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Charlie's Angels: Dreamland Angel


Sabrina made her way through her living room, turning out the lights. She was on her way to bed, yawning all the while and looking forward to a good rest. When she was about to switch off the kitchen light, she saw her stuff on the table. She always tossed the day's things- keys, purse, papers - on the kitchen table when she came home. Next to her purse was a little gray envelope.

Kris had given that to her after work earlier that day. She hadn't said what was in it, except that she wanted Sabrina to read it. It had completely slipped her mind until right now. She shuffled over, picked it up, and shuffled back out, turning off the light behind her.

The mattress squeaked when she plopped down. It felt good to be off her feet. She curled up under the sheets, getting comfortable, and then took a look at the envelope. It was unsealed, but the top was folded into the bottom to keep its contents from falling out. Sabrina stuck a thumb inside and opened it up.

Inside were several small pieces of paper, with Kris's writing on them. There was a date and writing, a date and writing. One edge of each piece of paper was rough. They must have been torn right out of her diary, Sabrina deduced. She skipped to the end, looking at the last date included in the pages. It was today's date.

She began to read from the beginning.

"March 29

Today Sabrina bet me that she can go longer without having an orgasm than I can. It'll be hard but I have to beat her- whoever breaks first has to buy drinks for a month. So, no orgasms for me starting tonight. I bet she won't last a week."

Sabrina snorted. "Not a week, huh? It's been more than a month. Shows what you know," she thought. The bet was still on, and she was proud not to have cheated. She read on:

"April 2

Kelly isn't involved in our bet and now she is having a ball teasing us. I think I should stay out of her house for a while because I really want to win.

April 4

Right in the middle of talking to Charlie today, Kelly started making out with me. I knew she was just trying to get me horny, but it still kind of worked. I'll get her back when this is over!

Sabrina was teasing me too, but not too much because she's being careful not to get worked up. I think she realized that teasing me will just backfire on her so she stopped. Ha!

April 5

I'm not sleeping very well. I never really realized how much I need my bedtime release, even just fingering myself a little. Now I just lay there awake. This is hard!

April 10

Still not sleeping right. I've been pretty high strung this week and I think Sabrina is too. I've been snapping at Kelly and Bosley for no reason. At least they know what's going on, but I still feel bad. An extra drink now and then helps a little."

Sabrina identified with these entries. She, too, had been on a short fuse and drinking more than usual. Sometimes there was little else to do.

"April 14

I had the craziest dream last night. I was in my room, trying to fall asleep. I was having a hard time because I was really horny, so I was just trying not to think about anything, especially sex. So I fell asleep for a minute, and then I heard Jill whispering my name. I was kind of angry because I just finally got to sleep, and now she was waking me up. There was a full moon shining really brightly through my bedroom window, so I could see her face clearly and she looked a little upset.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"I don't know," she said. Her voice sounded kind of distressed and she had both of her hands covering her chest, right over her boobs. She saw me looking and explained, "They hurt."

"Maybe it's almost that time," I said. "Sometimes they get really tender."

"They are, but it can't just be that," she said.

"Why not?"

"They're bigger," she whispered.

"Well, they always get a little bigger right before. That's normal." I thought it was kind of weird that she was worried about it, especially since she'd been through this more times than I had. In fact, she was probably the one that told me that in the first place.

"No, you don't understand. They're a lot bigger," she said. "Look." She opened up her nightshirt carefully and I saw what she meant. They really were a LOT bigger. They hung down low and heavy like I'd never seen them do before.

"Wow," I said. "I see what you mean."

"Yeah. I can't sleep, I can't do anything. They feel like they're full of lead. What am I going to do?" she looked like she was about to cry.

I felt sorry for her, but I was still kind of captivated. They were just huge. I reached out to feel them, and she shrank back a little.

"They're really sensitive," she warned me, like I was going to hurt her.

"I'll be gentle," I reassured her. She seemed satisfied. I reached out again, very gingerly running my fingers over her breasts. The skin felt extra smooth, like it was stretched really tightly. It must have been, because they were so much bigger. I cupped one in my hand, surprised by how heavy it felt.

"That feels nice," Jill whispered. I was glad she enjoyed it, because I wasn't even close to being finished.

