tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Terror in Snow

Charlie's Angels: Terror in Snow


Sabrina burst through the door to the lodge, gasping for breath. Bosley ran to her side.

"Sabrina you got away!" he exclaimed. "How did you do it?"

"Wasn't easy," she panted. "Where are Kelly and Kris? We need them to help us catch these guys."

"You mean Kris wasn't with you?"

"No, what do you mean?"

"They kidnapped Kris too. We thought you'd be together! You mean you don't know where she is?"

"No," she shook her head.

"Well, did you get a look at your kidnappers?"

"Not really," she said. "They had me blindfolded almost the whole time, call I could tell is that there were two men."

"Do you think they could be the same two that have Kris?"

"I don't know. It's a possibility."

"Either way, we need to find her pronto. I'll ring Kelly's suite." He headed over to the front desk and picked up the telephone, and returned a couple minutes later. "I rang the lodge security too," he said. "They're going to put three officers out to help us look for her."

"Good thinking."

"I think I'll get a head start. Call me on the radio if you find out anything."


He headed through the doors and out of sight, and she saw him ride past on a snowmobile in another moment. Shortly after, the security officers arrived.

"Why don't you all split up so we can cover more ground," Sabrina directed them. "Kelly, let's you and me take this one." She climbed onto a snowmobile and Kelly got on behind her. She wrapped her arms tightly around Sabrina to keep from falling off as they sped across the snow.

They buzzed down a hill far to the east of the lodge, weaving in between trees. Their eyes darted around, searching for tracks or any sort of clues. Sabrina was heading for a shack near the foot of this hill, where she had been held by the two men. In the back of her mind she was clinging to the hope that they would take Kris to the same place they had taken her. Just a little farther and they would be there...

"Sabrina!" Kelly shouted, tugging her arm. "Stop!" They skidded sideways to a stop. "Go back up a little!" Slowly now they climbed back uphill. Sabrina didn't know what was going on but she did as she was told. "There, stop!" Kelly vaulted off the seat and ran through the deep snow. Sabrina followed.

As they ran, she finally saw a glimpse of what Kelly had seen. A little patch of red peeking through the snow. Her heart skipped a beat when she recognized it as Kris's shirt.

Kelly dropped to her knees in the snow. "Kris!" she cried, taking hold of her. She was lying face down and the recent snowfall had partially covered her up. She looked bad. Kelly scooped her into her lap, brushing the snow off her face. Her eyes were closed. "Oh God. Kris!" she shook her gently.

"She's still breathing," Sabrina observed. She felt her cheek - it was ice cold. Her hair and clothes were damp from the snow.

Sabrina pulled out her radio and tuned in the knob. "Bosley?" she said, pressing the button. The line crackled for a moment. "Sabrina?" his voice came back.

"We found Kris."

"Is she ok?" he asked.

"I... don't know. She's alive, but .. I don't know. We'll get her back up to the lodge right now. Get a doctor up there as quick as you can, all right?"

"Will do." The line cleared again.

"Won't she wake up?" she asked, putting the radio away and kneeling next to them.

"No." Kelly's face was streaked with tears.

"C'mon, let's take her back."

She lifted Kris from the snow, grunting with effort as she carried her to the snowmobile. "You drive, Kelly."

She sat Kris behind Kelly, and then climbed on what little portion of the seat was left. She wrapped her arms past Kris and around Kelly, holding her safely between them as they rode back up the hill.

Worries raced through their minds and they prayed desperately. Kelly's face was numbed by the cold wind rushing on her tears as they drove along. Neither spoke as they carried her through the lodge and up to their suite.

"Let's put her in bed. Kelly, light the fireplace in the bedroom, will you?"

Kelly went to work with the matches as Sabrina laid Kris down on the nearest bed. "We should get her out of this wet stuff," Sabrina realized. She fumbled with the buttons on Kris's shirt, tugging it off. It struck her as odd how she was an expert at undressing her coworkers, yet it was so much different this time. Stripping the wet, clinging clothes from Kris's limp body wasn't easy; particularly pulling off her pants. Kelly had finally gotten a fire started and helped remove the rest of Kris's clothing, leaving her completely undressed.

"What can we do about her hair?" Kelly asked. "Get a towel, we'll wrap it up." She pulled a blanket off the other bed and wrapped Kris snugly in it, hugging her tightly.

