tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Angel Juice

Charlie's Angels: Angel Juice


(Charlie's POV)

I sank into my leather desk chair, admiring the framed picture of my angels sitting on my desk. They were at the beach that day, dressed in bikinis and hair tossled in the wind. My cock twitched just looking at the picture. It was a funny thing, I had sex practically every day and night and whenever I wanted, but just the thought of my angels gets me hard quicker than anything. I can get any girls I want, but whenever they're sucking or fucking me, my beauties are the ones who I imagine myself being inside. When I use my tongue to bring a lady to a powerful climax, I can only imagine the juices on my tongue are Sabrina's, the skin I stroke is Kris's, the lips I kiss are Jill's, the moans I hear are Kelly's... I'd heard them, too. It wasn't at all uncommon to get a late-night phonecall from one of my horny angels. I would talk to her, our voices low, listening to her heavy breathing and moans across the line, adding my own. We would pleasure ourselves together, pretending we were eachother's hands. Even after we moaned together in release and said our goodnights, they would stay in my mind until I slept, and while I slept...

The clock chimed, startling me out of my thoughts. I picked up the phone and dialed my office.

I heard the click of the reciever being picked up. "Hi Charlie," Jill's voice greeted me. She punched the speaker on and hung up.

"Good morning Angels" my voice rang through the office.

"Uh Charlie, Boz isn't here yet," Kris informed me.

"I told him to sleep in this morning, angels. I'd like to talk to you three myself."

"Right, let's get on the case. Who's our client today Charlie?"

"It's not exactly a case, Sabrina. Although, you could say the client is me."

"Are you in some kind of trouble Charlie?"

"No Jill," I chuckled. "It's a simple matter of my curiosity, and this being a slow week, I wondered if we might try something."

"Try what?" Kelly asked.

"You all know that each of you mean a great deal to me," I said. "I would like very much to spend some quality time with you."

"You mean you're finally going to let us see you?" Jill practically shrieked.

"Not quite," I said. "I know how much you hate not being able to see what I look like angels, and it's hard for me to keep it that way, but I'd like to make up for that. You see, sight is not the most important of the five senses. I would like to get to know you - and you get to know me - by the other four. We already know eachother by the sound of our voices. That leaves three."

"We're going to smell you?"

"Touch you."

"Taste you..." All three sat in silence for a moment, comprehending my request.

"Charlie you devil, are you saying what we think you're saying?" Sabrina asked.

"Yes, angel. You will all have to be blindfolded, and you will all have to promise not to look."

"That's a bargain I can't refuse," Kelly said. "I promise, Charlie."

"Me too" Jill added quickly.

"Me three."

"Me four. But you still get to see us." Kelly blurted out, in thought.

"That's the other part of my suggestion, angel." I explained. "I thought that I could be blindfolded as well, just to be fair."

"Maybe you'll recognize me even blindfolded, Charlie," Jill said. "You've been in me before."

"No way was that you," Kelly interrupted her. "I know it was me."

"It could have been any of us," Sabrina settled them. "Right Charlie?"

"Right Sabrina." Nobody was forgetting that I had visited the massage parlor that day. I had been sucked dry by one of my angels and it was fantastic, even I didn't know which one I'd gotten. "Actually, I intend to recognize all three of you - by taste."

"How can you do that?" she asked.

"I'll need your help. You'll have to give me a taste of each of you beforehand." The girls were quiet again, puzzled. "Whichever of you is by the desk, look in the bottom drawer and there is a small box inside. Take it out and open it up."

I could hear one of them sliding open the drawer and setting the box on the desk. She would open it to reveal four clear glass vials, each plugged with a cork. I had labeled all four, each with one of my angel's names on it. There was a ringing in my ears as I thought about it. My semi-hard cock was poking out of my untied robe, drooping against my thigh and oozing from the tip.

"Are you serious Charlie? In those?" Sabrina asked, putting my plan together in her head.

"You got it, angel."

"Do -"

"Yes, you'll get one from me as well," I interrupted Jill.

"When, Charlie?" Kris asked.

"Now, if you like. Bosley will bring them to me and I'll learn them tonight. Tomorrow, we will have a taste test. Bosley will pick you up in the afternoon."

Another pause greeted me. I played with the fifth vial in my fingers. The one for me.

