tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCharlotte & The Pirate Ch. 04

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 04


The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I’m afraid you’ll have to go find each part. Hope it’s worth it.

Part 1: Non-Erotic.
Part 2: First Time
Part 3: Loving Wives

For a moment when Charlotte woke up, she was sure it was just a bad dream. But then the ache in her head convinced her that it was all very real. She found herself in a small, dark room. Charlotte got up, and staggered to the door. She was almost surprised to find it unlocked.

When Charlotte left the room, she realized that she was on a ship. As she started to get her bearings, one of those dark men approached her.

"Ah, I see you are awake now. You are lucky, we had sold our cargo and were heading home when we acquired you, so you will not be crowded in with all the other cargo."

Cargo, what cargo? Did he mean slaves? "I'm not CARGO! I am the wife of the governor of St. Dominique!!"

"You mean you were his wife. Now you are cargo. I purchased you from him for fifty pieces of gold. A low price I must admit, but he seemed in a hurry to dispose of you."

Bought?? She'd been BOUGHT!!! But how? As despicable as slave trading was, everyone knew that slaves were black. How could this man possibly believe she was a slave?

"Listen to me! I demand that you release me this instant. I'm a white woman, you can't sell me as a slave."

"You are right, miss, in your lands I cannot sell you. But in my land I will sell you for a great profit. Many sheiks will pay great sums to own a beautiful woman like yourself. Now, may I suggest that you return to your quarters. It will be a long trip and it will be much more pleasant if you remain obedient during the voyage. Obey orders and behave and you will be treated well. As long as you remember that you are my property, you will be well fed and unharmed. However, if you insist on being difficult, well then punishment may be necessary. It is entirely up to you. You may return to your quarters now. Good Day."

With that, the dark man turned and left. But there were other dark and unpleasant men standing around. For the time being, Charlotte thought it indeed best to return to her room.

Once inside, she took a look around. She left the door ajar, and enough light came into her quarters for her to see. Charlotte found that she had been left a candle and flint, and soon she had light enough of her own. Quickly, she shut the door and tried to regroup. At least, as she looked around, Charlotte could see that some of her things had been sent with her. In the corner there was a box filled with some of her clothes. Not only that, but the dress that her journal was hidden in had been sent, and the journal was still there. Searching further, she found the quill and the small container of ink she had stashed as well. Of course, none of her jewelry had been sent.

For a few days, Charlotte just remained in her cabin. Food was brought, and her plate and chamber pot were retrieved at regular times. Finally, though, she decided to explore a bit.

When she emerged, there was no one around, so Charlotte began to explore. It did not appear that she was on a large ship, and soon she found stairs going up. A moment later, Charlotte found herself on deck.

It was indeed a small ship. Charlotte could see a dozen of more men performing various tasks. The most upsetting thing was that it was a clear, sunny day, and Charlotte could not see land in any direction. What she could see, though were curved swords which were obviously there in case the ship was boarded. The lady had never used a blade, but Charlotte took one on the chance that it might come in handy.

Then, as she turned, Charlotte heard a voice call her name. There was that same swarthy man who had said he owned her. As he approached, Charlotte pointed the blade at him. She told him that she would kill him if he came too close. To her surprise, the man just laughed at her.

"My dear lady, we are on a ship. Where do you intend to go? Now put the blade down, and I will forgive this one discretion, otherwise, you will be punished severely."

Charlotte just waved the blade and told him again to stay away. Then she asked where they were going.

"Why we are going to the Fortress of Al Jazzar in Morocco. There you will be auctioned off, and I will make a great deal of money."

Charlotte started to tell him what she thought of his plan, when two crewmen grabbed her from behind and disarmed her. They dragged her kicking and screaming back to her quarters. She tried everything she could to escape, but they were much too strong. When they arrived, her owner simply said that it was time for a lesson to be learned. With that, Charlotte was bent over her cot, and her skirt and undergarments were pulled to the floor. Then, before Charlotte could even react to having her private parts exposed to this awful man, what felt like a long stick smacked across her behind.

