tagIncest/TabooChastity Ch. 02 of 04

Chastity Ch. 02 of 04


"Oh God Ma, who locked you in like this? and why?"


It has all begun last night when Rina had just finished a performance at one of those seedy hotels on Diamond Harbour Road, just outside the limits of the city. Some heavy duty politician was throwing a party for his henchmen and Rina had been called in to be the mandatory eye candy! With her hip length hair, the backless blouse that showed off her proud, pert tits and a lacy saree that was tied well beneath her navel, Rina was the perfect picture of the flirty Bengali housewife who had gone astray ... and her performance had been a wild success!

Her performance had stretched well past midnight and instead of trying to take a cab back to the city so late in the night, Rina had planned to spend the night at the hotel itself. But no sooner had she reached her room when there was a knock on the door. Expecting the bell boy to be bringing in a bottle of water, she opened the door and was taken aback when a big beefy man pushed himself into the room and sat down on the bed. For a moment she did could not recognise him and then she realised that this no one other than Mohammad, the dreaded don of Garden Reach -- one of the most powerful gangsters in the city. Rina was shocked at his behaviour but knew better than to protest.

"What can I do for you, Sir?"

"Do you know who I am?"

"Of course, Sir, how can I not ..."

"Good. I have a simple proposal for you that I am sure you will agree to."

Rina was silent, not knowing what to expect, but Mohammad continued. "You must bear me a child."

Rina's head reeled! She could have reluctantly agreed to spend a night or two with this most powerful person but to bear his child? at this age? when she already had a twenty year old son? the thought was too chaotic to comprehend.

"Why me Sir?" Rina pleaded with folded hands, "I am sure that there are many other younger and more beautiful girls who will be happy to."

"Why would you not be happy?" Mohammad smirked.

"Sir, I have a son and it will turn our world all topsy turvy."

"But you are the most perfect specimen of Bengali motherhood that I have ever come across and I have decided that you will be the mother of child." Before she could reply, Mohammad, in one swift movement had grabbed her in one hand and with the other had pressed a scented towel, that he had pulled out from his pocket, against her face.

Rina woke up next morning and found herself in large and comfortably furnished bedroom with large windows through which the sun was streaming in. Wondering where she was and how did she get here, she suddenly realised with a start that she was stark naked -- except for the contraption around her waist. Rushing to the mirror on a dressing table, she saw to her horror that she had been trapped in a chastity belt. Her cunt was now hidden behind a flat stainless steel mesh through which she could pee and her asshole was visible between the V shaped chains that ran across her butt. This was held together with a steel belt that sat, thankfully, comfortably on her waist just above the swell of her hips -- and all this was secured with a small, but wicked looking padlock that sat at her navel. She could shit and she could pee but there was no way anyone could shove a prick into her cunt, unless he had the key to that little padlock. She was trying to twist and pull at the lock when Mohammad entered the room,

"There is no point in trying to break it my dear, you will fail and hurt yourself ... it is only in this key that lies your deliverance." Mohammad held a tiny key in his hand.

Rina tried to beg and plead but to no avail and finally Mohammad spelt out his terms. Rina will be allowed to go home and be with this son but from now onward, she would always be locked into the chastity belt. For the one week around her ovulation period she will have to come to this hideaway and be available for impregnation by Mohammad. Once her pregnancy was confirmed, she would be freed from the belt and allowed to carry the baby to term. After successful delivery, she would have the option of either continuing to stay with Mohammad, as his partner, or if she so desired, could walk away with significant amount of cash in her bank account.

"Then he dropped me back at Dalhousie at dusk and gave me a stack of ten thousand rupees for my troubles." Rina finished telling her story to Rik.

"Didn't you ask him to drop you back home?"

"He deliberately would not. He does not want anybody to either know me or about the baby as there are others who do not want such a baby to survive," and all of a sudden she broke down. "How did I get into this mess Rik? How shall we get out of this?"

"Relax, Ma," Rik pulled his mother into his arms. "Don't panic, we have time to think through this and work out a solution."

"Ok, kid." Rina cuddled up to her son.

"Fine, first things first, how uncomfortable is this belt? Have you taken a pee yet?"