"Well let's get to work everybody!" Kelly said. I heard the clinking of the glass vials.

"Have fun, Angels." I hung up.

Closing my eyes, I reached down and began to stroke my cock. It didn't take long to grow to its full 8 inches as I imagined my hand was Jill's. I felt the drop of warm goo drip down over my knuckles as I pumped my iron rod in my hand. I was going to fill up that vial, knowing they all would drink it down, fighting over the last drop. I imagined Kelly's tongue in my ass, perhaps Sabrina's tongue on my swollen balls. My eyes opened and drifted to the picture of them on my desk. I brought it into my lap, looking at them and my throbbing cock at once. I'd coated the glass on that picture with probably a thousand thick ropes of cum. Not this time though. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, I was going to come. I grunted as I kept pounding my meat. My balls drew up closer to my body. Quickly I grabbed my vial and cupped it over the tip of my cock. Instantly I burst, collecting my streams of thick sperm inside. I could feel my burning hot cum through the glass. I squeezed several more times, emptying my balls into the vial and filling it almost all the way up to the rim. Heart racing, I slouched in my chair and wriggled the cork into the vial. I held it up against the light, admiring my specimen. The volume wasn't impressive, I could do much better, but after all, this was just a taste.


Back in the office, as soon as the phone had clicked, clothes were stripped off and thrown in every direction. Jill was leaning sideways in one of the chairs in front of the desk, her legs splayed open. Kelly sat between them, holding Jill's vial over her already leaking pussy. She tried to scoop her juices up into the rim of the vial. Her finger stroked Jill's clit, watching her pink hole drip slowly into the container as she grew wetter.

Kris had layed down on the sofa, spreading her legs wide. Her fingers rubbed her clit lightly. She found that she was already a little wet from the excitement of the phonecall.

Sabrina knew she would have to help Kris collect her fluids, but how would she make sure not to waste her own before it was her turn? She always got her wettest during foreplay. Always efficient, she picked up her namesake and inserted the open end of it into herself. She got onto the couch between Kris's legs, and Kris handed her the vial. Her lips sealed around her stiff clit, sucking warmly. She held the rim of the vial over Kris's hole, collecting the frequent drips. Sabrina's tongue massaged her until she screamed out in release, pouring a final surge of warm liquid into the vial. When they switched, a generous amount of Sabrina's juice had drained into the vial protruding from between her legs. Kris's lips aided in filling it higher.

Jill came soon after, the liquid sum of her arousal captured and sealed. Kelly was the showoff of the group. Of course her juice trickled into the vial just like theirs, but her secret weapon would put her over the top. She fingered herself to a violent climax, rubbing her G-spot until she squirted. Jill sat ready with her vial, but catching her fluid in it was no easy task. It splashed in every direction, filling the vial up to the top and spilling over. As she panted, Jill corked it and licked the juice off the outside of the glass clean.

They all sat together, observing their output. Kelly improvised and pushed the rounded end of her vial, full of her hot juice, up into Sabrina's pussy and fucked her with it. Kris and Jill added to their vials as they watched.


I had Bosley ready to trade our precious cargo as soon as they were finished. I had set the evening aside for the sole purpose of tasting my angels. Sitting on the rug before my fireplace, I opened the box like a treasure chest, and indeed it was. Inside were treasures invaluable to me; the essence of each of my angels. Bosley had been quick with his delivery, and the vials were still warm and fresh. I placed the box near the fire to keep them that way.

Reaching in, I pulled out one vial and read the label - "Sabrina" .

I held it up, examining it closely. It was about halfway filled with a watery, whitish-clear fluid. My fingers gripped the cork and pulled it out with a quiet pop. Holding it up to my face, I inhaled the scent. My cock lurched. I tilted the vial, extending my tongue and letting a little of it pour out. I swirled her juices in my mouth, evaluating her taste like a fine wine. She was not sweet, but had rather a musky, tangy flavor. It was delicious. I emptied the vial into my mouth, thinking of Sabrina and burning her taste into my memory. My flesh tightened.

I'd tasted my first angel. Setting the vial aside, I took a sip of water to cleanse my palate, and swished a bit. I pulled out another. "Kelly".

