tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Lazy Saturday

Charlie's Angels: Lazy Saturday


Kris watched her sister masturbating. Since they had become lovers, they hadn't wasted much time watching each other masturbate. Kris had heard it every night for years and years, but she hadn't seen it happen more than once or twice. It was a lovely sight to wake up to.

It would have been an even lovelier sight for a third party. The girls both had thick curls of shining blonde hair, and perfect, dazzling smiles. Even though they were a few years apart, people occasionally mistook them for twins. In the dark, they could only be told apart by their breasts. Jill had bigger nipples, and Kris had bigger breasts. In the light though, they looked like two matching Barbie dolls when they stood side by side.

Jill was naked, just the way she usually slept. Her legs were parted and she was rubbing herself with her old red dildo. She would sink it into herself, slowly and lazily pull it out, and rub the wet tip on her clit. Then she would dip it inside again, getting it glazed with juices, and slide it down to her ass. After teasing her hole for a minute or two, it would go back inside.

Her free hand wasn't doing anything, except when she reached between her legs for a moment, and then brought her fingers to her mouth. Then it flopped back at her side and continued doing nothing. Her eyes stayed closed and she wore the faintest of smiles.

Kris half-slept and half-watched for a while, eventually alerting her presence with a yawn. Jill looked over at her, not stopping.


"Hey," Kris answered. She kept watching as Jill pushed the dildo into her ass, rubbing the just thick tip inside her tight hole.

Kris reached over and touched her sister's inner leg, running her hand smoothly up and over until her fingers were wet. She started to stroke Jill's pussy. Her fingers trailed lazily, like when she twisted a curl of her hair while in deep thought, not all paying attention.

Now and then, her fingers would get bumped by the dildo. Finally she grabbed it and pushed it all the way inside her sister. Jill gasped slightly as it started to move in and out of her. Her hips pushed slightly against it.

"Put it back in my ass," she directed. With a wet pop, it pulled out of her pussy and pressed up against her ass. Kris was trying to ease it in, but Jill had no such patience.

"Just put it in, Kris."

"I didn't want to hurt you," she explained, pressing harder.

"You won't hurt me, just shove it in, I need it."

Against her own feelings, Kris did as she was told and slid the whole toy firmly into Jill's ass.

"Yeahhh," she moaned loudly, folding up her legs for a better angle. "That's it, do it again."

Kris started to pump her sister's ass with every inch. Jill rubbed her clit, doubling her own pleasure.

"Harder," she kept chanting, rolling her hips involuntarily. Her face flushed and she rubbed her clit faster and faster. Kris soon got to see another one of her favorite things - her sister crying out in the pleasure of an orgasm. She wriggled closer and kissed the corner of Jill's mouth as she came.

"You're obsessed with your ass," Kris giggled.

"You would be too, if you knew how good it felt."

Kris stared thoughtfully into her eyes.

"Do you want to try it?" Jill asked.


"Great, you can start by licking mine clean," Jill replied, opening her legs. She burst out laughing at the hesitant face Kris made.

Kris smiled and wrinkled her nose. "Doesn't it...?"

"Doesn't it what?"

"You know... taste bad?"

Jill chuckled. "Not if you've heard of hygiene." She kissed her again. "That's why a great place to start is the shower."

"What about a bath? I like baths better."

"You know that if we get in a bath together, we'll never get out."

"That's true."

"Let's go."

"Hold on, do you have a... a thingy?" Kris asked, holding her hair up in a ponytail and pointing at it. "I don't want wet hair all day."

"Good idea," Jill said, searching her drawer for scrunchys. She shot one at her sister.

"Thanks," Kris said sarcastically, getting down on the floor to look for it. Jill grabbed at her ass as she walked past.


Jill giggled and went into the bathroom.

In the shower, Jill poured a little body wash into her hands and Kris's. They stood together in the steam and began to soap each other, starting innocently enough with their backs and shoulders.

Jill stood behind Kris, massaging her back with warm, soapy hands. She ran her hands down her sister's arms, washing and tickling just enough to get a shiver and a giggle. Her hands slid smoothly around Kris's waist, briefly soaping her flat stomach. Soon they migrated upward, cupping and caressing her smooth, full breasts.

"You know, whenever we shower together, only my boobs get really clean," Kris noted with a smile.

"Can you blame me," the reply came back along with a light squeeze on both.

