tagErotic CouplingsChanging Room Ch. 03

Changing Room Ch. 03


Perhaps a word of warning; this chapter contains explicit language that may offend some people, including the pretence of rape.


Bent over before me in a skimpy pair of red, lacy panties and matching bra with your fingers curled around your ankles, I continued to stare at you with fire in my eyes as they drifted over your scantily-clad form. You adore how I look at you this way and the obvious way in which I shuffled in my seat just made you all the more eager to tease me. As you raised yourself up and turned around to face me, I couldn't help but shift my eyes over your hardened nipples as they protruded through the lace of your bra, and I was sure you could hear the sharp intake of breath as my mind ran through a hoard of dirty ideas.

"You are such a hot lil bitch, you know that, Baby?" I hissed at you, my voice trembling with desire and need as I slid myself to the edge of the bench, wetting my lips with the tip of my tongue.

I reached out to offer you the hanger once again as the pair of sheer black stockings hung from the wooden frame. Yet, instead of taking it from my grasp, you moved closer towards me and stopped short just before me, smiling into my eyes as you proceeded to unclasp the bra and drop it on the floor. I watched it fall down before raising my gaze up to you, confused as to what you were up to now.

"Take them off yourself, Baby. I want you to put them on me," you said with the most seductive grin I think I have ever seen on your beautiful face.

I was lost for words, yet my reaction was blatant as I dropped quickly to my knees at your feet and carefully removed the first stocking from the hanger. My fingers were shaking slightly from the anxiety I was feeling, but I managed to roll the stocking up into a ball just as I felt your hands come to my shoulders and your right foot lift up to my chest. I smiled up into your eyes before I looked back down to push the stocking over your toes, then pulled it cautiously up the slenderness of your calf.

"Ahhh, you've been paying attention I see. Nice work, Baby," you whispered.

I simply nodded at you as I concentrated on sliding the silky material up over your thigh as it stretched to full length over your leg. I then grabbed the other stocking and stretched it enough to cover your left leg. I sat there, on my knees for a few moments to look you over, sighing satisfactorily at the beauty before me. I was so flushed with desire as my eyes drew over every inch of your body, and I felt my cock about to burst as images of me bending you over the bench and holding your head down as I rammed my cock into you flooded my brain.

"Baby, can I try on the other dress you looked at now? Or would you prefer to stay there on your knees with your tongue hanging out like a thirsty puppy?" I heard you say to me.

"N—No... I just... oh wow, Bel. You look so fucking hot, honey. Fuck, I'm so hard right now," I hissed, drawing my eyes over your naked breasts and exposed belly.

My hands came to the lower part of your legs before they slowly dragged upwards over your thighs, feeling the sheer stockings covering your creamy skin. My fingers tingled as they caressed you softly, my hands sliding around to the backs of your legs and pulling your body towards me. I pushed my face into your crotch to inhale your scent and moan against your panty-covered pussy, as I felt one of your hands come to the top of my head, caressing the skin of my scalp as you moaned from deep in your throat.

Mumbling between kisses over the damp crotch of your panties, I spoke to you, "God Bel, I need you. You smell so hot, so horny. I can feel how wet you are, Baby." It was then that I looked up and saw the door hadn't been locked, so I quickly moved towards it and turned the handle to lock us inside. I moved back to you and fell onto my knees once again, smiling up at you as you looked at me with pure lust in your eyes.

"Mmmmmm, Brad. I need you too! I want you so much right now," you whispered at me, and I felt your right thigh rise up and hook itself over my shoulder, shoving your cunt back into my face.

I pulled back my face from your crotch and stood up quickly, feeling your leg slide off me before I grabbed at you and pulled you into my arms. Bruising your lips as I crushed your mouth with a hungry kiss, your hands mauled at me, sliding over my hips and squeezing the soft flesh of my arse as you ground your body against me. There was nothing tender in my kiss, it was savage and hungry and fierce, and I was going to rape your lips before I raped your body.

You could sense the need in me and it was then that you realised this was my plan all along. It was at that time that I could feel your hands clawing at my t-shirt and yanking it away from my body, tearing at the cotton material until it tore away from my skin and fell to the floor in tatters. My hands wrapped tightly around your waist to pull you harder against me, crushing your tits to my bare chest before I slid a hand into your hair and yanked your head backwards. I heard the grunt escape from your throat, followed by a guttural moan as you felt my teeth sink into the flesh of your collarbone.