"No I have been so scared and tensed."

"So let us begin with that ... "

Rik led Rina to the tiny Indian Style Toilet where she squatted and both were relieved to note that her pee streamed out through the mesh without any problem.

"This is a big relief," sighed Rina, splashing a mug of water at her crotch and sliding her fingers behind the mesh to wash away the piss.

"And of course your potty would not be a problem either as there is a big gap between the two chains."

"But this is still so uncomfortable, how can I live like this?"

"Until you become pregnant. Which brings me to the next question, did you have sex with Mohammad?"

"No, we did not. Either he was in a hurry or he did not want to force me .. but he did check about my periods and I told him that I was in my safe period, which would have made it pointless."

"So when will you ovulate? and how will he know?"

"That will be a week from now, and he has given me a mobile phone with which I am supposed to get in touch with him."

"We have some time to think, and plan our next move."

"Rik, I have an idea. Can't we break this lock?"

"But then he would get to know and then we don't know how he will react! You cannot antagonise Mohammad in this city."

"But even if we could, it would make my life a little comfortable."

"Should I look for a locksmith?"

"Someone discreet, who will not spread the word."

Late that night, Rik led by hand an eighty year old arthritic locksmith, Rahim Chacha, or Uncle Rahim, to their flat and explained the problem. Rina was in her bedtime "nightie", a slipover gown used by Bengali housewives that she pulled up over her belly and spread her legs so that Rahim could see the lock that they expected him to pick.

Rahim studied the lock for sometime. Evidently he too had never been called upon for such a task! "Madam, may I put my hand inside the strap? To see how it is fixed?"

"Go ahead. I have no option but to have your hands on my cunt." Rina sniggered, trying to lighten the mood.

"It has been ages since I have touched a woman's pubis. After my wife died, which woman will touch this old bull."

"Chacha, you get me out of this and I will personally make sure that you get erect again."

Rahim grinned and slid his hands under the strap and felt his way through the tangle of Rina's pubic hair. After feeling around for a while, that actually made Rina squirm, he withdrew and painted a rather bleak picture.

"This is a very complicated key and I need some kind of a model to begin with."

"How can we get a model?"

"If you could somehow get an imprint of the key in wax, then I would be able to make one more key and set madam free from this evil device."


Ten days later, Rik was pacing up and down in their little flat as he waited for his mother to get back from her first "breeding" session with Mohammad. So far it had gone very smoothly. The day before her scheduled ovulation, Rina had got a call on the mobile that Mohammad had given her asking her to go to specific location in the city and board a particular car that would be parked there at a specific time. She should carry a single duffle bag with clothes, personal toiletries but no cellphone other than the one that she had been given. Rina had left as directed and had subsequently called Rik just once, to announce her safe arrival wherever she was and now after three nights and four days she was due back in the evening.

Just after nine, there was a soft knock on the door and as Rik opened it, there was his mother, not tired and bedraggled but smiling and fresh as the bouquet of roses that she held in her hand!

Quickly closing the door behind her, Rik hugged her to his chest and then led her to the bedroom.

"How was it Ma?"

"Honestly, kid, had it not been for the circumstances, this could have been the best date that I have been on."

"Did he fuck you?" Rik was quick to come to the point.

"Of course, he did. That is why he had taken me there."

"Did you treat you well?"

"Could not have been been better! kid. This is his secret love nest that no one knows about."

"How was the sex?"

"Ah! That is the challenge and now I know why we are going through all this ..."

"What do you mean?"

"Let me explain. This guy looks like a real stud, big shoulders, six packs and what not that your namesake Ritwik Roshan would be proud of."

"So how many orgasms did you have in this last three days?"

"Now that is the real problem."


"You see Mohammad has this larger than life image of a powerful stud and runs a huge criminal empire but I strongly suspect that he is impotent?"

"What? he could not fuck you?" Rik was amazed.

"Actually he finds it very difficult to get and sustain an erection and even when he ejaculates it is hardly a teaspoon, if at all -- I had a great difficulty to fake an orgasm, as otherwise he was becoming very upset and agitated and I did not want to antagonise him."

"So that explains all this weird scheme."