"Let's just leave it out, it will dry faster by the fire."

After this, no one knew what else to do. They tried to wake her and Kris's eyelids fluttered slightly, but never actually opening. Her head lolled heavily to the side if she did not lean it against Kelly.

There was a knock at the door and Sabrina got up to answer it. Bosley came in with the doctor.

"She's in here," she directed them. Kelly stayed with Kris as the doctor began his examination, and Sabrina and Bosley sat in the living room. A worried silence hung in the room.

"How long do you think she was out there," Bosley wondered out loud.

"I don't know," Sabrina answered. "If they got us at the same time it couldn't have been that long. I was only gone a few hours. Still.."

A short while later the doctor emerged from the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

"Is she ok?" they blurted out at the same time.

"She has been drugged," he announced. "The pinprick is still in her arm."

"What kind of drug?" Sabrina interrupted.

"It simply makes one very drowsy. Nothing very serious on its own, but in her condition... if she hadn't been found within another hour or two it would probably be too late."

"So will she be alright?"

"She should be fine, provided you keep her very warm. It's very important that her body temperature gets back up to normal. I don't see any signs of frostbite but just to be safe, make sure you keep her extremities warm."

"Is she safe to let her stay asleep or should we try to wake her up?" Bosley asked.

"She should be alright sleeping, but you should try to wake her now and then, just to make sure she can. It's as if she'd taken a very strong sleeping pill, she will still be drowsy but she should be able to wake up at least briefly. I can't say for sure when she should come out of it because I don't know how much was administered or when, but if she can't stay awake by morning she may need more serious attention."

"So, just let her sleep and keep her warm then?" Sabrina reviewed.

The doctor nodded. "If you have any more questions or if her condition changes, you can reach me at this number around the clock." He handed Bosley a business card.

"Thank you, doctor." Sabrina let him out.

Back in the bedroom, Kelly had moved down to the floor right in front of the fire. She had Kris in her lap with the blanket wrapped around them both. Kris was resting back on Kelly's shoulder and her feet poked out from the bottom of the blanket, warming close to the fire. With one hand Kelly idly ran her fingers through Kris's hair, trying to get it to dry faster.

Sabrina poked her head into the room."Kelly, Boz and I are going to go ask a few questions, will you be all right here for a while?"

Kelly nodded, and they left. She stroked Kris's hair, rocking her gently. Staring into the fire put her into a trance and when she looked out the window the sky was much darker. She decided to try to wake her again.

"Kris?" she said, stroking her face. Her soft skin was rosy from the cold, but at least her hair was dry now. "Kris," she repeated, slightly louder. Kris's eyes slowly opened, stopping only partway. Her eyelids hung heavily and her eyes were glassy. They drifted to Kelly's face and settled there, staring blankly for a while.

"Kelly?" she whispered weakly.

"I'm here honey," she said, hugging her tightly. Kris snuggled slightly into her neck and fell back asleep. Kelly kissed her hair and watched her for some time. Her fingers and toes were warm now from the fire but her little body still shivered. Kelly gathered her in the blanket and lifted her up onto the bed. Before crawling in and pulling the sheet and heavy blankets up over them both, Kelly took off her clothes. This was more comfortable and in the soft pile of blankets her body could warm Kris's. She wrapped her arms around Kris, spooning her and trying to warm as much of her chilly skin as she could.

Their little nest in the blankets soon warmed up, but time passed and Kris was still shivering. Kelly knew the quickest way to warm anybody up, which just happened to also be the most fun.

She reached down between Kris's legs and felt through her neatly trimmed hair to find her clit. With one finger she began to slowly and lightly massage it. She rolled her fingertip in tiny circles, putting hardly any pressure. Once in a while she would drag her fingertip softly up the length of her clit, stroking a few times before rubbing again. Kris's eyelids fluttered a bit, and there was the most subtle of smiles on her lips. Kelly knew that whatever state of mind she was in, she was enjoying this.

She kept massaging Kris's clit with her middle fingertip, doing just the same as if she were pleasuring herself. Realizing her other hand was free, she put it to work between her own legs. Her finger stroked and drilled at her clit, rubbing harder than on Kris's. Feeling slightly lower, she found the warm, slippery juices beginning to trickle from between her legs. She wet her finger with it and kept rubbing her clit, now wet and slick. Wondering if Kris was wet too, she sought her friend's warm fluid and found it. She rubbed it all over her pussy lips and clit, now letting two fingers slip up and down on both sides of her clit.

