tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersChanging Room Prank Ch. 03

Changing Room Prank Ch. 03


Saturday morning, I awoke so excited I nearly jumped out of bed. My date with Greg was today and I was determined to look my best and most feminine for him. I really hoped that maybe he would be able to appreciate my hard work, unlike Mark. Mark and I had been seeing each other recently, but I was quickly losing interest in getting dressed up for 10 to 15 minutes of Mark fucking my face, then leaving. I started off with a nice warm shower and shave. I liberated myself from any hair on my body and made sure to use the moisturizing body wash I had bought earlier in the week, as a gift for my "girlfriend." When I stepped out of the shower, I ran my hand up the side of my leg and felt the soft smooth skin. I moved my hand around my legs some more until I reached my balls, which were also hairless. I gently squeezed them, appreciating the smoothness. When I was finally done with that, I dried off and got dressed in my Alice clothes, then decided that I needed a wardrobe update. For this, though, I knew I would have to leave the house as Alice as well and do a little shopping. Luckily I had saved up some cash. It was supposed to be for a new computer, but now, electronics just didn't interest me any more, and instead I felt compelled to buy new outfits, shoes and lingerie. These changes are for the better, I thought to myself. I thought about going to the mall where it had all started, but I was scared that one of the clerks might recognize me or my outfit, so I decided to go a little further north to a different mall.

When I got inside, I made my way to a women's clothes store. There were so many clothes to try on: dresses, skirts, blouses, cardigans, and lingerie, at the very least. When I walked in, I instantly became envious of women everywhere. They were able to enjoy wearing these kinds of clothes every day. To wear a miniskirt, and have men watch them as they walked away, to slip on a dress and feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time, to pull a revealing thong up their legs knowing that someone would appreciate seeing it every time they bent over. Those were the things I was most jealous of, but the list could go on forever.

I probably spent too much time trying on party dresses, evening gowns, and miniskirts, but I felt too girly to stop at any time. I was finally able to decide on an outfit to wear for that night. Shaving had given me more freedom to show off some leg and so I bought a black miniskirt that was almost shorter than it was wide, showing off plenty of skin. I also got a sleeveless ruffled red blouse, with buttons down the middle, and a pair of black 3-inch heels. I didn't want to overdress with the heels, but I couldn't resist. Another item that caught my eye was a pair of red panties with small white polka dots. I bought that for tonight as well as the matching bra.

As I walked out of the store with my purchases, I felt very confident; and then I walked past a beauty salon. The sign in the front window read, "Free makeover with every purchase of a deluxe bombshell makeup set." I stopped in my tracks and checked my wallet. "I had just enough money left for the set, but that would leave me without enough money to even buy lunch." I didn't have to think twice, though: I chose the makeup. I did want to start watching my weight, and I did need my own makeup set. Also the makeover was too much too pass up. I would look great for Greg and would actually learn how to do it myself for the future.

"Hello, welcome to Jane's," a friendly saleswoman said. "How can we help?"

"I'd like the deluxe set with the makeover, please," I asked nervously.

"Sure, right this way." She led me down the hallway and into a secluded section of the salon. She put a set down on the table and told me Shawn would be with me in a few moments, as she returned to the front of the store.

Shawn, a young black-haired man, entered the minute the woman left. "Hi, I'm Shawn," he chimed. He was wearing a tight shirt and tight black pants. His outfit and voice suggested that I would probably have a better chance with him if I were Ethan, or even better, Mark or Greg. "So you want to look beautiful? Big date or no special occasion?" he inquired as he picked up a set of brushes. I didn't think that a haircut was included, but I wasn't complaining. He went to work on my hair, as I made up a story to make it sound more realistic as to why I was going on a date. He kept telling me that my date must be a lucky guy and that I was going to blow him away. I knew that he was probably doing it for the tips, but I was still flattered and quite bashful. I thought about our date, and about what Greg would think when he saw me, and how he would react. I started getting a little hard and felt the panties start to stretch. I had to cross my legs to hide it, but to be honest, I didn't think that Shawn would have minded.

When he had finished my hair, a woman came in to do my makeup. She wasn't as talkative as Shawn, and kept mostly to herself, but she was being very careful. As she went on, I was taking notes in my head. There was so much that I had to learn! It took longer than I expected, but it was definitely worth it. There was no trace of Ethan left, just a beautiful girl who looked stunning. I was shocked I could look like this. I sat and admired the woman's work; I couldn't have thanked her enough. My eyelashes fluttered so elegantly and my lips were a thick red. She also blushed my cheeks a little, to give me an additional feminine touch.

