” she winked.

Carol felt a pang of jealousy rising and those evil thoughts crept in the background like the annoying buzzing of a fly nearby.

“Cool. Have you been to the Frat yet?”

“He showed me the house once. He invited me to a party they are having this Friday nite, are you going?”

“Nah, I got other things to do, well catch you later” Carol lied but before they left she touched Stacie’s bare shoulder. Stacie shivered with a look of disgust as she walked away.

Her brother didn’t invite her. Carol began to hate Stacie. Her mind was giving her thoughts as if another person was inside have a conversation with her. She thought Stacie got away with everything just because she is beautiful. All the boys want her, maybe some of the teachers too.

Carol watched Stacie heading outside for cheerleader practice at the end of the afternoon. She then walked into the stall of the girl’s room and turned into Stacie. She walked down the hall shaking her butt and enjoyed all the attention from the boys. She knew she had the power to choose any boy and fuck them silly.

She then saw Mr. Howell, Stacie’s math teacher. He was single, in his forties with a small potbelly and receding hairline. He would make an easy seduction for her plan and the fact that he gave Carol only a C last semester sealed his fate. As Stacie she coaxed Mr. Howell into an empty classroom to talk about her math homework. She walked in after him and closed the door leaving it open a crack. She dropped her book and bent to pick it up making sure to flash him her panties. Stacie could see the bulge beginning in his pants.

“I need something from you Mr. Howell”

“yes Stacie?….Er you have the pages for….ulp”

As Stacie, Carol had grabbed her huge firm breasts and started rubbing them walking right up to Mr. Howell. He had backed into the blackboard and began stammering. Carol took her hands and moved them up his shirt loosening his tie while grinding a knee lightly against his crotch. Mr. Howell still stammered trying to put sentences together as he felt Stacie pulling down his zipper.

Mr. Howell was after all a man. Although he had never actually had sex with a student he had masturbated at home to situations just like this one. He was a reasonable man and knew this was trouble. He knew Stacie was just using him and when she took his penis in her mouth all reason left him.

Carol could feel his surrender at once. She eagerly sucked at his small cock while taking off her panties. When she felt his hands on her head moving with her rhythm she broke away.

“fuck me. Now”

She leaned over the desk and Mr. Howell lifted her skirt exposing her finely shaped ass. He was now living his fantasy and started fucking her pussy. Carol anticipated when he was about to cum and started yelling louder.

“yes fuck me yeah ohhhhh yeah harder….ahhhh”

Mr. Howell tried to shush her but he was about to cum and as he did so, the door opened up. Several students and Mrs. Jawshank stood at the door to the classroom. Carol as Stacie quickly ran from the room.

No criminal charges were filed against Mr. Howell since Stacie was 18 years old but he did resign; Stacie naturally was called to the principal’s office with her parents. She laughed and naturally denied anything as such had happened. But with three eyewitnesses and Mr. Howell confirming the deed, Stacie was sent to the hospital for “evaluation”. The entire school was talking about what happened.

“Carol when do you think Stacie will be back?”

“Well Kathy, from what I hear she like totally blanked the event from her mind, she’s in total denial and it may take years of therapy. But forget about that, how would you like to go to a party at my brother’s frat house tomorrow night?”

“Sure thing…college guys eh? Maybe we get lucky”

Friday night Kathy and Carol arrived at the frat house. It was mobbed with coeds. After getting some drinks Carol told Kathy she was going to find her brother. Carol downed a few more beers to get her courage up and spotted him in a corner talking to a rather tall black guy wearing a basketball tank top. Carol ducked into a closet and came out as Stacie, still wearing the cheerleader outfit. She walked up to Clint with a smile.

“Jeez Stacie why didn’t you go home and get dressed first?”

Carol shrugged and Clint lifter her off her feet and kissed her hard on the lips while groping her panties under her skirt. Carol was getting wet already. She didn’t know if she had the guts to pull of this plan of hers. Originally she was going to be a real slut at the party showing her brother that Stacie was the wrong girl for him. Now she felt desire.

The voice in her head made it clear, she was Stacie Marsh not Carol. Stacie and Clint were not brother and sister; therefore having sex with Clint would not be incest.

“Stacie you wanna drink?”