"Not as long as you keep doing that," she sighed as Jill played with her nipples. Her fingers were leaving trails of white foam as they pinched and swirled around.

She slid one hand back down, circled Kris's belly button, and cupped her pussy. Kris moaned softly as Jill started to rub her clit in slow circles. Her other hand still played across her sensitive nipples. On top of that, Jill began to kiss her shoulder and neck.

Between all of the things going on, Kris couldn't decide where to concentrate. The warm water and soft massage on her breast felt amazing; her hips were swaying in an unconscious effort to grind on her sister's fingers; and now Jill was sucking on her earlobe. Just when Kris was beginning to get weak knees, it stopped.

"Why'd you stop?"

"All the soap rinsed off."


"Can't get clean without soap."

Kris rolled her eyes at this, which Jill didn't see. She lathered more body wash between her hands and lowered them, cupping the luscious butt in front of her.

"Did I ever tell you that you have a very sexy ass?"


"Well, I'm telling you again," Jill said, lathering it carefully.

One hand crept around front again, much to Kris's delight. Its slow pressure on her clit continued, now and then stopping in order to slide two fingers up and down the length of her slit. It was hot and slippery underneath the running streams of water. So hot and slippery that Kris hardly noticed when Jill slipped one finger inside her. The second, she did notice. When they started to stroke slowly in and out, she noticed loudly.

The hand that had been cupping and massaging Kris's smooth ass now sneaked a little father between her cheeks.

Though Kris was enjoying herself, she became a little nervous when she felt her sister's fingertips rubbing lightly at her asshole.

"Relax honey, I'm not gonna do anything here."


"Of course." Jill kissed her neck again. Her fingers stroked slowly in and out of her sister. She knew just the right pace -- just enough to keep her excited but not enough to get her off. She was back in her groove in no time.

Kris had to admit that the little teasing pressure on her asshole was exciting. She'd wanted to try this for a while, largely because she knew her sister loved it and she wanted to share the fun. So far, it felt great.

She rocked slowly from side to side, feeling her Jill's warm body pressed up against her back. Two little hard points poked into her shoulder blades. She loved Jill's nipples and she loved knowing that they were hard just because of her, all for her.

Jill slowed her fingers a little, sensing that she was near orgasm.

"Oh, come on," Kris begged.

"Where are we going?"

"Ji-ill," she groaned. That was always her sister's response, and it annoyed her every time.

Jill pulled out entirely and took to rubbing her clit with those hot, slippery fingers. She smiled deviously when Kris tried to grind against them, and she wouldn't cooperate. Instead, she poked and rubbed at her asshole. The second batch of soap had long since washed away, and both of her holes were very squeaky clean.

Kris shut the water off, and turned around in her sister's arms. She kissed her wetly, whispering onto her lips, "Make me come, Jill. Please."

"Okay." She reached around both sides of Kris, her left hand going around back to tease her asshole with one fingertip. Her right hand went down the front. Two fingers sank inside while her thumb rubbed firmly on her swollen clit. The signature move had Kris crying out and clinging to her within 10 seconds.

They stepped out of the shower next, Jill a little more calm than Kris, who was still flushed and panting. Each grabbed a towel and dried herself, leaving the wettest areas of all untouched. Jill offered her wet fingers to Kris, letting her suck off her own orgasmic fluids.

Jill led her back to the bedroom, neither bothering to wrap up in a towel. Kris loved starting sex right after a shower, though it was a shame that their fresh, clean skin was about to get all sweaty again. Another shower would be good, and would often lead to more sex. It was a vicious cycle.

They fell onto the bed together, and started making out like horny teenagers on prom night. Arms and legs wrapped tightly together, they rolled from side to side a bit. Long, wet kisses were interrupted by giggles and moans. Nipples were pinched teasingly, and skin was tickled. Both girls remembered the tickle fights they had as children, and relished the promises of the adult version. Kris tickled her sister's stomach, grinning devilishly at the desperate giggles it produced. Jill tried to wrestle away but she was trapped.

"Stop!" she squealed. "Stop it!"

"You never stopped for me!" Kris laughed, brushing her fingers lightly over her opponent's ribs. They were both laughing so hard that they lost their balance, and toppled over the edge of the bed.