God that HURT! Charlotte screamed and looked back. A tall man was standing behind her with what looked like a long wooden rod of some sort. And he was swinging it at her bottom again. WHACK!!! OH GOD IT HURT!!!!

Charlotte screamed and screamed, but the beating just continued. She continued to be held down, as that man smacked her behind with that rod. Poor Charlotte was actually thinking they might kill her the way that slave was killed, when the switching finally stopped. She was still being held, but at least her behind was not being striped any longer.

"I hope this lesson will be the last one you need. You are my property. Your body is mine to do with as I will."

With that, Charlotte was released and the men exited her room.

At that moment, Charlotte finally realized how hopeless things were. She reached back to rub her behind, and found that she was actually bleeding from the stripes which had been given her. And where she wasn't bleeding, the poor girl could actually feel the large welts already forming. Lord, her behind burned so badly. Right then, it just became clear to her how really helpless she was. And Charlotte laid down on her cot, and cried.

The next day, the poor woman's bottom still hurt terribly. Gingerly she got dressed and headed out on deck. At least it was nice to see the sun. Then the man who had said he owned her, whom Charlotte had realized was the captain and leader of these slavers, came over to her. Without any question or invitation, he simply told Charlotte he wanted to see how she was healing. So right on deck, in front of everyone, he lifted her clothes to expose the lower half of her body. Charlotte couldn't help it, she didn't even really think about it. But as her private areas came into public view, she jerked away from the man.

The next second, Charlotte was dragged over to the railing and bent over it. She could see the ocean below her, and for a moment, the lady was scared they would throw her overboard. But then her skirts were lifted, and that switch landed again on her behind. Oh GOD!!!!!

If it had hurt before, now with her behind already severely welted, it felt like someone had set her on fire. Charlotte screamed and struggled, but the switch just kept landing. The sounds Charlotte was making were absolutely incoherent. Her bottom was in absolute agony. Stripe after strip landed, and Charlotte just kept screaming. Finally it ended. Charlotte realized that the man was still holding her skirts up, and that her behind was completely exposed. And right that minute, she didn't care at all. Anything was all right, as long as her bottom wasn't whipped again.

They just held her there for a minute or two, to allow her to come back to her senses. Then her owner explained her new station to her.

"It is obvious that you need a lesson in obedience. You are my property and your body belongs to me. So remove your clothing and show me my property."

Charlotte thought about objecting, but the flames on her behind convinced her otherwise. Very shortly all her clothes were on the deck, and Charlotte stood naked in front of the entire crew. Then that horrid man told her to open her legs, and as soon as she did, he simply placed his hand over her private area.

"I need to demonstrate my ownership of you in two ways. First, for the rest of this voyage you will wear no clothing outside your cabin. If I wish to touch you anywhere, in any manner I will do so and you will not object." With that he actually inserted a finger into Charlotte, who could only stand there impaled, while he continued.

"Also, you need not fear anyone else on board. You are my property, and you will find that no one on this ship will touch what belongs to me. While they would happily use your lovely white body, none of the crew will dare insult me by using what is mine without my permission. Now, if all this is completely understood, and you do not wish to object again, you may return to your cabin. Good day." With that, he removed his finger from Charlotte's vagina, and walked away. Leaving her standing naked again, in front of every man in the crew.

For a moment, Charlotte was truly scared that she would be raped by every member of the crew. But just as the captain said, no one touched her. Oh they leered and gestured at her. And, although she could not understand the language, they made what were obviously rude comments. But that was all, no one threatened her in any way.

From that day on, Charlotte did as she was told. Whenever she wondered the ship, she was completely naked. For the first few days, it was very uncomfortable, but then it simply became routine. No one touched her, not even her owner, and after a while it simply became completely normal for her to be nude in front of everyone.

The trip to the African coast would take over two months. Charlotte had become used to her new owner. He would talk to her occasionally as she walked around naked, but he had not touched her again. She was actually beginning to almost think fondly of him, when about three weeks later, she got a horrible reminder of just how brutal he could be. Thank God, she wasn't the object of his anger this time.

