I guess I must have passed out for a while, but I do remember coming too for a little. Now I was naked and Charlie was wiping me down with a soft damp wash clothes. Bleary eyed I looked up at him, a little confused, seeing him smiling down at me.

"Fuck, Charlie. You're beautiful."

"Shut up, Mike and go back to sleep." He murmured, giving me a little smile.

The next thing I do remember clearly was waking up in the early hours of the morning by the clock with an equally naked Charlie sleeping next to me. I lay there for a few moment wondering why I was sleeping in Charlie's bed, instead of out in the hallway of his apartment. After that I did it was a wonder he hadn't kicked the shit out of me and dumped my pathetic ass in the street.

My next recollection was coming awake again to the most wonderful feeling in the world. Someone had my cock in their mouth, sucking me off. Lifting the sheet to look, it came as a bit of a shock to realize it was Charlie. I moaned in pleasure, and he re-doubled his efforts now he knew I was awake. It only took a few moments before I exploded into his mouth. I just lay there and enjoyed the afterglow, feeling as if I were floating on a soft white cloud. I have no idea how long I slept after that but the next thing I knew was Charlie gently shaking me awake.

"Wake up sleepy head. Here's your morning coffee, and breakfast will be ready in ten minutes."

"Oh… okay." I blinked my eyes open, seeing a steaming mug sitting on the bedside table."

"And, you need to take a shower before you eat, because you stink." I just lay there and watched Charlie's panty covered ass swish out of the bedroom and asked myself what was wrong with this picture.

"Not a fucking thing." Was the answer.

I drank my coffee as I walked into the shower, humming to myself. Showered, shaved and smelling nice again, I walked back into the bedroom looking for my clothes. They were gone and the only thing I could find was a pair of underpants lying on the bed. All the draws were full of girl's panties, and I wasn't about to wear any of them. The underpants weren't exactly girl's underwear, but then again, not really guys either. These were skin tight, white, stretchy nylon shorts.

"Hurry up lazy bones. Breakfast is ready." Charlie called from the other room. With a shrug, I stepped into them, finding a little tight for my taste, but what the hell. My best friend was tripping around in a pair of white lace panties, so I shouldn't complain too much.

Settling the waistband as I walked into the living room I caught Charlie with his back towards me, leaning over to put something on the dining room table. I could see the white lace panties under the hem of the short tan skirt and had the overwhelming desire to walk over and run my hand over Charlie's tight round butt. As I came up behind him, intending to do just that Charlie stood up and turned to face me. The white halter-top really didn't do anything to hide those lovely titties, nor the fact he wasn't wearing a bra. Pulling my eyes away, I looked him in the eyes, seeing him bite his lower lip and smile up at me. The look he gave me was so damn appealing, I wanted to kiss him right there and then.

"Still mad at me, Mickey?" I shook my head and reached up to stroke the side of his face. He jerked it away a little.


"Don't what?"

"D… Don't … unless you mean it." I gently stroked the side of his face, feeling his soft warm skin on the back of my fingers.

"I mean it, Charlie." He dropped his head and leaned against my chest.

"Damn you to hell Mike Foster. You are about to complicate my life to all hell and gone." He signed. I lifted his chin to see two bright tears running down his cheeks. The only answer I had was to kiss him. I didn't think about it, I just did it. Me, macho Mike Foster kissing his best friend on the lips. Charlie responded a moment, then pushed me away.

"We have to eat before the breakfast get cold." Suddenly all bossy and efficient.

We sat and ate, not that I remember what it was. I couldn't stop looking at him, amazed at how he'd managed to fool me when we met again. Of course, he'd gone out of his way to look as male as possible, putting his hair in a ponytail and all that, but I guess I must have been a little blind. It wasn't until we started fooling around, wrestling and tickling each other like we done as kids and ended up on the floor with me straddling his body that I discovered his secret. We'd done it a hundred time, just two guys rough housing for fun. That was until I almost lost my balance and landed with both hands on his chest. He'd hide his secret well under a thick, baggy shirt and a tight tank top, but there was no way he could really hide his secret when I had each of his breasts under my hands. Ripping the shirt open and jerking the tank top up and actually seeing them was the biggest shock of my life.