I kept stroking her breasts really lightly, making sure not to hurt her. I know how tender breasts can get sometimes, so I knew how to handle them. Still, she flinched a little when my fingers grazed her nipple. It felt even bigger than usual, puffy and soft.

"Sorry," I whispered, and started to kiss her neck. Even my fingers at their feather-lightest touch were going to hurt her nipples, so I kissed my way down to them. Not the sucking. teasing kisses that I usually use, but soft, wet little ones that barely touched. She seemed to like it a lot, and the lower down her neck I went, the more I heard her breathe my name.

When I licked the underside of her heavy breast, she moaned out loud. Her hands were in my hair as they usually were, holding my head and making sure I wouldn't stop. Like I ever want to stop.

I circled her closer nipple with slow, soft, wet licks. I guess I was doing a good job because she was moaning in pleasure and not pain. My hand stroked her other breast. I know nothing is worse than having one pleasured and one ignored.

Then I licked my lips, getting them very wet, and carefully closed them around her nipple. She cooed and kissed the top of my head. I started lapping at it with the very tip of my tongue, feeling it harden.

When I started to suck just barely, she gasped sharply and I felt her fingers grip my head tighter. I pulled back a little though, because there was this strange taste in my my mouth. Strange only because I'd never tasted it before- in actual taste, it was great.

"What's wrong?" Jill asked, because I'd stopped.

"I don't know." I leaned in again and put my lips back on her nipple. With hardly any suction, my mouth flooded with delicious, warm liquid. This was unlike any milk I've ever tasted, but what else could it be? What else could I call it?

"Jill, you're giving milk!" I said after I swallowed it.

"What?" she was very surprised.

"I guess that's why they're so tender," I said, caressing one smooth curve. "They're full of milk."

"But how?"

"I don't care," I said, easing her down onto my bed. I knew what I had to do. I held her breast with one hand, sealed my lips around its stiff nipple, and started to suckle. My mouth filled with her sweet milk and I swallowed it eagerly.

Jill was moaning my name while I nursed. I was sucking and swallowing little sips at a time, savoring the intoxicating liquid. After a while, I could feel that her breast was smaller than the other. It was shrinking as I emptied it.

I heard the squishing noise that I know so well, the same one I used to hear late at night, when we shared our bunk bed. Jill was fingering herself. Instead of letting her work, I decided to pamper her. Pushing her hand out of the way, I reached between her legs and slipped my finger inside her. She was shockingly hot and dripping wet. I had no trouble adding another finger and then a third.

"Oh Kris," she sighed. I swear, sometimes hearing Jill moan my name is as good as an orgasm. I swirled my tongue around her nipple and continued to suck until I could draw no more milk. I shifted my weight a little and began to suckle from her other breast. A fresh supply of delicious nectar squirted into my mouth from her full, swollen breast. I felt Jill's fingers tug aside the crotch of my panties, and one slipped inside me. I moaned onto her nipple, stunned for a moment as she started to finger me. It felt so good. Another one of my sister's moans jarred me back into action, pushing my fingers inside her pussy and sucking at her nipple.

I could feel her muscles start to spasm around my fingers, squeezing and relaxing. I didn't need her to tell me she was coming, but she did anyway. She held me tightly, moaning in that whispery, delicate voice that I love to hear. It was like her voice used to be when she was a little girl. You don't hear that one often- it means she's completely at your mercy. You can do anything to her, just as long as you don't stop. It makes you want to love her and protect her, like she's still that little girl. I kept fingering her deeply, rubbing her inside where I knew it felt so good.

Her moans quieted down, but she still kept whispering to me. Begging me not to stop, telling me how good I made her feel. Her fingers filled me slowly and lovingly, while she told me how much she had always loved me. It welled up inside me until I burst.

I started to hump her fingers, feeling my body writhe in smooth waves. When I reached my climax, I sucked extra hard on Jill's nipple, making her squeal. I felt so good all over that I could hardly breathe, but still I kept sucking. My lips vibrated on her nipple when I moaned, and she loved it. There wasn't really any milk left, but I love her breasts anyway. A wonderful haze washed over me, and I fell asleep with her, feeling warm and contented.