"I think my girl wants a nice hard fucking. Doesn't she, baby?" I hissed at you, controlling my voice as best I could.

"Yes! Oh Brad, I need you. I need you to fuck me, right here, right now. Just take me! Fuck, I don't care who hears us, I don't care about anything except to feel your cock inside me," you moaned back at me.

Hearing those words from your lips only made me want you even more. So without hesitating, I kissed you once again and slid my tongue between your lips to taste you. Moaning together as we ravaged one another's mouths, I breathed out against your lips with the smell of your cunt filling my nostrils.

"Wrap your fucking legs around me, babydoll. I'm going to take you on a ride you won't ever forget," I said hoarsely, my voice thick with desire.

That was the moment I felt you jump into my arms and wrap your legs around me, locking your ankles together at my lower back. My hands moved down to cup the cheeks of your ass and hold you tightly against me, pulling my mouth away from yours to slide my tongue down over your chin and to the crook of your neck. I was going crazy with lust now, and I needed to be inside you.

Pushing you against the nearest wall as I felt your crotch grind against the bulge in my jeans, I looked deep into your eyes and stared at you. I knew what was running through your mind; the combination of lust and desire mixed with the fear of being caught and the exciting possibility of it.

"I know how you think, babydoll. I know how you feel, I know how you taste, I know how you look, and I sure as hell know how you fuck. And right now, you're going to show me how good of a fuck you are. Get on your knees and suck me off," I growled at you, my voice becoming dominant as the animalistic nature in me took over.

You didn't even hesitate as you slid down the wall and fell to your knees, just as I stepped back to give you enough room to settle at my feet. I peered down at you with a devilish grin as my tongue slid out between my lips to lick over them, anticipating your first move. My heart was beating was so fast, I could feel it thumping in my chest and the moment I felt your fingers fumbling at my zipper to slide it down, I groaned deeply and closed my eyes.

"Is this what you want? You want me my mouth swallowing this hard cock, baby?" you whispered seductively to me.

"Yes, my little slut. Suck me, Bel. I need to feel your mouth on me, my dirty lil bitch. Suck me!" I growled at you once again, rocking my hips forward in order to beckon you.

Your hands came to the waist of my jeans and shoved them down my legs until I lifted each leg so you could pull them off me. I stood there naked before you, not having worn any underwear before we left home so I could easily take you once the moment arose, and now, here with you, I was glad I had made such a choice.

"I said suck me. Don't make me wait, my sweet whore, or you'll regret it," I teased you, wanting you desperate enough to swallow every inch of my throbbing cock down your throat. I wanted to see you gag on it, I wanted to shove myself into you so deep and so hard that you would beg me to stop. I was so consumed with lust for you that I couldn't help myself. I needed you to want this as much as I did.

"Be patient, baby. You know what they say, all good things come to those ---" you began to say, but I stopped you short as my hand moved down to grip into your hair and pull it roughly.

"Fuck what they say, just be my lil slut and suck this fat cock! Spit on it, gag on it, fucking suck me till I beg YOU to stop!" I spat at you, venomously.

You cursed at me through an evil grin, I could see the hunger in your eyes and I knew you loved it when I spoke to you like this during our explosive sex sessions. Instead of striking out at me, as I imagine some women would after being spoken to like this, you merely flicked your tongue out over your lower lip before pushing your face into my crotch and taking me into your mouth. I felt the waves of pleasure wash over me instantly as you swallowed every inch in one, full stroke, not caring if it made you choke on it.

It was incredible, the sensations of your warm, wet mouth dragging down the full length of my pole and when you wrapped your slender fingers around the thick base of my cock, I grunted at you and tightened my hold in your hair, pulling your face further against me to take me deeper again. I could even hear you trying to fight for breath as I quickly began to fuck your face, thrusting my hips back and forth against you, my fingers staying tight as my hand locked in your silky hair.

"Ahhh fuck yeah. That's the way, baby. Work your mouth on my cock, suck me harder, Bel. Mmmm fuck, honey, that feels so good!" I moaned to you, gripping the back of your head with my other hand as I forced my cock down your throat. I felt the smoothness of your tongue as it slid along the underside of my cock, working in rhythm with your lips as you sucked me harder, my hips gyrating above you.

