tagGay MaleChasing Fate Ch. 06

Chasing Fate Ch. 06


If anyone would have told me last summer how much my life would have changed in a year, I would have thought them mad. To my immediate family and coworkers, little has changed. Whether at home, at our in-laws, or at the office, I still act no differently than I ever have. But that's pretty much what it is -- an act! In a short span of time, I have found out more about myself than I ever imagined.

It was not anything I planned. No middle age crisis. No lifetime of searching for my inner self. In a single afternoon at a business conference I was seduced by another man and have since found my life spiraling in a whole new direction.

I was one of those guys who laughed at the off color jokes about gays and made comments to my buddies about guys who we thought were surely homos! Now here I am in a deep relationship with another man who I met on the Internet and it turns out we're both submissives that enjoy being dominated by a strong willed black man named Mark.

Over the last several months, David and I have been lovers. It is a relationship which I'm not sure I can describe other than to say he completes me. While I still love my wife, and we have continued to make love, I feel there is a passion that is different with David and me. Adding to that is the fact we both enjoy submitting to Mark as he commands us to perform sexual acts on himself, each other, and his friends.

Initially, I was torn with the conflicting feelings I had between David and Ann and the hurt I would bring to her if she found I was bisexual or perhaps even gay. I'm still sorting out whether I still enjoy sex with a female or whether making love to my wife is simply out of my obligation as a husband. There's also the stigma associated with a same sex relationship. I'm not sure how my coworkers would feel about my new feelings, but I am quite confident how my family and long time friends would react. Not to mention Ann.

Over the years she has made it crystal clear her belief in a monogamous relationship. Yet, the deceit of hiding this behind her back was really eating at me.

It came to a head when Mark instructed me to invite him and David over this weekend for dinner. There was little doubt about his intentions. My only question was the outcome. Seducing Ann in front of her husband would not be an easy task. Would he blackmail her with the existing videos of me sucking his dick and serving as his sexual slave? Would he try to get her alone? And how did I feel about all that?

There were moments of jealousy as I thought about them together. However, I had to admit that I was extremely turned on seeing Mark with another married white woman a week ago. There were moments when I had fantasized them together and I felt my cock swelling in my pants. I also knew at some point, Ann would have to know about David. I wasn't sure if things could work out but I knew we couldn't continue sneaking behind her back.

I was cleaning the grill when I heard the doorbell ring. Ann walked through the den to greet our visitors. She was ravishing. She wore a pretty yellow sundress that complimented her outstanding features. My wife is 31 years old and works hard to maintain her slim figure. Her 36C breasts are accented by beautiful little pink nipples which harden quickly at the touch. She has a very firm ass and maintains just a strip of pubic hair above her little pussy. At 5'2" she is every bit the package she was when we dated in college.

I could barely overhear the conversations as Mark and David made their way into the house where Ann no doubt ushered them into the kitchen for a beer or cocktail. Several minutes later, David emerged casually dressed in shorts and a polo shirt with the steaks that had been marinating most of the afternoon. Handing me the tray, his fingers touched my hand and I felt that electricity that surged through my body. His smile made me warm as we exchanged small talk about our week.

Dinner was superb complimented with a fine bottle of Cabernet. Ann, typically not much of a drinker, was enjoying the conversation with my new friends. Later we retired to the outside patio where Mark and Ann continued their conversation. I could already tell she was feeling the impact of the wine as she acted a little giddy with a slight slur to her words. At Mark's suggestion, we all felt another bottle might be in order as everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening. When I returned, Mark was surveying the hot tub in the corner. After pouring each of us a refill Mark made his move.

"Larry, this is a really nice whirl pool you have. What does it seat?," he inquired.

"It seats four although Ann rarely joins me," I replied

"That's a shame. Ann, this is really nice," looking back at her as he dipped his hand into the still warm water. He reached over and turned on the jets as the tub began to rumble to life. "I don't know about you guys, but I would kill to relax in this thing tonight. Any chance we could take a dip?" I saw the look on Ann's face and before she had a chance to respond, Mark added, "David and I could both wear the shorts we have on...and you two can change into suits if you like." Ann continued to search for a polite way to decline when Mark pushed further, "What do you say Larry? We're all friends here."

I stood at that precipice. Do I call a halt or see where this might lead? I made a decision that was certain to change both of our lives. "Sure. That sounds great. Ann and I will go slip something on and you two can go ahead and jump in. I'll also get us some towels." Ann's look was a little unsure but she didn't object as we walked back to the bedroom. I slipped into a pair of trunks while Ann stepped into the bathroom. Rather than wait, I headed back down to the hall and picked us out some towels. Ann was not far behind me wearing a gorgeous one piece white suit that certainly complimented her great figure.