"Right. He cannot reveal to the world that he is sexually impotent and yet he wants an heir for the huge wealth that he has accumulated."

"That is a problem as we cannot get rid of him until you get impregnated."

"You have hit the nail on the head and there is no way I can use someone else as long as I am trapped in this belt."

"Tell me about the place that you were."

"I would not know where I was since he was driving me in car with tinted windows but I think it was close to the docks, near the river. I heard the siren of a ship."

"Who else was there in the building?"

"None, except for mentally challenged boy who stays in the house and acts as a cook cum caretaker."

"Hm .. and how is he? helpful? friendly?"

"Scatterbrained! Mohammad does not want anyone who can spy on his impotence."

"Is he an eunuch? the kind sultans would keep to guard the harem?"

"On the contrary, I think he is hyper-sexual. In fact I saw him masturbating!"


"Actually, Mohammad treats him like a piece of furniture, or a pet dog. In fact he had once walked in with the cellphone that was ringing, when Mohammad was fucking me, his prick was actually buried in my cunt."

"So he takes phone calls during such tender moments?"

"He is always taking phone calls especially if they are from peddlers of aphrodisiacs! You see he is still searching for the magic potion there."

"Ok, now what about the masturbation?"

"Well Mohammad went off with the call and this servant, he calls him Buddhu, saw me naked and put his hand inside his pajamas and started to jerk himself!"

"Didn't his master mind that?"

"No, when he got back, he just laughed it off. Apparently he has had his tubes tied, a vasectomy, that makes him effectively impotent! But his animal sex drive is intact.

"We need to factor all this into our plans."

"Have you already made a plan?"

"Not yet Ma, I am thinking. Ok when did he unlock you? Only for the fuck or all this while?"

"Thankfully, I was free till about three hours ago."

"And did you see the key?"

"Yes, normally he keeps it in his purse but after unlocking me he had kept it in the drawer."

"What does it look like?"

"Like any other key but it has lots of levers."

"Great! Let us think of a plan and in the meanwhile, let me welcome my mother home with a big hug and cuddle in our bed."

After three nights of missing each other, mother and son shed their clothes and got into bed and even though the belt was an big irritation, they kissed, fondled, petted each other into sleep. But there was a plan that was germinating in Rik's mind that he would share and discuss with his mother tomorrow.


Mohammad was in a towering rage. For the past one hour, ever since he had reached his love nest in the evening, Rina had been sucking his cock and squeezing his testicles but still he could not get an erection!

"Relax, Boss," Rina trying to be as gentle as possible, "It is all in the mind. You must be very stressed out today."

"You bet I am," retorted Mohammad. "I have just had two members of Ramlal's gang murdered and the police are looking for my shooters. That is why I could not come and fuck you yesterday."

"I am sure your brother will be able to handle the case."

"Given a chance, I am sure that that mother fucker would have me murdered and take over my business."

"Does he know that we are here?"

"No way! If he knew I was here alone with you he would be here with this gang to shoot me dead."

"Who else knows about this lovenest of ours?"

"None, except Buddhu .. I have killed the scoundrel who built this and now this is mine."

"Forget killing, let us make love and the child that you are looking for." Rina was switching the topic.

"That is why I am here sweetie, to plant my seed in your womb when you are fertile!"

"Then leave that bottle of whisky and take me in your arms"

Mohammad propped himself up against the headstand of the giant bed and pulled Rina into his chest, between his thighs. Both of them were stark naked. He had a glass of cheap whisky in one hand while with his other hand was on Rina's crotch, stroking her bush and fondling her cunt.

"Ooh ..." gurgled Rina with pleasure. She thrust out her tits and threw her head back against Mohammad's chest, sending the thick cascade of her hip length hair all the way down to brush against his flaccid penis. If only he would get erect! Mohammad let go of her pubis and grabbed her hair in his fist. Then he pulled her head backward and poured the whisky gently through her open lips. Rina cooed with pleasure and flipped around so that her tits were on his chest and his crotch was against his cock. They hugged and rubbed against each other but to no avail. "This cannot go on like this," Rina thought to herself, "it is time to take some action."