Through muffled groans that vibrated around my throbbing flesh, I had no choice but to drop my head and moan out my pleasure, the muscles of my ass tensing with each forward elevation of my hips as they pushed forward, over and over again, forcing more of my cock inside you. I couldn't take much more of it though and I was so incredibly aroused that I needed to be inside your sweet cunt.

"Stand up, now!" I growled at you, grabbing both your arms and pulling you up against the wall. I stared into your eyes deeply as I saw the blatant look of desire in them before I hissed at you, "I have to be inside you, baby. I need to fuck you. Turn around and face the wall you little slut!"

I slid my hands over the flesh of your ass before you spun around to face the wall and poked your ass out towards me before I dropped my right hand between your thighs and pulled the gusset of the panties aside. I leaned back to look down at the wet folds of your pussy and the puckered star of your asshole before I slid my fingers through your wet labia, feeling how soaking wet you were for me. A rush of air filled your lungs as you moaned deeply at my touch, bucking your hips back and forth against my fingers as I worked them inside of you for a few moments.

"You like that, you hot little bitch? Huh? You like feeling my fingers in your cunt, fucking you like a whore?" I asked you hoarsely. But when I didn't hear a response from you, other than a faint sigh and a deep moan from deep within your chest, I forced a third finger into your tight fuckhole and hissed at your ear, "answer me!"

"Yes! Oh God, baby, fuck me now or I'll cum all over your fucking fingers!" your voice was thick and hung in the air like molten lava.

I loved teasing you like this, taunting you until I made you beg for it. I was so turned on at that moment that I couldn't wait any longer, and without holding back another second, I pulled my fingers out of your sopping cunt and shoved my steel rod all the way up inside you, thrusting my hips forward to sink my cock balls-deep into your snatch. I felt the shudder of your body and the gasp from your throat as you would have felt the pain from the intrusion, but I didn't care. All I wanted was your body, to use and abuse and rape for my pleasure. I was so overwhelmed with need and desire that I was going to have you, any way I wanted to.

"Is this what you wanted? To be fucked like a whore? You want to feel my cock buried in your hot little cunt till you can't take it anymore?" I spat at you, my teeth sinking into your neck as I dropped my hands to your hips and began to violently thrust inside your body, in and out, in and out, driving myself deeper with each plunge. "Ride my cock, Bel. Show me how much of a dirty lil whore you can be!"

Gorging your pussy onto me as I rocked my hips back and forth and then rolled them around in a rapid movement, you could do nothing but push your hands against the wall in front of you and ride my cock as I pushed myself into your cunt. I can feel your inner walls squeezing me tight as you drew me into your depths, hearing the squishing sounds of our fucking as your pussy began to coat the full length of my cock. I felt it drip down over my balls, feeling the weight of them slap against your ass with each thrust.

"That's the way baby, ride my hard cock, fuck me like the little slut you are. Show me how you work that cunt of yours. Ride me Bel, ride your man!" I growled at your ear as my chin dropped over your right shoulder and your head dropped back onto my right side.

You could feel my fingers searching around your cunt, coating it with your juices as I pushed two of them up inside you, stretching your pussy wide open to slide them along my length. I took a step backwards and pressed my right hand to your lower back, pushing down onto you so that your body dropped forward enough for me to see the puckered hole of your ass.

"I'm going to shove these fingers in your tight ass, Bel, and you're gonna love it you hot bitch. Now lift that ass up higher," I said to you, watching as your feet spread apart and you obeyed my command without disruption. "That's the way, baby. Such a good lil slut you are," I hissed at you, sliding my fingers out of your sopping cunt slowly, and then moving my hand around between our bodies, searching for the little star of your asshole.

"You're such a nasty fucker! Finger my ass, baby, make me scream! Oh fuck Brad, I'm going to cum soon!" you belted out to me, your voice was croaky now as the pleasure was washing over you. I knew it wouldn't take very long for you to explode all over my cock.

"Then cum. Cum all over my cock as I pound your cunt and finger your ass! Cum for me, my sweet little whore."

"Oh God!" you yelped, feeling the brutally of my thrusts as I jammed every inch of my hard, throbbing meat inside you.

