tagBDSMCharity's Story

Charity's Story


C-part one:


...the door slammed hard from all the force of anger in charity, she spat out, "FUCK!" before going to the window and pushing back the drapes to peer outside. "What a night for this to happen" she thought as her hand swirled around the window pane to clear a spot to look out into the street with.

charity had soaked for a long time in her large tub; the scented bubbles caressed her body as they softened it. She wanted this evening to be perfect. After a luxury soak, she shampooed her long tresses, dried off carefully and applied more scented lotions to her already silky soft skin. charity dried her hair and brushed it till it shone with dancing lights, blending in with the gold and red of her hair. It had a natural wave so was easy to look after. And she knew that Mark LOVED her long hair. She always wore it down and loose when He was due to come over. She was dressed in soft aqua satin lingerie, white frothy lace across the top both hid and showed her breasts. Her nipples grew hard as she waited for Mark to come over and their evening to start.

Absentmindedly she played with the gold choker around her neck with "M" in emeralds set into it. Mark had thought it was a perfect match with her hair colour, even making the fiery tresses spark even more.

charity could not help but to keep glancing at the clock, on the wall; its soft ticking sounding like gun shots in the quiet room. The bedroom was prepared in all the ways Mark preferred. Long silk scarves laid out, dildoes and vibes, nipple clamps and lube in the small table beside the bed. If Mark wished, He would bring floggers and other assorted "toys" to use on His slut. Charity had fresh fruit prepared and on ice for later in the evening.

Now she wondered if there was going to be an evening! It was the blizzard from Hell out there right now! She could no longer even see her sidewalk, or fence. It normally took Mark thirty minutes to drive from His work to here. The news report on the small radio she had turned on did not help either. The newscaster was warning everyone to stay in and keep off the roads. The highway crews could not keep up with the snow covering everything, visibility was basically zero.

Mark had been teasing charity for a week now, with telling her was He was going to do to her tonight. Every morning she was asked if she had been a "good lil slut" and always she replied, "Oh yes! Very good and very bad." He gave her tasks to do, sometimes wearing a butt plug for hours then removing it only to replace with a large dildo. "Need My whore ready for My cock now, don't I slut?" He'd say and smile and pinch a nipple.

Just thinking of His cock made charity's cunt pulsate and soak her panties, if wearing them at the time. She was His fucktoy, His whore and His slut and she loved it all. charity was His submissive in every way, and loved Him with all her heart. Tonight was to be so special and now a blizzard might be spoiling it all.

A quick glance at the clock before turning to look out the window again brought a soft moan to her lips. She needed Him so much; her body craved Him and all that He would do it. There were no limits, she was His fully and completely, and He knew it.

Maybe, He will find a way to get here she thought....

C-part two:

The Wait

...charity had all the lights turned down low; wonderfully scented candles shared their splendor of sight and aroma, wafting it throughout the room. Soft music wrapped their enticing sounds around charity and caressed her mind and body with the messages of love surrounded by joy. charity had spent many careful hours arranging the different songs on these CD's; His favorites as well as hers. She slowly rocked her supple body to the rhythm, feeling every note take over her body, teasing and promising such pleasure.

Both she and Mark's tastes in music were very similar; eclectic tastes in every genre, depending on mood from Classical to Hip-hop to Heavy Metal. For now, the seductive sounds surrounding her were just a perfect match for the evening planned; IF Mark was able to make it home in time.

It was His idea to live this far from the city, He preferred privacy for them, and to be honest, she loved it also. No neighbors were close enough to hear her moans, or cries; no one to peek into windows to see Mark using her hard as His slut. They were very comfortable in this sprawling ranch style home, and Mark had spent many weekends in perfecting their "Play Room" in what used to be a type of barn/stable/storage facility. Many friends in this lifestyle had enjoyed the use of the hooks, shackles, suspension rings, ropes and assortment of "toys"; including of course Mark and her. The huge area was well heated and ventilated, depending on time of year; it was either nice and warm, or soothingly cool. And very private.

Tonight they would not go to the play area, but stay in the main house, using its many rooms for fun and for much pleasure. Mark loved to fuck His slut in every room, and on every surface imaginable. charity always was prepared for Him when He arrived from the city after a long day's work. She knew how He wished her to be dressed and presented to Him. Seductively dressed, freshly bathed and on her knees as He entered the home, and always the words, "Welcome home my wonderful Master, i love You" were said with such great heartfelt sincerity, it filled Mark's heart each and every time He heard her.

