Charlie's Angels


That was the most I have ever heard Dimples say at any one time, she is a very pretty woman and I had said that they were my angels, so I won't cast her out now.

"Dimples will you come and stay with us, I really want you to and I love having you close."

"That's all I wanted Charlie, you will never regret it." She then pushed her chair back and came and hugged me and placed those plump lips of hers over mine, which completely sealed my mouth. Her hair cascaded down that too completely encasing our heads in her hair, which was that long and thick. All three of them had long thick hair, my two blondes and one brunette.

"Dimples will also be sleeping with you to-night Charlie, Lyn and I will share a bed for to-night but this will be the last time that you get the whole night with only one of us, say it's a present from Lyn and I." Jenny said.

Then she added. "On Monday, Lyn and I are going to change our next of kin and relationship categories at work; we are going to straighten this out once and for all. We are both fed up with being chatted up by all the randy men at work. We are changing it to married and you as our husband. They can say what they like it is our choice, so expect some comeback."

"You are prepared to declare our relationship publicly, you are not afraid of the sneers and sly remarks which you are likely to get?"

"No we are not ashamed, are you ashamed of us?"

"I will do likewise; this will get the rumour merchants going."

"They are going to think that you are some super stud having two young women as wives," Jenny laughed.

"Sorry three, I have done a job change with one of the secretaries who wants to work nearer home. So I will be starting there also on Monday. What are they going to say when we three all declare Charlie as our husband; we really will stir them up."

"We stick together at all breaks and let them have a chance to speak about us which they most certainly will do. It will give some other poor sod a break and give them something to talk about for a week or so," I said.

So now I was committed and they themselves have decided to go public and say to hell what you think this is our lives we will live it the way we want to.

That night on retiring, I found Dimples in bed on the side which Jenny usually lays, so she will be on my left. Now she seemed coy and not the usual bouncy Dimples of only an hour ago. It was as if she was expecting some awful thing to happen to her, with the covers held tight to her chin. Her eyes following jerky my every movement. What had this lovely woman experienced before in bed, it seemed that this was something she actually feared?

I got in and she still held her position, her body was as rigid as a board. Was this why Jenny and Lyn had given us the whole night, they knew this was going to happen. I slipped my arm under her shoulders and drew her in close with the other around her back, with my palm on the small of her back and drew her in close to me. I bent and kissed those full sexy lips and she slowly responded and put her arms around me, but she still was quite rigid. Not the Dimples who used to casually sit on my knee in the chair. No, this was a different Dimples all together, a frightened Dimples.

"Why are you afraid sweetheart, there is nothing to fear, you know I would never hurt you in a million years, so why are you so tense?"

"I don't want to be slapped and hit any more."

"Why would I do that, for God's sake?"

"Isn't that what all men do to get the woman to give them what they want?"

"What twisted way have you been going through, is that what Ray done to you?"

"Yes, he said all women like to be beaten into submission, I thought there was something wrong with me, for I didn't like that, I thought it would be all tender and nice, not rough and painful. I was afraid to ask Jenny and Lyn, for they say having sex with you was so nice."

"It usually is, I have no idea what you have been put through Dimples, but in this bed with me, it's you who dictates what is nice and what isn't. So tonight you forget all of the past, start afresh and you do what you think is right."

"I just want to be held tight for now, Charlie. Ray never held me like you do and that is why I came round so often, just to be held tight and be loved.

For over an hour we lay just holding one another with breaks for a kiss or two, she was becoming more relaxed and the kisses more passionate and lingering more. Her hands were also exploring my body, gently she slid her hand all over my chest, my face, down my legs and stomach, even clasping my penis a few times, but I never rushed her or forced myself on her. She was working herself up and satisfying herself that I was going to do her no harm.

After her exploration I done the same to her, with open palm I followed her body lines over those wonderful full breasts of hers, down over her wonderful derrière. People rave about Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Monogue's posterior, but I think Dimples has one of equal grandeur. I couldn't reach her stomach for she was lying on me on it, but what I did reach I gentle rubbed.

"Do you like my body Charlie?" she whispered.

"I love it, so soft and smooth; yes I do Dimples, very much."

"I like the way you have been caressing me, would you do that all over if I lie back?"

"Lie back and you will see." I said back. She was definitely becoming so much more relaxed and I knew once this night was over she would have no more of these hang-ups.