We finished eating and lingered over another cup of coffee, hardly saying a word. We just sat and looked at each other, and I suppose each of us trying to think of something to say. I know I was. I wanted him to tell me about the last twelve or so years, not as an explanation, but more to know what he'd been thinking. I knew now that everything I thought I knew about Charlie was wrong and it slowly dawned on me the sort of hell he must have gone through.

I'd always loved Charlie, in a way that one guys loves another guy, not sexual really, but there may even be an element of that in there somewhere. Some guys you just like to be around, are comfortable with. Hell, two close friends could sleep in the same bed if they had to and never think there was anything sexual in it. A lots of guys in the military had bunk buddies, especially in combat. They looked after each other better than any girl friend could. Huddles together when they were freezing, shared everything and thought nothing odd about their relationship.

In a way, Charlie and I had been like that, spending time together huddled up in a sleeping bag one cold night up on some mountain who's name I couldn't remember. Sharing everything, even the sad times when one or the other of us would break up with some hot chick we were fucking. Now I wanted to huddle up with Charlie again, and it had nothing to do with keeping warm. Charlie must have guessed my thoughts as he slowly stood up and stretched, pushing his breasts out and arching his back. I'd seen him do it a hundred time on the beach when we played volleyball trying to impress the girls, but it had never made me hard like it did now.

I stood, pushing my chair back with my legs and moved around the table towards him. His eyes flicked down to my crotch, widening slightly seeing my hard on. I might as well have been naked, as these tight shorts didn't hide a damn thing. I grabbed him, not hard or rough, just took hold of his upper arms and pulled him towards me. Charlie put his hands on my chest in a half hearted attempt to push me away, knowing I was about to kiss him

"Mickey… don't."

"Don't what?"

"Don't do it if you don't mean it." He bit his lower lip for a moment. "Last night was just for fun… for old times and no foul."

"And now?" I asked, my throat so dry it was hard to speak.

"I can't go through losing you again… not now." He shivered as I pulled him closer.

"I'm going to kiss you Charlie."

"Mickey… you… you can. You're macho Mike Foster. You don't kiss guys… you're straight… not gay…"

"Shut the fuck up and kiss me Charlie." I managed to get out before our lips met. I heard him moan, deep in his throat, mouth opening slightly as our lips came together. His body feeling as if it melted against me, molding itself to me as I ran my hands down his back.

It felt as if our lips were fused together, tongues caressing each other, intertwining, exploring, first one sucking the other tongue into his mouth, then the other, his arms wrapped around my neck in a loving embrace. Right then I didn't care that Charlie was a guy. This was my Charlie, my friend, my buddy, and he made no secret of what he wanted as he ground his hips against me, making me even harder, if that was possible.

Without a thought, I scooped him up in my arms and held him tight against my chest as I carried him into the bedroom. Charlie moaned softly, deep in his throat as his arms slipped around me, burying his face against my neck. Laying him on the rumbled bed, I gently stripped off his halter-top, skirt and panties and stood for a moment looking down at him. Charlie covered his face with his hands, blushing under my gaze.

"Turn over onto your tummy, Charlie."

Charlie peeked at me from between his finger biting his lower lips before rolling over. Taking each ankle in my hands, I gently opened his legs and knelt on the bed between them. For the first time in my life, I was going to explore every inch of his body. Not just look at him as my buddy, but examine every square inch. I started with his feet, lifting each legs one at the time. Now I saw thing I never had before, like how small his feet were. From the coral pink painted toenails to the ache of his foot. I stroked and massaged each in turn, eliciting a deep sigh from Charlie. I worked my way up his legs, wondering how I'd never noticed how well formed they were. It was no wonder they looked so great in stocking.

I took my time, kneading, massaging and kissing his calves and thighs. His bottom came in for special attention, seeing how hard I'd beaten him the night before. Thankfully, all but a slight redness remained to show what I'd done. Of course, I kissed it better, and Charlie must have forgiven me by the sounds of his soft moans of pleasure. I kneaded and kissed my way up his back, marveling at how soft and warm his skin was. I paid careful attention to his neck and that he must have liked by the way he rolled his head slowly back and forth while making little sound deep in his throat. Moving to one side I gently rolled him over, or tried to. He resisted for a moment anticipating what I was about to do.