Then my alarm went off, ruining everything as usual. My sister was not in my arms, instead I was hugging a pillow. I felt stupid but more than that I felt horny. I didn't even have to feel between my legs to know I was really wet. A cold shower helped a little, but I didn't really feel better until I worked for awhile and got my mind on other things. I miss Jill."

Sabrina was wide-eyed now. The last entry was a page-turner and she was sad to see it end. Kris certainly had a good memory for dreams. Midway through this entry, Sabrina had felt that familiar tickle- the first drop of wetness spilling out of her. She'd had no problems recreating this scenario in her head. Part of her loved it, and part of her hated it, because she had the bet to win. But she couldn't stop reading now.

"April 16

I know I had a dream last night but I can't remember what it was. We are not going to Florida after all because the client cancelled. It was a good excuse to buy that new blue bathing suit, anyway.

I haven't ever kept count but this must be the longest I've ever gone without an orgasm.

April 20

I had another dream about Jill. We were in the office this time, Bosley and Kelly and Sabrina were there too, and we were all doing paperwork. Jill looked fidgety for a while and then started to cry. I knew what she needed, and I unbuttoned her blouse just enough to expose her breast. I don't know why I was keeping it private, like I didn't want the others to see. Her breasts were really swollen this time, it must have been very uncomfortable for her.

I sat on the couch next to her and suckled her dry. She was grateful that I'd relieved her pain. Then we just kept working like none of them had noticed. It was strange.

When I got to work later I couldn't stop thinking about it. I felt flushed all day and I soaked a big spot into my pants."

Sabrina's high expectations for this entry were somewhat let down. It wasn't nearly as graphic as the first dream. Perhaps the rest would be boring "that dream again" entries. She read on.

"April 22

I had another dream, Sabrina was in it this time. This has to be the weirdest and best dream I've ever had.

We were at her house, and the night progressed as usual so we were in bed together. We were having a good time, but there was nothing really unusual until she went down on me.

She had me laid out on her bed, with my legs spread apart and started to lick at my pussy. She was taking her time sucking on my pussy lips, one and then the other, until I was really crazy for it. Sabrina knows how to tease too well sometimes.

I moaned when she started licking at my clit. Fast little licks like a cat. The ones that make you try to grind on her face.

Then she licked lower, all around my pussy, almost down to my asshole but stopping. Bri likes to make me think she's going to go in my ass. She licked on the outsides of my pussy lips, then in between them, bathing them. Lapping quickly, shallowly at my vagina, never quite penetrating, just roughly licking the inner lips. Finally I grabbed her head and moaned, Fuck me!

I smiled blissfully as her tongue dipped inside my sopping pussy, squirming warmly. She licked me, tonguing my tight entrance. Then she sank deeper, rubbing against my inner walls. Of all my friends, Bri's tongue has got to be the longest.

I kept moaning while she ate me, doing a really good job, until I felt her tongue go even farther. This was definitely way deeper than her tongue had ever reached. She didn't seem to notice anything different, and instead of saying anything I just gasped. It felt so good. Better than fingers, better than a dildo, better than a cock. She was comfortably licking my g-spot. My eyes felt like they rolled up inside my head when I came.

Her tongue snaked even deeper inside me, until she was lapping at what must have been my cervix. I don't know if it's ok to go past that, but I couldn't stop her. It felt so good! I shuddered and gasped as I felt the tip of her tongue squeeze through my cervix. I could feel every one of her taste buds rubbing past it as she fed more and more of her tongue into my vagina. My whole body seized up and I came so hard I was blind for a minute. I couldn't believe that my entire body was gripping her tongue like that.

My orgasm was finished, but I was in shock because now I could feel Sabrina's tongue moving around inside my womb. I looked down between my legs to see her face. Her eyes were closed as they usually were, mouth spread wide, only this time her tongue was all the way up inside me. It was so weird! I had never felt anything like that before. I'd never had anything that far inside me, let alone a lover's tongue. I was trembling, not knowing anything could ever have felt that good. My mouth was just hanging open. She was stroking my ass and lovingly, gently licking the inside of my womb. I wailed her name and came all over her face again. She couldn't lick up my juice because her tongue was inside me, so it was drizzling all down her chin. The base of her tongue felt really thick, and the muscles at my entrance were gripping it tight. I've never felt so full.