When I left I was glowing. I had a brand new outfit and professionally applied makeup, as well as the heels. I had never felt more accomplished and full of pride leaving a mall before. I never stopped smiling all the way to the car. I sped home and quickly made myself lunch. Then, I undressed in front of my mirror and started dressing in my date clothes. I first slipped on the red and white polka dot panties and bra. I swayed my hips in them a little, before moving on to the skirt. I pulled up the black miniskirt and adjusted it around my waist, trying to find the right amount of skin to show. I let it hang around my thighs, halfway to my knees. Next, I unbuttoned the red ruffled blouse, pulled it over my shoulders and slid my arms through. I buttoned it up, but stopped about two thirds of the way. I completed my look with the 3-inch black heels. They accented my curves quite well and forced my chest out. They also stretched my calf and thigh muscles, making my legs look so sexy. I walked around in them for some much-needed practice. I stumbled a couple of times, but then got the hang of it. The makeover and the new outfit had really transformed me, and the baby-smooth legs didn't hurt.

I was still practicing in front of the mirror when Greg rang my doorbell. I quickly grabbed my clutch bag with the essentials such as lipstick and condoms. You know, just in case. I fixed my skirt, pushed up my bra, took a big breath, and then opened the door. Greg was standing there with a rose in one hand. When he saw me, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened almost to his hairline.

"Oh, my God, Ethan? Is that you?" he asked. His eyes were going up and down my body, and he was obviously enjoying what he saw.

"No, it's Alice," I laughed and winked at him.

"You look, amazing! I mean, really, wow!" he exclaimed, with his jaw still hanging.

"Thanks, you too," I said behind my red cheeks. That was just the reaction I was hoping for. "Is that for me?" I asked pointing at the rose in his hand.

"Oh, yeah, here," he smiled and brought his jaw back up.

"Thanks," I said as I took it from him and returned the gift by giving him a soft kiss on his right cheek. "Shall we get going?"

"Yes, let's." Greg led the way to his car. He opened the door for me as I stepped in. It felt good to be treated as a real woman. During the drive to the cinema, Greg told me that Mark had just gotten a new girlfriend yesterday, Susie. I wasn't surprised. Susie was known to put out and Mark always went for the low-hanging fruit. I guessed it meant that he wouldn't text me that often any more, which was kind of a relief, as Mark wasn't the tender lover type.

When we got there, Greg got out and ran around the car to open my door. He held out his hand and helped me out of his car. We kept our hands gripped together all the way to our seats in the theater. We sat near the top, allowing for some privacy during the movie. I couldn't tell you what the movie was about, because during the first few minutes I was looking at Greg half the time, and for the other half of the time Greg was looking at me. Then our eyes met, and Greg moved in closer. The low-lit theater, the smell of Greg's cologne, and the feeling of the clean satin panties under my skirt created the perfect atmosphere for our first kiss. Greg leaned over, brought his right hand to my cheek and pulled me in closer. There was so much chemistry between us. I felt as if he really cared about me, the same way I did for him. I felt him put his left hand on my thigh as he opened my mouth with his tongue and started interacting with mine. I gently sucked on his tongue, and put my hand down on top of his. I let Greg move up and down my thigh, inching under my skirt every so often, but not getting too close to my crotch.

We continued dancing with each other's tongues, and Greg moved his hand from my face to around my shoulder. I kept one hand in my lap, and the other on Greg's. We made out like that for a decent amount of time, occasionally taking breaks, where I would rest my head on Greg's shoulder with his arm around my back, holding on to my waist. Whenever we stopped, I couldn't wait to resume. Later tonight, maybe I would be able to remember the feel of his tongue in my mouth, imagining what else it would be able to do.

When we had gotten into a solid rhythm, I put one of my hands on Greg's jeans. I moved up to the bulge in his pants and outlined his cock with my hand. It was just as I thought it would be from what I could remember. I pushed my hand down on it and stroked it as best I could through his pants. Then I pulled down his zipper and let his cock spring out. I wrapped my hand around it and started rubbing him right there, in the theater. I broke our kiss and smiled at him and he smiled back. I pulled my legs onto my seat, then got on my knees facing Greg, with my tush pointed out toward the wall. I kept stroking him as my head went lower and lower, getting closer to his trouser soldier that was standing at attention, straight up. I let my tongue fall onto it, then licked around the head. I kept my head low, moving down further until I had engulfed his cock with my mouth. I started bobbing up and down with my lips in a tight lock. He started groaning then, which let me know he was enjoying it. The head was starting to move deeper and deeper in me as I kept my mouth full of his cock. He started running his fingers through my hair, and tilted his head back. I knew he was getting closer, so I pulled off.

"Why'd you stop?" Greg asked with a confused look on his face.

"I want you to be this aroused when we get home," I replied.

"Fair enough." He complied, as he put his tool back in its shed. He gave me a kiss, then put his arm back around me. I slumped back under his big arm, and we watched the few remaining minutes of the movie like that.

Once the movie ended, Greg sprang up and offered his hand to me as he led me to the car. We walked quite quickly. I could tell Greg was excited and couldn't wait 'til we got home. When we got to the car, he pulled me in for one last kiss before we jumped in and made our way to my house. I clumsily unlocked the front door, then we resumed making out from the moment we were inside. We stumbled through the hallway, kicking off our shoes as we did. I had my arms linked around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist. Greg held me up by my ass, and then carried me into the bedroom that way.