Kneeling between his open legs again, I started with his face and lips, kissing each eyelid, each cheek, his lips. They opened at the first touch like some delicate flower, blossoming under the gentle touch of the bee. He sighed into my mouth as our tongues intertwined, tasting of coffee and cinnamon he'd had for breakfast. After our lips parted, I worked my way down to his chin and neck, then his upper chest. Now each perfectly formed breast was within inches of my mouth, the hard pink nipples waiting for my attention. I blew on each first, hearing Charlie whimper as I planted the first soft kiss on each nipple.

As I did, Charlie thrust his chest up, his hands on the back of my head pushing it down. Taking a nipple between my lips, I moved them softly back and forth for a moment, feeling Charlie tremble, and if anything, his nipples get harder. I sucked the nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, feeling Charlie's body react to the touch. That drove him wild and he let out a soft squeal of pleasure. First one, then the other, sucking and licking each, wishing I could suck his whole breast into my mouth.

By now, Charlie was panting for breath, wriggling and undulating under me, his cock pressing into my stomach. Leave those wonderful breasts I continued down his body and over his hard, flat tummy. Sitting back on my heels, I looked at his cock, really looked at it for the first time. Charlie and I had seen each other naked many time coming out of the shower, but after a casual look at his manhood, I didn't really dwell on it. Now I did, and his circumcised cock looked smaller than I remembers, about five inches at the most now. It stood straight and proud, but curiously he didn't have prominent balls. His seemed to be tucked away somehow, not hanging out like most guys. I think Charlie knew what I was going to do next, and he suddenly covered his erection with both hands.

"Mike… no…" He pleaded. With gentle force, I pulled his hands away and looked up at him.

"Shush, Charlie."

"Mike… don't… I don't want you to…" He moaned as I took his lovely cock all the way into my mouth.

I remembered all the girl's who's sucked me off, and how that felt. I didn't even stop to think that this was something I'd never done, or thought I'd ever do. I simply lowered my head a let the head of his cock slip between my wet lips. I took him all the way into my mouth, burying my nose in his lower tummy. From a long way off I heard Charlie moan out loud, his hips bucking up to try and push his cock deeper into my mouth. I sucked Charlie's cock them, remembering the way the girl's use to suck me off and I must have done something right by the way Charlie bucked off the bed. Pulling his hands way from me, he put both of the on the back of my head.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" He kept saying over and over again.

Each time he came close to climaxing, I stopped for a moment and just took his cock out of my mouth, kissing and licking it all over. Once he'd calmed down and started sucking him off again. Sadly, it couldn't last forever, as much as I wanted it to.

"Don't let me cum, Mike… fuck me.. Fuck me please." He begged in a teary voice.

Even as I continued to suck, I stripped off my underpants, at last letting go of his cock. I lifted his hips, knee walking up the bed until the head of my rock hard cock slipped between the cheeks of his butt.

"Ohhh fuck yesssss." He moaned. "Now, Mike, fuck me now."

I thrust my cock into the entrance to his boy pussy, heading him moan softly as I did. I didn't stop, watching the expression on his face change from pain to pleasure as I fucked my way inside. As if of their own accord, his beautiful long legs wrapped themselves around me, holding me where he wanted me the most, inside him. I guess I let go them and stopped thinking. My hands took hold of his beasts, kneading and squeezing them, heading him squeal and moan.

"Harder, Mike, fuck me harder." He sobbed, and I did, pounding my cock into him as hard and fast as I could. "Ohhh fuck… yesssss."

How long we fucked, I didn't know. It could have been seconds or hours, I didn't care. I was fucking my Charlie, my best friend, my beautiful best friend. I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to, and letting out a long groan, I exploded inside his wonderful tight ass. The moment I did I pulled out, hearing his moan of complaint, and then went down on his cock.

"Ohhh god nooo!" Was all I heard before he exploded into my mouth.

I sucked gently, knowing how sucking hard can hurt. It felt as if he shot a gallon of cum into my mouth before he stopped. Even as he did, he jerked his cock out of my mouth and sat up, grabbing my head and locking his lips on mine. He sucked, and to my surprise sucked the last of his cum out of my mouth. My body was still shuddering in release, my senses spinning as we collapsed side by side on the bed. Charlie wrapped his body around mine, sobbing and crying as he buried his face in my neck.
"It's okay, Charlie, cry as much as you won't."