“lets go to your room”

Clint wasted no time and took by the hand flying up the stairs. Carol could hear the sounds of fucking coming from the room next door. Clint spun her around and deeply kissed her while rubbing her tits. Carol as Stacie, reached for his zipper and pulled his pants down as Clint lifted off the cheerleader top. Next came the bra and he playfully tossed her to the bed. He kissed her nipples then her navel and moved down to inhale her scent from her pussy. His tongue moved along darting in and out and toyed with her clitoris. Carol closed Stacie’s eyes and bit her bottom lip, never had she been eaten like this. She looked up and saw her brother naked, his huge erection pointing at the ceiling. She remembered what it felt like when she was in his body. She lifted her head and watched as his penis parted the lips to Stacies finely trimmed blonde pussy. Clint grabbed those large firm tits and tweaked her nipples as he thrust his cock into her. Stacie and Clint had only fucked four times; usually she would just suck his cock.

“oh yeah…fuck me…ohmagod…yeah fuck fuck”

Tonight was different she was moaning and shouting, the other times she was silent just an occasional whimper. Clint smiled and he fucked her faster. Carol was cumming. Her first real major orgasm with a boy and it was with her brother. She could feel him picking up the pace, his face reddened and then she felt him flood her with his cum.

They cuddled for a moment gently exploring each other’s bodies. There was a knock at the door.

“Clint it’s Bosco”.

“Go away man am busy”

Carol woke from her dreamy state, she remembered her mission.

“No don’t go, come on in”

Bosco opened the door. It was the same tall black guy that was talking with Clint earlier. Carol as Stacie pushed away from Clint and sat up, still naked.

“Come on in, the more the merrier. Bosco? Are you up for a round?”

Bosco’s smiled and it looked as if he had a hundred white teeth. Clint looked at Stacie with a hurt feeling on his face.

“Stacie what the fuck do you…”

“Shhh baby, it’s a party and I want to party. Hell you think I am a virgin while you’re here at the University?”

Bosco was nude and dangling his semi erect cock in front of Stacie’s face. Carol never had a black man before but she was going to change that. She opened her mouth and sucked in his cock making it hard in seconds.

Clint meanwhile dressed and looking at Stacie with disgust opened the door and yelled, hey dudes, line forms here. An hour later Carol had fucked and sucked every guy in the frat house.

Kathy saw Clint drinking a beer and walked over to him.

“You mean you’re here with my sister? Where’d she go”

“Dun know, been walking around but can’t find her”

Clint walked off looking for Carol. Meanwhile Carol still as Stacie managed to leave the room and turn back into herself grateful that to have her own sore less pussy back. She saw Kathy by herself and walked up to her.

“Your brother is looking for you”

“Oh yeah, we must be missing each other. So any luck?”

Carol already knew the answer. Kathy was getting drunk and depressed. How could she lift the spirits of her friend she wondered?

“The best looking guy in the place was talking to me….cause he’s your brother”

“Come lets blow this place”

Carol drove Kathy home and watched her stumble inside. Her bedroom was on the ground floor, converted from a garage. Stacie wanted to make her friend happy and closed her eyes.

There was a knock to the side door of Kathy’s room. She wondered who would be knocking on the door but then figured that Carol forgot something. She opened it and stared at Carol’s brother Clint.

“Whaa what are you doing here? I mean….come in…is Carol here?”

“Kathy, I just couldn’t wait, I want to tell you something.”

“Sure go ahead….great party by the way….am a little drunk”

“Kathy, you’re my sister’s best friend and there is something I’ve always wanted to do. I want to make love to you. Just once and we never will mention it again. Carol doesn’t have to know, and we will always keep it our secret.”

Kathy was stunned. “Make love to me? Why? I mean…”

“Your different from other girls, I am obsessed and I must have you…just this once”

Carol as Clinton watched Kathy trying to compute this information. Finally she leaped into his arms and gave him sloppy kisses. Carol undressed, she couldn’t wait to try out having sex as a man. This was a perfect situation, one time, no commitments. She knew she could pleasure her. She remembered Clint’s moves on her.

Carol had a hard time trying to put Clint’s cock in Kathy’s pussy, finally Kathy reached down and guided it in. Soon they were off to the races. Carol now understood the feel to need to put this cock into something tight and warm the faster she went the better it felt.

Kathy was in heaven. She knew it was just one time and it was probably a mercy fuck set up by Carol. She didn’t believe that obsession trash. She didn’t care. She was being fucked by the greatest jock town and when he left, she went to sleep with a smile on her face.

PART TWO COMING SOON – Clint finds out about his sister’s ability and so does Kathy. The tables turn as Kathy and Clint decides to create his own sex slave that can be anyone he desires.

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Unholy1Unholy1over 19 years ago
Interesting Concept

Interesting concept, can't say I've read a story like this before. Could use a little bit of polishing as there were some spots where I felt lost, but over all a good read.

AnonymousAnonymousover 19 years ago
Fun read.

Good work!

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