Greg let himself fall backward on the bed, and I fell on top of him with my legs on either side. I rubbed up and down against his cock through his pants as I kissed him. He started unbuttoning my blouse and pulled it off. I unbuttoned his, and then opened it. I leaned down and started kissing his chest. Greg just lay there, enjoying the ride while I licked and sucked his nipples. When I felt he had had enough of that, I got up and pulled down my skirt, leaving me in my red bra and panties with the white polka dots. I stood at the front of the bed and was about to climb back onto Greg, when he moved to the edge of the bed and sat there, eye-level to my panties. He looked at me with a wide smile on his face. He put his hands inside my panties on each side, and then he slowly moved them down, pulling the panties down and letting them fall to the floor. There he was, face to face with a little 4-inch girly dick, but he didn't even hesitate. He went straight for it, putting the whole thing in his mouth. Not that I was that big, but I was pretty impressed Greg would go all the way down on his first try. He played with it perfectly in his mouth, using his tongue better than I could have asked. I gently placed my hands on his head and went through his hair with my fingers, appreciating every little movement that went on inside Greg's mouth.

Greg pulled off for a brief moment and licked his lips, when I got on my knees in front of him.

"I wasn't done. Didn't you like it?" Greg asked curiously.

"I loved it, Greg, it was amazing, but I want to return the favor now," I gently whispered to him.

Then I kissed him one more time before pulling his pants and boxers off in one motion. I put my hands on his thighs and then stared at him for a second.

"It's such a beautiful cock," I cooed. "So big and perfect, I just love sucking it."

Greg let out a laugh then fell backward on the bed, telling me I could do whatever I wanted. I got right to it and continued from where I left off at the movies. I enjoyed the taste of the pre-cum that had formed when he went down on me. Then, I went balls deep. I juggled his balls between my fingers in my left hand and my right hand stroked his thigh. Meanwhile my mouth was full of thick cock; I started gagging a little and pulled off. I took one breath and got right back into it. I didn't want anything more in the world than to suck his big cock all night. I bobbed up and down for the next few minutes on his cock, until Greg sat back up, and told me he wanted to cum in my ass. I stood up, complying. Greg also stood up but only to get the lube. He told me to lie down as he slowly crawled up to my ass, where he applied the lube, then slipped a couple of fingers in, feeling around, making sure that I was a little stretched before fucking me.

I looked up at his face with such excitement, like a little girl on Christmas Day. He was standing at the foot of the bed as he grabbed both my legs and held them high in the air, allowing me to rest them on his shoulders. He wrapped one hand around my little thing and the other one around his, as he guided his lubed-up cock to my waiting hole. Right when his cock touched my ass, he started stroking me, very gently. He slowly pushed harder and harder into my tight hole. Then his head was in, and the rest just slipped in gracefully. Greg was such a gentle lover, and he knew that it could be painful for me. I loved how he wanted me to enjoy this as much as he would. He calmly eased in further and further. I was starting to feel the pain of his enormous member inside me, but with him jacking me off, the pain subsided, and I was able to focus on the pleasure.

"Are you all right?" Greg asked.

"Wonderful, just don't stop," I smiled at him,

With that he grabbed my hips and picked up the pace. He pulled me into his rhythm and didn't slow down. Greg slammed into me, and filled me all the way up with his giant monster cock. While I was upset that he had let go off my little thing, he made up for it with the prostate stimulation. Greg was reaching far inside me, to places I didn't even know existed. All I could do was lie back and moan. Greg was grunting to himself moving quicker and quicker. He was giving it all he had, and I just let him pound my prostate over and over again.

Greg started panting with the effort he was putting into fucking me. I was having the time of my life, but felt a little selfish for just lying there while he did all the work, so I suggested that he lie down and let me get on top of him. Greg was fine with that and pulled out of me. As soon as I got off the bed, he fell down on it, with his cock standing straight up. I straddled his chest and put my dick right on his chin. He avidly sucked on it and savored it. I giggled at this, and then inched back on my knees until I felt his cock. I lifted myself up a little, and then eased down on it. I held it inside me for a couple seconds, enjoying the fullness of my rectum. Then we got back into a rhythm, with me in the driver's seat this time. I bounced up and down, screaming and moaning as I did. I rode him like a cowgirl and felt his big strong chest muscles while I did.

Greg just couldn't hold off any longer, and shot a thick warm jet of cum deep inside my ass. I gasped when he did, but kept my bouncing going, making sure every last bit of cum had been shot inside. It was overfilled, and the cum started leaking out onto his cock and stomach. He lay catching his breath while I rotated my hips around his deflating cock.

"Shit, I came before you did," he said.

"It's fine, it was lots of fun," I replied with long deep kiss.

"No, I want you to finish too,"

"You don't have to, you were great!"

"Please put your cock in my mouth, then," Greg begged. I was impressed that Greg would actually want to suck me off after he had come. Earlier, I had never even thought he would have gone down on me in the first place, but he had, and now he was actually begging for it again. I complied and sat on his chest with my cock. He took me with no resistance. I came soon after, and he swallowed! We were both too tired to get up after that: we both fell asleep together, in each other's arms.

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