Both of us were careful as we stepped onto the platform and into the tub. Mark and David were already seated, sipping their wine, as the bubbles rushed to the surface. I had turned on the stereo and we enjoyed the music playing from the outdoor speakers. On more than one occasion I saw Ann fixed on David's nipples and the little nipple rings which adorned his tight little nibs. Her eyes also seemed to be glued to Mark's broad black chest.

Mark broke her gaze by commenting on her own chest. "I love the suit Ann and I hope you don't think me too forward but you have a lovely body. You must really work out." Ann blushed when she looked down and noticed for the first time that the white suit was almost transparent once it was wet. You could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the fabric. She pushed further down into the tub drawing a reaction from Mark.

"I'm sorry, I embarrassed you. It's just that, well, you simply have an amazing body and if you don't mind me saying, beautiful breast," Mark continued. Ann smiled and continued to blush but I saw her body relax and rise up out of the water a bit so that her titties were once again in view. Mark reached over for the wine bottle announcing to all that another bottle had bit the dust. He inquired if David, since he was closest to the kitchen, could grab one more bottle. I knew that Ann was already past her limit but she held up her empty glass bringing a wide grin to Mark's face.

When David stood up, he unveiled what I had already surmised, he and Mark had ditched the shorts. I'm not sure what surprised my wife more, the naked man in front of her or the fact that he too shaved his cock and balls. Mark immediately asked for forgiveness, "I'm sorry Ann. I hope you're not offended but after you and Larry went back to change we thought about the drive home and didn't want to head back with wet shorts. I hope you're not mad," Mark continued.

Ann's mouth was still hanging open before she finally found her words. "I guess not but this is a little awkward and more than I expected." Ann continued staring at David and his crotch as he stood with the water dripping from his naked form.

"David, I hope you don't think me brash but I can't help but notice you shave your crotch," Ann said with a slight slur.

David took a last gulp of his wine before responding. "Yes, I really enjoy both the look and feel."

Ann continued her gaze on his cock which seemed to harden a little under her eyes. "It must be a guy thing. Larry started shaving his privates as well." I saw Mark settle back in the tub with a confident grin on his face.

"Really? Is that so Larry? Why don't you show me and David. I'd like to see," Mark chimed in like he hadn't seen my cock and was the reason it was shaved in the first place. "Ain't like your wife's never seen your dick and we're guys...c'mon, off with it."

I wondered if Ann really thought I'd go through with it as I eased the trunks off in the tub and then stood up beside David. Both of our cock and balls as smooth as could be and starting to swell from the inspection. I watched Ann's eyes as they seemed to glass over. Her nipples were very pronounced under her bathing suit and I knew she was extremely excited. "So, do you shave yours too," she inquired looking over at Mark.

Mark eased out of the tub, coming to rest on the side as her gaze watched the black meat swinging from his crotch. "No baby. Ain't no blade coming close to this here," as he cupped his cock and balls. Ann was absolutely fixed on Mark's big dick and the heavy balls which hung down. "So you ever seen a black dick before?" he inquired as he stared back at Ann. Ann didn't blink, as if transfixed by the sight before her. "I bet you ain't never seen anything like this," he continued. "Ever held a dick as big as mine. You want to hold this cock?" Ann continued her silence but looked up at him every so often. "I bet you'd like that. And I think Larry might like that too. Look how seeing you staring at my black dick has him excited."

It hadn't occurred to me but when I looked down I saw that my dick was rock hard. Ann looked over and saw it too as she soon returned her gaze to his tool. Mark slid across the side of the tub just within her reach. He softly placed his hand on hers which had been resting on the side of the tub. He lifted her hand, coaxing her, as he continued his seduction. "Larry won't mind Ann. In fact, he's turned on at the thought of you touching my dick. And you want to touch it too. I can tell. I can see it in your face." Ann would occasionally look up at him before returning her eyes to his black cock. Her hand came to rest on his wet dick, with his hand cupped around it as he moved their hands in unison up and down his shaft. "You like that Ann? You like the feel of that big dick in your hand?" Mark's hand slowly moved away from hers as she continued to move her small white hand up and down his shaft.

"Touch my balls Ann. Feel how heavy they are." Ann now took the other hand out of the water and cupped his balls as she continued to stroke his dick more forcefully. "I bet you want to kiss it. I bet you want to see what a big black cock taste like. Don't you sugar?" Ann didn't reply but Mark and I both knew it was a matter of time. David and I had both sat down on the side of the tub as Ann continued to work on Mark's shaft. "Kiss my dick baby. I want to feel your lips on my black dick." He moved closer to her face knowing that she wasn't going to initiate that contact.

He reached back behind her head and slowly drew her face to his cock. She hesitated just a second before she softened her resistance and he brought his swelling dick to her mouth. At first she simply rubbed her lips across the head until finally she parted her lips and took his thick cock into her mouth. Mark let out a sigh as he continued to slowly fuck her face. Watching Mark take my innocent wife had me feeling several different emotions at once. I was jealous but also turned on watching him have his way with her.

