Charlie Ch. 2

byTony King©

Charlie couldn’t believe his luck; he had Heather, his son’s wife just where he wanted her. It was two days ago, Friday, when he’d confronted her with the video evidence of her adultery before fucking her brains out in the lounge. Unfortunately, much to Heather’s delight, after one blow job and a long vigorous fuck Charlie found he couldn’t get it up again. Then it was Saturday and David was home for the weekend. Still, it didn’t stop Charlie enjoying himself, whenever he got the chance he took great delight in touching Heather up, it made it even better knowing that David was sat in the next room and on one occasion was only a few feet away as Charlie slid his hand up Heathers skirt and played with her shaven pussy.

He’d already removed her panties and fingered her to orgasm when he’d cornered her coming out of the bathroom earlier on. “Charlie, no, what if David hears us, what if he sees me with no panties on?” She asked him, trembling with pleasure as he rubbed her clit. “You’ll just have to tell him you were a hot little bitch so you took them off,” he replied, stuffing the lacy black material into his pocket. Now, just a few hours later and they were sitting at the dinner table, Charlie and Heather along one side with David at the head of the table reading a newspaper. Using the tablecloth as cover, Charlie forced Heathers legs apart, before running his hand up her bare thigh and onto her nicely shaven mound. She was still wet from his earlier fingering so he easily slipped a couple of fingers into her hole and started to slowly move them in and out. Heather was doing her best to look normal as she picked at the casserole in front of her.

Enjoying his new found power, Charlie moved his attention to her sensitive clitty again and within seconds had her squirming in the chair. “Anything interesting?” he suddenly asked David just as Heather started her orgasm. David looked over the top of the paper to see his beloved wife a bright shade of red, trembling from head to foot. “My God, are you all right?” he said throwing the paper to one side and leaning towards the stricken Heather. Charlie quickly removed his hand and started to pat her on the back. “Must have got something stuck in her,” he said, indicating the food poised on her fork. She stared daggers at him as he passed her some water. “There you go, drink this, this’ll cool; I mean calm you down.”

Charlie was just dying to fuck the slut again but the weekend seemed to last forever. Still, he used the time wisely and Friday night while the others slept he was on the internet ordering a months supply of Viagra. “This’ll shock the little bitch,” he chuckled to himself. He thought about his son David and how he would react if he ever found out, but then a little voice reminded him that this was the little shit who had schemed to put him in an old peoples home. Charlie slept soundly.

Heather couldn’t afford for David to find out about her little indiscretions and had resigned herself to the fact that Charlie could do anything he liked to her provided he kept quiet. Lets face it she thought, I’ve already had most the men in the village, its just another cock. She kept reminding herself that David was all set to inherited his Dad’s wealth and that meant a real cushy life for Heather. So, she reasoned, if the old man wanted to fuck her now and again, who cared, besides, one fuck and he was all fucked out. As the thought struck her she smiled to herself, she would play him at his own game; she’d fuck him to death.

Monday morning and as usual all three sat down to breakfast, David in his suit and Heather and Charlie in dressing gowns. A couple of packages arrived for Charlie just before David left for work so he retired to his room to open them in private. It wasn’t long before the front door slammed and he heard the familiar sound of David’s car leaving the drive. Surprisingly, a few minutes later and Heather entered his room. She stood in the open doorway completely naked. “I suppose you’ve been waiting for this all weekend,” she said pouting, seductively walking towards the bed with a hand rubbing her pussy. Charlie admired her slim figure and big tits, his cock stirring at the sight before him. “Well? You going to fuck me or what?” she purred. Charlie threw a package at her. “Go take a nice bath, shave your cunt and then put those on.” Heather looked in the bag. Black stockings with matching suspenders, transparent panties and a bra with only half a cup. “Oh, and put some high heels and makeup on, I want you to look really slutty.”

As Heather retired to the bathroom, Charlie re-read the instructions on the Viagra bottle. ‘For maximum effect, take one 100mg tablet one hour before intercourse. DO NOT EXCEED STATED DOSE!’ Fuck! Charlie had already taken two. Oh well. He checked his watch, half hour to go. He could hear Heather splashing about as she got out of the bath and as he lay on the bed the thought of her voluptuous body and what he was going to do with her had his old cock stirring.

“Fucking hell,” Charlie said aloud, it wasn’t simply stirring, his cock was growing faster than he’d seen in a long time. He could feel his heart racing and started to feel light headed, his skin became hot and clammy, but still his cock continued to swell. It was now reaching mammoth proportions and felt like a pole of steel in his hands. The circumcised head was a deep purple colour and twice it’s normal size. “Christ all fucking mighty,” Heather said as she stood in the doorway staring at Charlie’s massive erection. She looked stunning. The bra left her nipples exposed and made her tits stand out proud. The black stockings and suspenders framed her smooth sexy cunt perfectly and the high heels made her look ten feet tall. As if mesmerised she walked toward the bed, crawled up between Charlie’s open legs and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

The feeling was out of this world. Her lips felt cool over his engorged glands and the feel of her tongue running round the sensitive rim had him shooting his load almost immediately. Spurt after spurt shot out of his cock filling her mouth and running back down his shaft. She sucked for all she was worth and swallowed a good deal of it but to her amazement Charlie’s cock remained rock hard. “Charlie, what on earth have you been taking?” Heather said licking the cum from round her mouth. “Never you mind, just get on your back and spread those fucking legs ………. Wide!” He couldn’t believe how hard his cock was or how much he’d just cum. It was like being 21 all over again.