Kelly smiled as both of her hands stroked and rubbed in unison. More or less on autopilot, she did what felt good between her own legs, and let her other hand copy. She slipped a finger into her own boiling pussy, and its mate did the same. Before she knew it, she was thrusting rapidly with two fingers, her breath baited for orgasm. Her concentration had been broken when she realized that Kris was rolling her hips in time with her thrusts.

She considered using both hands on Kris, but didn't want to overload her. After all this was just a warmup orgasm. Kelly continued, her two fingers slipping deep to the knuckles inside their slick, gripping tunnels at the same time. Kris was breathing more heavily, making little whimpering noises that were a weakened version of moans. Her head rolled from side to side occasionally, and her hips rocked against Kelly's fingers.

Kelly then felt Kris's hand on her wrist, gripping more tightly than she expected, holding it in place while she humped her fingers. She ground herself on them, and Kelly kept fingering her dripping pussy, massaging her soft inner walls and g-spot. Kris stiffened a bit, holding Kelly's hand between her legs and humping steadily against it. Finally Kelly felt her soft gripping contractions. She had been delaying her own hair-trigger orgasm for several minutes, and feeling Kris seize up in pleasure, she let her own go easily. Her fingers were a lightning fast blur as she fucked herself with them, moaning through her orgasm. She felt Kris's breath as she exhaled on her shoulder in release and went back to sleep.

Sleepy or not, Kelly thought, there's no way she isn't warm now. She nursed briefly on all four of her hot, sticky fingers, sucking off her pussy cream and then Kris's, then held her while she slept.

"Kelly?" she was awakened again by her friend's small voice.

"Hey Kris," she said, turning her head to look. "How do you feel?"

"Tired," she breathed. "What happened?"

"Those guys you were with, they drugged you," Kelly explained. "We found you out in the snow."

She saw that Kris's face was tense with fear and confusion.

"You'll be fine honey, don't worry," she continued. "The doctor said it was just a sleeping pill. Sabrina and Boz went to find the guys, and I've been keeping you warm."

The explanation meant to put her at ease had only overwhelmed her more, and Kris started to cry. Kelly felt the hot tears spill onto her shoulder. She rolled over to face Kris and wrapped one arm around her, pulling her closer and rubbing her back softly. Kris tucked her head down under Kelly's chin and cried quietly.

"I was so scared," she finally said. "It was so cold... all I wanted in the whole... the whole world was to have your arms around me," she said quietly and hoarsely. "I thought I.." she grew quiet again, and fresh tears spilled down her face.

"Shh. It's ok honey, you're safe now," Kelly whispered, kissing her forehead. "Everything will be ok. I wouldn't let anything happen to you." She soothed Kris until her sniffles quieted. At last Kris pulled back a little in order to look up at Kelly. Her eyes were tired and scared and puffy from crying, but they were also full of love.

"Thanks Kelly," she sniffed. "You're always there for me."

Kelly smiled at her and brushed away a tear that hung on the side of her nose. "Cause I love you." She closed her eyes and planted a soft kiss on Kris's lips. She felt Kris's lips move against hers, saying 'I love you too'.

This kiss was one that lasted either several minutes or several hours, and neither was sure which. Their lips ground together, neither aggressive but becoming more and more heated. Kris's hands were on Kelly's nipples, drawing little circles around them with her fingertips as she always did in between pinches and tugs. Kelly's arms were still wrapped tightly around Kris's waist, though her hands occasionally slipped lower to feel her little butt, smooth as a baby's.

Kris was only half aware that she'd had one orgasm already, accounting it to a dream that had left her wet between the legs. She felt that wetness growing now, and aching, as she was locked in a passionate kiss. Both girls had worked up a warm, yearning hunger that needed to be satisfied, but neither wanted to move an inch. Normally Kelly's head would have been between Kris's legs in an instant, but right now it was most important that they hold one another; neither could bear to leave the other's arms if only to slip a foot or two lower.

As if they were thinking as one, it just happened that their legs entertwined beneath the blankets. Each had one of the others legs sandwiched between hers, and they humped together in slow, hard waves. Kris could feel her thigh coated in Kelly's juices, and her hot, wet nub sliding in it as she ground her hips. Their kiss never broke, even though it became difficult to sneak breathes of air, the kiss was more important. They held each other tightly, writhing together. Hearts raced and breaths became moans. The flawless porcelain skin which Kelly, only hours ago, had been worried was frozen was now flushed and beaded with moisture.