She had been the cause of it, though, if indirectly. Charlotte had been walking on deck for awhile as usual, when she decided to return to her cabin. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, someone grabbed her and dragged her to a corner. It was dark below, and she couldn't see much, but she felt hands roaming her body. Then she was thrown down, and she could hear a man removing his clothing. Charlotte tried to scream, but she only got one quick sound out, before the man got her mouth covered. She was being wrestled to the ground, and Charlotte knew she finally was going to be raped, when several men grabbed her assailant and threw him to the ground.

A moment later, the leader was there. He told his crew to bring the man on deck, and he told Charlotte to follow. She was a little dazed and frightened from her attack, but Charlotte obeyed. When they were up in the sun, the captain glanced at Charlotte to see that she was unharmed. Then he ordered the offending crewman stripped naked. The man struggled and screamed, but soon he was stripped and still held. After that, the captain ordered him to the railing. The man must have known what was coming, because he fought like a madman.

Charlotte asked the captain what he was going to do. After all, she was unharmed. He had been stopped before he could do any real damage. The captain just glared back at her.

"You little idiot. This has nothing to do with you. I could care less what happens to your body. If you were not mine, I would allow my crew to play whatever games they wished with you. But you are mine, and I cannot let this insult to my person go unpunished. For a man to use a woman who belongs to me without my permission is an assault on my manhood, and it must be paid back in kind. Since he has insulted my manhood, he will lose his."

As the captain was talking, the prisoner was being forced to the railing. Several men held his arms, while other pushed him into the rail. He was pinned there so tightly that he couldn't move at all. Then the prisoner began to scream and plead for mercy, as he was lifted and pushed forward so that his genitals rested on the rail.

Charlotte hadn't seen the captain pick up the sword. The first she realized that he was holding it, was when he swung it down. It impacted into the rail, and the man's penis and testicles fell into the ocean. The victim let loose one last inhuman wail, and then sagged in the arms of his captors. The crew released him, and he collapsed to the ground bleeding from his ruined groin.

The man vomited on the deck, and Charlotte assumed his torture was over. But then a crewman moved over to the maimed man, with a lit torch in his hand. As he lowered the torch, the captain just laughed and told Charlotte that they could hardly allow the man to bleed to death. That wouldn't be humane. Then the mutilated man screamed again, as the crewman held the lit torch right to his bleeding crotch. The prisoner writhed and shrieked, but the torch was held to his flesh for several seconds. When it was pulled away, Charlotte could see that the bleeding had stopped, but the lower part of the man's body was blackened and blistered.

Charlotte thought she would be sick. Yes this man had tried to rape her, but she couldn't imagine people who would do this to another human being. The captain turned to Charlotte, and told her that to spare her sensibilities he would be merciful.

"Normally this man would be chained in his cabin. He would live about three days, screaming in agony, unable to piss. But because you will not wish to hear his screams, I will allow him to choose to die if he wishes. WELL DOG!!! You have until I count ten."

Charlotte was shocked to see that the horribly maimed man was still conscious. He was still writhing in agony, but he seemed to understand what the commander had said. The victim rolled and struggled until he could reach the railing. Then with one last scream, he pulled his hands away from his groin and grabbed one of the posts holding the railing. Using the railing, he managed to pull himself past the post and fall into the ocean below. Charlotte was too far away to see where the man fell, and he simply disappeared as the ship sailed on.

Still trying not to be sick from what she had seen, Charlotte struggled back to her cabin. The fact that she was still naked didn't even register. What kind of people were these? How could they enjoy making another person suffer like that? Charlotte lit her candle, and recorded what she had seen in her journal. Then she laid down, went to sleep, and prayed not to have nightmares over what she had seen.

The next four weeks or so passed without incident. Charlotte became so accustomed to walking the decks naked, that by now it was seeming totally natural. None of the crew touched or threatened her in any way, although they would whistle and tell her how nice she looked. Even the captain had started telling her that she looked nice. Charlotte was happy that her owner was pleased with her, although she couldn't understand why it mattered to her.