"Let me go get a cigarette." Rina pulled herself off Mohammad's chest and walked to the dressing table at the end of the room. Lying on it was Rina's vanity case, containing her toiletries and also more importantly, Mohammad's purse containing the all important key! But instead of touching the purse, Rina put her hand inside her case, quietly located the cell phone that she had been given and pressed a one touch key!

Back in her flat, Rik jumped as his phone rang and his mother's number showed up. He picked up the phone but on not hearing anything else he disconnected quickly. Now the script started to roll. Rina took some time to find and light a cigarette. Then he took a big drag and blew a smoke ring. "Boss, you want one?" she asked.

But before Mohammad could answer his own cell rang. Someone was on the line with an offer of a real tiger penis -- the ultimate aphrodisiac in the eyes of many in Asia! This was an offer that Mohammad could not refuse. He started talking animatedly, asking about details of prices and possible delivery options.

While Mohammad was busy, Rina, who was of course expecting the call, moved to shield the table with her body. Then she opened Mohammad's purse and pulled out the key. Next she opened her own case and took out a powder compact but instead of the usual cosmetic, this one was filled to the brim with wax in which she pressed the key and made an impression. Quickly scrubbing off the wax from the key by rubbing it on her chest, she put it back in Mohammad's purse just as he was finishing the call.

Mohammad was beaming with pleasure and readily accepted the lighted cigarette that Rina offered. "Let me tell you about this tiger's penis that this fellow has promised to sell me ..."

"Just a minute," Rina interrupted him, "let me get my own cigarette."

Mohammad continued to puff on the cigarette as Rina calmly walked back to the table and without any sign outward sign of urgency -- even though her heart was thumping inside -- picked up the compact case, closed the lid and placed it deep inside her bag!

"Tell me about the penis." She was still too edgy to get back in bed because she had broken out in cold sweat and did not want Mohammad to guess that something was wrong. She lit another cigarette, sat down on the edge of the table and started smoking like a chimney.

"Ten grams for ten thousand rupees," exclaimed Mohammad, "that is cheap."

"It is illegal, so how will he deliver it and collect the money?"

"He said he will send it to wherever I want, very privately." She had not thought that this would move as fast as this, but the nicotine in her blood gave her an instant breakthrough idea.

"Why don't you ask him to send it to my address? After all such things are not uncommon in our area."

"That is a wonderful idea. I will fix it up and give you the cash," and Rina smiled secretly at the thought of Rik selling him ten grams of tiger's penis!

But Mohammad was suddenly in an upbeat mood. Things were happening and if only he could get even a slight erection, then the evening would not be wasted. An idea snapped through his mind.

"Rina, the tiger's penis will come next month but I need a stiffner now and I shall use what I have with me."

"What do you have?"


"Buddhu? that idiot as an aphrodisiac? what do you mean?"

"Next month you will see the tiger's penis but now I will show you Buddhu's penis and I will come by watching him fuck you in front of me."

"Oh God, what else will I have to suffer," sighed Rina to herself, but she was in for a very pleasant surprise.

Mohammad hollered to Buddhu and the fellow trotted in like a pet dog. For a moment he was nonplussed looking at his master and his lover, both naked!

Mohammed got out of the bed and walked over to Buddhu. Then he pulled off his vest and released the cord of his pajamas making them drop to the floor. Rina gasped as she saw the large penis and the huge balls that hung flaccid behind it. "Ah, what a treasure," Mohammad was speaking to himself and stroking his servants penis. "Now I know," said Rina to herself, "this guy is a gay and he needs a man to excite himself."

"Buddhu, I know that you have been masturbating with this beautiful fairy ever since she came here but today I am allowing you fuck her, right here in front of me."

It did not take much more to get Buddhu moving. Beaming with pleasure he grabbed Rina and pushed her on the cot and started to rub his nose in her pubic hair and lick her cunt. Rina coo-ed with pleasure and spread her legs and within seconds, Buddhu's penis, now erect, enlarged and engorged with blood was embedded deep inside her. Rina let out a scream of pleasure as she felt his giant penis slide through her vagina and thud into the back of her womb. And then he started hammering her and with each thrust, she felt as if an electric shock was going through her body -- what a change from his masters feeble thrusts!

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