The front door opened and shut. Sabrina entered and heard the commotion and stepped toward the bedroom with a curious frown. She pushed the door open just in time to see the glowing climax. Kelly moaned onto Kris's mouth, their tongues still slipping together, as her orgasm began to squeeze her. Sabrina couldn't see anything below their waists, but the motion of the lump beneath the blanket showed that they were humping away. A delicate moan from Kris signaled the height of her ecstasy, followed by gentle after-shock thrusts and heavy breathing.

Sabrina shut the door audibly behind her, and both her friends heads jerked up. "Beautiful," she smiled.

"Hi," Kelly panted. "You scared us."

"Hi hon," she said, sitting on the edge of the bed by Kris. "I guess you're feeling better?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I'm definitatly on the mend."

"That's good to hear." She stood up. "Well, I can only stay a minute, Bosley's waiting downstairs." She paused again before lifting the bottom of the sheets from the bed and crawling up under them. Once inside she peeled one leg away from the other three and began to quickly lap up her favorite juice. Kris smiled sleepily as Sabrina's warm tongue bathed her slit and licked clean the insides of her thighs. She and Kelly shared more wet kisses as they enjoyed Sabrina's mouth slurping between their legs.

"You did a pretty good job cleaning up, Sabrina, but I think we're still going to need a bath," Kelly said as Sabrina opened the door to leave.

Sabrina turned and pouted. "Oh comeon, wait for me, will you?"

"Yes, we'll wait for you," she chuckled. Sabrina left. "If we can, right Kris?"

Kris was snoring softly and contentedly in her arms.

"Looks like we're waiting."

Bosley trailed off, squinting across the glinting snow. "Look!" He pointed. Sabrina followed his gaze to discover two men hurrying towards a car - one in a blue suit and the other in red. The same ones who had taken Kris!

"Hold it!" Sabrina shouted, pulling out her gun.

Both men whirled around, spotting her. One of them took off down the hill, and the man in the red suit pulled out a shiny pistol. Sabrina ducked behind a tree just as he fired a shot in her direction. She heard the bullet thunk into the tree trunk, and peeked around to see him turn and run off in the same direction. She quickly trudged after them, cursing the thick layer of snow for gripping her boots and slowing down her stride. She could see the two men not far ahead of her scurrying down the bright white hillside. On one step her foot sank deep down into the soft snow and she fell forward, tumbling several meters down before righting herself again. The cold air stabbed at her lungs and she knew she was too exhausted and disoriented to run anymore. In a final effort, Sabrina raised her gun, took aim at the man in red, and pulled the trigger.

The shot cracked loudly through the still, cold air and echoed faintly. Her target jerked sideways, clutching his side and stumbling a few steps further before collapsing in the snow. The other man saw this and stopped in his tracks, raising his hands in surrender.

"Get over here!" Sabrina screamed hoarsely. He backtracked, coming back up near her with his hands in the air.

A rumbling grew louder and louder until two snowmobiles cruised up alongside them and came to a halt. Bosley climbed off his and pulled his gun on the criminals.

"Sabrina, are you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I don't know about him though."

The other snowmobile was driven by a security officer, who dismounted and jogged over to the injured man. He rolled him over in the snow, leaving a bloody red patch underneath him. The officer tugged off one of his gloves and placed his fingers on the man's neck.

"He's dead," he announced after a moment. There was a brief silence. The man in green looked like he was going to say something, but kept quiet. Bosley turned to him.

"We are putting you under arrest for attempted murder of Kris Munroe."

"I didn't kill nobody!" he protested.

"ATTEMPTED murder," Sabrina said, loudly. "You tried to kill her. If we hadn't happened to find her she would be dead right now!"

"He wanted to shoot her!" he sputtered. "I didn't want to kill her! I said no, we can't have a murder on our hands, if we want to get rid of her ....we should just dump her someplace. It's not our fault if she froze!"

"It is your fault if you drugged her," Sabrina snapped at him.

"That was his idea, he did it!" He poured the blame onto his dead partner. "He said if we didn't it was too dangerous! She would find her way back and it would be over for the both of us. I tried to tell him-"

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