So lying on her back, I started the same technique of gently moving my hand over her skin. My boner hardened as I moved over her wonderful orbs. She was at an age where they were still full and firm, not yet starting to droop, which they will do in a few years time. Down over the mound of her belly and touching the pubic hairs. As I moved down the top of her thighs she instinctively drew in a deep breath. But when I started moving up from her knees her legs opened and I slid down to the insides and moved up onto her super soft skin at the top of her thighs.

She dropped her hand and held mine there, and then pulled it up to rest on her vulva lips and pressed my hand in hard.

"Caress me here Charlie, please," she whispered.

I wasn't going to refuse this request .for this was exactly what I wanted to do in the first place.

This must be what men have to endure with a virgin for the first time and I was taking her through the experience, even though it was obvious she and my son had sexual relationships. But what sort of kinky sex did his warped mind demand.

Dimples was now responding as any normal woman did, as I worked my way up her crack to rub her clitoris and back down to her vaginal entrance. It was at this stage I started kissing down her body, down her throat, over those mountains of flesh which smelt so wonderful. Down over her stomach, stopping for a minute to ring her small puckered button, down the side of her triangle and eventually between her legs. She didn't know whether to pull or push my head away from her or to her, so she gave up and left me to savour her pot of honey. Dimples tasted just like I knew she would, sweat and salty, and her pheromones were driving me crazy. That scent that was coming off her was the most recognised smell a man has of a woman and the seat of it was now covered by my mouth and my tongue was exploring her inner labia and vaginal passage.

Now she was holding my head in two hands pressing me hard into her womanhood for a few seconds and then the urgent pulling me up her body. Her thighs had opened wide as I slid up, now resting on my arms with my hands either side of her; I was looking down at her face. There was no fear on it now. She reached down grabbed my hard penis and placed the end into her passage; I just dropped my hips slightly and slipped into her lubricated passage. I just can't explain how it feels to slip into a virile young woman in her prime, everything is so pliable and soft.

Dimples had her heels on my thighs and was holding my face in both of her hands as I slid right into the hilt and started a slow steady stroke, bottoming every time, keeping in time to her rotating or was it gyrating hips, whatever she done intensified the feelings I was getting and I was certain she was feeling good as well.

Once, twice three times she shuddered and after she kissed my face frantically, when at last I climaxed and fell to one side she had her legs locked around me holding me safely tucked up inside her body.

"That was just how I imagined it should be like. Oh Charlie darling, if this is the way I should feel then I want to be with you forever."

"I'm glad I have made you feel so nice Dimples, you are a very beautiful woman, and I too want you all to myself. Is that being greedy and stopping you from having a man of your own?"

"I've had a man of my own and I don't want any more of that way thank you. I have everything I want here, so why change that. It's your male ego that wants to be boosted, I don't care, you are what I want and beware of anyone who tries to take you away from us."

"You said us, not you?"

"Yes us, 'Charlie's Angels', we want no more to share you with. My, are they going to have something to talk about when we tell them you are the husband of all three of us."

Now I was being kissed by a real angel for Dimples also had the sexiest lips, all full and kissable.

It wasn't long until we were once more coupled, but this time Dimples was the dominant one and she performed as no one else. She had been liberated and was now exercising her new freedom.

Jenny and Lyn came bounding in the bedroom at six the next morning. Did I say bounding; bouncing would be more descriptive, for they were both naked and when a woman moves naked many things become mobile on their own and as I said these two ladies were well endowed and so more weight being moved around.

It wasn't me they were interested in but Dimples and it was obvious by the smile on Dimples face that all was well for the other two got real excited.

"Thanks Charlie, I knew you would be gentle with her, she told us what she had been through, well maybe not everything, but we filled in the blanks. Now she looks great," Jenny said wrapping her body onto mine as she got under the clothes and lay along side of me, her lips sealed on mine.


At least Ray done the right thing, he admitted in court and pleaded guilty to all offences and was given six years plus counselling for anger management.

The three of them were right, it did cause a bit of a stir at work, but soon all was forgotten and the wolves moved on to greener pastures, knowing there wasn't a hope in hell of getting anywhere close to my Angels.

At home, I was expecting arguments and bickering, but in a year now I haven't heard one argument.

"They may be 'Charlie's Angels' when all together, but they are pure heaven when just two of us are alone, giving comfort to an old man."

The beginning

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