This one was completely full and I splashed myself with a couple small drops of it as I removed the cork. The fluid inside was completely clear, and I almost thought she had given me a tube of water until I tasted it. It was very watery, tasted a little like tears, except it was a bit sweet. I realized there was so much in this one because Kelly was a squirter. I'd only been with a couple squirters in my time, and it was truly an experience. The thought of it made my cock jump.

I picked up the third vial, half filled with a thicker, solid white fluid. "Jill". I uncorked, inhaled, and tasted. I felt her flavor flow through my mouth, through my mind, it entered my blood and turned my cock to iron. My own fluid dripped onto my thigh as I memorized the taste of my third angel. I smacked the warm juice on my lips, feeling its slippery texture. I took a drink of water to wash it down.

This exercise was proving the ultimate in self-restraint - my cock throbbed, demanding to be milked of its creamy contents, but I would not touch it. I had to save up my strength and my seed for the girls. My balls ached, feeling full and ripe even though I had already come once today. That was my power. I don't have some crazy foot long cock; my size is only slightly above average and nothing much to boast about. But it's what's inside that counts. I come long, hard, and often. Sometimes I feel that my body's first priority is keeping my balls full of seed, no matter how many times I come there is always some left. If I don't relieve them a few times a day the pressure becomes painful. I'm a busy man, so I hire in assistants to take care of it for me most of the time. That way I can multitask. Often while I do paperwork or make my phonecalls, I will have an assistant under my desk, alleviating my tension. When I call my angels I pretend the mouth on me is one of theirs, which would usually mean I needed a swift fuck afterwards. Again I realized I was glassy-eyed frozen in thought, and continued.

I knew the last vial belonged to Kris before I picked it up. The juice was milky white, not quite solid though, it glowed through as I held it up to the light. The smell was almost the same as Jill's. If I hadn't known better I might have thought they were the same. Spilling a drop onto my tongue, I concentrated hard on tasting her essence, thinking it would be difficult to distinguish from her sister's. However, I found that while they indeed had a similar flavor, Kris's pussy juice was sweet as sugar. It was quite a pleasant surprise. I drank the rest of it down greedily, justifying that her flavor was unforgettable.

I tried to slip my tongue into the vials to lick them clean, but the openings were too small. I could only manage to get a drop or two from each, savoring each of their tastes and aromas. This was much easier than I thought, as the essence of each of my angels was unique and delicious. I wished I had a hundred more of these vials, right now and all the time. I'd drink them down, maybe pour a couple all over my cock so I could pump it in my hand, gliding on the slick, warm lubrication of angel juice... I felt about to unload without even touching myself.

Trying to shake myself away from these thoughts, I placed everything back in its box and got up onto my feet. As I walked along, my cock was so hard it actually hurt. I didn't even try to close my robe around it, and decided to cool off before bed. I stood still in the shower for a long time, letting icy water pour down over my balls until they shrank up and my cock went limp in defeat. Trying not to encourage myself, I ended my day in the least erotic way possible and read up on my stocks before going to sleep.


The angels all went home to their own houses for the first time in a long time, and, perhaps for the first time ever, none of them pleasured themselves at all. None wanted to waste their energy, as they all wanted to be the one that outlast the others and fuck Charlie's brains out. In spite of their efforts otherwise, all 4 were soaked all night and could have topped off their vials if they still had them. Sabrina had a dream so filthy that she swore she must have had a dozen orgasms. It took Jill hours to fall asleep and Kris didn't at all. Kelly woke from an uneventful slumber and found a large spot in the middle of her sheets drenched.


I too woke up with a tree trunk of a hardon the next morning. Another cold shower was necessary to subdue it, but as the time for my angels to arrive neared, it began to inflate slowly in anticipation.

As promised, Bosley arrived at my door that afternoon with the angels in tow. The instant I opened up, the angels pushed forward and swarmed around me, grabbing me and feeling me. Their hands were in my hair and on my face, trying to feel out what I looked like. He had blindfolded them, as I had requested, so that they would not find out where I lived as he'd driven them. Though all five of us were in favor of including him in our festivities, he excused himself politely. I knew that although he'd had occasional sexual attention from the angels, it made him uncomfortable because he thought of himself as kind of an uncle. Frankly I admired his willpower, and told him to enjoy his day off.

Then the angels and I were left alone. I was surprised they had been so quiet.

