tagGay MaleChasing Fate Ch. 04

Chasing Fate Ch. 04


I was excited having just watched the videos of David submitting to Mark. David's first time sucking on a dick and letting a man take his virgin ass. Mark commanding David to call his wife and tell her they were through and that he was Mark's slave. My cock was rock hard at the thought of David's submission and how I too now did Mark's bidding.

Mark had made me strip naked at the door and he kept David that way at all times so he was always ready for a quick feel or to put on a show for him at his beckon call. After viewing the hot videos, Mark instructed us both to head to the bedroom and wait on him. We padded down the hall, our erections pointing the way.

David slid across the bed and I lay beside him as I felt my hard dick rub against his leg. We turned and faced each other, our first real chance to be alone since I met him at the bar a week ago. It was an invitation that had changed my life as I went from a bi-curious husband to a sex slave for a black master.

David and I stared into each other's eyes when I finally broke the silence with my thoughts. "I know watching that video of you telling your wife you were leaving really hurt. I could see the pain in your face," I said trying to demonstrate my sympathy to his still lingering pain.

"Actually," he began, "...I still feel bad I had to do that. But it was for my own good. Things had not been right for a while and I guess I always knew deep down that something was different for me. It was like we were both going thru the motions... merely roommates."

"Then I met Mark," David continued. "I was really drawn to him like I never had been with my wife or any other woman for that matter. After that first afternoon going down on him, experiencing what it was like to be with a guy...I knew there was no going back."

I continued to look into David's eyes, drawn into his story as he kept sharing with me how his relationship with Mark began. "I never wanted to hurt Laura but I knew I didn't love her. Mark knew that too. And he knew I would just continue living out a lie until someone stepped in and did something about it. In a perverse sense, Mark did me a favor. Now she's happy with another man. They got married and I guess things turned out okay."

"But what about you and Mark," I asked. "In the little time we've been together, it just seems like raw sex. I don't see any passion. Do you love Mark?"

David laughed. He sat up in bed and looked down at me. "Love? Mark's not like that. I mean... Mark's not really gay."

His response floored me. "Not gay?" What the hell do you call it then," I said puzzled at his reply.

"You ever see Mark kiss me? He ever kiss you? Mark likes to get his dick sucked. He likes a good ass fucking. But don't think for a minute he's gonna' have our dicks up his ass. He's really into control. Whether that's dominating a man or a woman. Makes no difference to him. I think he gets off more turning a straight guy into a cocksucker. Begging for him to fuck them up the ass.

For Mark it's all about control. "Now it all seemed to make sense. "So what about the videos he took of you. Wasn' he blackmailing you with it," I asked.

"The videos? Actually, I didn't even know about the video until months into our relationship. Guess I'm not into noticing little things. One night he asked me to look into the camera and that was the first I knew he even filmed us. He's filmed me doing all sorts of stuff in all sorts of places. The stranger the better for him," David replied.

"Well, what about me? Why did he threaten me with the video?" I shot back.

David lay back down and looked up at the ceiling for a minute. Then looked over at me and softly said, "I suppose that was for me. Mark knew I needed more than just a hard fucking. I needed someone to love and someone to love me back. Someone who I could really make love to. Whose passion didn't end with a climax. And then I found you on the Internet. Someone curious about gay sex. The more you told me about yourself the more intrigued with you I became. And when I met you that afternoon in the bar, I knew I wanted you to be that special person. I could feel it when we met. Not to mention you're hot as hell!"

David stopped. His eyes searching mine for some type of response. My mind was racing. Trying to catch up with everything he said. Mark had seduced me for David. I was recruited to be David's lover. "So, you're telling me Mark had no intention of showing my wife those videos." I said somewhat indignantly.

"No...that's not what I said. Mark would do what it takes. If he thought that would keep you here. Yes, he'd do it in a heartbeat and think nothing of it. If it pleased him... he'd do it then too. But just to hurt you – I don't think so. So, now you know. It was for me. Really you're free to do what you want. You can walk out that door and not look back. We won't come after you. Or you can stay here with me. Have me here and have your wife at home. It's really your choice," David said as he lightly laid his hand atop mine.

"And one more thing...if you did stay, nothing has changed for Mark. He would demand you continue to serve him. He would use you any time he wanted. Mark has had me take care of his friends on occasion, even lending me out to others and I'm sure he would do that with you. But bottom line, we would still have each other."

He gazed directly into my eyes, waiting for my answer. Both of us searched each other's face with our wandering gaze before I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. Pulling back I saw he had closed his eyes. I leaned back in and pushed harder. My lips sliding over his full soft lips as we opened our mouths and let our tongues do battle in a passionate dance. David reached out and took both our cocks in his soft warm hand. Rubbing our cocks together, stroking them both as the warmth of his dick with mine made my body feel electric. He slid his hand over my shaved crotch, cupping my ball's, and sliding his finger over my asshole.

We kissed forever. Breaking the embrace only to slide our face and lips across each other. I leaned back up and stared at the body lying under me. His tanned chest slowly moving up and down. His little gold rings resting on his chest, adorning the hard little buds that I adored. I leaned down and took his tit between my lips. I grabbed the nipple ring with my mouth and pushed my tongue thru the hoop feeling the hard bud of flesh and the cool metal. I was so tuned on!

"So did this hurt," I pointed down to his tit with my eyes. He looked down at the ring standing on end from my earlier love play.