I didn't think I could have another orgasm until she pulled her tongue out of me, licked her lips, and then sunk it back in. She started doing that quickly, literally fucking me with her tongue. It made a loud slurping noise. She'd lick me deep for a while, then just a shallow couple of inches, then finally she sank it all the way in and wiggled it. I think when I came that time I blacked out, because that's the last I remember.

When I woke up the whole crotch of my panties was soaked through. I don't think I've ever been sadder to realize what happened in a dream can't really happen. I hope I can at least have another one like that. Now I am wet again from writing this down. Time for a cold shower."

Having seen herself star in this role, Sabrina's face was flushed since the first sentence. There was a definite ache between her legs, and she could feel the warm fluids leaking readily out. This tale would have gotten her hot any day, but now that she was sexually starved, she was running like a river. Normally, she would slip a hand between her legs and rub lazily while she continued to read. Cursing the bet, she fought the urge to relieve herself. She picked up the papers and found where she'd left off:

"April 23

I thought about the tongue dream all day and night but I didn't have another one. So frustrated!!!

April 26

Finally had another dream. It was with Jill, and almost the same as the last one. She was having a hard time because her breasts were so full, so I sucked them. I was hoping to have another dream about Sabrina's tongue but this was still nice. When I woke up I could still sort of taste Jill's milk. I wish she was home again so I could suck her nipples for real. I'll ask tonight if she has any plans for flying in.

May 2

Nothing. I really haven't been very horny at work lately. At least not enough to be distracting. I am still cranky though. Sabrina is too.

I talked to Jill the other night, she says she's really busy now but can probably visit at the end of the month. Can't wait!

May 4

Wow! I had another dream last night, but it was a new one about Kelly. I was at her house, I think Sabrina had called me over there, but one way or another I had just arrived because there was something important. It was early morning.

I came into the bedroom and found them both in there. Sabrina was between Kelly's legs, and Kelly was in the middle of an orgasm. She was breathing deeply, rolling her head slowly back and forth with a big smile on her face. There was a towel on the bed underneath her butt, which was a good thing because she was squirting. I watched each squirt erupt from her hole, splash onto the towel, and soak in. After a second, more liquid would spurt from her vagina.

"She's coming," Sabrina told me. I had already figured that out.

"Let me have some," I said, moving her out of the way. I love Kelly's juice and it was all going to waste, soaking into this towel.

Kelly couldn't really talk, she just looked at me and moaned again, and released another squirt of liquid. It splashed onto my chin. I opened my mouth over her pussy, hoping to catch the last drips of her orgasm.

A powerful jet of nectar shot into my mouth, and I swallowed it. Another followed, and another. I was surprised at how long Kelly's orgasm was lasting. But I knew things were not normal after I'd been drinking from her pussy for five whole minutes. She just kept moaning and releasing more gushes of warm juice into my mouth. I was actually getting kind of full.

When I finally pulled away, I understood why Sabrina had put the towel under there. The clear liquid just kept erupting from inside her, faster than I could gulp it down. I had no idea where it was all coming from.

"How long has she been cumming?" I asked Sabrina.

"Two hours," she told me.

We had to call Charlie to say we couldn't come in, and he wasn't happy. Then we agreed that one of us could go in to work, because at least one of us had to stay with Kelly. I think we made plans to take turns, but I had the first turn.

We helped her get to her feet. She could barely walk so she leaned on Sabrina a lot. I got a drinking glass and held it between her legs while she walked, catching the sprays of hot liquid. The best idea we could come up with was to put her in the bathtub. I shrugged and drank the glass.

Then Sabrina was gone, I guess off to work. I knelt by the side of the tub, stroking Kelly's hair and holding her hand for her. It was trembling. I wondered if coming this hard was painful.

"Kelly, does it hurt?" I asked.

She tried to speak, but instead just shook her head and smiled. Lucky.

There was a faint tinkling sound as squirt after squirt splashed on the porcelain. I watched it run down the drain. All going to waste.

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