He licked up the insides of Heather’s stocking covered thighs, past the soft silky material and onto the fleshy bit just before her cunt. She was already wet by the time he poked his tongue into her and she shuddered when he finally removed her panties, peeled her lips open and licked her exposed clit, making her explode into orgasm. “So, you think I’m ready for the old folks home huh?” Charlie said climbing between her legs and placing the tip of his cock against her hole. “Well I’ll fucking show you missy.”

Staying up on his arms so he could look down at her pretty face, he rammed forward with all his might, pinning her to the bed and forcing the air out of her as his cock buried itself deep in her womb. Her beautiful blue eyes flew wide open in surprise and her cheeks flushed a deep red. Before she could regain her breath he did it again, pulling almost completely out before slamming forward, making her big tits wobble like two giant jellies. Oh yes, he was going to show this bitch a thing or two. He continued the assault for what seemed like ages until he felt the familiar tingling build up in his balls. Heather just couldn’t understand it, his old cock was reaching places her husband never could and despite herself she was starting to enjoy it. She was panting hard trying to keep up as with one more almighty thrust he buried his cock deep inside her as it unloaded spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum. Exhausted, but extremely pleased with himself he collapsed on top of her. Amazingly, his cock remained hard.

This put Charlie in a bit of a dilemma. He was too tired to fuck her again but his cock was still rock hard and buried balls deep up her cunt. Only one thing for it Charlie thought and without pulling out he rolled them over so that Heather was on top. “OK slut, your turn.” She sat up, her big tits dangling in front of his face and her lovely smooth cunt clamping down on his hard cock. “You’re joking,” she said, squeezing her cunt muscles as though to confirm the fact that he was still up her. “Just get fucking bitch, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Heather started to ride Charlie’s cock while his gnarled old hands grasped her tits and nipples. Something was wrong here, how could this 60 year old man keep going, let alone stay hard. Charlie could see the look on her face and took great delight in pulling on her nipples making her ride faster. “C’mon you little slut, surely your not going to let an old man like me tire you out are you?"

"Right you old git,” Heather replied, staring down at his weather beaten old face, “if that’s your game then lets see who can last the longest.” Re-doubling her efforts she rode him like a mad thing and even made herself cum several times. Charlie just lay there smiling, his cock as hard as ever. Her nipples started to get sore with him pulling and tweaking on them and after an hour or so she was starting to dry up. But Charlie, his old cock was still there.

“Better use some baby oil, don’t want you getting too dry do we,” he said sarcastically, passing her the bottle from beside the bed. Heather coated her sore cunt in the soothing liquid and continued to ride his cock, albeit more slowly now. But Charlie was getting bored. Sure his cock remained hard but by now it felt like he was fucking a tunnel, all sensation had gone. “OK, on yer knees,” he said pushing her off. Heather was relieved to be changing position but had she realised what Charlie was up to she would have run a mile. “Time to change holes,” he said squirting a generous portion of oil into and around her puckered arse hole. “No way,” she screamed trying to pull forward, but it was too late. Holding her tightly round the waist Charlie pressed forward, his large cock head finding it’s way into her virgin hole.

Heather was screaming at him to stop and crying hard as inch by painful inch Charlie pressed forward. “Need a home do I?” He said ramming the last few inches up her, “I’ll fucking show you what I need you cheap little fuck slut.” Charlie had found that the combination of fucking her tight arse and calling her derogatory names was beginning to turn him on again, the feeling was coming back. There was nothing he couldn’t do to this slut and suddenly an immense feeling of power overwhelmed him. He reached under her and started to rub her clit as he slowly fucked her arse. Heather had stopped crying and was just kneeling there letting him do want ever he wanted. “Looks like you enjoy a bit of the old back door entry after all,” he said speeding up slightly while continuing to torture her clitty. “Maybe I’ll get some of the lads up here next time and we’ll all take turns on you huh, like that would you?” Heather remained silent. “I asked you a question slut, would you like to try two or three pricks at the same time. Perhaps one in your slutty little mouth while another one fucks your arse or cunt, would you like that?” As if to emphasis the point, Charlie held his prick buried right up her arse and pinched her clit real hard. “Owww, yes, yes OK, yes I’d like that.” Heather was getting the point. Charlie started to pound her arse. “Tell you what, I’ll get old donkey John and Pete the meat, you’ll like them. “What?” was all she could say. “Biggest cocks in the navy, what do’ya think, want to try them?” Charlie was ready to cum again and the thought of Heather with all three holes full of cock sent him over the edge. “Oh yes,” screamed Heather as she felt Charlie filling her arse with hot spunk

Charlie’s cock was red raw but still standing proud as he pulled out of Heathers battered arse. As he wiped his cock on her panties and made a mental note to pop down the Legion to see his mates.

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