I didn't know why he was crying, but didn't care. I was here to comfort him, dry his tears and tell him everything was going to be alright. It was my job to protest Charlie, a part of my life I didn't fully understand was missing until I saw him again.

"I love you, Mike. With all my heart."

"And I love you my Charlie." For some reason that made his cry harder, but I think I understood now. After a while, he stopped crying and just snuggled up to me as if he never wanted to let me go.

"You were wrong, Mike." He whispered in my ear.

"I was?" I asked, half asleep.

"I tried, but I could never do it with anyone else."

"Oh okay." I muttered, not sure what he was talking about.

"You are the first man I have even been with, or ever will be." I blinked my eyes open.

"Why didn't you tell me that…" Stupid me. Macho Mike had assumed he'd been with other guys. I'd beaten him and raped him on the assumption, jealous and angry that another man had dared to touch my Charlie.

"I'm sorry I beat you Charlie… I… I didn't realize." Charlie shushed my with a finger over my lips.

"Well, it's not as if it was the first time you swatted my cute butt." He giggled. Charlie didn't giggle before, probably because I wouldn't have stood for it, but now he did, and I liked the sound.

What he said was true, I had swatted his butt a few time growing up, more so when he gave me attitude about his swim training, or doing laps. But that was nothing like the beating I'd given him last night.

"I suspect that it won't be the last time you have to um… spank me, Mike." I looked over, seeing him biting his lower lips with a half expectant look on his face.

"Damn it! Who said you had a cute ass?" Charlie shrugged.

"Well, the way you were playing with it and kissing it I guess you did." He giggled again.

"Go to sleep, brat, or I will paddle your butt, cute or otherwise."

"Promise?" I just groaned softly and closed my eyes again. I suddenly realized that this new Charlie was going to be even more of a handful than the old Charlie. I guess we slept for a couple of hours when I got woken up by a sharp pokey finger in my ribs.

"What?" I grumbled, trying to push the finger away. Charlie knew I hated him doing that.

"Time to get up sleepy head, take a shower and get ready, Mike."

"Get ready? For what."

"The party we are going to."

"Party… what party?"

"Oh, just a party with some friends of mine." He answered off-handedly, as he got out of bed. I watched him swish across the room towards the bathroom, and I had to admit, he did have a cute butt.

Just as the sun was setting, we arrived at the club where the party was taking place. Me dressed in those tight nylon shorts again, lightweight tan slacks, and a partly open white silk shirt, all courtesy of Charlie. He was dressed to kill in a silver dress, or more accurately half undressed I should say. The top fitted his body like a glove, a thin glove at that, up over his breast, around his throat and came together behind his neck. There was no back to the damn thing almost all the way down to the crack of his butt. The hem of the dress stopped about mid thigh, emphasizing his long, tan legs. The strappy black high heels tightening and sculpting his swimmers legs. I knew he was wearing panties, not that you could tell in that dress, as I saw him put them on. With a little help from me of course. Me wanting to get them off, he wanting to get them on. He won… this time.

Charlie introduced me around, and it didn't take me long to realized that probably half the people here were transgender people of one sort or the other. None looked as stunningly beautiful as my Charlie, but then again, I'm biased. One guy asked Charlie for a dance, but he looked at me first, and the guy then asked my permission. I smiled and nodded. I knew who Charlie was going home to bed with after the dance. Several 'girl's came over to chat, or say Hi, and I nodded and smiled. I half wondered why I didn't feel out of place here, whereas before… well, I guess you'd say I wouldn't have been found dead at a party like this. Charlie came back with two dinks and we toasted each other with our eyes.

"Hi Charlie." A tall blond hair beauty glided up to us, she and Charlie kissing.

"Hi, Crystal. This I Mike." We shook, and she held my hand just a little longer than necessary.

"So, you're the famous Mike Foster, Charlie is always talking about."

"I guess so." I shot a look at him, but Charlie just smiled sweetly and looked back with an innocent expression on his face. Crystal ran a finger down my chest through the open shirt, twirling the chest hair.

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