"You look beautiful, Angels." They really were, all four of them. I could just look at them endlessly, not even in a sexual context. Although I could do that too. They had obviously all gotten dressed up for me, wearing nice skirts and dresses. I could smell each one's perfume.

"Charlie, you're so tall!"

"And strong." Their hands ran over my chest and arms, bumping into eachother blindly. I was wearing only a robe, so before they found my cock and came up with more adjectives, I detached myself from them.

"Angels, let's have some wine," I offered.

"Charlie," Sabrina stopped me. "We're thirsty but not for wine. Don't make us wait any longer."

I considered her request only briefly before deciding she was right. There was little blood left in my brain anyway.

"Alright. Let's go straight to my room then. Come with me." They groped for my hands and I led them upstairs to my master bedroom. I eased them right up to the edge of my bed, letting them feel it behind them so that they could sit down. Automatically they all started to strip out of their clothes. Jill reached for the opposite edge of the bed, and not feeling it, she climbed up onto it and crawled until she found it.

"Jeez Charlie, I think your bed is bigger than my whole house!"

She wasn't far from the truth. I learned years ago that King size wasn't large enough to support my habits.

Sabrina and Kris were still clinging to me, stroking my face and running their fingers through my hair. "Charlie," Kris said, "are we going to have to fight over you?"

"No angel. I have at least four servings in me. In fact, if one of them isn't served soon I might hurt myself." My balls felt full of lead. I was several ejaculations overdue and I felt every extra sperm inside me.

"Let us take care of it for you Charlie," Kris said. She immediately dropped to her knees before me, and the other three rushed down to join her. Finding my already rigid cock through the fabric of my loose robe was no difficult task, and before my heart could pound one more time Sabrina's fingers were wrapped around it. She stroked my shaft briefly, and then sucked my shaft into her mouth in one clean movement. Kris's and Sabrina's lips dueled for turns sucking my throbbing meat.

"Oh my gosh.. your balls are huge!" Kelly's hand massaged my bulging sack. "Jill, feel his balls!" I was sure that they could tell I was about to burst just from feeling them. I let out a groan as Kelly replaced her fingers with her tongue. I shifted my weight, spreading my legs farther apart so she could fit between them. Jill, rather than fighting over my cock, came up from behind and I felt both of her hands spreading my cheeks. I groaned as she began to rim my asshole with her tongue. This group attack was rapidly pushing me towards a life-threatening orgasm. Kris's warm, wet mouth felt like heaven, not just because I needed to come badly, but because she was proving to be a great cocksucker. When my shaft glided down her throat for maybe only the tenth time, I was already there. The muscles in my thighs locked up and began to tremble as my boiling cum erupted into her mouth. My hands gripped her head, holding on for dear life. I felt like I was firing bullets out of my cock. Kris's mouth never left my flesh and she gulped down my huge load just as fast as I fed it to her, never spilling a drop. I sighed with release, and my balls no longer ached so urgently. Sabrina's tongue was circling my cockhead while she jacked me, licking off the final drips of cum. My four beauties had pleasured me as a team and done a damn good job.

Looking down I could see that Kris with the most eager look on her face, or at least the part of her face that was visible, as she was comprehending the force of the ejaculation she had just swallowed. If she could see my face she would probably find a similar expression.

"Thank you, angels," I said, my voice crackling a little. "Now it's time for my blind taste test." Would one of you please help me tie this blindfold on?" Sabrina stepped up, holding her hands out, and I placed the strip of cloth into them. She slipped it over my eyes and tied a knot carefully around the back of my head. Then I heard rustling as they crawled past eachother over my bed. I imagined them all lining up in a row and spreading for me, pointing their legs up at the ceiling.

I stepped closer, reaching out my hand until I felt the edge of the mattress, and then someone's ankle. Slowly I ran my fingers up her leg until I was brushing in between her smooth thighs. I felt around and discovered that she was shaved bare, and that her entire crotch was already slick with warm, sticky fluid. Clearly I was not the only one who was REALLY looking forward to this. My finger slipped between her wet lips and sank into her hot pussy up to the knuckle. While I fingered her I lowering my head and extended my tongue. It touched right on her clit and I heard a stifled gasp as I began to rub my tongue over it. I licked up her juices, running the taste through my mind. It was delicious, rich and thick in my mouth. Almost instantly I recognized it as Jill's flavor, and I said so.

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