You arched your back as I teased your asshole with two fingers, lightly rubbing the tip of your tiny hole before I straightened them and pushed both digits into you. I felt the shudder of your body as the long, thick digits penetrated your tight passage and began to slide out again, only leaving the tips inside you. Once I felt your body relax to the intrusion, I shoved them back inside you again to work up a steady rhythm, fucking you in time with my pistoning cock.

"Oh Brad.... Oh fucking hell.... Now, honey! I'm gonna cum!! Fuck me.... Fuck me!!!" you yelled loudly.

Grunting low in my throat, your words spurring me on, I started raping your ass with my fingers as I drove them in and out of your body, feeling them moving alongside my cock as it too thrusted deeper into your sopping cunt. "Mmmmmm fuck yeah. I can feel you cumming on my cock, slut. Harder, baby... cum harder for me!" I bellowed out at you, the sweat dripping down my forehead and dripping onto your back as I worked myself into a frenzy, giving you exactly what you needed; a thorough fucking.

As your orgasm takes over and explodes from inside your whole being, my cock twitches and feels the tight spasms of your cunt around it. My fingers were being squeezed in response to your asshole tightening around them throughout your climax, so I pushed them into you harder and deeper. Working them into you as your body shudders and writhes below me, forcing your ass back against me to take me deeper; you take me harder inside you..

"Oh fuck Bel. You're soaking my cock baby, I can feel you cumming all over it! Oh fuck yes! Yes baby! That's it... fucking cum all over me!"

My hand automatically drags into your hair to yank your head towards me as I lean over your back and hiss at your ear. Our bodies now moved together in a heated, passionate dance as my balls slap beneath you with every violent thrust of my cock, pounding away at you as I used your body for my pleasure. I smeared my lips over your cheek before stealing your lips for a hard kiss, penetrating your mouth with my persistent tongue as I lapped at you hungrily.

"Ohhhhhhh... Brrraaaaadddd... oh my God..." you screamed against my lips as you continued to climax.

I could feel your pussy quivering and it only served to bring on my own release as you groaned out my name. The tingling in my balls as they tightened up and readied themselves to release all of this pent-up pressure began to surge through me. I was going to shoot a gallon of cum inside your body and I knew we were being listened to by outsiders, but at that moment, I didn't fucking care.

Tearing my mouth away from yours, I screamed out at you, "oh Bel, oh baby, I'm gonna cum... You filthy lil slut... You're sweet cunt is making me cum.. Ahhhhhh take it... Take it all you hot lil bitch... MY hot lil bitch... Take it... Uhhhhhhhh... fuckkkk!"

Then it happened, I felt the first spurt of hot liquid escape from the tiny slit of my dick and shoot deep inside your womb, splashing against your cervix as I pushed myself all the way inside you and held steady. The head of my cock twitching and throbbing at the moment I spent myself into your cunt, feeling it squeeze around me as you worked your inner muscles, milking every drop from my balls.

"Oh yes! Fucking cum inside me, baby... that's it... cum for your lil slut, fill me up Brad!"

I needed no other encouragement as your words hit me like a tonne of bricks. I loved it when you begged for my cum, and that sexy, hoarse tone of your voice sent shivers down my spine as I continued to shoot inside you, feeling jet after jet of white lava spill into you. My fist was clenching firmly in your hair as I watched you buck back and forth over my cock, riding me for everything I had until I was completely spent and my balls had emptied every last drop of thick cum inside your body.

I heard you moan then, feeling the spasms of your body begin to subside as we both worked on regaining our breaths and bathing in the aftermath of such incredible lovemaking. I slowly pulled myself out of you and felt you slump against the wall, pressing your breasts to it and breathing heavily. Your hair was slightly matted with sweat and I could see the ends of it glued to your skin.

"Mmmmmmm fuck baby that was incredible. God I love you so much, Bel," I whispered to you, my breath raspy and hoarse.

I heard you utter a few words beneath your breath, but didn't quite grasp what you were saying, so I just latched onto you and held you close to me before turning you around to face me, feeling my cock slip from inside you. Your arms haphazardly curled around my shoulders as I leaned into you for a breathless kiss, tasting you on my tongue as you began to respond to me, working your own tongue into my mouth. I heard you moan to me, as your hard nipples pierced my chest and you fell further into my arms.

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