On a heap on the floor, the laughs turned to chuckles, to sniffs, a relapse into chuckles, and then a pair of warm, knowing, contented smiles. Their lips came together again, slowly and lovingly this time. Jill directed her little lover up onto the bed with a dart of her eyes.

"Now for the main course," she whispered huskily, parting Kris's legs. Much to her delight, the pink pussy inside was completely glazed with juices. She dipped her head and lapped at the warm, thick fluid. Sweet as candy. Kris was on edge again by the time her pussy had been licked clean, although that meant she was soaked again in no time. She flipped onto her hands and knees at Jill's request.

Jill's tongue traveled slowly, dancing circles around Kris's asshole. She kissed all over each cheek, and licked thoroughly up and down her crack. It tickled, it felt strange, but it felt so good. Kris wasn't nervous anymore. She was looking forward to this, because she knew she was in the best hands. Her sister would take good care of her, and make sure she enjoyed it.

When that hot, strong, talented tongue placed its tip right on her puckered hole, Kris let out a quiet sigh. It started to lap slightly, barely moving, but massaging a little with just its tip. It was very relaxing, and helped her loosen up. Insistently, but very gently, Jill's tongue snaked its way through her tight ring. Kris moaned quietly, feeling it dart in and out, giving her unbelievable sensations in a place she'd never felt before. She was in a state of ecstasy that made her forget where she was and who she was; nothing else mattered as long as this wonderful feeling continued. Without realizing it, she was pushing back, wriggling her ass around, wanting more. With no one underneath to lick them up, her juices dripped down the inside of her leg.

Jill spread her sister's firm cheeks with both hands, licking her asshole a little more roughly. She sank it in as far as she could manage, tonguing her so long and so deeply, that her jaw ached.

Lost in her perfect haze, Kris had forgotten all about her aching, sopping wet pussy. When it was gently filled with probing, stroking fingers, she gasped sharply. It was like going from zero to sixty in a single second. She almost climaxed again, but unbeknownst to her, this had all been carefully planned out for years. Another release right now was not part of the plan, and Jill had excellent control... if only on the giving end.

Jill pulled her fingers back out of their hot, slippery sheath, and looked at them for a moment. This was the most delicious pussy cream in the world, and she wanted badly to lick it all up. But, there was a more important use for it right now.

She removed her tongue from her sister's anus and replaced it with her slick index finger. Kris was relaxed enough to accept it easily, and it slid in up to the knuckle. A loud exhale of pleasure sounded when she began to work it in and out.

"Oo, you have such a tight little ass," Jill commented, feeling her sister's warm body squeeze her finger snugly.

Kris could feel every little joint of Jill's finger stretching her tight hole. Now and then she would tense up, making it squeeze even tighter. That felt best of all.

"Jill, that feels so good," she moaned.

"It can get even better," she hinted, adding a little kiss to her sister's soft ass.

"Just don't stop," Kris moaned into her pillow. "Don't stop."

Jill smiled. She was getting her sister right where she wanted her. She slipped her finger out again, and started back up with her tongue. A long lick down the small of her back, between her cheeks, down her crack. When it got to her asshole, it sank right in. She ate Kris's ass vigorously, lapping up and down and moving her whole head. Her tongue attacked the sensitive hole in the middle, licking it roughly, darting quickly in and out, fucking it with her mouth.

A lot of the time, Kris didn't even know what was going on. Whatever was happening down there, it felt great. The loud slurps she heard were getting her a lot hotter. She knew for sure when her wet ass was filled with a finger, and then another one.

After only a few dips inside, it stopped. Kris let out a questioning grunt, and looked over her shoulder. Jill was just sitting there, admiring her ass.

"Why'd you stop?"

"I didn't know if you were ready to go to the next step," she explained, trying to sound innocent. She almost examined her fingernails as she said this, but decided that would be laying it on a little heavy.

"I am ready."

"I don't know, you're still pretty tight," she added, probing lightly with her fingertip.

"No, I can take it, please, go on."

"Ok, what do you want me to do?"

"Jill, I know what you're trying to do," Kris said, starting to get impatient. She was so close.

Jill did want to hear her beg for it, but she also wanted to make absolutely sure her little sister was ready. Who would beg for something they didn't really want?

Kris said what she knew she was supposed to say: "Fuck my ass."

"What was that?"

"Please fuck my ass, Jill, I'm gonna go crazy if you don't fuck me," she blurted out. The shallow, feather light penetration was too much torture to bear.