"Well, I'd be lying if I said it didn't. Actually the guy who did it was really good. They do tats too. He cleaned the area and numbed me up. I told him I didn't mind a little pain but I wasn't crazy about needles. The guy laughed at me and said needles were his business but he understood. He gave me a shot in both tits to help with the pain. Then I watched him clamp them up and stick them thru."

David went on, "You really have to keep the area clean for the first couple of months. Other than the soreness...and getting used to sleeping on my back for a change, it wasn't too bad..." David trailed off. Then I saw his gaze turn to my tit. "I'd love to have you done. Your nipples are plumper than mine. We could use a bigger gauge."

David was tracing his finger around my nipple which was contracting tighter and tighter on my chest. He pinched my right nipple between his fingers, pulling it, as the pleasure worked its way from my chest to my dick. "I'd like it if you did it for me...so every time I saw your tits I knew you did it for me."

I closed my eyes as he pulled on my nipple, twisting it. He stopped for a second as he wet his fingers with his mouth and returned his fingers to my nipple which was now slick with his spit.

"Maybe," I replied. "Maybe what?" shot back David.

"Maybe, " I groaned, "I'll let you do that one day. Take me down to the place you had it done and have them pierce my nipples for you. So I can wear your rings in my titties."

It was too much for both of us as David reached up thrusting his hot tongue into my mouth. It was as passionate a wet kiss as I ever had. "Make love to me baby," David moaned. "Put my legs over your shoulders and give me your beautiful dick."

I knelt below David, pulling both of his legs over my shoulders. I started to spit into my hand to slick my cock when David looked down at me. "I'm ready babe," David said. "I had an enema and lubed up before you got here. Just stick it in. I want it sooooo bad." I aimed my throbbing cock at his pink hole and it slipped right in. It was hot and tight as the opening hugged my hungry dick. I took it slowly as David moaned "ohhhhhh baby, that feels so good. Your cock feels so good in my ass,"

He was right, it did feel good. His ass was tight around my cock. I stroked his legs resting on my arms as I pushed further, feeling my balls slap against his cheeks. David reached up and again pulled at both nipples, pulling them toward him. It shot a pain through my chest but it was a pain I loved. My body slapped against his ass over and over as sweat began building up on our bodies. I could feel the perspiration as it trickled off my forehead landing on his stomach. David reached down with his right hand and rubbed his own cock as I continued to fuck his tight ass.

"Fuck me baby. That's right, fuck my ass," David continued. I could feel my body tensing up and I knew I was going to shoot a massive load soon.

"Where do you want it" I asked.

"In my ass. Shoot it up my ass. I want to feel your hot sperm. Give it to me baby," he begged. I dug into the mattress with my toes and lurched hard as I felt shot after shot leave my dick, depositing itself into his hot box. When I had shot my load, I slumped down collapsing on his chest, dropping his legs to the side. I rested a minute before his lips found mine and we kissed in a wet lover's embrace. We lay there for several minutes before I felt my dick sliding out of his ass leaking my sperm.

We continued to kiss as David pulled on his cock and in what seemed like seconds he shot his hot sperm across our stomachs. He aimed it squarely at my cock now lying limp on my leg. Some hit my dick while some found its way to my chest. He then took his hand and rubbed the warm semen into our bodies like lotion. We lay there exhausted. David looked at me, then laid his head on my chest.

He whispered, "I love you baby." It was quiet but I heard it. I didn't reply. I just lay there rubbing my fingers through his sandy blonde hair.

I took a shower and dressed wondering where Mark was. I walked quietly into the den spying my clothes on a chair near the door. Apparently Mark had gone out for the evening. I walked back into the bedroom and David lay across the bed on his stomach asleep. His naked body glistening with the sweat from our workout. I stared at his ass. His tight hot buns that just a few minutes ago embraced my dick. It was all I could do not to walk up and start kissing his beautiful buns. Biting on the cheeks. Perhaps run my tongue up his crack. I had never licked his ass. But I knew I would. I had never even licked my wife's ass but I knew that one day I would sneak my tongue up that hot hole. But it was late and I had to get home. That would have to wait.

I closed the apartment door locking it behind me. On the drive home, his word echoed through my head, "...I love you baby." I did not reply but deep down I knew I felt something too. Was it love? It was much more than just a curiosity. I went looking for a man with whom to experiment. Just a walk down the wild side. Instead, I found out something about myself. I was hooked on gay sex. I was hooked on David. He gave me a chance to walk away and instead I was drawn closer to him.

One thing was for sure – I wasn't just a slave to Mark, I was a slave to passion. Deep down I knew I loved David too. I also knew that it made me hot to serve Mark. Having another man make me do things I would never do on my own. David was right. There was something that attracted me to Mark too. I liked it when he made me suck his big black dick. Having his hot come deposited in my ass. Would he loan me out to friends like he did David? It would be embarrassing to serve his buddies. The thought of it had me hard as hell.

I thought about Ann. We've been together since college. I knew I didn't want anything to happen with us but I knew I could never leave David. He makes me feel things I've never felt before.

I wasn't sure where this would end up but I knew I didn't want it to end any time soon.

To be continued.

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I wish I found a man to love like David

I too am a married in-the-closet gay cocksucker. I wish i would find my David to be with me and love me so that i can then finally come out of the closet to my wife and tell her that I'm gay. I love hermore...

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