Another week or so went by, and the captain kept telling Charlotte how pleased he was with her. Charlotte practically beamed each time he praised her. She even recorded in her journal how happy she was, that she had finally begun to please her master.

Then one day, the captain called Charlotte into his cabin. He didn't threaten her. He simply removed his robes, and told Charlotte to please him. Not only did Charlotte know exactly what to do, she was actually excited to have the opportunity. Now she would be able to make her owner truly happy. With that thought, she knelt down and took the captain's organ deep into her mouth.

The slaver closed his eyes in pleasure. He hadn't really been sure what skills or experience this woman had, and he needed to find out. The man was very pleasantly surprised at her skill. She was sucking and licking his organ, and she definitely knew what she was doing. In a moment he would reward her by allowing her to swallow his seed.

Charlotte kept her mouth working. She could feel her master's penis begin to jerk in her mouth, and she knew how much she was pleasing him. The lady continued to suck and suck. She had to prove her worth to her owner. There it was. The first spurt of his cum landed on her tongue. Charlotte swirled it around in her mouth and swallowed it down. Then she continued to suck on the rod in her mouth, while it spurted more and more syrup down her throat. Charlotte made sure that she had drained every last possible drop from her master, before she released his organ from between her lips. Then the most wonderful thing happened, her owner patted her on the head and told her that she had done well. Charlotte left his cabin in ecstasy. She had to get back to her cabin and record how she had been praised by her owner.

The next day, Charlotte was called back to the leader's cabin. Once again he told her that she needed to please him. Charlotte immediately dropped to her knees, but the captain quickly told her that was not what he wanted. Charlotte looked confused and hurt. Was her master unhappy with her? No, not at all, he simply told her that she needed to learn to dance for him.

This was confusing. Charlotte really wasn't sure what was being asked of her, but her owner patiently explained what was needed. She would dance and display her body for him. Well Charlotte had never done anything like that, but if it would please him then she would try.

Her first effort was awkward. Charlotte simply stumbled around the room, occasionally turning towards and away from her master. Gradually, though, he taught her what was required. How she was to come close, and lean over him so that her breasts hung down in front of his face. How she was to turn away from him and bend slightly, so that her bottom was jutting towards him. How she was to make that bottom move around while she displayed it. And finally how she was to come towards him and move her legs apart, so that her private parts were exposed and available. Charlotte struggled to learn this new skill. It seemed very important to her master, so she needed to master this task.

The dancing lessons continued for days. Charlotte would come to the master's cabin naked. Then she would dance and present her body to him. After a while, she became quite good at it. She could see from his eyes, that her breasts were fascinating him as she dangled her nipples just inches from his face. Then she would turn so that her round bottom was towards him. She would stick it out back at him, and then she would make it move in gentle circles. Finally, Charlotte could actually see her master lick his lips, as she moved close to him and exposed her vagina to his gaze. There was no shame in exposing herself to him. Rather there was the absolute ecstasy of pleasing the man who owned her.

Her last day of dancing ended differently. Everything was the same, until she had presented her private area to him for the fourth time. That time, her master moved his robes out of the way, and Charlotte could see his penis standing hard and tall. She didn't need to be told what to do. Quickly, she lowered herself onto her master's lap, and made sure that his rod entered her body. Charlotte screamed in absolute joy. She had her master inside her body. She couldn't believe how she had been rewarded.

Charlotte moved up and down on her owner's organ. Thoughts of her own pleasure never entered her mind. Her only goal was to please this man. She moved around, and squeezed down on the rod inside her. As she did, she opened her eyes enough to see that her master was indeed pleased. With that knowledge, Charlotte began to work even harder. She squeezed her tunnel as tight as she could, and pushed her body down so that she could engulf as much of her master as possible. Then came the ultimate reward. Her master thrust deep into her body, and spurted his seed up into her tunnel. Surely her life had reached perfection. Charlotte had been rewarded with her master's juice. At that moment she could think of nothing more important in existence.

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