"Anything you say, sis," she giggled victoriously, and leaned over to open the drawer in the nightstand to get what she needed.

Kris was flooded with relief when she felt Jill's hot, slithering tongue in her ass again. "Yess," she whispered. Rimming was her new favorite thing, but she was about to get another favorite.

She moaned deeply when she felt a hard, wet shaft nudge apart her pussy lips and push inside. Jill eased it in and out, reading Kris closely for reactions. She wanted to get Kris right next to another orgasm. When she started panting and arching her back, Jill slipped back out with a wet pop.

Both Kris and the dildo were literally dripping wet already, but Jill wasn't going to take any chances. She didn't want to hurt her sister one little bit, so she got some lube and squeezed out a generous amount of the clear fluid. It drizzled onto the head of her dildo and dripped slowly down the shaft. She closed it the tube and tossed it aside.

Jill placed the slippery head right over her sister's asshole, starting to ease it inside. With a quick wiggle of her hips, Kris sank a few inches onto the stiff rod. She let out a mixture of a moan and a surprised gasp; it felt great, but it wasn't as easy as she had expected.

"My, we are horny today," Jill remarked, taking hold of her hips.

"Give it to me," Kris encouraged. The little red dildo felt way thicker than ever before, as it inched its way into her ass. She moaned in disbelief when Jill started a pace, pulling out and sinking in again. It slid in a little father each time, thrusting with precision until her tight little ass was completely packed.

"Jill yess," she moaned. "Harder." She felt so full and stretched. It felt like she was getting stuffed with a telephone pole. It was such a tight fit, that it hurt a little bit, but at the same time it felt so good. Something about the feeling itself seemed non-consensual, even though it was. She loved it.

Jill was a pleasantly surprised that her sweet little sister wanted it rougher. Her pace quickened slightly, fucking Kris's virgin ass with long, smooth strokes. It was just as she had always fantasized. Juices trickled from her pussy, hidden behind the dildo.

Their fucking was well lubricated, but Kris was still really tight. Jill had to push hard to get it in, and pull hard to get it back out. Fortunately, Kris was already getting reamed as fast as she could handle, and didn't ask for more speed. Her head was just hanging down, mouth open in shock, eyes closed in pleasure. Her breasts jiggled each time the hard cock slid home. Jill's warm, strong thighs pressed into her ass with each thrust.

"Yes, yes, yes," Kris was murmuring with each breath, not even realizing it. Her hands clenched the bedsheets and her legs kept spreading wider. Jill loved everything she was seeing and hearing.

She pulled out and bent down, slipping her tongue into the stretched-out hole. Kris moaned. After a few licks, she slid the hard, smooth dildo back inside her sister's ass and kept fucking it.

While she pistoned firmly in and out, Jill reached around and cupped Kris's pussy again. No part of that hand was touching her pussy lips or clit at all, but it still made Kris flush even more with excitement. She felt the warmth it trapped against her pussy, and knew what it promised for the immediate future. It was a slight, sweet torture, being right there, but refusing to touch where she wanted it to.

All of Jill's hand was resting in hot, wet juices, and she knew that Kris needed release.

"Are you ready to come?"

"Yesss," Kris breathed deeply, "yes, yes make me come Jill, fuck me and make me come hard, fuck me, fuck me!"

Kris nearly screamed as Jill jammed two fingers into her throbbing, soaking wet pussy. Her back arched and she bucked frantically, split between grinding backwards onto the dildo or humping her sister's fingers. Jill sank her fingers in as far as she could, trying to curl her fingers against Kris's g-spot.

Kris's ass squeezed so tightly that Jill could barely fuck it at all. The sensations coming from her ass made her come even harder than usual. Her pussy muscles were rippling so hard that she could hardly support herself. She moaned incoherently until the last squeeze of her massive orgasm had passed.

Quiet sighs continued to escape her lips while Jill eased her back onto the bed and lapped all the sweet liquid from between her legs. She didn't know how long it took to snap completely out of her haze, but when she did, Jill was still there, holding her and stroking her.

"I think you liked that," Jill said finally.

Kris grinned widely. "Yeah."

"Now do you understand why I am obsessed with my own ass?" Jill asked, matter-of-factly.

"I understand completely."

There was a little pause, Kris studied her sister's face and smirked.

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