Certainly the alcohol played a big part but he wasn't forcing her to do something she didn't want to do. As I watched her, she became more passionate, licking his dick, sticking it back into her mouth, all the while stroking it hard with her right hand.

"That's it baby. Suck that black dick. All you white women love that black cock," Mark said as he reached down and twisted her hard nipples poking through the fabric. Mark reached up and pulled the straps over her shoulders, freeing her breast which bobbled in the swirling waters. He took her breasts in his hands as he pulled on the nipples, twisting them causing a muffled groan to emanate from her mouth filled with his thick cock.

I looked over at David and he motioned me out of the tub with his head. Once inside the house, he asked me the direction of the bedroom. When I looked down the hall, Mark grabbed me by my cock and pulled me down the hall. I looked back once to check on Ann but the patio was quickly out of sight as David rushed us to the bedroom. He opened the door and nearly leaped onto the bed. "I want you to make love to me baby. I want you to fuck me in your bed so the last thing you think of tonight is me." David looked at my rock hard dick as he slipped off the bed onto his knees taking my dick into his warm, wet mouth.

He reached up, toying with my nipples, as he continued his assault on my cock and balls. Taking a ball into his mouth, as he slid his tongue down my shaft trailing saliva that he would take back into his mouth. When my dick was good and wet, he slid back up on the bed. "Don't tease me. Please give me that beautiful dick of yours."

I looked back over my shoulder drawing his assurance, "They're not coming back here. It's just us. Now come up here with me."

I looked at the beautiful body before me. David reached over and grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his back elevating his ass. I kneeled between his legs as I placed my hard cock at the entrance of his ass. Easing the head in, slick with his spit until the shaft slid in. David moaned as I felt his asshole contract tight around my cock. He wrapped his legs around my back pulling me in deeper as I rocked back and forth into his love canal. He lifted his head off the pillow and our lips found each other as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. It was a wet embrace and you could hear our bodies smacking against each other as my balls slapped against his ass. It wasn't long before I felt the familiar intensity as I grabbed his hair and pulled his head against mine.

"I'm cuming baby. I'm gonna cum," I cried as I shot spurt after spurt deep into his bowels. David held me tight and eventually my body relaxed. "I love you Larry", he whispered into my ear. "I love you," I softly whispered back.

I got up and retrieved us both towels and then we slowly made our way back to the patio not quite knowing what to expect. Ann was just wrapping a towel around herself when our eyes met. Mark was sitting nude in a chair with his limp dick hanging between his legs. A big grin on his face when our eyes met and he informed us he and David needed to head back home.

After everyone dressed, Ann and I walked the two to the door. Mark held out his hand, shaking mine with his big grip. Ann kissed David on the cheek and then looked at Mark who calmly leaned in and pushed his lips against hers, kissing her right there in front of me. I saw his tongue pushing into her mouth and I thought I saw her tongue in his mouth as well before they trailed off, leaving a wet sound when they parted. "Goodnight," stated Mark before he added, "It was a wonderful evening and we both had a great time."

As Ann closed the door behind them, she turned and headed down the hallway without a work spoken. Was she mad? Did she see David and me? Upset because I let it happen? My mind raced as I wondered what she was thinking. She had already slipped into her t-shirt she slept in and eased into bed when I walked into the bedroom. I dropped my towel and slid into the sheets beside her. "Larry?"

"Yea," I replied.

"You're not upset about tonight are you?" she said quietly almost cracking as if on the verge of tears. "I....I'm no sure what got into me. I've never done anything like that before."

"Baby, you didn't do anything wrong. I was right there. It was all in fun. You enjoyed it didn't you?" I said trying to console her mixed feelings.

"That's just it. I did enjoy it. I enjoyed it a lot. I mean I enjoy the sex we have but...but that was different tonight. I can't remember being so turned on. I just don't want you to be upset with me, " Ann continued to say as she looked in the opposite direction.

"Sweetie. I'm not mad. Actually it turned me on. I mean, I know I should be angry or jealous but seeing you...and Mark. Well, like he said, I was really excited." Ann looked back over at me, then reached up and pulled my head toward her as she hugged me and quickly placed her lips on mine for a quick kiss.

She laid back on the bed and then reached over and tuned off the lamp which had illuminated the room. Can I tell you something?" she continued.

"Sure" I responded.

"I don't know if I want to do it again or anything but it was a lot of fun. I like them. And David was really cute." There was a long pause before she added. "I've never seen a dick that big. Thank you for not being upset."

She turned over on her side and sighed. As I moved to snuggle up against her I felt the cool wet place on the sheet. The spot where David had been as I shot my load into his ass. Some of my sperm had leaked out leaving a reminder on the bed.

Like David had asked, he was the last thing on my mind as I fell off to sleep. Ann still had no idea about my new lifestyle but at least I felt after tonight she would be a little more open. I didn't know what the future held, but in the back of my mind I felt things might just turn out alright.

To be continued...

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