Depending on whether He had taken time to eat before returning home, or He had called early to let her know, so a dinner for both of them could be prepared and waiting for His arrival. Tonight He was to have dinner in the city, then return home directly after. No one had expected this storm, at least not as bad as it appeared to be at this time. charity worried of Him not returning home, and also if He would be stuck in a snow bank somewhere.

She moved to the window once more and peered out, then saw a glimmer of lights and her heart skipped a beat, and she waited breathlessly to see if it was from Mark's car or a snow plow. The snow was blowing so bad that it was almost impossible to make out that there were lights out there and not just some figment of imagination, perhaps wishful thinking also.

charity did not have long to wait; the soft fuzzy lights became a bit brighter and turned into their driveway. Mark was home! charity quietly said a quick prayer of thanks for His safe return as she moved towards the door and lowered her body down, leaning back on her heels, holding her head up high and placing both hands on her spread thighs in total submission to Him. Her heart pounded with great excitement and pleasure. Her Love, her Master, Mark was home and she loved Him so very much.

The crunching of snow under boots could be heard just beyond the door, and charity knew that at any moment He would enter the room. Her body quivered with such joy and anticipation, she could barely contain herself. The door knob turned and she breathed in deeply; just seconds separated them now as her eyes focused on the door...

C-part three:

Safe At Home

...it seemed an eternity to charity before the door finally opened. A very chilled blast of air accompanied this opening along with a snow covered Man. It was Mark! charity gave a silent prayer of thanks for His safe return before greeting Him, "Welcome home my sweet Master, i love You. Your girl was very worried because of the blizzard."

Mark closed the door and shook the snow off His heavy coat before hanging it to dry on a peg near the closet, then removed snow boots. He turned and smiled at His beautiful submissive kneeling, waiting for Him. "Thank you My love, it was very difficult to drive home in this, but I did not wish for you to be alone on a night such as this, and also, we do have plans." Mark smiled down at her and offered her His hand, then pulled her to her feet and hugged and kissed His sweet slut. "MMMmmmm, you smell and feel wonderful, as always. Good enough to eat" He murmured.

Mark picked charity up in His arms, then walked to the living room and placed her upon a large stuffed chair. He stoked the fire, checking to see if enough cut wood was ready for them for this chilly evening. "I love a roaring fire on a night such as this" He spoke softly, looking into the flames, watching the intricate shadows displayed on His love's body.

Mark went to His chair near the fire and motioned for charity to join Him, "Come love, your Master has need of your warmth this night."

charity smiled and hopped off the chair and went to Him, crawling into His lap and snuggling close, then rubbing His chilled cheeks with her hands and lightly kissing them. "Oh Master, You really are cold!" she said as her warm hands touched His cold flesh.

Mark laughed, "And now My slut, another very good reason for the use of My slut and her abilities to really heat Me up."

Giggles and squirms accompanied charity as she wiggled in His lap, then lifting up her silky gown, baring her body in order to feel His hardness beneath her. Deft fingers conquered the button and zipper keeping His throbbing cock leashed within. Reaching down between her legs she grasped His cock and maneuvered it towards her very hot and throbbing cunt. Lifting her ass up a bit, she rubbed the head of His cock with her pussy lips, teasing it for a moment before squeezing tight and slamming down hard. Mark's rock hard cock was rammed deep and hard into His slut's cunt, stretching it and filling it.

"Oh yes My slut, yesssss!!!" panted Mark as charity's hot cunt wrapped itself around His cock, then grabbing her waist with both hands and pushing her down even harder. charity wrapped both hands around His neck and used His body to raise herself up slowly, almost to the point of releasing His cock, then slamming down again, and again, and again. She knew it would not take long for Mark to fill her slutty cunt with His hot cum, and also that this was only the first of many times tonight.

Smiling, and purring, she spoke, "Your slut loves You Master and also loves Your cock, and it is fantastic!! So huge that it stretched my cunt almost to the point of ripping it wide open."

Mark laughed in between plunges, "And the night has just begun My slut, that cunt of yours will be much more stretched before long."

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